Crystals for Protection

Using crystals for protection against bad vibes and dark energy is nothing new. In fact, healing stones and protection crystals have been in use since ancient times and have stood the ultimate test of time.

Different crystals have different powers. Some can help you form a protective shield around your aura, while others boost your sense of self love, self worth and self esteem. Some crystals bolster you against spirit attachments or ill fortune, and yet others help you connect with your higher self and speak your inner truth. There is, quite literally, a crystal for any occasion.

Crystals are some of the most accessible yet powerful spiritual tools you can reach fo whenever you need a little extra protection against anything from bad luck, negative emotions, unwanted energies or all-out psychic attack.

The most powerful protection crystals

The crystal that is going to have the most profoundly protective and shielding effect depends on the situation. All powerful crystals can potentially work as protection crystals. It’s a matter of identifying which crystal is going to offer you the best protective barrier in any given situation.

In some circumstances a rose quartz is going to be your best choice of protective crystal, as it boosts your inner light and soothes your energy. At other times, your best line of defence is going to ba black obsidian or a labradorite, if you are are in a situation where others are attacking you energetically or verbally.

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Knowing which protection stones to use at which times is important for dispelling and warding off bad vibes, negative influences or even psychic attacks.

To make the process easy, here is a list of the best protection crystals that offer spiritual protection in any situation.

When to use crystals for protection

There are no set guidelines that tell you when it is and when it isn’t appropriate or necessary for you to use crystals for protection. As a rule of thumb, you have to rely on your intuition and trust that it will let you know when protective crystals are needed.

In everyday situations

You can wear and use protection crystals on an everyday basis.

If, for example, you are working a high-stress job where you are embroiled in negative vibes all day, or where negative energies linger after the working days done, using protection crystals to ward off these negative energies is a good idea.

Protective crystals can also help shield and protect your energy at home. If your home is a toxic environment where the air is thick with tension and drama, protective and grounding crystals can help you set healthy boundaries and protect your own energy against some of the harmful effects of negative people.

In specific situations

There are times in life where you are going to need a little extra psychic protection.

Examples of this are when you are dealing with a personal loss or tragedy, or the intensity of an interpersonal conflict. The loss of a close family member, getting laid off from your dream job, going through a divorce, facing health problems – these types of situations are often marked by a high degree of intense, negative emotion and stress. Here, crystals can help fortify your your energy field and soothe your spirit.

How to use crystals for protection

There are a few different ways of using crystals for protection. You can keep it as simple as wearing a protective crystal on a string around your neck or in your pocket, or you can incorporate crystals into your life in a more active way, for example by meditating while holding the crystals.

An important thing to know about using crystals for protection is that there is no right or wrong way of going about it. A crystal cannot backfire, as it were. As long a you pick a protection crystals that has the right energetic properties, you cannot go wrong.

Wearing crystals for protection

An easy way of keeping the good vibes of your protective stone close at hand is to keep the crystal on your person. It is easy to find jewellery, such as necklaces or bracelets, made from crystal. Another straightforward way of keeping your crystal on your person is to simply put it in your pocket. You can also keep a crystal in your wallet, your purse or your car.

Using crystals to enhance your environment

If you find that your primary environments – typically, your home and work environments – could benefit from more joy and more positivity, select a suitable crystal and place it in a location where its frequencies are going to influence its surroundings.

If you work in an open office, why not keep a black obsidian on your desk to shield your energy and personal power against the energies and emotions of all of your coworkers?

If you find that you always have a difficult time leaving work at work and letting go of the stress of the day, why not place a strategic chunk of smoky quartz by the front door to help filter out any negative energy when you step into your home?

If you and your partner are arguing a lot at home, why not place large chunk of rose quartz on the dining able or in the bedroom, to soothe the energies and inspire more gentle emotions?

What is the most powerful crystal on Earth?

It is impossible to point to one crystal as being more powerful than all of the other crystals. The reason for this is simply that crystals are so vastly different from each other – they all have different energetic frequencies and abilities.

In every situation, the most powerful crystal is going to be the crystal that best serves the purpose.

Having said this, clear quartz might be the winner in terms of versatility. Known as the master healer crystal, clear quartz is an excellent stone for deflecting and repelling bad vibes, while at the same time attracting positive energy.

How to care for your protective crystals

Just as crystals serve a variety of different purposes, they each have their requirements as well.

Crystals never expire, but to ensue that your crystals keep serving you as well as they should, it is important that you take good care of them.

Let us start with the most fundamental aspect of caring for your protection crystals – storing them. While some crystals are incredibly sturdy (tiger’s eye being a good example), others are more porous and fragile (pyrite is a good example of this). You can easily carry a tiger’s eye crystal in your pocket without risking anything more than perhaps a few scratches over the course of time, you cannot carry pyrite in the same way without risking it chipping and flaking. Some crystals are simply not suitable for carrying around with you and should remain in a safe spot from which they aren’t moved very often. Silk pouches and silk scarf are two popular ways of storing fragile crystals. Consider the specific needs of your crystals when you decide on how to store, place and carry them.

Because crystals – particularly crystals used for protection – absorb and transmute a lot of energy, they will sometimes need to be cleansed in order to dislodge the negative energy and make the crystals fit for use again.

Caring for your crystals is not very demanding, but if you neglect to do it over a period of time you might find that they become ‘clogged up’ with negative frequencies and slowly become less potent and effective. And don’t be surprised if a particularly overworked protective stone suddenly falls from its place and shatters. In conclusion: It is always a good idea to take basic care of your crystals – just like you would with any other tool you use frequently.

Favourite crystals for warding off negative energy and shielding the aura

Here is a rundown of the most powerful crystals for protection against anything from bad energy to psychic attacks.

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, conflict or a difficult situation, continue reading to discover which crystal can help you the most.

Black obsidian

Obsidian, also called volcanic glass, is made from molten lava that has cooled off very quickly to form this black, potent stone.

Obsidian’s unique power is soaking up bad energy from the environment. Negative self-talk, negative and destructive feelings and emotions and dark frequencies are all drawn into the stone.

Obsidian is sometimes referred to as the great truth-teller among crystals, because it helps you see through all of the clutter and confusion until you get to the core of the matter. If you are experiencing confusion or are questioning the motives of the people around you, keep a chunk of black obsidian with you at all times. Soon enough, any hidden agendas, underlying motives or hushed-up secrets are going to come spilling out.

Because obsidian draws in all of a lot of dark and heavy frequencies it has to be cleaned relatively often. You can cleanse it using incense smoke, salt, moonlight or simply running water. As yo cleanse your obsidian, visualize all of the bad energy it has soaked up washing out of it and either being carried away by the rising smoke from the incense or washed down the drain.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known to be a powerful healer and protector and is, overall, the most highly and frequently recommended crystal for protection.

Black tourmaline provides powerful psychic shielding against psychic attack and helps its wearer shed negative or destructive thought patterns.

Black tourmaline transmutes negative energy into good vibes and a more positive mindset and is one of the best crystals when it comes to turning a negative situation or attitude around.

Black tourmaline is one of numerous protective stones on this list that can be used to minimise the potentially harmful effects of EMTs (electromagnetic frequencies) emitted by everyday technology.


Jest is one of my favorite crystals to recommend to empaths who want to shield their personal force field and energy from the sometimes harmful and negative effects of other people’s emotions and energies.

Jet absorbs a tremendous amount of negative energy, so when you are wearing it you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is working hard for you. When someone else’s negative emotions hit you, jet absorbs those vibes right away, before they can affect you.

The downside, of course, is that it has to be cleansed frequently – how frequently depends on how often you wear it and how hard it is working.

Apache tear

Apache tear is one of the most powerful protection crystals out there. Apache tear is known to transmute dark, negative and harmful energetic frequencies into positive energy.

Apache tear is one of the best crystals for protection, as well as healing. It is particularly suitable in times of grief and difficulty, as it takes the pain and other heavy, negative and low-frequency emotions and transforms them into healing frequencies.

Apache tear is a favourite crystal among healers, and it is a suitable stone for healthcare workers, therapists or anyone who spends a lot of time around people experiencing illness, grief or trauma.


Labradorite is particularly useful as a shield against the ill intentions of others around you. Labradorite protects you against what others are projecting onto you – such as envy, rumours or obsession, Labradorite repels these energetic projections by reflecting them back where they came from.

Labradorite also stops others from draining your energy. This typically happens when others are making greedy demands on your time and presence in order to fill a sense of lack within themselves. Labradorite places an energetic shield around your heart chakra, so that it is not so easily accessible to those who enjoy taking and taking without giving anything in return.

Labradorite is a highly spiritual stone. As well as cloaking and protecting your aura from malicious attack and detection, it helps plug you into the flow and energies of the great, good universe.

Blue kyanite

Blue kyanite is a powerful protective stone. Its specific focus is to keep your mind free from unwanted and untoward external influences, allowing you to think freely and independently.

Blue kyanite is also great stone to help you(re)discover your own truth when it has become lost or when circumstances have forced you to stray from it.

Blue kyanite is one of the best crystals to reach for when you are experiencing coercion, brainwashing or gaslighting, as it helps you read between the lines and see situations and people for what they truly are. Keep blue kyanite on your person and others will have a very hard time placing their agendas in your mind.

If you ever suspect or feel like you are being coerced or gaslighted, enlist blue kyanite in your arsenal of defensive magic.

Red jasper

Red jasper is one of the best crystals for boosting your energy and the fires of your inner self.

Red jasper has the ability to dispel self doubt and infuse you with more energy and potency. Jasper is known to vastly increase self-confidence, emotional stamina and resilience, while encouraging such diverse and dynamic energies as courage, calm, balance and relaxation.


A list of crystals for protection wouldn’t be complete without shungite. Shungite is an often overlooked but powerful crystal. When you want to detox and protect yourself from the potentially harmful effects of the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by computers, smartphones and other electronics, Shungite should be your go to.

Shungite is partially composed of pure, hollow carbon fibres which are believed to neutralise electromagnetic frequencies and their effects.


Malachite is the best protective stone when you are travelling, whether by air, sea or land.

Not only is Malachite said to offer its wearer protection against unforeseen accidents and delays, it also absorbs pollutants and negative energies and stress from the environment – ensuring a safe, stress-free travel.


Fluorite is one of the most powerful crystals for protection. Its specific area of expertise is to cloak your aura and energy, so that others cannot detect it in order to target it or attack it. Fluorite crystal is simply one of the best when it comes to repelling, deflecting and dispelling negative energy and psychic attacks.

Rather than repelling negative energy as such, fluorite stops it from being able to find and attach itself to you in the first place. If you are expecting interpersonal conflict, such as a family feud or drama at your place of employment, make sure you keep fluorite nearby to protect yourself against getting sucked into the maelstrom of conflict and psychic attacks.


Staurolyte, also known as fairy cross stone, helps protect its wearer against unwanted spirits and spiritual attachments.

If you are working with yourself spiritually, or if you are practicing any form of witchcraft, staurolyte is a must-have crystal for you. If you have a spiritual practice or perform rituals that transport you to other realms beyond the everyday, spirits might notice you and feel drawn to you. These spirits are not necessarily negative or malicious, but the doesn’t mean you want them around. Staurolyte will help repel them, ensuring that you don’t end up with any unwanted energetic beings following you around and interfering with your life.


Infinite is a potent and powerful protective stone. Use it to bolster and fortify your aura and your sense of personal power.

Infinite repairs, heals and fortifies your aura, while infusing you with a sense of vitality, strength and positive energy. Infinite also helps ensure a balanced, calm and collected state of mind that doesn’t allow you to get thrown out of balance easily.


Pyrite is a beautiful sulphite mineral with a golden metallic lustre, which accounts for its alternate name, Fool’s Gold.

Pyrite helps protect against every kind of negative energy, from the poison arrows others send after you to the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by technology.

Pyrite crystal comes with the added bonus of plugging you back into your confidence, ambition and sense of direction when you have lost them from sight.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is connected to the third eye and deals with the same energies: Discernment, clear viewing, decision-making, envisioning the future. Tiger’s eye helps its wearer be assertive, confident and action-oriented – this in itself is a form of protection against negative energy.

Tiger’s eye crystal protects you by keeping you firmly grounded, calm and balanced, enabling you to make positive decisions and take positive actions, without letting mental or emotional instability (whether yours or someone else’s) hinder your progress.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a potent and inspiring crystal. Its blue color connects it with the throat chakra, the chakra of personal truth, clear communication and bold self-expression.

Lapis lazuli helps its wearer speak their truth, and say what needs to be said. Lapis lazuli boosts confidence, self-belief and the ability to express and address even the most difficult of topics.

Favourite crystals for boosting and protecting positive energy

Sometimes, the best defence is prevention.

Here is a shortlist of powerful healing crystals that can help you block negative energy from finding its way into your life in the first place.

Clear quartz

Quartz crystals are by far some of the most versatile crystals in existence – clear quartz in particular.

Clear quartz is an incredibly powerful healer, sometimes referred to as the master healer among crystals. The reason for this is its high and light frequencies, which dispel and disperse any negative influences that in its vicinity or aimed in its direction.

Clear, transparent quartz allows only positive frequencies and energies to come through, as these are the only frequencies and energies this crystal emits. This makes it an important and potent healing stone, as well as a high-powered repellent for negative forces.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is another member of the quartz family. This one is tinted light, semi-transparent pink and is considered one of the most important healing crystals in existence.

The energy of rose quartz is soothing, rejuvenating and restorative. It is the perfect stone to keep nearby when you are recovering after a surgery or illness, and it is also the ideal crystal to turn to when you want to fill an environment with soothing, calming, loving and nurturing energies. Ideally, every home would have a large rose quartz on the dining table or by the front door to encourage loving, respectful and constructive conversations as well as a feeling of closeness between the people who visit or live in the home.

Spirit quartz

Spirit quartz is also known as cactus quartz or fairy quartz and is a wonderfully soothing and healing crystal. Since ancient times, spirit quartz has been used to ensure peaceful and harmonious relations between the different layers of existence.

Spirit quartz can help keep peace and maintain a good connection between this and other realms of existence. If you live in a place where land spirits or other non-human entities also live, make sure that you keep some spirit quartz with you or around you. This will keep them happy and stop them from interfering with your human affairs.

Spirit quartz is also known to have a dampening effect on fear.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is also known as phantom quartz due to its semi-transparent, misty grey color.

Smoky quartz is known to lift depression, fear and negativity of every kind. Whenever a significant storm cloud is looming on your personal horizon and you are not sure which crystal to reach for, reach for smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz is a potent stone and can help shift even the darkest of thoughts and feelings. Use it to help shift and dispel anxiety, stress, fear, phobias, nightmares, and even suicidal tendencies. Of course, smoky quartz is unlikely to get someone out from under the heavy cloud of depression in and of itself, but it is one of the tools that can be enlisted when you or someone you care about is squaring off with the darkest and heaviest of human emotions.

Smoky quartz also inspires you to get practical and organised.


Amethyst stone has a soothing and stabilising effect on human emotions. It helps stabilise and soothe mood swings, while dispelling anger, rage, sadness, irritability, anxiety and fear. Amethyst can help you break free from anxious thought patterns or addictive behaviour.

The beautiful purple color of Amethyst connects it with the crown chakra and its energies. Amethyst helps you tap into your spiritual self and can work as an anchor in meditation or when doing other forms of introspective and spiritual work. Amethyst is also known to enhance and heighten intuitive awareness and psychic ability.

Like smoky quartz, amethyst crystal can help shield you from nightmares and other psychic intrusions. If you have frequent night terrors, try placing a small amethyst sone under your pillow at night and let it work its magic. If the nightmares stop, you can be certain that the amethyst stone is doing its job. Just remember to cleanse it frequently to ensure it keeps filtering out the unwanted frequencies.

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