Soul Contract

Are you wondering whether or not you have a soul contract, and about what it means if you do?

Soul contracts are generally understood to be agreements made before birth. A soul contract can exist either between yourself and someone else, or it can be a promise that you yourself have made – a soul mission, if you willl.

The concept of soul contracts is extremely broad, and refers to all manner of soul agreements and karmic relationships that exist between people on a soul level. These agreements often involve experiencing certain things or learning certain lessons that are necessary for each soul’s evolution.

Both positive and negative contracts exist. Let us say, for example, that you grew up in a household with negligent parents. One way to look at it would be through the spiritual lens that enables you to see how this experience prompted you to learn certain hash life lessons early on. This is, of course, an example of a negatiev soul agreement.

A positive example of a soul contract would be a loving, nurturing and supportive relationship, for example one that you have with a romantic partner or a spouse later on. In this example, your experience of being totally loved, totally accepted, totally supported is the fulfilment of a soul contract that has to do with experiencing what it is like to be envolped and healed by unconditional love.

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Why soul contracts exist

Ultimately, soul contracts are there to help us grow spiritually.

Reincarnation is one of the core believes in the New Age. Reincarnation means that your spiritual journey stretches much longer than a single lifetime, and that every time your soul returns to the earth plane in a new body, it ha new lessons to learn, new experiences to assimilate and new ideas to share.

Soul contracts can exist within a single lifetime, or they can stretch over multiple lifetimes. The people you have contracts with across multiple lifetimes are your soul family. There is something quite beautiful and comforting about the thought of a soul family travelling across the aeons and across the globe together. If you have people in your life that you are particualarly close to – your siblings, for examples, or one of your parents, a grandparent, or even a biologially unrelated friend or spouse – there is a good chance that these people are members of your soul family, or soul tribe.

So you can ccomplete unfinished business from past lives

While we are alive we may think that 90 years is a fantastically long time in which to evolve spiritually and share your gifts with the world. However, one lifetime is just a glimmer, just a flash, viewed from the perspective of eternity. No matter how much you give, how much you learn, or how earnestly you love, one lifetime is hardly enough for you to evolve or express yourself fully as a spiritual being.

Soul contracts often have to do with wrapping up, or with following up, if you will, unfinished business. I include in this category all of the things that you simply did not get done in one lifetime. If a lesson, an experience, a mission or a relationship is important and powerful enough, the souls that are involved will want to return to earth in order to finish what they started.

So you can have the experiences necessary for your evolution

We all know that the comfort zone exerts a powerful gravitational pull on the ego, and while a certain level of comfort and security is necessary if you want to keep yourself relatively stable and secure, the comfort zone is also the opposite of the spirit’s call to adventure.

In order to grow, expand and evolve, your spirit has to go through a great variety of different experiences. If life is just a straight walk from point A to point B, what did your soul really come here for?

The human spirit needs to gain experience and even to come up against challenges in order to manifest its full potential and power. This is why some soul contracts deal with challenges that teach you resilience, while others revolve around positive experiences that teach you about joy, play and creativity.

How soul contracts manifest

We all deliver on and enter into numerous soul agreements throughout our lifetime. The only difference is that some people are aware of it when they are resolving or living out a spiritual agreement, while others are oblivious of the fact.

If you are aware of being in a soul contract connection while you’re in it, this gives you the advantage of being able to fully lean into the experiences and the lessons that come with this particular agreement. If the person you are in a soul contract with is also spiritually aware, the two of you can even discuss and ponder together on the different lessons and experiences you are going through together.

What are some examples of how a soul contract might manifest in your life? Let us take a look at some of the most common forms soul contracts tend to take.

Twin flame contracts

Soul agreements often take the form of twin flame relationships.

When they first get together, twin flames have a much stroger connection than anything either of them have ever experienced before. They’re drawn together like magnets, compelled by a powerful force. Twin flame connections often feel fated, as though the pull of your twin flame is so powerful that resisting is practically impossible.

Twin flame relationships work as catalysts for the the spiritual development of the people who are in them. They’re always transformative – meaning you cannot enter a twin flame relationship and expect to emerge the same as before.

A twin flame relationship is not always positive – in fact, it is not unheard of for twin flame relationships to turn toxic and destructive, at least partially as a result of the sheer intensity of the attraction. Being in a twin flame relationship is akin to stepping onto a spiritual rollercoaster, for better and for worse.

Teacher-student contracts

Another common soul contract is the spiritual teacher-student relationship.

In some instances, this teacher-student relationship may be formally agreed on, meaning your spiritual teacher might be a business mentor who teaches you the means to become financially independent, a wise grandparent, or a university professor who opens your eyes to the magic of, say, the works of Shakespeare, in a way that transforms how you look at life.

In other cases, the teaching relationship may be less obvious. An example would be a child teaching his parents to be more open-minded and accepting. In this case, there is no formal agreement, and it is the child who is the teacher.

Parent-child contracts

The parent-child soul contract is similar to, but not synonymous with, the teacher-student soul contract. A parent-child soul agreement is an example of a soul contract that only lasts one lifetime.

When someone becomes a parent, he or she is effectively entering into a soul agreement whereby he or she is agreeing to be their child’s parent for a lifetime. We all know what the role of a good parent involves: Nurturing, protecting, inspiring and encouraging the child, until the child has grown up enough to look after itself.

Of course the soul contract that exists between a parent and their child does not dissolve the moment the child becomes a legal adult. On the contrary, choosing to be a parent is a promise for life.

Of course, not everyone sticks to this single-lifetime soul agreement of being someone’s parent. For example, a father, or sometimes a mother, might not have the commitment or the capacity to be a parent. In these cases, the child might be raised by the remaining parent who is choosing to, and who perhaps is more capable of, honoring the soul contract that he or she has entered into.

In other cases, the child might be put up for adoption. In these cases there are two possible ways to look at it. One one hand, you could say that the birth parents have broken the soul contract at their end, and that the adoptive parents are taking it over instead. Another and perhaps more spiritually correct way of looking at it would be to say that the birth parents’ contract only consisted in bringing the child into the world and providing it with a physical body, and the adoptive parents were the soul-contracted parents all along.

Spirit family contracts

Yet another way in which soul agreements can manifest is in the bonds that exist between members of a spiritual family or tribe.

Your soul family might be synonymous with your flesh-and-blood family, but this is rarely the case. Just because you are biologically related to someone does not mean that you are cut from the same cloth on a psychological and spiritual level. You may, in fact, have very little in common with your biological family.

Spirit families and soul tribes is a different matter. These are souls that are travelling together through multiple lifetimes. They have a lot that they need to experience, learn, discover and explore together.

Positive vs negative soul contracts

As already hinted at, there exists a wide variety of different kinds of soul contracts – and not all of them are positive.

Positive experiences and lessons in happiness are important and needed, but so is a certain measure of adversity. Without resistance, there is nothing to test your powers against, and without any setbacks, it becomes difficult to develop trie wisdom and integrity.

When we use terms like positive and negative, we are of course only talking from a human perspective. Seen from the point of view of the spirit, things are not ever as simple as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ There is higher and lower energies, but in the greater scheme of things, both are needed for your personal evolution.

Still, it is clear that some spiritual contracts bring joy while others bring pain. Examples of soul agreements that are challenging or negative include growing up with abusive or absent parents, relationships that end in dramatic divorce, or creative or business partnershisp that end in betrayal. These experiences are all undeniably difficult, but they also present you with opportunities to grow stronger and to show the world and yourself the tough stuff you’re made of.

A few examples of positive soul agreeements include two souls sharing a lifelong romance, a sibling bond, or the significant bond and lessons that may be passed from a spiritual teacher to his or her student.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the types of soul contracts?

There are many different kinds of soul contracts – so many, in fact, that it is impossible to easily divinde them into categories.

Soul contracts can exist in any situation. They are essentually agreements that exist between human souls, or within a single human soul.

Often, soul contracts involve spiritual healing or spiritual lessons that your soul desires to learn in this lifetime. As a result, two souls may enter into a spiritual contract before taking human form and entering (or re-entering) the physical world.

The contracts and agreements we enter into with other souls often involve sharing specific experiences, lessons and revelations.

What is a soul contract in Tarot?

The concept of soul contracts is a New Age idea, and doesn’t stem from the Tarot. Having said that, it is possible to have a Tarot reading that looks at a soul contract you are involved in.

Can you break your soul contract?

Yes, you can break a soul contract.

Breaking a soul contract is not always easy, and sometimes it means skipping an evolutionary step that would have been fruitful for you to take. However, you have free will and you are always free to walk away from a soul contract. Perhaps you have learned the lessons you needed in another way, and therefore decide to break out of a soul contract, or to break it earlier than expected.

There may be situations where you have a soul contract with another person, and they want to honor it and you don’t. In these cases, it is important to listen to yourself and take the path that feels right for you. You are never obliged to hash it out with someone else, whether you are involed in a romantic relationship, a business partnership or are otherwise connected. Just like with physical word contracts, it is always possible to walk away.

Ultimately, you should never stick with someone or tolerate a grim situation, even if a soul agreement might have been struck between you and the other person once upon a time.

How do you complete a soul contract?

How you complete a soul contract depends on the type of soul contract you have made. Some soul contracts are longer-term than others, some are more labor-intense than others, and some are more either positive or negative than others.

Usually you will know it in your feelings when a soul contract has been completed. You will know, because there will be a sense of completion, a sense of closure, perhaps a sense of relief.

In some cases, a soul contract can be life-long, or longer. For example, you may have a soul contract with your spouse or your child, which stretches for the duration of your current lifetime – and far into future lifetimes.

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