Taurus And Pisces Compatibility

Are you ready to learn the truth about Taurus and Pisces compatibility?

At first glance, grounded Taurus and dreamy Pisces may seem like an incompatibly odd pair, but take a closer look and the ways in which these two complement and complete each other begin to emerge.

The old saying that “opposites attract” holds true in the case of Pisces and Taurus. Besides, the two share some core values that make it possible for this pair to form a deep and lasting bond, despite their wildly different temperaments.

And these are just a few of the reasons why Taurus-Pisces compatibility is extremely high. Are you ready to dive deeper and discover the rest? If so, then simply keep on reading.

Taurus, the fixed Earth sign

In order to really understand what makes Taurus and Pisces compatible, we first need to look at the signs individually. Let’s start with Tarus, the fixed Earth sign.

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Earth signs are known for their grounded, practical and loyal natures, and these key qualities are intrinsic to the core Taurus personality. As an Earth sign, Taurus is fantastic when it comes to walking the walk instead of talking the talk. No one is more meticulous than Taurus when it comes to setting and achieving goals. Because Taurus is gifted with the perfect mix of organisational skills and perseverance, Taurus is often able to achieve incredible things – not through luck or chance, but through sheer determination and practicality.

Quite fittingly, Taurus’s symbol is a bull, a creature symbolising both strength and reliability.

Taurus is renowned for being extremely conscientious and for not liking to do anything half-heartedly. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking business or romantic relationships, with Taurus its usually either all or nothing.

Because it is fixed, Taurus is one of the ‘builders’ of the zodiac. This means that Taurus is resolute, focused, reliable, hardworking, and imbued with an enviably stable mentality. When others get swept aside by powerful waves of emotion, whether positive or negative, Taurus tends to remain on an even keel.

As a fixed sign, Taurus is levelheaded in almost every situation. Because Taurus is also both loyal and dignified, it means you can rely on them, even when the waves are high and everyone else is panicking or wavering. In a crisis, Taurus is a rock of calm and solace to all.

Tauruses are often extremely accomplished in their careers and professions. This is unsurprising to anyone who is even remotely familiar with the practical Taurus temperament. As coworkers, boses, managers or employees, Tauruses are famously reliable, conscientious and hardworking. They can, however, be rather rigid in their approach and may resist new ideas and novel approaches.

When it comes to love and romance, Tauruses are old school romantics. They want true love, and they want it for life. Without necessarily being politically conservative, most Tauruses harbour traditional values and will want to marry and raise children within a traditional family structure.

Taurus man

The Taurus man is a formidable catch as a romantic partner. He’s attentive, romantic, loyal and often a great provider.

Taurus is ruled by the Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This means that every Taurus, whether male or female, has as a sensitive side and a great sense of aesthetics. In the Taurus man, these qualities come to expression in everything he wears, creates or surrounds himself with. Whether he’s a surgeon, an interior designer or a gardener, the Taurus man strives for perfection and a pleasing aesthetic in everything he does and puts his name to.

The Taurus man is often a snappy dresser and takes great pride in his appearance. It is not at all unusual for a Taurus man to possess an extensive wardrobe and shoe collection – matched only by his art collection or his cellar full of fine wines.

But while he loves homemaking, the Taurus man is often very career-driven and derives both meaning, prestige and a hefty pay cheque from whatever he has chosen to do for a living. Because he rarely changes his mind, the typical Taurus man will stay on the same career trajectory all of his working life and will inevitably end up rising to the upper echelons of his field.

In his romantic life, the Taurus man tends to be as discerning as he is when it comes to all other major decisions in his life. Regardless of sexual orientation, most Taurus men want to find a lifelong partner to share their heart and kingdom with.

Taurus woman

The Taurus woman, much like the Taurus man, is known for her sensual side and great sense of style and beauty in everything she does, wears or creates. The female Taurus is a proud and often immaculate creature – she’s someone who places great value on both surface and substance.

If you visit a Taurus woman’s home, you’ll find it equally pristine and welcoming. It’s also likely that you’ll be regaled with a hearty and delicious home-cooked meal.

Not that the Taurus woman is necessarily a housewife – she merely loves to entertain and impress her guests. Like the Taurus man, the Taurus woman often finds great joy and meaning in her career. Whatever she decides to do, she’s ambitious, hardworking and strategic. Once she has set her sights on a goal and taken aim, her dogged and structured approach ensures that she doesn’t miss.

In her romantic life, the Taurus woman is looking for a lifelong romantic partner, someone worthy of her undying love, loyalty and devotion. Taurus women often want the whole shebang – the big wedding, the lifelong romance, and children.

Pisces, the mutable Water sign

Pisces is a mutable sign of the Water variety, and as a water sign, Pisces is highly intuitive, emotional, sexual and romantic.

Very fittingly, the Pisces symbol is a fish, a mysterious and soft denizen of the water element.

Pisces are the dreamers, romantics and poets of the zodiac. They’re living halfway in a world of fantasy and dream, and only seem to have a tentative connection with the cold hard facts of reality. This is both a tremendous strength, and a significant character flaw.

Because of their connection with the spiritual and subconscious realms, Pisces are known for being extremely creative, intuitive, and sometimes even psychic. Pisces are highly sensitive to everything that goes on within themselves, as well as within the psyches and emotional lives of others. This makes them incredible healers, counsellors, or creatives of all stripes.

As a mutable sign, Pisces is highly flexible, adaptable and curious. Like the other mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, Pisces welcomes change and new ideas, and has an insatiable desire to discover what’s behind the curtain. Wile this lends a charming curiosity to their nature, it also means that they can struggle to remain focused on the things and tasks that are right in front of them.

In terms of love and romance, Pisces fall in love easily and deeply. If there’s any star sign capable of falling in love at first sight, it’s Pisces. Whether male or female, Pisces are always well-connected to their emotional side and tend to feel things very deeply and intensely.

Pisces expect and demand a lot when they are in a romantic relationship. They simply crave a deep emotional bond, as well as lots of reassurance and attention. And to be clear, they’re more than willing to give as good as they receive.

Pisces man

The Pisces man is a sensitive and romantic dreamer, who may initially struggle to find his path and place in life. The male Pisces has big dreams and bold ideas – but he may not always know how to bring them to fruition. If he manages to surround himself with the right collaborators and supporters, however, his big dreams and inventive ideas can move the world forwards.

The Pisces man is highly intuitive and adept at picking up on other people’s emotions. He often knows what his partner is thinking before he or she is even aware of it. He’s also both nurturing and attentive, and loves to pamper and treat his partner.

Like everyone born under the Pisces star sign, the male Pisces can be rather chaotic and disorganised. Temperamentally, he’s a true bohemian and would rather work on his paintings or projects all day long while someone else takes care of the practical sides of life, such as paying the bills and doing the hoovering.

For a male pisces, communication is crucial. He’ll often want to discuss his ideas, dreams and schemes with his romantic partner in order to feel that he has his partner’s support and recognition.

All in all, it cannot be overstated how highly motivated the Pisces man is by love, desire and romance. He will go to great lengths to win over the one he’s set his sights on. It could even be argued that much of what he creates and accomplishes professionally will be a result of trying to woo the object of his desire or to impress his spouse, rather than because he cares about being applauded by his colleagues or the general public.

Pisces woman

Like her male counterpart, the Pisces woman is a true romantic and a bit of a dreamer. She’s highly sensitive, intuitive and driven by her emotions.

The Pisces woman is often the one in her family and friend group that others will turn to for sage advice and comfort. She effortlessly exudes a comforting and reassuring vibe that others are drawn to. There’s also a kind of otherworldly magic to her – she’s mysterious, and not quite of this world.

Because the pisces woman is so plugged into the cosmos, she’s often very spiritual. It doesn’t matter what her religious or spiritual persuasion is – she’s the kind of woman who enjoys a direct line of communication with the divine.

The female Pisces often chooses a nurturing or creative career path. She might be a nurse, a teacher or a painter. Whatever she does, it inspires, uplifts and nurtures others.

In romantic relationships, Pisces women are looking for a true and deep emotional bond. They’re not interested in keeping things on the surface, but crave a partner with whom they can build a future.

Characteristics of the Taurus-Pisces relationship

Now that you have a good understanding of the two characters involved, it is time for us to look at how Pisces-Taurus compatibility manifests.

There is potential for a long-lasting relationship

One of the most important things to know about the Taurus-Pisces pair is that Taurus and Pisces have staying power as a couple. Of course, whether the relationship lasts depends on the specific Taurus and Pisces in question, but from an astrological perspective, the potential for a lifelong romance is there.

They develop a deep emotional connection

If there are two zodiac signs that can forge a truly deep emotional bond, it is Taurus and Pisces.

Pisces and Taurus are capable of developing the kind of bond that only deepens and strengthens as time goes on.

They share a deeply fulfilling sex life

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, and here the Pisces partner and the Taurus partner can be incredibly good for each other.

For Pisces, sexual experiences and intimate moments with their partner are vital to expressing and maintaining a deep emotional connection. Having a Taurus partner can help a Pisces feel joyfully embodied and appreciated.

Meanwhile, a Pisces lover can help Taurus to unleash their imagination. The result is a a deeply satisfying sex life.

This pair complement and balance each other extremely well

Taurus is known for their reliable nature and for taking a practical approach to life. Pisces, on the other hand, are known for their creativity and imagination.

An important aspect of Pisces and Taurus compatibility is how well these two function together. It is as though they both bring a missing piece to the other person’s life puzzle.

Their nonverbal communication is off the charts

The Pisces and Taurus couple don’t always need to talk things through. Because of the depth of their connection and their ability to read each other, Pisces and Taurus often know what the other partner needs without them needing to express or ask for it.

Both are romantic souls

Pisces and Taurus are two of the most romantic souls in the zodiac. Their personalities might be extremely different, but where love and romance are concerned, they’re on exactly the same page.

Both enjoy homemaking

Both Taurus and Pisces prize domestic bliss very highly. In other words, their home life is extremely important to this couple, and this couple can easily spend untold hours decorating, gardening, cooking or throwing parties together at their shared home.

Conclusion: The truth about Pisces-Taurus compatibility

In summary, the Taurus and Pisces compatibility in romance is amazingly high. This pair has what it takes to forge a lasting, deep and mutually fulfilling romantic bond.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Pisces and Taurus be soulmates?

Definitely. In fact, Pisces and Taurus are often an ideal romantic match for each other. Although they’re extremely different, they share core values and complement each other.

Why are Taurus so attracted to Pisces?

Taurus is powerfully attracted to the beauty, sensitivity and otherworldliness that Pisces radiates.

Taurus is also very attracted to the fact that a Pisces partner can and will provide them with the very things that Taurus craves in a romantic relationship – deep connection, loyalty and a long-term future.

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