Venus Square Venus Synastry

What is the significance of a Venus square Venus synastry aspect? Well, Venus-Venus aspects in a synastry chart are very important since they show how a couple give and receive affection. 

These aspects also define your tastes and likes in the relationship and how well these interests match your partner.

These astrological aspects are romantic, though not very sexual. Venus loves through harmony, balance, and understanding, so these aspects are also promising for other connections, like friendships, work colleagues, etc.

If you find a favorable Venus Venus aspect in a synastry chart, you and your partner have similar tastes and have the same approach to love, beauty, and social graces. 

Challenging aspects mean that you don’t understand why your partner has certain interests, and the way you give love might be different from them.

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A square is one of those difficult aspects, and a Venus square Venus synastry can bring some tension to your relationship.

Still, Venus aspects between your birth chart and the one of your partner indicate overall compatibility. 

But a square is an aspect that brings friction, although its tension can also generate sexual chemistry, so you are probably very attracted to each other.

Venus Square Venus in Synastry

Venus square Venus synastry aspect can bring some irritation between these two people as well as strong chemistry.

This aspect can be found in romantic relationships and other kinds of connections, creating mixed results depending on each case.

Any Venus aspect between two natal charts indicates a deep affinity, regardless of whether it is a soft or challenging aspect.

However, squares indicate that these two people like different things. In this case, their ways of expressing love are dissimilar. 

For example, one partner will be more outgoing and active while the other is a home buddy and prefers to enjoy quiet time together.

Squares in fixed signs such as Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius are not as tricky, as these two individuals are able to understand each other more quickly than others.

This is why it is so important to look at the zodiac sign where each Venus is located in the birth chart as well as the house position to check what specific area of life will be most affected by this aspect.

Man’s Venus Square Woman’s Venus Relationship

In a synastry reading between a man and a woman, or any couple whatsoever, Venus square Venus can build overwhelming physical attraction.

These two partners will be immediately drawn to each other, almost feeling like love at first sight and that their affair was written in the stars. Still, it will probably not be as smooth as a fairy tale romance.

Once the initial flush of romance begins to fade, both partners will realize that they have opposite interests.

One of the many differences they will encounter is that one partner is more introverted than the other, who is more outgoing and social. 

The latest will always want to go out and hang out with their friends or meet new people, while the introverted one will prefer to stay cooped up at home the entire day.

But certain things could make them understand each other. For example, if the square is between Venus in Virgo and Venus in Gemini, the couple will enjoy intellectual pursuits since Mercury is the ruling planet of both zodiac signs.

This will give them common interests, helping to establish their relationship, regardless of their biggest differences. For this relationship to thrive, they have to learn to spend some time alone and engage in separate activities without this becoming a problem.

Both partners need space to pursue their personal interests to make their time together more valuable and exciting.

Then, the tension between each other will transform into fantastic sexual chemistry.

Venus Square Venus in Friendship

This aspect in synastry generates slight annoyance when it comes to friendships. Thanks to this aspect, there is still a connection between these two individuals, but they don’t have many things in common.

In a romantic relationship, the tension generated by this aspect is channeled in their sexual chemistry, but that is not an option when talking about two friends.

A friendship with a Venus square Venus found in the two charts ends up being an unlikely pair. They usually come from very different family backgrounds or social circles yet somehow manage to form a friendship.

However, this friend might not be the most suitable person for love advice since you have almost opposites approaches to relationships. This person doesn’t understand your needs in this area of your life, and you might get frustrated after having a conversation with them.

But don’t think they are trying to annoy you. This friend probably has your best interests at heart and sometimes tells you the things you need to hear, even if it’s not comfortable.

If the Venus Venus square is in a mutable sign like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you two will have more in common than any other sign combinations.

How to Tell if Venus is Square Venus in Synastry

A square is a 90-degree angle from two planets, which is three signs apart from each other in two birth charts.

The zodiac signs that form this angel have the same mode (mutable, fixed, or cardinal), but their elements are incompatible.

If two Venus are in zodiac signs that are square each other, the impact of the square will be felt to a certain extent. The closer the planet is, the stronger the aspect’s energy will be.

In Venus square Venus, there should be no more than 7 degrees between each other, and they have to be in incompatible zodiac signs.

For example, one Venus could be 29 degrees Gemini and the other one 3 degrees Libra. As these are not incompatible zodiac signs, the square would be much weaker. These two individuals would have things in common but still encounter some friction.


Venus square Venus in synastry can cause strong attraction and sexual tension, but at the same time, generates a lot of conflict and friction between both partners since they have different approaches to love and relationships.

This aspect is much more favorable in a romantic relationship than a friendship since the tension can be released through sexual chemistry, an outlet that cannot be used for two friends.

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