Selenite – Meaning, Uses & Healing Properties

Selenite crystal is one of the highest-frequency cleansing and healing crystals in existence, making it an indispensable stone in any crystal collection.

Selenite crystals range from colourless to pearly white in color. The presence of clay minerals, iron oxides or druse make selenite tints of color other than white, including grey, brown, yellow, red and blue.

Another distinguishing characteristic of selenite is its relative softness – only 2 on Mohs scale, meaning it is soft enough to scratch with a pin or a fingernail.

Some of the largest crystals found in the world to date are selenite crystals. The largest one one, measuring 12 metres and weighing in at 55 tons, was discovered in Cave of the Crystals in Mexico.

Selenite can serve a multitude of positive uses in our lives, from energy clearing, purification and cord cutting, to uplifting your consciousness to a higher vibration.

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The four types of selenite crystal

Selenite is often used as an umbrella term covering a variety of gypsum crystals, all with similar characteristics and metaphysical properties, but with their own particular energetic flavour.

While each variety can be used for a wide range of similar purposes, you may find that one has better energy healing properties or does a better job at calming and clearing your mind.


The most common selenite crystal is the transparent or pearly white stones most people think of when they hear the word selenite.

Selenite crystal is extremely high vibrational, resonating with the energy and power of pure light.

The classical selenite crystal is the form of selenite most often used in crystal healing, energy clearing and energetic cord cutting.

Satin spar

Satin spar is a high vibration stone that has a silky, fibrous appearance. These stones often have a wash of color caused by iron oxides or druse.

These satiny stones posses incredible calming and healing properties and are particularly suited for clearing energetic or creative blockages.

Desert rose

Desert rose is a rosette-like gypsum crystal with a dusting of sand or druse on their surface, or with sand embedded throughout. They even have the color of sand and truly look like roses made of sand.

Energetically, desert rose crystals carry the vibration of clarity and prosperity. Desert rose helps clear old, outdated and limiting thought patterns from your mind and uplifts your consciousness to a higher vibration where you become more receptive to positivity and abundance.

Gypsum flower

Gypsum flowers are found in solution caves and appear as rosette-like formations of fibrous crystals.

Gypsum flowers help calm and clear the mind of inner conflict and confusion.

The link between selenite crystal and the moon

Selenite is derived from Greek and takes its name from the name of the ancient Greek moon goddess, Selene. Selenite literally means moonstone or stone of the moon.

For this reason, you may find that your selenite crystals emit a particularly high frequency energy field when the moon is full, making this the perfect time to use them in ritual or spell craft, or in energy clearing or healing.

The link between selenite crystal and the crown chakra

Selenite crystal is connected to the crown chakra, which tells you a lot about the vibration of this powerful stone. The crown chakra and selenite both resonate with the frequency of pure, spiritual light.

The crown chakra is a vital energy center in our energetic body, connecting us with higher realms and higher forms of consciousness.. It is located at the highest point of our body – at the crown of the skull.

Because selenite is associated with the crown chakra, it helps us clear it of any energetic impurities so that the voice of our own inner selves can come through loud and clear. It helps us connect with our true spiritual selves, as well as with spirit guides and states of consciousness far beyond the mundane.

What is selenite crystal good for?

Selenite crystal has a wide range of purposes, including clearing the energy field of any person, object or environment it comes into contact with. The stone is also used in energy healing and other forms of sympathetic magic.

Selenite is pure light

Selenite carries the vibration of pure light. Light is what dispels darkness, meaning that selenite keeps negative energetic frequencies and influences at bay.

The frequency of light also uplifts your spirit, making it easier to maintain clarity and to view life from a positive perspective.

Selenite purifies

While most of us think about what we put in our physical body, many don’t think twice about what frequencies and types of energy might accumulate in their energy field or environment.

Over time, minor negative energies and frequencies may build up and gather momentum.

Keeping selenite stones in your home or on your body works as an energy filter, constantly sifting out negative energies while you focus on other things in life.

The frequency of light emitted by selenite stones also helps clear any negative elements and energies that have become stuck or embedded in your aura.

Selenite connects you with higher realms

Selenite crystals helps you communicate with higher realms. With selenite to hand, losing touch with your inner voice becomes all but impossible, as selenite amplifies the power of your intuition.

Keeping selenite near you is a great way of ensuring a clear and open flow of information between you and your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Selenite lifts your vibration

Selenite enhances your spiritual vibration and uplifts your entire energy field.

Being surrounded by a pure and strong energy is the best way to keep both your body, mind and spirit in balance.

Selenite is favoured by energy healers

Selenite crystal exudes the vibration of pure light and has powerful healing energies, making it the ideal tool for energy clearing, energetic cord cutting and self healing. It is often used by reiki healers, psychics and other energy workers as a catalyst for their work.

How to work with selenite

There is no one right way of working with selenite. On account of selenite’s many different qualities, there are numerous right ways of working with these powerful healing crystals.

Working with selenite can be as simple as keeping a chunk of it on your bedside table to inspire your dreams and help you get a good night’s sleep. Or you may want to purchase a number of selenite tools and products and make them an integral part of your spiritual practice.

The extend to which you make these high energy crystals a part of your life is entirely up to you. You can always start with a small chunk of senate, observe its benefits in your life and expand your collection accordingly.

Selenite tools and how to use them


If you prefer to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with simply a chunk of crystal. If it is small enough, you can carry it around with you, or you may want to place it at a particular site where you find that its properties will benefit you the most.


If you have a magical practice, you may want to get your hands on a selenite wand.

Selenite wands are wonderful for channeling energies and intentions, as they don’t hold onto any negative energy debris like wands made of wood or other materials might.

Even with very frequent use a selenite wand remains a clear conductor of energy, which is exactly what you want if the goal is to avoid any cross-pollination between different magical workings. Another benefit of selenite crystal wands is that they add they amplify the content of any magical working and add to it the vibration of pure light.

Selenite wands are suitable for most kinds of magical workings, but lend themselves best to rituals and spells focused on healing, clearing, manifestation and summoning. If you are in the market for a wand with which to summon or direct darker energies, you will most likely be better off with a wand made from a different material.


Ritual daggers made from selenite crystal are wonderful ritual items.

Because selenite purifies, crystal daggers made from the crystal are uniquely well suited for cutting energetic cords between yourself and people in your life that have become toxic.

A crystal dagger may also help you symbolically sever any energetic ties that have formed over time between your body and a plethora of destructive habits, including addictions and disorders.


Selenite crystal plates offer a fantastic way for you to charge or cleanse other spiritual tools.

Selenite plates range in size and price, but all offer the opportunity for you to place any items you wish on it so that they can become charged and purified by its energies.


Crystal grids may serve a similar function to plates, but are more malleable and impermanent.

If you have a number of selenite crystals you can build a grid, essentially a symmetrical pattern. You can build large intricate grids, or simply a small circle of powerful energy. As with the plates, you can place other items, tools or stones inside the grid in order to charge, enhance and purify them.


Wearing a piece of selenite on a chain around your neck or as a bracelet is a straight-forward but effective way of carrying the selenite energy with you wherever you go.

If you don’t like to wear jewellery, an alternative could be carrying a piece of selenite in your wallet or in a pocket.

Where to place selenite in your home

Knowing how beneficial these healing crystals are, where do you put selenite in your home?

Selenite can bring powerfully uplifting and advantageous energy to any room or site within the home, but you do not have to place them everywhere in order to enjoy the benefits.

You don’t have to cram every available space full of crystal items. One well-chosen crystal in exactly the right location can work just as many wonders.


If you are only going to place selenite in one area of your home, my advice would be to place it at the entrance.

Placed at your front door, a selenite stone will help purify and uplift all energy that passes through it. When you return from a long and hard day at work, the selenite stone will help you shed any lingering negativity from your mind while you remove your coat and take off your shoes – you will not even have to think about it.

Another advantage of keeping a selenite stone at the entrance to your home is that it helps sift out any impure or negative energies others may otherwise inadvertently bring into your home.


A window is also a form of doorway into your home, so consider placing selenite crystals in your windowsills – particularly of any windows facing busy roads, murky alleys or unpleasant neighbours.


Your bedroom is an ideal site for selenite. It can be as simple as placing a small stone on your bedside table where its uplifting frequencies can help rebalance and refresh your inner mind as you sleep, just as the sleep itself restores the cells of your body.

Keeping a selenite stone in your bedroom can also influence your dreams, making them more vivid and amplifying any psychic meaning they may have.

Living room/dining room

The energy of living or dining rooms can be come either sluggish or chaotic over time. Adding a few selenite stones is a great way to instantly help calm and clear the energy of the space.

The living room is often where socialising occurs, and if you happen to find yourself in a situation where there many be many toxic arguments, a sizeable chunk of selenite as the centrepiece of the coffee or dining table is not a bad idea.


The bathroom is another suitable site for selenite stones.

Bathrooms can be challenging to decorate because of the constant presence of water. Crystals are the way to go. A well-chosen crystal placed in the windowsill or on the edge of the bathtub lifts the energies of what can otherwise seem a purely utilitarian space.


Try placing a selenite crystal on your work desk for inspiration, clarity and mental calm. No matter what your job is, a calm, clear mind and positive energy is only going to enhance your performance and your enjoyment of the work you do.

If you experience a lot of stress or anxiety at work, keeping one of these healing crystals near you becomes extra important. If you do not have your own office or even a work desk, nothing is to keep you from keeping a small selenite crystal in your pocket.

Altar/sacred space

If you have an alter or otherwise sacred space in your home, this is an ideal spot for a selenite crystal. If you have any crystal tools, such as a wand or a plate, keep them here too.

The mere presence of these crystal tools on your altar will lift the entire energy of the space as well as amplify the effects of any ongoing magical or spiritual projects.

How and when to include selenite crystals in your spiritual practice

No tools are mandatory for any magical or spiritual practice, but crystals have the power to amplify your spell craft, meditation, energy healing and more.


Selenite tools such as wands or plates can serve a multitude of ritual functions.

Wands can be used to symbolically cut energetic cords between yourself and other people, habits or situations. Cord cutting is a powerful form of sympathetic magic and is designed to free up your energy and provide you with the health benefits of not having negative attachments. Wands can also be used to direct and channel intentions and energies in a multitude of rituals.

A crystal plate, typically used to charge and purify other spiritual tools, can double a a magical pentacle in ritual.


Holding a crystal in your hand can help deepen your meditation. This is particularly useful if you ever struggle with concentration and find it difficult to get into a meditative state.

Energy healing

Because of its light frequency and the high vibration it exudes, selenite crystal is exceptionally suited for all forms of energy clearing and energy healing.

The crystal can be carried through the rooms of a house in lieu of sage or incense in order to restore harmony and dispense any lingering negative influences. It can be passed through a person’s energy field in a similar manner and to similar effect.

A crystal dagger or merely a sharp piece of crystal can also be used for cord cutting, a type of sympathetic magic where stands of negative energy attachment are symbolically severed. This can feel extremely freeing when ending a bad relationship or otherwise reclaiming your own integrity and identity.

Finally, the simplest type of energy healing consists is merely keeping the stone near you or placing it in a select location where its positive energy can be felt.


You can use crystal plates or grids to recharge your other spiritual tools such as Tarot or oracle cards, wands, pentacles, statues or other crystals. If you have certain pieces of jewellery you wear often and they are likely to pick up energy from different environments you can recharge them in the same way.

You may even want to create a permanent charging station on your altar or in a windowsill. This way you can always keep the energy of your spiritual tools, amulets and more fresh and clean.

How to care for your crystals

Thankfully, crystals do not require much upkeep. Nevertheless, like any other tools that you use frequently, your crystals deserve to be well cared for. Caring fir your crystals is an act of mindfulness in and of itself.

How to store selenite

Selenite is a relatively soft crystal – this is important to keep in mind when storing it.

To avoid any risk of it getting scratched, keep it it in a soft pouch or wrapped in a silk scarf. Of course, any free-standing crystals in your home do not need to be wrapped or stored in anything, unless you have to move houses.

How to cleanse selenite

You do not necessarily need to cleanse selenite, but if you feel like your crystals may need a cleansing, here are a few good ways to do it.

Prepare saline water by mixing a pinch of salt into a glass of water. Pour this over your crystal or immerse your crystal in it before leaving it to dry on a piece of paper.

You can also symbolically bathe your crystals in moonlight or cleanse it by hold it over rising incense smoke.

How to recharge selenite

If you ever feel like your crystal has become depleted or spiritually lacklustre, the best way of recharging it is in the moonlight, especially when the moon is full.

If your crystal seems to lack energy and the full moon is far away, running some salt water over it or passing it through rising incense smoke a number of times is going to help.

Finally, you can also recharge it using your own energy field. The energy vortex of your crown chakra is best, as it carries exactly the same frequency. Charging your crystal using crown chakra energy is simple – just hold the crystal up to the crown of your skull, close your eyes and focus on infusing the stone with energy.

Long-term benefits of working with selenite crystals

The powerful benefits of selenite compound over time.

When you incorporate this powerful crystal into your life, whether you place it in your bedroom, include it in ritual or simply slip a small chunk of it your pocket for protection against the stressors of your workday, your energy will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and you begin to feel generally calmer, clearer and more inspired.

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