Soul Ties

Life and the universe are filled with mysteries, and soul ties are among those things that are hard to explain or understand. But if you believe in a higher purpose or a divine being that controls everything, then it makes sense why you can feel deeply connected to another individual or soul even if you just met them. You might feel like this person’s soul and yours have known each other for a long time.

You can get a better understanding of that emotional and spiritual connection once you get a profound sense of what a soul tie means and how it can impact your life.

What Are Soul Ties?

Soul ties are an emotional and spiritual connection that you have with someone. When you have a soul tie, it’s like your souls are knitted together. This connection goes beyond romantic relationships and sexual intercourse, contrary to popular belief. It can be more of a spiritual intimacy that enables such ties to develop.

The idea of soul ties forming after sexual intercourse is rooted in the Christian tradition and belief. According to the same tradition, two people whose bodies are joined as one become one soul or become a twin flame.

Another common misconception about a soul tie is that many think it is the same with a soul mate. While it is easy to see where the confusion might come from, they are actually different from each other. When you have a soul tie with someone, you have an emotional and spiritual connection on a deeper level. The extreme attachment happens on the soul level, not just due to physical or sexual attraction.

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On the other hand, a soul mate is when you have an immediate yet deep connection with someone. It can be a connection that stems from an attraction or your similar interests. Whatever it is, the use of tarot cards will help distinguish the difference between the two.

How Do You Form a Soul Tie?

There are different ways that a soul tie can form. It will also vary based on the type of soul ties that you have.

Usually, two souls become intertwined when you form close and intimate relationships. Two people form a spiritual and emotional bond when your mind, body, and spiritual bodies are formed as one. You can also create a soul tie by exchanging vows and promises with someone.

Since there are many types of soul ties, there are also different ways that you can form them according to each type.

Pros and Cons of Having a Soul Tie

There are benefits and drawbacks to having a soul tie with someone. Soul ties affect men in different ways and based on the vibes that the soul tie gives off.

Pros of Having a Soul Tie

  • Healthy soul ties can bring out the best in you (and in each other). It can make you feel empowered and increase your confidence level. If you find your soul tie, make sure to show them love and respect.
  • Healthy soul ties allow you to establish meaningful associations. The intense connection you have with another soul can be a life-changing experience or create positive impacts in your life.
  • A soul tie can strengthen your bond and connection with the other person. It is a profound connection that goes beyond anything superficial.

Cons of Having a Soul Tie

  • Unhealthy soul ties, also known as ungodly soul ties, can make you feel trapped. It can also lead to unnecessary pain in your life, especially if the other person ends up manipulating or hurting you.
  • If you have a soul tie with a person who is unhealthy or toxic. They won’t create a positive influence in your life and can put you in a dark space in your life.
  • A soul tie can be negative to your life when you form a negative attachment to them, which makes it difficult to function without them.
  • A soul tie can be unhealthy for you when this person is the exact opposite of your personality. Your personalities could crash and you can be detrimental to each other.

Types of Soul Ties

Soul ties affect men in different ways because it also manifests in your life in various methods. You can feel deeply connected with someone that you are soul ties with. However, there are many types of soul ties and you need to know each one if you want to understand how the spiritual bodies can impact your connection with someone.

1. Physical Soul Ties

Physical soul ties are the most obvious type of soul tie because it is based on a physical connection. This type of connection often results when two people engage in sexual intercourse. The act of being physically intimate exposes parts of yourself that you have only revealed to that person. But the physical intimacy does not remain physical; it can also lead to an emotional connection or the possibility of pain on an emotional level when that physical connection is broken.

It is for this reason why the Christian tradition specifically states that two people should never engage in physical intimacy. Once that emotional bond is broken, you will suffer from scars and insecurities.

2. Emotional Soul Ties

Emotional soul ties are exemplified by your deep emotional bond with another person. This deep connection allows you to express your deepest feelings and emotions to them without limitations. As you go through ups and downs in life, these experiences help to fortify your strong connection with each other.

But just like you can be a part of an unhealthy relationship, a toxic soul tie could also exist. These can be referred to as godly and ungodly soul ties. Make sure to be very cautious about the types of soul ties you are dealing with to avoid unnecessary pain, especially when you have strong feelings and emotions for another soul.

3. Spiritual Soul Ties

A spiritual soul tie is when your deep connection with someone brings you closer to God. The spiritual intimacy you have with someone can bring you closer to a higher power in your life, which can complete your being. This is one of the best connections that you can have in your life.

4. Social Soul Ties

Humans are social creatures. You will always crave to spend time with someone and find a connection with them. This connection can either be through similar interests, physical attraction, or through common friends.

You can develop a social connection with your best friend, good friends, co-workers, or other social relationships. This kind of relationship can serve you well in life, especially as you go through many struggles in life.

Signs You Found Your Soul Tie

How do you know when you have found your soul tie? There are tell-tale signs that indicate you have developed a soul tie with someone.

1. You feel deeply connected with your soul tie.

A deep connection with another person is one of the sure signs that you have a soul tie. This is true when your spiritual bodies form that connection. It is not a superficial connection but a more profound sense of connection.

2. They can compel a strong reaction from you.

A soul tie is an intense connection that you have with someone. Because you are highly connected and you have strong feelings for them, whatever they do can also trigger a strong reaction. You can feel it in yourself when another person does something – pay attention to how you react to their actions.

3. They make you feel complete.

You might not be aware of it but your soul tie with someone can make you realize there is something within you that is missing. And when you finally meet your soul tie, this person completes you. This is true with all types of soul ties, but is most evident in physical soul ties.

You have to be careful that this does not escalate into an unhealthy situation. It is important that you constantly guard your feelings before the matter gets out of hand and it becomes toxic, or you become too dependent on the other person.

4. You think they’re familiar – even if you just met.

Even if you just met someone, they make you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. This is one sign that you must look out for as it can indicate you have a strong connection with someone – your soul tie.

Do you feel like you have met this person before? Do you feel completely safe around them? If yes, then you might have just met your soul tie.

5. You have a one of a kind relationship.

You have good friends in your life that you are close with or have a strong emotional bond. However, soul ties are unique and so is the relationship that you have with them.

You know you have a soul tie with someone when you are experiencing new feelings with them that you don’t have with someone else. At the same time, it excites you about the possibilities that await your relationship.

6. They fill something that is missing in your life.

Your soul tie can fill in many aspects in your life. When they are gone or not around, it feels as though something is missing. Pay attention to these signs because it can point to your deep connection with this person.

7. They came into your life at the right time.

Does it seem like this person was heaven sent? Did they come into your life just when you needed them most? If yes, then two souls who are meant to be together have found their path toward each other.

Signs of an Unhealthy Soul Tie

These are the tell-tale signs that you are dealing with unhealthy soul ties or unhealthy relationships in your life:

  • You cannot stop thinking about your soul tie.
  • You feel emotionally dependent to this person.
  • You are unable to openly express your feelings to them.
  • You make decisions that go against your values or nature because you want to keep the other person happy.
  • You always feel like you are not good enough.
  • You lose yourself because you are too focused in the soul tie.
  • You continue to stay in the relationship even if it is causing unnecessary pain.

Breaking a Soul Tie

Recognizing that you are dealing with ungodly soul ties is the first yet most difficult step to breaking free from its grip in your life. However, it is possible to break a soul tie so that you can unleash your fullest potential.

  • Take time to meditate and reflect on your feelings. Step outside of yourself and examine things from an objective viewpoint.
  • Always practice detachment from your emotions. When you are too attached, it is easy for you to be manipulated by another person or a toxic soul tie.
  • Be aware of how the other person’s actions are affecting you. Train yourself to acknowledge that energy but not be overpowered by it.

Key Takeaways

Soul ties can be a positive or negative influence in your life, depending on the circumstances that surround the formation of the connection and the personalities of those involved. Make sure you are smart about how you handle your feelings rather than letting the connection get the better of you. It also pays to talk with a psychic or a good friend so you can stay grounded and not let your feelings trump your logical reasoning.

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FAQs on Soul Ties

What does it mean to have soul ties?

Finding your soul tie means that you have a bond with someone on a deeper level, typically on a spiritual realm. There is an inexplicable bond between two souls that impact both of your lives in more ways than one.

What creates a soul tie?

A soul tie is formed through physical, spiritual, emotional, and social connection. It can develop when you open up to someone and get involved in deep yet meaningful conversations. For someone, it follows after physical intimacy.

What are examples of soul ties?

Contrary to popular belief, soul ties do not just exist within romantic relationships. It can also happen among good friends or someone who is a complete stranger to you (or you just met). Soul ties do not automatically end with the relationship ending.

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