How to Cleanse Crystals

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How To Cleanse Crystals

Be in a state of peace:

First of all, have no distractions around you. Let it be a peaceful and gentle setting. No visitors are coming, you are not checking your emails or social media notifications. It is preferable if your body is clean and freshly showered. That way you are not affecting the crystal’s property.

You may play gentle healing music, one that appeals to you. So many free healing sounds and music available on YouTube and other digital platforms.

The TV is off, as it gives off sound frequencies and if something unfavourable such as a drama scene is unfolding, well, that crystal that you are trying to cleanse will very likely pick it up, especially crystals like Obsidian, which absorb negative energy.


Next, after you have set the settings, you have washed yourself and your hands, set the intention. Focus on the intention. Sit with your eyes closed for a moment, or lie down, breathe deeply several times, breathing through the nose, while softly dropping the jawline and breathing out through the mouth. Don’t pout. Allow the oxygen to flow into the muscles of your mouth.

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Visualise light from your spine going through your legs, into the ground, down into Mother Earth or Gaia. You may give all your tension to her and she shall naturally transmute it into the energy of healing, light and love. Then give thanks to Mother Earth.

Imagine the crystal being illuminated and cleansed with light coming from the above. This could be a moment of you visualising rays of the sun bathing the crystal, or Divine white Cosmic light coming from the Universe.

This is one way of cleansing the crystal, but if its surface needs cleaning, then simply cleansing it for a minute with soap and water would do. Please read below as to how to cleanse, and please take not of which crystals cannot be cleansed with water.

Moon and Sun energies can affect the crystal’s energy emission

The Moon gives softer feminine energy to the crystal, ‘ying’ energy, wheras the sun, gives off a more ‘yang’ type of energy-a more masculine energy flow, thus affecting the crystals’ energy flow-ying creates ying energy emission from the crystal, yang creates yang energy.

Next wear protective gloves, if you wish and wash the crystal beneath running water. This could be running water from a tap, or a nearby stream, if you happen to live nearby one. Keep looking at it lovingly and handling it gently, as you focus on it being cleansed. let the water run for a minute, as you turn the crystal around.

If it has been affected by debris, then using soap and water, filled in a bowl, lathering it and rinsing it several times may be of help. If the crystal has crevices or has a rough texture, then using a dishwashing brush would be of help, taking care not to rub too vigorously.

If the crystal is fragile, then it is best to simply hold it in your hand and let a gentle flow of running water pour over the crystal, as your hands are cupped, protecting the crystal.

Then place the crystal on a plate, facing the sun. This will charge up the crystal and magnify its powers. The sun will provide extra boost of energy to the crystal, as it charges it up.

The moon creates a more softer effect, regarding the crystal’s energy emission. This is ideal if you wish to sleep next to the crystal, as you do not wish to sleep next to a crystal that has high vibrational frequencies and has been charged by the sun!

If you are highly sensitive, you may not sleep very well and may end up waking up in the middle of the night or not being able to sleep at all. Sleeping next to gentle crystals like Angelite and Rose Quartz help to enhance a softer flow of energy, hence better sleep. Obsidian is also excellent at night, to ward off negative energies, but it must be cleansed and bathed in the sun regularly and placed away from your head, to enable you to rest well at night.

Crystal Cleansing: The Power of Water

You may also charge crystals in water,in a transparent glass, as glass is natural and allows the rays of the sun to penetrate through. If you have thoroughly cleansed the crystal, it can be used to charge water.Leave it in a glass of water, in the sun, for half an hour and enjoy drinking it! Be careful that the crystal doesn’t contain many crevices (as that can hide debris and you don’t want that in your body!).

This method is ideal for hard stones, such as quartz and amethyst.

Please be aware of not leaving the crystal too long in a glass of water, as it can alter its properties! I once placed an Angelite crystal for over three hours in a glass of water and the surface of the crystal changed to white!

Please be aware that each area of any country has different has different water qualities. Some have a high level of calcium and others have a low level of calcium, hence this can vary from area to area, thus affecting the energy of the crystal.

You may bathe or shower with the crystal, hence doing a two-in-one activity! In Japan, the natives first have a shower, scrubbing away at their skin, cleaning away dead skin cells and debris, then they have a bath. Makes sense!

If you have limited time, then simply having a shower will do. Let the water run over the crystal for a minute, turning the crystal around in your hand. Place the crystal nearby you while you wash and cleanse your self. You may listen to healing music while showering. Bliss.

Sensitive Crystals that are Highly Porous, that musn’t be washed:

Some crystals cannot be washed, such as selenite, kyanite and halite. You may find out an extensive list online, or via books that explain about crystals and their properties.

The Effect of Sacred Sites Cleansing Crystals

If visiting Glastonbury, you may purchase bottles of water, that have been purified, that come from nearby rivers. If you charge your crystal in one of them, it obtains beautiful energies of Glastonbury. The Tor is one of the most sacred sites in the world. Some consider it as sacred as Stonehenge. The Tor is the Heart Chakra of the world. When visiting the Tor, place your cleansed crystal upon your heart while you are lying down. Feel light entering the crystal, from the Cosmos, into the crystal, into your heart Chakra. Try to lie still, while breathing deeply, for 20 minutes. Bliss. You may see others who do the same.

When visiting Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice or any of the other seasonal Solstice events, take a crystal or more with you and place the crystal(s) upon the surface of one of the Stonehenge stones. Let it absorb all that wonderful energy. Then sleep next to it when you return home. Take note of your dreams. A goth friend of mine took me to one Winter Solstice event and during that time, both she and I took crystals with us, without us telling one another. Then she gave me a quartz pink crystal and she advised me to sleep next to it and take note of my dreams. They were very soft and elegant. I dreamt of flying, as far as I recall.

The Power of Music:

There are other ways to cleanse crystals. Among them, is sound healing. If you place a crystal next to a stereo speaker and play some healing music, that too is a powerful cleansing method. Turn the crystal over (if it has sides or facets) as and when you feel ‘it is cleansed’. Gong sounds also have healing properties. Explore healing sounds and music and tune into anything that feels right for you.

Activating the crystal’s healing properties and checking which is for you:

Visualise the crystal’s energy emission pouring into your body. You may visualise it pouring its energy into your body, becoming one with you. Let its energy spread all over you. You may either do this while holding it in your hands, or one of your hands, or placing it on a part of your body that needs healing. You can do this while seated or lying down, on a comfortable bed, or by the sea, or in a park- wherever feels safe for you.

You can gently command it, verbally or visualise light pouring into you, or gently command it internally. You may ask it for divine healing. You may look up which crystal does healing or visit a shop that sells crystals and ask if you can touch them, to have an idea as to what it feels like for you. Notice how each project a different energy flow, as you hold it tightly for 30 seconds to a minute, in your hand. You may even internally ask your soul: ‘Is this for me?’ You may even ask your soul when reading about crystals.

Other unusual crystal cleansing methods:

Brown rice. Yes, you read that right. Brown rice! It has healing energies. Place your crystal in a bowl of dry brown rice and let it sit for 24 hours. Then throw away the rice, for it has absorbed all the negative energy of the crystal. This is ideal for crystals that absorb energy, such as Tourmaline.

Cleanse your crystals with Breathwork:

There are different breathing methods taught in Yoga. Each has its use. If you wish to ‘charge up’ a crystal and quickly activate its properties, then hold the crystal in your hand, hold it closely to your nose and breathe in and out in a fast-paced manner. This charges up the crystal.

After cleansing the stone, the crystal must feel energetically lighter and have that ‘ready to use’ feel. Your inner tuition, your intuition, shall guide you and let you know about this. Place the cleansed crystal by windows or by your bedside, wherever you feel is right for you. Enjoy its usage and have fun exploring the world of crystals! Enjoy having fun experiences!


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