Sexual Manifestation: A Primer

Are you interested in learning how you can use sexual manifestation to achieve your wildest dreams?

As anyone who has ever experienced the magic of sexual desire, pleasure and connection will be able to testify, sex is an incredibly powerful force. Sex is one of the most primal, fundamental and universal driving forces known to man.

Sex, of course, has a fraught reputation. The conversation around sex, and the ways in which many people approach it, is fraught with moral, cutural and societal norms, judgements and expectations. But if you peel away all of the layers and projections, what sex really is is potent energetic current and a creative force.

When you want to manifest things in your life, sexual energy is the ideal channel. Why? Because it is raw, powerful, intense and primal. It connects us with our innermost being and our truest desires.

Sexual energy is acccessible to just about everyone, because you don’t need a sexual partner in order to generate sexual pleasure and organmic energy. Self-pleasure can work just as powerfully, although many find that sexual activity with a partner makes for a better sex life.

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Are you ready to learn more about how to use sexual energies to manifest your best self as well as the life circumstances you desire for yourself? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

Design a sex magick ritual that works for you

Sex magick can sound daunting or exclusionary, but it’s for everyone.

There is no particular practice or ritual you have to perform if you want to use your sexuality to fuel your personal goals. In other words, you do not have to wait for the full moon or wear flowing red robes, although you are more than welcome to use these things to heighten the intensity if they inspire and appeal to you.

In order for sexual manifestation to work, you have to do it in a way that feels right for you. There is no point implementing anything you’re not comfortable with or that doesn’t make you feel good. The entire point of using sexual energy to manifest is that it needs to feel good. Pleasure is power, and if you want to use sexual energy to manifest your wildest dreams, you’re going to need a whole lot of power.

Start with a compelling vision

First things first. All manifestation starts with a compelling vision. You can only create new circumstances or attract someone new into your life if you have a precise sense of what or who it is you’re trying to attract.

If there are a lot of things in your life that you want to change, it is better to hone in on one aspect at a time than it is to work on the overall dream. Creative visions work the same way as any other project, and the more you’re able to narrow your focus and concentrate the force of your intention in one place, the more precise your aim becomes.

Your compelling vision could be anything you want – but you have to really want it. You cannot be wishy-washy about it, so pick something you truly yearn for.

Once you’ve got a clear and compelling goal in mind, it’s time to put theory into practice. If you’ve never done any deliberate manifestation work before, it is a good idea to practice visualizing your desire come true.

Visualization is very similar to meditation, except you direct your consciousness to a specific places rather than letting it wander. Take slow deep breaths and see in your mind’s eye the positive change you want to manifest. This could be anything from a more strong, healthy and beautiful body to a new job.

Infuse your sexual practice with magic

If you boil it right down, sex magic consists of building and harnessing orgasmic energy, and firing it at a specific desired goal.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can either choose to harness the energy and intensity of your sex life as it is, or you can deliberately spice things up in order to heighten and intensify the sexual energy.

When it comes to sexual energy, all the juice is in the intensity. Of course, intensity is inherently a part of sex, but seeking new heights and thrills, whether solo or with a partner, can be both extremly gratifying and effective for manifestation.

Some like to draw on witchy inspirations to enhance their sex magick. This could involve waiting for the full moon to bring out the inner animal, or it could involve setting a titilating romantic mood using rose quartz, incense, essential oils or mood lighting.

Before we move on to the next section of this article, it’s important to point out that you don’t need a sexual partner to perform sex magic. It’s perfectly all right to do it on your own. Using your hands or sex toys doesn’t necessarily diminsh the pleasure, or the sexual power you are able to generate.

Build the energy

Building sexual energy is purely a matter of building sexual pleasure. If your intention is to use sexual energy to manifest a desired outcome, you need to visualize the positive impact you want to achieve while building pleasure.

If you are having sex with a partner, it is a good idea to let them in on what you are up to. Not only is it more ethical to inform them that you’re using your shared sex life to fuel your pesonal goals – it can also create greater closeness and intimacy in your relationship. If the two of you are on this journey of self-discovery together, your shared enthusiasm and cooperation can really fuel the sexual energy.

This will only appeal to some, but sex with multiple partners who are all in on the manifestation idea, might give the sexual energy an extra boost.

When you’re getting close to climax, hold it off for as long as possible while holding the vizualization of your goal firmly and clearly in your mind. The clearer you can see it, the more real it becomes.

Fire pleasure at your goals at the moment of climax

At the moment of orgasm, let all of the energy and intensity that has built up spill into your vision.

The human orgasm is filled with magic and life force – instead of letting it go to waste, use it to give life to your biggest and most daring dreams.

Afterwards, let it go. Just like when you are performing sigil magic, it is best to stop fretting over the goal once you have fed it on sexual energy.

Sex sigil magic

Sigil magic is a form of western magic used for manifestation.

In brief, sigil magic consists in sigilizing a desired goal and then fuelling it with energy.

Sigils can take many different forms, but the most common form is a scribble on a piece of paper.

You can either draw a sigil freehand that represents your wish granted, or you can create it from a sentence stating your desired outcome in the present tense. For example: “I earn $1,000 a day as a professional makeup artist.” You then subtract all of the vowels and double letters from the sentence and turn the rest into an abstract symbol.

Once you have made your sigil, you need to fuel it with energy. There are many different ways of fuelling or charging your sigil, and one of them is using sexual energy.

Sexual transmutation

Traditional forms of sex magic isn’t the only approach to using sexual energy for manifestation purposes. Another approach is called sexual transmutation, and although the basic principle is the same – use sexual energy to turbocharge manifestation of a desired goal or outcome – everything about it is different.

Sexual transmutation is the idea of delaying sexual gratification in order to channel and use the energy somewhere else.

Many of us have unwittingly practiced sexual transmutation at one point or another in our lives, when we have been super focused on completing an important goal or task. A good example of someone unknowingly practicing a form of sexual transmutation would be a graduate student writing his or her final paper or studying extremely hard in the lead-up to an exam.

When we hyper-focus on completing an important task, everything else gets shoved aside and we apply the full force of our concentration to the task at hand. In moments of pure flow and itense concentration, it’s possible to forget to eat, drink or go to the bathroom.

Redirecting sexual energy to manifest your desires

Sexual transmutation works in a similar vein. It’s not about suppressing your sexual energy, but rather redirecting it towards a desired goal or outcome.

Sex can be one of many distraction from actually working towards our goals. It can also be a drain on vital life force, time and energy. Instead of masturbation or sex with a partner, taking that same drive and applying it to a creative activity can result in greater mental clarity and focus.

Sexual transmutation isn’t realistically a great long-term strategy, but it is a great spiritual tool to have in your tool box when you are zeroing on on the completion of a project or goal.

And why not combine sexual transmutation with traditional sex magick? After a period of withholding orgasm, your next sex magic session is bound to be more intense and powerful.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an example of a manifestation?

A manifestation is when you deliberately bring something or someone into your life that wasn’t there before. For example, you might manifest your dream house or a compatible romantic partner.

Not all manifestations are large-scale, though. Some forms of manifestion are small and everyday, like for example manifesting an empty space in the carpark on a busy day, or manifesting all green lights when you’re running late for an important meeting.

It is always easier to manifest when your life is in a state of flow and positivity. Energy works very much like a self-fulfilling prophecy, so if you’re stuck in a funk, it’s exponentially harder to manifest anything positive. By the same token, when you’re in a great place mentally and emotionally, your dreams and desires are within reach. This is why you should always focus on raising and stabilising your mood, energy and vibration – you simply manifest better that way.

What does manifesting to someone mean?

Manifesting someone means attracting someone into your life. If you’re in a good place in your own life and are coming from a place of balance, positivity and self-love, the person you manifest is likely going to be someone highly compatible and good for you.

If, on the other hand, your energy is all over the place and you are filled with negative feelings like guilt or resentment, you are likely to attract negative and destructive people to you.

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