Soul urge number

We all came into this world with a unique destiny – a soul urge – to fulfil. But not many of us are clear on exactly what our soul urge, our purpose in life, is. If we become clear at one point, we tend to forget again. We become distracted by the everyday tasks and details of our lives, and over er time our heart’s desire may become completely buried under the expectations placed on us and the role we play in our families and in winder society. As a result, we may stray off our path and lose touch with what we really need on a soul level.

The good news is that you your numerology chart holds the key – and you can turn to it any time you need a refresher of what your soul urge really is.

What is a soul urge number?

Your numerology chart holds the answers to many of your life’s questions. Using numerology, you are able to calculate all of your core numbers, including your life path number, karmic lesson number and soul urge number. The soul urge number, sometimes referred to as the heart desire number, is the one that reveals your deepest desires and the driving force underpinning all of your actions and decisions.

What is the difference between spiritual number, soul number, soul urge number and heart’s desire number?

Spiritual number, soul number, soul urge number and heart’s desire number are three different expressions for the same thing. Ultimately, they all refer to the calling of your soul and understanding the core of your unique mission in this life. Spiritual number, soul urge number and heart’s desire number may all be used interchangeably.

Why is the soul urge number important to know?

Knowing your soul urge number gives you a powerful understanding of what will bring you the greatest fulfilment in life. With this understanding crystal clear in your mind, seeking happiness and fulfilment becomes much easier. Truly understanding the contents of your unique needs and dreams gives you the keys to living your true destiny. Knowing your true heart’s desire can save you years of uncertainty, doubt and searching as you try to find out who you are and which life path is right for you.

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How do you find your soul number?

Considering how much searching and striving the spiritual journey usually entails, the soul urge number is surprisingly easy to find. There are two ways to uncover your heart’s desire number within your numerology chart. You can either calculate your soul urge number using a simple online soul urge number calculator, or you can go the manual route. Each have their advantages. The clear advantage of using a soul urge calculator is that you will know your soul urge instantly. On the other hand, making your calculation manually teaches you how to quickly discover any soul urge number on the go, without relying on the internet. This is an extremely useful skill to have, if you like to be able to know anyone’s soul urge numbers at will. Often, knowing someone’s soul urge and what motivates them makes communicating with and relating to other people much easier and more enjoyable.

Your birth name reveals your soul number

To calculate your soul urge number, all you need to get started is your full birth name. You don’t need your birth certificate to be able to calculate your heart’s desire number, but it is important that you use your birth name in full, include any middle names or family names. You will also need a numerology chart with the numbers and letters of the alphabet printed on it. You can easily find one online, or write one out on a piece of paper. With your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate and numerology chart to hand, write out your full name in a single line. For example, if your full birth name is Emily Rose Doe, write out EMILYROSEDOE.

Spirit hides in the vowels

The next step in your calculation is to identify the vowel sounds in your name. That’s right – you only need the vowels. Your spiritual number is contained within the vowels of your name. The vowel sounds are important because they, unlike the sharp consonants, allow your breath to flow softly and freely. Ancient cultures universally acknowledged that spirit is expressed through the breath, and that spirit moves in the invisible element of air. The power of vowel sound has been used in chanting, invocation and praying since time immemorial, proving their timeless, spiritual essence. To coax your spiritual number from the vowels of your name, all you need to understand is that each vowel in the the alphabet has a specific numerical value.

A = 1

U = 3

E = 5

O = 6

I = 9

Y = 7*

*Before we move on, it has to be said that y only counts as a vowel some of the time. Whether it does has to be decided on a case by case basis. The letter y may act as a vowel or a consonant, depending on its context within a word or a name. When calculating your soul urge number, it is important to only count y as a vowel if it acts as a vowel within your name. To find out whether the letter y acts as a vowel or a consonant in your case, you can either consult the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, or simply speak your own name slowly to determine whether the air moves through the y in your name. Here is a hint: Y acts as a vowel most of the time. The only cases where it doesn’t is when its resonance is flattened by another vowel immediately following the letter y.

Now, glancing at the numerology chart, assign each vowel in your name a numerical value. This gives you a short string of letters. If we stick with our example, EMILYROSEDOE, the vowel string this converts to is: 5+9+7+6+5+6+5. Add all of the vowel numbers together so you get one digit. In the case of 5+9+7+6+5+6+5, the number we get is 43. If you get a two-digit number, add these together, until you end up with a single digit. Sticking with our example, 4 + 3 = 7.

Congratulations! The single digit you end up with is your soul urge number.

Soul urge number 1

The born leader

If your soul urge number is 1, you are a natural-born leader and a very independent, self-reliant spirit. However, you are not exactly a lone wolf – on the contrary, soul urge 1 implies a highly social personality, a people person. You derive true joy – and often, a seizable pay check – from your ability to inspire the very best in others and rally them around your cause. You are comfortable and confident in your own skin. You have the gift of gab. What’s more, you are never short on ideas or enthusiasm. In fact, boundless life fore and sincere optimism seem to radiate from your very pores – as a result, people are practically falling over themselves for a chance to be around you, join your team, work with you or follow you. Combine that with your natural ability to inspire the best in others and your abilities as a great leader are indisputable. However, your life path is not entirely without its challenges. Sometimes your insatiable desire to lead and the fact that you always assume the role of leader wherever you go can rub those who don’t want to be led the wrong way. Sometimes, you may need to reign it in a little and allow space for others, too. This can be a real challenge for you as you naturally take up a lot of space with your energy and are used to people following your lead. You are also the competitive type, and sometimes you may get a little too caught up in your need to win. All in all, what gives you the greatest sense of fulfilment in life and allows you to express your soul urge is leading a group of people in a great and worthwhile cause. You would be right at home as a political or spiritual leader. You may choose to soar as the head of a task force or sales team, or harvest success as a sports coach or motivational speaker.

Soul urge number 2

The intuitive nurturer

Soul urge 2 hints at a gentle, nurturing and reliable personality. You are a sensitive soul and tend to feel everything deeply. You are easier to move to tears than most and are very driven by your emotions. You are naturally intuitive and in tune with the stirrings of your inner world. You possess an uncanny ability to understand others by intuiting their true intentions, motivations and desires without them even having to open their mouths. Because the society we live in tends to outwardly value ‘hard’ skills, you may have a tendency to discredit or even try to hide or change your naturally very emotion-driven nature, especially if you are male. But this would be a great mistake. It is in your powerful intuition, your ability to pick up on even the smallest seismographic emotional and energetic changes in the room that is your greatest asset and your real gift. If you learn how to hone and use it to your advantage, not only will you possess a superpower that few can even dream of, you will also be living your true soul urge. You pick up on nuance and detail better than any other numerology numbers. You are naturally driven to detect, understand and sense. You have a natural and deep desire to seek justice and balance in all things, and you often have a very generous, people-loving streak. Whenever you meet someone new, you immediately come to an understanding of the contents of their nature – a judgement that is usually exactly on point.

You are by far the happiest when you allow yourself to lean into and hone your natural, god-given gifts of sensitivity and intuition. You will find true peace when you accept and embrace the fact that your personal power and greatest fulfilment lie in an unusual place, a place all too often overlooked or undervalued in our Western culture. No one would make a better investigator or psychologist than you. Few would make a finer artist or writer. You understand people, what drives them, what controls them, what makes them tick. You know what moves them. You know how to reach their heart strings and make them sing.

Soul urge number 3

The ultimate entertainer

Soul urge 3 suggests an outgoing, spotlight-loving personality, someone who loves to entertain and me seen. If your soul urge number is 3, you are born with an extremely magnetic personality, sizzling with magical potential and the desire to touch the lives of others. Most likely, you are an outgoing, playful and fun-loving soul, and you love to be around people. You are always brimming with life force and have a hard time sitting still or trotting along – a regular desk job just might be the death of you. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you always crave novelty, excitement and adventure. You are refreshingly unsentimental, and have a wonderful ability to live in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. In this sense, you have stumbled upon a key to happiness that many search for all of their lives; living in the moment. Your greatest challenge in terms of your personality may be that you can become too untethered, refusing to grow up and settle down – and sometimes dodging some of the responsibilities that come with adulthood. However, the very open and even child-like lust for life that you embody is also a rare and precious gift. As with so many things in life, living your true soul desire as someone with numerology soul urge number 3 is a balancing act. Build a life for yourself that includes the level of freedom that will make you happy, while still allowing for some stability and responsibility.

Your true heart’s desire is to entertain. You love getting a reaction, a rise, applause out of others. You will go to great lengths to make them laugh, to inspire them, to move them to tears, to entertain them. You are someone who truly understands that we are what we do, and what we do for others. You may fully express your soul urge as an actor, a standup comedian or a musician. The path of being a social media influencer may also appeal to you.

Soul urge number 4

The reliable rock

If your soul urge number is 4, your meticulousness knows no bounds. You are conscientious and thorough in everything you do – you never half-ass it, hoping that no one will notice, because you know you will. You set high standards and consistently follow through on any goal you set for yourself. No one is more reliable, hardworking or consistent than you. No matter what twigs the universe may throw in your wheels as you make your journey through life, you keep on trucking. All of the people in your life know that they can rely and depend on you no matter what happens – if someone you love is in financial trouble or need a place to crash, you’ve got them. Your work ethic is unmatched. No task daunts you. If you take on a project, you deliver, on or ahead of time and with flying colours. Your true hart’s desire is to build and structure.

Your greatest challenge in life is that your desire for order and structure can occasionally make your rigid and unwilling to move even an inch beyond your comfort zone. Your refusal to experiment and explore can sometimes mean that you miss out on opportunities, adventures and encounters that may transform your life. If you don’t leave the door ajar for fate to throw you a few surprises in life, you will miss out on opportunities for personal growth and discovery. The sooner you accept that you cannot – and should not – control every aspect of life, the better.

Your gifts, abilities and desires point to you being the ultimate master organiser and the reliable cornerstone within any enterprise or organisation. Your razor-sharp intelligence enables you think up complicated structures, codes and systems that most of us cannot even dream of understanding. Your sense of precision is uncanny. You may live your heart’s desire as a computer programmer or coder, an engineer or a surgeon.

Soul urge number 5

The charismatic adventurer

If your soul urge number is 5, you love to break the mould and push boundaries. You are an adventurous, curious spirit, with a desire to experience as much as possible of what life has to offer. You have true hunger for life – the highs and even the lows – and truly relish the rollercoaster of the human experience. Your personality is charismatic, magnetic and sometimes capricious. You love surrounding yourself with people, who may both become dear friends and admirers. Your energy and mood are both infectious, and you have the sought-after ability of being able to wrap others around your little finger. However, you are usually a conscientious person and enjoy the thrill of making someone fall for you more than you would abusing their infatuation with you. Wherever you go, you are the kind of person others will immediately describe as lighting up the room. You can make anything seem like an exciting adventure, and as far as you are concerned, the world is your oyster, your playground – life is yours to be enjoyed to the fullest, and sometimes, to be taken to some of its most soaring extremes.

Your true challenge in life is your restlessness, and your absolute fear of being tied down to convention. You crave your freedom, and your hunger for life’s experiences has the potential to lure you into trouble. Soul urge 5 folks are more susceptible than most to falling prey to alcohol and drug addiction, simply because they cannot bear to be stuck in a boring situations. Allow yourself to maintain a wild streak, even as you grow into middle age and beyond. An entirely predictable existence, safe and cosy as it may be, is not for you. Unconventional paths, relationships and subcultures may appeal to you – don’t limit yourself. Accepting and allowing yourself to be as you are is an important part of your journey. Your heart’s desire may come to expression as an artist, a writer, or a digital nomad.

Soul urge number 6

The diplomatic healer

If your soul urge number is 6, you are a gentle and loving soul with a keen sense of balance and justice. You truly care about people and their wellbeing, even if you don’t know them personally. You are generous, kind and altruistic – it comes completely naturally to you. You are one of those rare souls who never have to pretend to care, because you really do.You easily and naturally capture what evades so many; popularity. You don’t even give it much thought – it’s just who you are.

You value the bonds you have with friend and family more than anything else in life. If a loved one is in trouble, you are the one they call. Yours is the shoulder they lean on when their own strength or balance is lost. Your patience and kindness are unwavering and endless. You never step on others, and have an uncanny ability to remain level-headed in any situation. You rarely lose your cool. The sense of stability yet softness you exude is like catnip to the rest of us.

Your greatest challenge in life may well be that you are too kind, too caring. Your greatest strength is also your potential weakness. You may occasionally forget all about your own needs or down prioritise them next to the needs of others.

If you heart’s desire number is 6, you are a natural-born healer and teacher. More than anything else in the world, you want to heal what ails humanity in body and in mind. You may choose to express your heart’s desire as a nurse or doctor, a philanthropist, a volunteer, a therapist or a teacher.

Soul urge number 7

The tireless truth seeker

If your heart’s desire number is 7, nothing gets past you. You are a highly independent thinker and a gatherer of evidence and knowledge. You prize wisdom and understanding higher than just about anything else in the world. Your true heart’s desire entails exploration and discovery – one lifetime is not nearly enough time for you to learn all that you wish to learn. You have a voracious mind and are on a never-ending path of personal evolution, constantly kicking up the bar a notch to keep yourself inspired. Your ambitions and ideals tend to be lofty, and you are under no illusion that you will ever reach the pinnacle – yet still you strive.

You value learning and lifelong education, but may harbour a distaste for the institutions and structures that often follow along. You are extremely happy and confident studying and working on your own – this doesn’t mean you don’t like people, you just crave your personal space. Expressing your true emotions may sometimes be a challenge – since they are not tangible and measurable, you may be tempted to simply sweep them under the rug.

Your may live your heart’s desire as a scientist, biologist, inventor, programmer or explorer.

Soul urge number 8

The sensual materialist

Soul urge 8 means that you are primarily concerned with the physical plane and all of its wonders and riches. You tend to be less interested in idealism or the airy-fairy layers of existence, but this doesn’t mean you are superficial. Rather, you are truly sensuous, an unapologetic hedonist who relishes the joys of the material world without apology. You are a true admirer – and often collector – of fine antiques, art and other things of rare and refined beauty. You have a keen eye for the value of things and have a penchant for extravagance. You tend to be confident, self-assured and extremely capable. You accumulate skills as you accumulate wealth and influence. While you may enjoy the company of others, you prefer working alone.

When desire number 8 is in its shadow aspect, you have a tendency to become greedy, getting so caught up in the pursuit of material wealth that you lose perspective, throwing your relationships with other people and your morals out the window. Keeping everything above boards and not sacrificing friendship or family bonds on the altar of your ambition is crucial.

You would thrive and be able to live your true hart’s desire in roles such as investor, hedge fund manager, art or antiques dealer.

Soul urge number 9

The generous idealist

If your heart’s desire number is 9, you are a true idealist, concerned with the overall progress and wellbeing of humanity and the planet. You sense injustice keenly, and throw your entire being into the balance. You don’t do anything by half measures, and may occasionally forget all about your own wellbeing in your hurry to manifest peace and justice on earth. More than any others, those whose desire number is 9 have the ability to view things from a higher perspective; for them, it is never enough to merely focus on their own little lives. They wish to help shape and influence the direction humanity is moving in. If your heart’s desire number is 9, you are an old soul. Soul urge 9 implies a desire to better the lives of others, to uplifting humanity. You are idealistic, philanthropic and selfless. You want to see kindness and justice spread to every corner of the Earth – even if this means rolling up your sleeves and doing it singlehandedly. You are a true visionary, if not an all-out dreamer.

You might choose to live your heart’s desire as an activist, a lobbyist or as the linchpin within a charitable organisation.

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