Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry

The Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is one of the most remarkable you can find in the synastry chart. When Venus and Mars come together, they have both sizzling hot chemistry and romantic potential in spades.

Venus represents sensuality, aesthetics, art and romance. Mars represents the more masculine, assertive, raw and fiery side of sexuality. When these two planets are conjunct each other, the result is the complete romantic package. The Venus person and their Mars partner function as mirror for each other, each reflecting the other’s romantic ideals and desires.

When one partner’s Venus is conjunct the other’s Mars in the synastry chart, the two persons are intensely attracted to each other on a physical level, but their chemistry is also intellectual and spiritual.

Sex is never an issue for the Venus conjunct Mars couple, as they are extremely sexually compatible. Their only concern – and this could be a very real concern, and one of the few challenging aspects in this relationship – is their tendency to harbour feelings of jealousy and doubt about each other.

All in all, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is one of those aspects in synastry that might be considered a soulmate aspect, an indiction that the romantic and sexual attraction between the two people involved has the potential to last and grow year after year. Some couples use each other up or outgrow each other, but Venus and Mars may be able to evolve and grow together, sharing a unique and special journey.

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Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Venus conjunct Mars relationship special, and to discover what its few but not insignificant challenges are.

Soulmate astrology

First of all, what is synastry, how is the synastry chart created, and what can this composite chart tell you about your relationship and its potential?

Synastry is an area in astrology focused on accessing the romantic potential of couples. This is done by overlaying their two charts with each other, in order to generate one composite chart. Just like the individual natal chart, the synastry chart consists of twelve segments called astrological houses, each ruled over by one of the twelve star signs of the zodiac.

Looking at the composite chart reveals the placements and interactions between both partners’ planets and other celestial bodies. The positions that the planets have in relation to each other are called aspects, and they are just as significant as the planets themselves, because they tell you how the planets interact with each other. While some aspects are soft and harmonious, others are challenging and difficult.

A synastry chart rarely if ever consists of only positive or only negative aspects – there is usually going to be a good mix of both. In other words, don’t despair and decide that your relationship is doomed if you see a few hard aspects (oppositions and squares) in the chart. That’s to be expected. By the same token, you cannot know for sure that a relationship is going to be healthy and positive if the composite chart only shows soft aspects (trines and sextiles).

Whether relationships work or don’t doesn’t come down to astrology alone – the astrology can only give you some pointers by showing you what potential is there, and what energies, blessings and obstacles you and your romantic partner are likely to encounter. What you do with that potential, and whether you find ways of overcoming or working around the challenges is up to the two of you.

Having said that, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is one of the most promising in synastry. In itself, it indicates a rare level of chemistry and romantic attraction. If you and the other person in a romantic relationship share this aspect, you have been dealt at least one very positive card.

Venus in synastry

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, luxury, aesthetics, creativity, sensuality, indulgence and physical pleasure in all of its manifestations. Venus is an energy that relishes all of the beautiful things and the pleasures that the physical realm has to offer – nothing is more important to Venus than to enjoy life, and to indulge all of the senses.

The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, beauty, feminine energy and fertility, and it is little wonder why. The planet and the goddess share many of the same qualities. Venus is also associated with the Taurus zodiac sign, an earth sign known for its creative prowess, its desire for luxury and status, as well as for its need for structure and stability.

Venus plays a vital role in astrology as it represents our romantic, luxuriating, creative and sensual side. Venus is considered an archetypal feminine energy, but one that we all possess regardless of gender.

The placement of Venus in your individual birth chart tells you about what you are attracted to, what you take pleasure in, and what you desire. Whenever your Venus is aspected to any of your partner’s planets in your shared chart, you are going to feel strongly emotionally and romantically drawn to them, and particularly to the energy that your Venus is aspected to.

Mars in synastry

Mars is the planet of fire, action, ambition and aggression. Whereas Venus represents the feminine principle by being very receptive, sensual and romantic, Mars is imbued with an assertive, forthright and archetypically masculine energy. Mars is outgoing, self-assured, action-oriented and always ablaze with white-hot passion.

The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of fire and warfare, and shares many of the same qualities. Mars is also associated with the emotionally deep and enigmatic zodiac sign, Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, known for its depth of feeling, its mysterious aura and its dark intensity.

Mars is an incredibly important element in astrology, as our Mars placement reveals what lights us up with fire and passion. Mars is the side of ourselves that is unapologetically ambitious, unafraid of setting high goals and going all-out in order to achieve them.

When your Mars is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s personal planets, you are going to feel magnetically drawn to them. Your desire for them is going to be incredible intense. You may even become a little bit obsessed wit them, wanting to possess them and wrap yourself in their energy. The celestial body that your Mars is aspected to is of great importance, as that is the part of your partner’s being that is going to seem particularly alluring and attractive to you.

What does it mean when one partner’s Venus is conjunct the other’s Mars?

So, what does it really mean when your Venus is in a conjunction with your sweetheart’s Mars (or vice versa)?

When you and your partner’s two natal charts are fused together and the composite chart reveals one partner’s Venus and the other person’s Mars in the same sign and perfectly aligned with each other, you have a Venus-Mars conjunction.

The conjunction is the most intense and vibrant aspect in synastry. When two planets are conjunct each other, they both feed off each other’s energy and amplify each other’s influence in the relationship.

Other Venus-Mars aspects includes the hard aspects Venus opposition Mars and Venus square Mars, both of which would cause friction and discord between one person’s Mars and the other’s Venus energies, and the soft aspects Venus sextile Mars and Venus trine Mars. These latter Venus-Mars aspects would create a gentle and harmonious energetic exchange between Venus and Mars – but neither of them would be as potent an energetic cocktail as the Venus conjunct Mars combination.

The Venus person in the relationship

The Venus person in this romantic relationship is drawn to their Mars partner’s fire and intensity. In many ways, the Venus person sees the Mars person as their ideal lover and romantic partner.

The Venus person romanticises and admires the Mars person, and appreciates their forthright and energetic attitude, which may inspire the Venus person to become more bold and ambitious themselves.

Initially, the Venus person may feel giddy and flustered around the Mars person, thanks to the intense physical attraction. Because the Venus person is incredibly sensuous, they may be able to introduce their Mars partner two new sensual discoveries and pleasurable pastimes.

The Mars person in the relationship

The Mars person in the relationship is the most outgoing and decisive of the two. Right from the start, they are drawn to their Venus partner’s appearance, creativity and sensuality. From the very moment the two of them meet, the Mars person is very certain that they want the Venus person.

The attraction that the Mars person feels for their Venus partner is very physical and very intense.

The Mars person has a tendency to be domineering, and can come across as quite aggressive. For the most part, the Venus partner is attracted to this, but it can also lead to clashes and passionate arguments.

Characteristics of the Venus conjunct Mars relationship

All relationships with Venus-Mars aspects are different, but they also all have a few things in common. Wonder what these are? Keep reading.

They may be soulmates

Mars and Venus complement and complete each other as perfectly and naturally as yin and yang, night and day, fire and water. The two simply go incredibly well together.

The Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect indicates a potential soulmate connection. In it lies the potential for a relationship that is both healthy, fulfilling and transformative.

Sexual attraction and chemistry

The sexual energy and tension between Mars and Venus is primordial and intense. When it comes to the physical aspect of their relationship, the Venus conjunct Mars couple have nothing to complain about.

Mars and Venus are both highly sexual energies – Venus with laid-back, luxurious sensuality and Mars with its assertiveness and raw passion. When these two energies come together, sexy sparks inevitably fly.

Jealousy arguments over petty things

One of the weaknesses of this relationship is the tendency, on behalf of both partners, to fight over petty things, or to become jealous and possessive of each other.

If either partner in this relationship is unsure of their own significance, or of their partner’s devotion, they are likely to kick off, Mars in a passionate jealous rage, Venus by turning a passive-aggressive cold shoulder.

There is solid long term relationship potential

Despite the Mars person and the Venus person clashing now and then, theirs is a relationship with true long-term potential.

The Venus and Mars couple never grow tired of each other, that’s for sure. They truly relish each other’s company, the mystery each represents to the other, and their fiery passion never cools. If these two are able to consolidate their differences, they have a solid chance at growing ever stronger, deeper and more connected as a couple.

The aspect also works in non romantic relationships

Not all Venus-Mars relationships turn out to be great love affairs, and this pairing work incredibly well in friendships and business partnerships.

Here, the strong attraction between the two people involved can manifest as a fruitful creative partnership, where sparks fly in the form of creative ideas and inventive new ways of approaching the deals and projects that the two of them are getting into together.

Final thoughts

So, what is the final verdict on the Venus conjunct Mars synastry relationship?

In and of itself, it’s a clear winner. Let me summarize exactly why that is: The romantic attraction between the Venus person and the Mars person is powerful and magnetic right from the start – what’s more, in this relationship the passion never dies. Instead, it may actually grow in intensity as time goes on.

These two really enjoy and thrive in each other’s company. Sure, they will be facing a few obstacles, but if the two of them can work on their own flaws while accepting their partner’s shortcomings, the few frustrations they encounter are no match to the joy and passion they share.

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