Best Crystals for Manifesting

So. you have heard of the law of attraction – it is a popular theory that a lot of people believe in. But do you feel like you are having trouble manifesting the things you want? You may be having a difficult time because you have energy blocks, imbalanced chakras, or emotional blockages. Maybe you should get yourself some healing crystals.

Crystals can help you out by dispersing the negativity and amplifying your manifestation. Whether you want to manifest a career promotion, business success, new romance, spiritual enlightenment, or better health, there is a crystal for it all. The key is to find the right crystal for your manifestation.

Crystals come in different types and variations that it could be difficult to keep track of which ones are best for your manifestations. Here, we discuss how to use crystals for manifesting and which one is best for the desires of your heart.

Why use crystals?

Crystals are often viewed as wisdom keepers since they hold millions of years of the Earth’s history with them. Crystals absorb, keep, and radiate energy. This makes them a stable structure to hold the energies of intention and thought that come along with your manifestation.

People have been using crystals for manifestation all over the world for the past thousands of years and it is not that difficult. In fact, you do not need to have a psychic to use crystals. You just need to understand the law of attraction, have an open mind, and do the right process so that the crystals can be used effectively for manifesting.

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Think about it – the world is made up of consciousness that consists of matter and energy. Everything has its own energy, vibration, light, and sound. Everything also has its own frequencies and crystals help bridge those frequencies. As a result, your consciousness will be in harmony with whatever manifestation you are aiming for through the crystal.

This is the reason why crystals have also been believed to be a power source during ancient times. Thousands of years ago, people started wearing crystals to transform their luck in life and to turn their dreams into reality.

What crystal is best for manifestation?

Each crystal has its own crystal meanings and own power that can be harnessed to help you manifest your deepest desires. Using the right crystals is important so here, we give you a short guide on which manifestation crystal is best for common goals people are aiming for.

Rose quartz for manifesting love

Rose quartz is known as the crystal for love. The rose quartz covers all aspects of love and romance, whether it be romantic love, love for family and friends, and even self-love. The rose quartz is considered to be a powerful healing gemstone for the heart and it is believed to open and unblock the heart chakra.

You should use the rose quartz for manifestation if you want to draw more love into your life. It could be to find your soulmate, to improve an already existing relationship, to create create a stronger bond between family and friends, or to help develop self-love.

Amethyst for wisdom and spirituality

The amethyst is considered to be one of the most spiritual crystals and it has a high vibration that works compatibly with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

The amethyst can be used to help expand your mind and consciousness, which helps you boost your meditation skills and intuition. This will also be useful to help keep your spiritual pathways open while helping you remain calm and centered.

You should use the amethyst if you want to purify yourself from negativity, be wiser in your ways, and be more open-minded.

Pyrite for manifesting wealth

Pyrite may be known as “fool’s gold” but it is a good crystal to help you manifest wealth. This crystal is very energetic and is known to give off an energy of success and abundance. It also works to clear blockages that may be interfering with your manifestations.

You should use this crystal if you are aiming for financial abundance or growth. It is considered a good manifesting crystal and you can pair it with other money stones.

Citrine for manifesting financial success in business

Citrine is known as the “lucky merchant stone” which makes it perfect for financial success in your business. It is also used for those who want to be financially wise.

You should use this crystal if you want to have more business opportunities, become wiser in your investments, or simply improve your budgeting and spending habits.

Greed jade for manifesting good luck and good fortune

Green jade is well-known to be a lucky charm all over the world. It is known to protect your finances and help you attract more money. The carved green jade elephant is often used as a symbol of prosperity in some cultures.

You should use this crystal if you need to attract more money – especially if your self-imposed limitations and doubts are actually getting in the way of your good fortune.

Selenite for new beginnings

Selenite is known for its beautiful appearance as they look like ice crystals. They are known to be a powerful cleanser whether it may be negative energy or blocked energies.

You should use this crystal if you are looking forward to new beginnings such as when you are moving to a new place or starting a new job.

Sodalite for manifesting confidence

Sodalite is known for its capability to boost creativity and innovation – things that you need to be confident enough to make your dreams come true such as getting a job, getting promoted, or acquiring a new home or business.

You should use sodalite if you are aiming for a goal or if you need to perform confidently whether it be an important presentation for work or speaking in public.

Carnelian for manifesting creativity

Carnelian is considered the stone for motivation, creativity, and courage in many cultures. It comes in the hues of a sunset which is believed to help enhance your creative skills and supports the willpower and courage that you need to be motivated.

You should use this crystal if you want to stay inspired as an artist, if you want to waken any hidden talent that you may have, and if you want good ideas to keep flowing.

Obsidian for manifesting change

The obsidian is considered to be a crystal that has great protection power. It is believed that it can help protect you from negative energy and bad luck. Because of this, it helps eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of you wanting to change or getting some progress in your life.

You should use this crystal if you feel like you need more positive energy in your life to achieve positive change.

Chrysoprase for manifesting forgiveness and moving on

The chrysoprase is a crystal that emits vibrations of serenity and compassion – important aspects of being able to move forward no matter what you have been through in the past.

You should use this crystal if you are going through some trauma or feel anger and resentment about something that happened in the past. This will allow you to open your heart and allow you to have newer and more positive relationships in the future.

Amazonite for manifesting connection and communication

Amazonite gives off relaxed and calming energies, which is beneficial for maintaining a connection and having open and clear communication with your lover, family, and friends.

You should use amazonite if you are going through a rough patch with someone close to you or if you want to forge an emotional bond with someone.

Tiger’s eye for manifesting career growth

Tiger’s eye is a multidimensional crystal that reminds you there are different ways to get things done. It is known to inspire will power and motivation in order for you to take action that will help you reah your goals.

You should use this crystal if you want career growth, be a successful leader, if you feel like you are stuck on your job, or if you often find yourself running out of ideas.

Emerald for manifesting long-term relationships

The emerald is known to promote loyalty, compassion, and romance. It balances the energies between two people making both people accept each other’s flaws and be more open with forgiveness and compassion.

You should use this crystal if you want to build a long-term and healthy relationship with your partner.

How do you manifest something with crystals?

Here are the steps that you can do to use a crystal for manifesting:

Choose your manifestation

The first step is to manifest your dreams. Think of what you want to achieve. It is best to use one manifestation for one crystal. You can choose to write it down.

Acquire the right crystal

Pick the best crystal that covers the manifestation you have in mind. If the manifestation you do not want is not on the list in the earlier section, you can work with a clear quartz crystal. However, if you want to focus on a certain manifestation, it is best to use the crystal that works best with it.

Clean and clear the crystal

You can never tell if a crystal has already been used for somebody else’s manifestation so it is important that you clean and clear it first. Think of it as resetting your phone to factory settings so the programs go back to their original form. Then, you can start placing your own apps.

For the crystal, you can place your own manifestation after cleaning and clearing. Cleaning and clearing the crystal will also help remove any bad energy that may have accidentally entered it.

There are different ways to clean a crystal. The most common, of course, is to clean it with water – running water to be specific. Please do not use cleaning materials on your crystal. Running water will suffice.

You have to make sure that the water temperature is close enough to the temperature of the crystal. Hold the crystal under running water then gently wash it with soap. As you rinse, focus on the crystal and visualize the old manifestations washing away. Then, set your crystal on a soft towel to dry.

Pick the right environment

The first thing you have to do is create a space to “program” your crystal for manifestation. Pick a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed. Play soft music, light a candle, and then focus on the crystal.

Connect to the crystal

This is an important step to awaken the consciousness of the crystal and to form a relationship with it. To connect to the crystal, you have to touch it, hold it, or squeeze it in your hands.

Take your time observing the surface and its details. Hold it up to the light and see which parts of it shine bright with life. Appreciate its beauty and try to feel for its energy. Do this for about 5 to 15 minutes to ensure that a connection has been made.

Visualize your manifestation

Read or say your manifestation out loud. Then, imagine that manifestation happening and feel the emotions that come with having your manifestation come true as intensely as you can. How will you react? How will you celebrate? What do you plan to do?

Transfer the feeling to the crystal

Hold on to the feelings you feel about making your dream come true and think of them taking form as energy in your mind. You can imagine a sparkling white light. Make this energy source flow from your heart and mind into the crystal until you think you have filled the crystal up.

Ask the crystal to act as a reminder for you to focus on your dream. Ask the crystal to assist you in directing your mindset towards your dreams. And lastly, ask the crystal to continue to project the energy of your manifestation into the universe to help light up your way.

Complete the session

To complete the crystal manifesting session, let the crystal know that you are through by thanking it with deep gratitude. Then, place the crystal someplace safe.

How to use your crystals

There are a lot of ways to use your crystal after you use them for manifestation. Here are some of the most common ways people use their crystals after.

Wear your crystals

Turning crystals into jewelry is common so you can easily carry them with you wherever you go. Carrying your healing crystals with you is actually good since the more time you spend with it, the more your energy can align to its frequency.

For instance, if you are manifesting self-love, you should keep a rose quartz on a chain and make sure that it stops near your heart to keep its energy close to where you need it the most.

Carry them in your pocket or wallet

If you do not want to wear them, another way to keep them close to you all the time is to keep them in your pocket or wallet. You can also consider using them as a key chain so you still carry it with you wherever you go.

Keys and wallets are items that we carry around with us all the time so these are good ways to keep your healing crystals nearby.

Keep them in the place where your manifestations should take place

Another way to use your crystals is to keep them in the place where your manifestations should happen. For instance, if you are aiming for business success, you should keep a pyrite inside your cash register. If you want to improve your relationship with your husband, you should place a rose quartz below your bed. If you want a promotion, you should have a tiger’s eyeon your work desk.

Meditate with it

If you practice meditation, you should use your crystals as you meditate. You can do this by holding the crystal in your hands as you meditate or sit the crystal on your lap. Picture the crystal as if it is an energy source that you can tap into as you meditate.

Place them in water and drink

It is believed that water can hold the intention and can react to energy. If you place a crystal in a glass of water overnight, the water gets charged with energy from the crystal. If you drink the water, it is believed that you will be consuming the energy from the crystal.


Are healing crystals effective for manifestation?

Most people fail to manifest with crystals because of two common reasons: their belief in the process is weak, which sabotages the whole process and they lack connection, which fails them to use their energy and see what the universe has to offer.

Manifestation is not that hard – we do it subconsciously every day through our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Each one creates and shapes the future. The key to making manifestation work is to consciously do it.

Forget about all the toxic emotions, the rules and layers of conditioning you had to follow going up, and all things negative. If you have trouble doing so, practicing meditation regularly can help you focus and make you become a better manifestor.

Take note that crystals for manifestation are just a tool to help boost your manifestations. If your mindset is the problem, then your manifestations will not turn into reality no matter how many crystals for manifestation you carry around with you.

What crystals for manifestation should not be together?

Of course, you may want to work on different manifestations at one time and this means carrying different crystals too. However, some crystals are not compatible with each other and they are known as “incompatible crystals.”

Using conflicting crystals will not bring you bad luck as some would claim. It just means that they are opposing forces that cancel out each other’s frequencies and properties so they will be unable to work to their full potential.

For instance, smoky quartz and tiger’s eye should not be used together. The tiger’s eye is used for energy and adventure while the smoky quartz is used to tone down energy and boost empathy.

Another example of incompatible crystals is red jasper and sapphire. Red jasper is a motivational stone that pushes you to take action. Meanwhile, sapphire is meant to lower your energy levels for you to calm down.

How often should I cleanse my crystals for manifestation?

As mentioned earlier, your crystals should be cleansed before you use them. You should also clean your crystals from time to time to ensure that they did not absorb any unwanted energy. Crystals can absorb energies from other people so you have to make sure that the only energy your crystal has is yours.

There are also telltale signs that your crystal needs cleaning. You should clean your crystal if you notice that it no longer sparkles, it loses its brightness, or if it feels sticky when you touch it.

Crystals have electric properties that can draw dust and other properties towards them. When this happens, it can alter the natural healing abilities, energy, and power of the crystals for manifestation.

Take note though that not all crystals should be washed with water. Examples of such crystals include desert rose, selenite, calcite, sodalite, etc. For crystals such as these, you should just clean them through light brushing with a makeup brush.

Last thoughts

Crystals for manifestation can be a great and invaluable tool to help you enhance the law of attraction and make your manifestations come true. No matter what you want to manifest, there will always be a crystal that will work for your need. Do not be afraid to collect multiple crystals – just make sure that their energies do not conflict with each other.

The information can be overwhelming and it may be difficult for you to keep track of which crystal is best for what manifestation. If you have trouble, you can easily ask for help from experts like psychics or crystal healers. They can even come up with a custom-made jewelry piece for you if you have multiple manifestations to work on.

Remember, our perceptions greatly influence the reality we live in. In simpler terms, our thoughts shape our reality. Manifesting is a powerful method to turn your dreams into reality.

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