How to Break A Soul Tie

Are you desperate to learn how to break a soul tie?

If you’ve heard the term “soul tie” before, it must have left you wondering what it means. Well, you are in luck because you will learn more about the meaning of soul ties and how it can impact your life and your relationships. In particular, you will learn the steps to take to break soul ties that are not adding any good to your life, particularly the ungodly soul ties.

In this guide, you will have the opportunity to understand what it’s like to establish a soul connection with someone.

What is a Soul Tie?

Soul ties means the spiritual and emotional bond that you have with another person’s soul. When you establish this deep connection, you are knit together with that individual. You are figuratively tied to them on a spiritual and emotional level.

Soul ties are established mutually. You’ve probably heard about the concept of soul mates before. However, this one is different and you must not confuse it for one another. Unlike soul mates, you can cut soul ties both ways. For example, any individual who has a soul connection with someone else can break that tie if they believe that it has transformed into a toxic soul tie. This means that the connection is no longer healthy for them and breaking a soul tie is the most beneficial for them.

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Therefore, it is important to go deeper into the concept of soul ties so you can fully understand how to distinguish the good from the bad.

What Are the Types of Soul Ties?

Before you dive into the steps on how to break a soul tie, you must first understand the different types of soul ties. They are divided into four categories that represent your deep connection with another soul.

1. Spiritual Soul Tie

This type of soul tie is when you establish a deep bond and spiritual connection with another individual. A spiritual soul tie brings a heightened level of fulfillment to one’s life. Soul tie relationship of this kind brings knowledge and wisdom into your life. It could be with another person, with God, the Holy Spirit, or any other higher being.

2. Physical Soul Ties

Physical soul ties are the type of bond that is formed by becoming physically intimate with someone. This type of soul connections are outside of the marriage or among sexual partners. This kind of tie does not usually involve strong feelings since they are on a physical level only.

3. Emotional Soul Ties

An emotional soul tie is one that is marked by a deep emotional bond with another soul. You connect on an emotional level and some of the best examples of this kind of tie are friends, your spouse, or your child.

This type of soul tie is beneficial because it makes you grounded as a person. It also provides you with a support system that will back you up during tough times.

There is also a negative side to this type of soul tie. The emotional bond could be one-sided. One sided soul ties are quite common. That is when it transforms into a toxic soul tie because one’s emotion towards the other person is not reciprocated in the same emotional level. As a result, one person attempts to control and manipulate the other so they feel reciprocated.

4. Social Soul Ties

Humans are social creatures. Therefore, it is common to crave social connections with others such as a close friend. You can establish a connection with another person’s soul by pursuing similar passions and interests. Unhealthy soul ties come as a result when someone is only interested in the social connection for their own personal gain or hidden agenda.

Soul Tie Symptoms

How do you know when someone’s soul is connected with your own soul? Positive soul ties can bring a profound sense of understanding about your own spirituality or emotions. These are the symptoms that a soul tie exists in your life.

1. You feel connected with a person on a deeper level.

A soul tie is different from any personal relationships you have because it is formed on a deeper emotional level. Your connection adds to your life in a way that no other strong relationships can. Your soul is connected to them in a profound sense.

2. They feel familiar to you.

Have you ever connected with someone and you just “click”? It makes you feel that you have known this person for ages when you just met them. The bond you have is one of a kind because you have this deep connection almost instantly.

3. They came into your life at a crucial time.

Does it ever make you feel like a person was sent into your life at a perfect moment? They came into your life and helped you overcome mental debts or get over past relationships. Whatever kind of impact they had on your life, you develop positive soul ties with them.

4. Your connection feels unique.

This is another soul tie symptoms that many experience. It seems that their relationship and connection is one of a kind. The bond that you have is unlike any other you’ve had before. In connection with the point above, it seems as though you have met each other in another lifetime and are extremely comfortable with each other.

5. You have strong feelings toward your soul tie.

Deep connection is the defining characteristic of soul ties. Whether you are in romantic relationships or have a spiritual connection, you can get a strong reaction out of the other person (and vice versa) because they are deeply invested in the connection that you have.

For example, you can make someone’s day with a single call or a smile.

6. They become a part of who you are.

With your soul tie, you can’t imagine life without them anymore. This is a scary aspect of soul ties because it can make it difficult to cope when a relationship ends. If, for some reason, you need to cut soul ties with someone else, then this unhealthy attachment will be difficult to break.

What are the Signs of an Unhealthy Soul Tie?

Negative soul ties subtract to your life rather than bring value. Therefore, you must break soul ties that are unhealthy and toxic to your life.

But how do you identify unhealthy soul ties? Here are some of the tell-tale signs to watch out for.

1. It leaves you confused.

An unhealthy soul tie is that which makes you feel confused. Godly soul ties feel natural and they seem to make your life better. On the other hand, an unhealthy soul tie can leave your mind feeling foggy because it is in disagreement with your soul. Your soul wants to break free because it is aware that the spiritual bonds you formed are unhealthy for you.

If you are left feeling confused about your soul tie, you must look deeper into your soul.

2. It leaves you in torment.

Depending on what type of soul tie you have, it affects you emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially. If the connection is not right, these aspects of your life can be tormented depending on the type of connection you have.

For example, you are in a spiritual warfare with someone because you don’t share the same spiritual beliefs. If neither of you are willing to give up on your beliefs, it is best to break free from that tie to avoid tormenting your life. If you are not willing to break a soul tie, it will create a vicious cycle in your life that will have you battling with negative thoughts all the time.

3. You are left feeling miserable.

When you are in a soul tie with someone, it should be within your free will. But if the person is not right in your life, you will feel misery and the feeling of unhappiness. You should not be moving forward in your life with this person because it is an unhealthy soul tie.

A good example of this is the physical soul tie between two forbidden lovers. Romantic relationships are formed with real feelings and emotions, not just the desire for lust. If you are with a person for sexual intimacy and especially if they are cheating on someone else to be with you, then it is an ungodly soul tie that you should be breaking free from. You are not only making yourself miserable but others, too.

How to Break a Soul Tie in 7 Ways

Once you identify the signs of an unhealthy soul tie, the next step is to learn how to break a soul tie. This step is not easy – you must acknowledge that. However, it is an important step if you are in a spiritual warfare with yourself or another person.

You can sever your soul connections by following these steps.

Step 1: Acknowledge that you are in a toxic soul tie.

The first step to break a soul tie is to acknowledge that you are in an unhealthy relationship. This works like addiction – you must first acknowledge that a problem exists so you can take the necessary steps to repair the problem.

If you’re in an unhealthy soul tie, it could ruin your life. Does this soul tie make you feel miserable or depressed? Are you becoming untrustworthy because of it? How does it impact your life on a personal and professional level?

You must be brutally honest in answering these questions. It is a painful process but it will help you in the end.

Step 2: Work with spiritual advisors.

Aside from acknowledging that you are in an unhealthy soul tie, you must also acknowledge that you need help from others. It is okay to seek help. If you’re having difficulty trying to cope when the relationship ends, your mind and judgment is often clouded because of the strong feelings that you have.

A spiritual advisor can help interpret those feelings for you. They will also allow you to see things in an objective manner so you can be open to healing.

It’s no secret that the universe is composed of a giant force field. Your goal when working with a spiritual advisor is to make sense of those energies around you so you can channel it towards something positive in your life.

Step 3: Work on your self esteem.

When a relationship ends, it can wreak havoc on your confidence. You lose your ability to face up the world because you think you have failed. However, this is the exact reason why you want to break free from an unhealthy soul tie as it brings no good in your life.

The first thing you must do is build a plan as to how you can pick up the pieces of your life back together. You can perform visualization exercises, meditation, or start a gratitude practice. Doing any of these activities will help re-center your focus and put your life back on track.

Get into a routine that sprinkles positivity back into your life. This will lead to a faster healing journey because you will be excited by what is to come in your life rather than dwell on what you have lost.

Step 4. Perform a ritual.

Some people perform a ritual that enables them to cleanse their mind and body of the spiritual and emotional connection that they had with another soul. You can follow a traditional ritual or you can make your own.

The cleansing ritual is your way of officially letting go. It gives you the go signal in moving forward with your life free from any of the burden that your past relationships had.

Step 5. Pray to the universe.

Faith is a powerful thing to hold onto when you are breaking free from an unhealthy soul tie. This is one of the most effective ways to break a soul tie. You do not need to believe in Jesus Christ to pray. You can pray to your own Higher being. People from all walks of life have various belief systems so you can focus on that to help you overcome the hurt and to come out of this journey a better person.

It does not matter how or who you pray to; the ultimate goal is to focus on your faith as a source of strength. Faith is important if you are freeing from the grasp of a particularly intense relationship.

Step 6. Learn to forgive.

By praying, you abandon any negative feelings that burden your life. You can focus on gratitude and that is when forgiveness can take place.

Forgiving actually benefits you more than the other person. You give way to positive energy and thoughts in your life by letting go of any negative emotions. Forgiving is also one way to acknowledge that you hold the key to your happiness and not the other person. This will facilitate faster healing and recovery.

There are also many health benefits associated with learning to forgive others such as improved mental health, better self esteem, less stress and anxiety, and a stronger heart health.

On the flip side, you must understand that you deserve forgiveness as much as the other person. If you feel that you are to blame for how the relationship fell apart, give yourself a break. You must understand that everyone messes up at some point. You deserve as much second chance as any other person in the world does. The most important thing is that you acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.

Step 7. Remove the other person in your life.

Once you have chosen to cut ties with someone, it is important that you remove any form of communication or attachment with them. This is true in real life and in social media.

Detaching people is easier said than done. However, it will be crucial as you make your way to full recovery and healing. You will only be reminded of the failed relationship if you continue to watch their life unfold. This is also a passive-aggressive way of cutting ties with someone.

Knowing how to break a soul tie requires that you completely eliminate them from your life. This will enable you to put your complete focus and energy towards making your own life better. If you keep focusing on others, you deprive yourself of the ability to learn and grow to become better.

Conclusion – How to Break a Soul Tie

Breaking a soul tie is never easy, especially when you’ve had that connection for so long. It hurts your soul to part with someone you have a deeper connection with.

However, you must learn to live with the hurt until you overcome it. At that point, your soul can heal and you are free from the unhealthy soul tie that is debilitating your life. You can focus on your healing journey so you can be completely free from its mental debts and burden.

As you progress with your healing, you will come into a realization that you’ve only lost a part of your soul. However, you will no longer be tormented and live in misery because of their toxicity in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a soul tie be broken?

Yes, you can break a soul tie. Make sure to consider the steps listed above to help you acknowledge and break it before it wreaks havoc in your life and relationships.

What creates a soul tie?

You can create a soul tie through spiritual, physical, emotional, and social connections with another individual. Your soul tie with someone can be one or more of these types.

This bond is formed through conversations, connections, and getting to know someone on a deeper level.

What is a toxic soul tie?

A toxic soul tie is any relationship that does not add value to your life. In fact, it can hurt your life in more ways than one. They create mental debts and can be an unhealthy attachment. Therefore, you must cut soul ties with someone who is toxic in your life.

How do you know if your soul tie is broken?

The initial feeling when you break a soul tie is misery and anger. It is typical when you had strong feelings for that person or you have had the relationship for a long time. However, it is important to acknowledge and accept these feelings than to deal with the negative consequences of an unhealthy soul tie in your life.

Do soul ties last forever?

Some soul ties last forever but others don’t. It depends on the type of connection you have. One sided soul ties typically do not last long since the other person attempts to break free once they recognize the unhealthy attachment for the other soul.

What happens when you get a soul tie?

According to spiritual advisors, you develop a deep bond in a spiritual or emotional level with someone you are soul tied with. It is a special feeling and you are able to identify this deep connection.

Can a soul tie be one sided?

Yes. One sided soul ties are more common than you think. This is a form of betrayal in a relationship and it is important to break a soul tie that tries to take advantage of you for their personal gain.

What are the 4 types of soul ties?

The four types of soul ties are physical soul ties, emotional soul ties, spiritual soul ties, and social soul ties. There are distinct characteristics for each type and the kind of bond that you form with another person.

What is the difference between soul tie and soul mate?

The main difference between a soul tie and soul mate is in how they develop. Soul mates almost happen instantly; you recognize that you are connected with another person’s soul when you first meet them. While it is possible for soul ties to happen instantaneously, most of it develops gradually over time.

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