Venus Square Pluto Synastry

If I had to describe the Venus square Pluto synastry in three words they would be excitement, drama and magnetism. This can prove either a blessing or a curse depending on what other aspects are at play in yours and your lover’s natal charts, as well as how the two of you choose to express the powerful attraction that draws you together.

The one thing that can be said for certain in regards to the Venus square Pluto combo is that there is never going to be a dull moment in this intense relationship. While the love life the two of you share is characterised by a nearly otherworldly strong attraction and sizzling passion and curiosity about the other person, there may also be a good deal of jealousy, obsessive attention and a constant vying for control. In order words, a balance will have to be found between passion and stability if the Venus square Pluto combo is going to evolve into a lasting and healthy relationship.

So what does it mean for love and romance when a couple has a Venus square Pluto synastry in their birth charts, and what strengths and challenges characterise this connection? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Venus square Pluto synastry?

Everyone has the eight original planets of astrology- the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – somewhere in their natal chart. Where each of the ten planets is positioned depends on your exact time of birth. If you don’t already have your birth chart as well as that of your romantic partner to hand, there are many interactive websites that allow you to generate one in a matter of seconds – all you need is your birth location and time of birth.

Synastry in astrology is the art of assessing the compatibility between two people in a romantic connection by comparing the two birth charts with each other, looking at which planets may be in sync and which may be at odds with each other. Synastry astrology can prove incredibly helpful when you want to view either an existing or a prospective relationship through an astrological lens in order to better understand its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how a romantic partner’s natal chart measures up to yours can give you valuable insights that can help you navigate and shape the relationship in a positive way.

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You have a Venus square Pluto synastry when Venus in one person’s birth chart is positioned at a 90 degree angle to the placement of Pluto in the other person’s chart.

In astrology, when you have a square aspect, there is going to be stress and tension involved. As a result, couples that have a square synastry are likely to have a romantic connection that walks the line between toxic and intoxicating.


In astrology, Venus is associated with both the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is the planet of beauty, sensuality, art, luxury, charisma, grace, harmony, balance, material possessions, fertility and growth.

Venus is named after the Ancient Greek goodness of love, which should give you some idea of how important the placement of Venus in the horoscope really is when it comes to love, romance and relationships.

Venus represents sensuous, loving, graceful, hedonistic and devoted energies, and where Venus is placed in the birth chart reveals a lot about what a person desires and finds pleasure in – as well as how they view and approach love and romance.


Pluto is associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth – the planet of transformation. In astrology, Pluto is linked with the underworld and its energy is heady, intense, mysterious and magnetic. Pluto represents upheaval, power struggles and change. These energies can be extremely exciting and intoxicating, but they can also be destructive and toxic, taking on the forms of jealousy, obsession and manipulation.

It should already be abundantly clear that Pluto brings a very different energy to the equation than Venus. Where the Venus energy stabilises and comforts, the energy of Pluto disrupts and transforms.

Given a cursory familiarity with the energies represented by Venus and Pluto, it is easy to see how the resulting cocktail when these two meet is bound to be thrilling, intense and sensual on more levels than one.

How the Venus person experiences the connection

The Venus person enters this romantic connection feeling deeply intrigued by the mysterious and rebellious energy of the Pluto person.

When it comes to love, the Venus person longs for stability, comfort and old-fashioned romance, but cannot resist the somewhat disruptive vibe and volatile emotions that the Pluto person seems to be emanating through their very pores. The initial attraction is powerful on all levels. The Venus person cannot resist the way the Pluto person is making them feel desired.

How the Pluto person experiences the connection

Like the Venus person, the Pluto person experience a strong pull of physical and psychic attraction, which is what draws them irresistibly into the romantic connection.

In love, the Pluto person is looking for adventure, excitement, exploration and ultimately transformative relationships. The Pluto person is immediately attracted to the grace, nurture and generosity of the Venus person – to the point where they may even become a little bit obsessed.

What characterises Venus-Pluto synastry

We have already touched on some of the key differences between the Venus and Pluto person in the Venus square Pluto relationship dynamic, but what are the main aspects that characterise their relationship? Let us dive a little deeper and explore further.

It’s a love-hate relationship

One of the first things to be aware of when it comes to the Venus square Pluto dynamic, is that this is almost inevitably going to be a love-hate relationship.

While Venus and Pluto cannot be said to be opposing energies, they are certainly very different from each other. When it comes to love and romance, the Venus and the Pluto person do not always have the same idea about what makes a good relationship. The two may not see eye to eye when it comes to some of their core values and desires in the realm of romance. In fact, the two tend to prioritise differently, not to mention, they are likely to express their love, desire and appreciation for each other differently.

The Venus personality desires a classical romance and courtship, and is likely to expect a traditional relationship dynamic. The Pluto person, on the other hand, is interested in a transformative experience, and may want to break down some of the boundaries and structures that the Venus personality appreciates and insists upon.

It’s intense

When it comes to mutual desire and attraction, the Venus square Pluto synastry couple are on the same page. Their mutual attraction is never in question, whether we are talking physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. One problem this pairing doesn’t tend to struggle with is unrequited love – the attraction is usually mutual and overwhelmingly strong.

This means that when things are good in the Venus square Pluto synastry relationship, they are very, very good. But by the same token, when they are bad, they are a living hell for both people involved.

It’s unforgettable

Initially, these two are drawn together in a way that seems almost inevitable. The attraction is both spiritual, intellectual and physical, and this mutual desire remains a driving force in their relationship as it grows and develops.

Over time, the two uncover more and more layers of each other – for better and for worse. As the relationship grows and develops, the two inevitably discover that they are uniquely compatible in some ways, but wildly incompatible in others.

Because of the planetary energies involved in this pairing, any romantic encounter or relationship between these two is impossible for either to forget. The two leave an indelible mark on each other because of the intensity of their connection and the experiences they share.

Positive Venus-Pluto aspects

Now that you have an overview of the key characteristic of the Venus square Pluto dynamic, it is time to zoom in and look specifically at some of the most positive aspects of this romantic pairing.

Strong sexual attraction

One of the first things anyone – not least the couple themselves – is going to noticed about the Venus square Pluto synastry pairing is that mutual sexual attraction is a key ingredient.

Sheer physical attraction is one of the things that initially brings this couple together, as well as being one of the things that keeps them together. When it comes to sex, the two rarely disagree. The two may even use their success in the bedroom to patch up other, less satisfying or compatible areas of their life together.

Karmic tie

The connection shared by couples with a Venus square Pluto synastry in their charts can seem fated. The two are drawn together, as if by cosmic or karmic forces beyond their control.

Difficult and fraught with drama as it may also be, this liaison has many lessons and transformative experience to offer both people involved.

Negative Venus-Pluto aspects

For a truly balanced view, now that we have looked at the positive, it makes sense for us to take a look at the more negative Venus square Pluto synastry aspects.

Power struggles

The Venus square Pluto pairing is likely to be fraught with power struggles and a certain amount of jostling for domination within the relationship.

There is a fine line between playful competitiveness between lovers, and outright rivalry. The Pluto person in particular may not always know where that line goes, and as a result, the may end up fostering a rather toxic and damaging environment for romance.

Manipulative behavior

The Pluto person may be the instigator, but but both people in this relationship may reach for manipulation tactics in order to get their way in the relationship.

The Pluto partner most likely has a tendency to be both domineering and possessive, and if the Venus person doesn’t play along, they may reach for manipulative tactics in order to gain and retain the upper hand. A viscous cycle of mutual manipulation and grasping for control may ensure, causing untold damage to the relationship.


Jealousy is one of the truly hard aspects of the Venus square Pluto dynamic.

The dark side of Pluto is prone to obsession, control and the ultimate corrosive of relationships, jealousy. Venus is not impervious, either. As a result jealous feelings and behaviours seem to grow and thrive in the Venus square Pluto relationship.

Because of the intensity of their connection, the two share an intense fear of losing the other, and either or both may become controlling and demanding, increasingly monitoring each other’s every move and occasionally lashing out in jealous rages – whether or not these are warranted.

In other words, a vicious cycle begins.

Final thoughts

Admittedly, when it comes to a square synastry, the connection is bound to be fraught with challenges, and a significant amount of effort is required if the Venus square Pluto synastry pairing is to survive the turbulence and emerge as a long term couple.

Does this mean that couples with this planetary pairing is doomed? Not necessarily. If both walk into the romantic connection with open eyes and some awareness of the potential pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead, it is possible for the pair to work through their differences. However, it would require both commitment and dedication from couples with a Venus square Pluto aspect in their charts.

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