Best Crystals for Anxiety

Stress is a normal part of life – there is no escaping it. The trick is to know how to handle it. And if you can’t manage it – it can easily turn to anxiety and that can put a damper not only on your vibe but on the vibe of the people around you as well.

Once in a while, we feel overburdened and find ourselves in a sadder and darker state of mind. Most would ignore these extreme stress levels and often, this worsens things. You must acknowledge your anxiety and treat it immediately.

Healing crystals are a great solution if you are looking into natural tools to relieve you from anxiety and help you out stress management. Crystals have been known to have mystical healing powers through their vibration and frequency. History has records of tribes using an ancient healing stone to manage their mental health, emotional management, spirituality, and physical body.

Healing stones affect the energy of beings and objects that are close to them. Being in close contact with the vibration of a crystal can affect you emotionally and physically. The crystals works by promoting good energy flow, allowing your mind, body, and soul to be in a good state.

There are different crystals for anxiety and the feelings associated with it such as fear, worry, stress, and even panic attacks. To determine which crystal is best for you, you must identify the root cause of your anxiety so that it can be addressed directly.

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To help you out, below is a list of the best healing crystals that you can use to combat anxiety and the particular areas each one can help you out with.

Crystals that you can use for anxiety


Best for: negativity, nightmares, insomnia

The amethyst is known as an all-purpose stone. It is best known for its healing power, purifying, and protective properties.

This beautiful crystal attracts positive and calming vibes so having it nearby can easily help you get rid of any. It helps get rid of all the anxious thoughts that usually visit you late at night.

You will have no problem looking for an amethyst crystal since it is one of the most abundant crystals on the planet. You can easily purchase it from a local wellness shop or online.

Rose quartz

Best for: lack of self-love, toxic relationships, pressure, stress, trauma. negativity

The calming and pretty pink hues of a rose quartz are famous to be helpful for all kinds of love – and this includes self-love. Self-care is a must if you feel anxious. When we feel pressured or stressed, it is so easy to forget about loving ourselves and giving ourselves time to rest and relax.

Keeping a rose quartz near you will attract love and open your heart, soul, and mind. It brings love and inner peace and prevents negativity from taking over your emotions. This will allow you to boost your self-esteem by encouraging you to respect and honor yourself – an important tool when it comes to facing the challenges of life.

If your anxiety is caused by your relationships with other people, rose quartz can help balance your emotions, causing you to react more consciously and thoughtfully. This is helpful when it comes to lessening the amount of negative influences these toxic relationships will have on your mood.


Best for: females, motherhood issues, new beginnings, violent emotions,

The moonstone is a good choice for women who suffer from anxiety. It helps you connect to your feminine side and balance your hormones.

The stone encourages growth and inner strength, which dispels the stress and fear associated with new beginnings or fresh starts.

Meditating with a moonstone helps you balance your emotions in times when it is out of harmony and it also improves your intuition. The moonstone can also enhance your psychic abilities if you are interested in unlocking that skill.


Best for: panic attacks, fears, guilt, emotions, lack of confidence, nervousness

This dark blue stone is also called the “stone of peace” and is well-known for calming the mind. Its comforting energy can easily restore emotional balance, making it easier for you to feel relaxed and calm down.

Sodalite is also found to be helpful for those who have trouble expressing themselves or their ideas with other people. It can give you more self-confidence, which allows you to have better stress management skills.

Blue stones like sodalite have the tendency to work directly with your throat chakra, which is your expressive hub. When the throat chakra is boosted and open for communication, your emotions will be easier to manage because you will be able to express your feelings and your thoughts easier.

Tiger’s Eye

Best for: bad luck, fears, need for protection, work problems

This marbled stone is a crystal that is known to be powerful when it comes to protection and users always wear them so it is always close by.

The tiger’s eye has a relaxing effect. It is a great grounding force that pulls you back to the present and to reality. This makes it best for people whose anxiety makes them go through hallucinations or people who keep on creating scenarios in their heads.

If you are experiencing trouble at work or you keep missing out on opportunities, this stone can give you good luck as it is known to give the user more opportunities.


Best for: mental disorders, psychological pressure, stress, pessimism

Fluorite is a multi-colored stone and is also referred to as the “rainbow keeper” and it is all about promoting balance and harmony.

Fluorite promote emotional stability and create balance, which gives you a clearer mind. This puts you in the right headspace to make better decisions.

When you use fluorite, you will feel that things are lighter and you get to have more fun. This happens because it can transform negative energy into a lighter version and this causes you to take the negativity less seriously.


Best for: Excessive stress, depression

Lepidolite is a pretty crystal that contains lithium. Lithium can often be found in anti-anxiety medication. Rest assured that these stones do know the vibrations of anxiety and how to fight back against it, making it one of the top choices when it comes to crystals for anxiety.

Lepidolite can bring you back to the present and your reality, refusing you to drown in your sorrows and stressful thoughts.

Users of this crystal claim that the best way to use the crystal to your advantage is to keep it next to your bed while you sleep. The stone will be able to penetrate your mind best at a subconscious level since you carry too many chaotic thoughts during the day.


Best for: lack of communication, insomnia, lack of motivation

The howlite will often remind you of the turquoise stone – only that it is white in color. This stone works with your mind and memory.

Howlite encourages the desire for knowledge, which motivates you to learn more and level up your skills. It also encourages communication, which helps you have better self-expression.

Keeping howlite next to your bed will help you feel relaxed and feel drowsy, which is great for those who suffer from insomnia.


Best for: stress, anger, frustration, negative emotions

Kyanite is one of the best tranquilizing stones and is often used in wands and blades because of its power to block off negativities.

Kyanite is also considered a good stone to align the chakra as it promotes energy balance in the body. This makes it a well-loved crystal for meditation as well. The kyanite is one of the best calming stones that you can use.

Kyanite is considered to be one of the most unique crystals because of its appearance. If you practice meditation, you will be glad to know that kyanite is one of the most powerful crystals for meditation because they are incapable of carrying and absorbing negative energies. It is why kyanite does not require regular cleaning.


Best for: financial problems, doubt, fear, worry

Citrine is a golden variety of quartz and is considered to be a stone of prosperity, abundance, and joy.

This crystal activates and cleans your chakras to give you more balance and become more confident. Citrine will give you warmth, clarity, and motivation. Think of it as yoga in the form of a crystal – it can unwind any tension that you feel on your mind, emotions, and body.

Citrine encourages enthusiasm and enjoyment in your life, boosting your optimistic side. This is great if you are often being held back by your fears.


Best for: panic attacks, need for protection, loss of creativity and productivity, negative thoughts

Black crystals like the obsidian are best for absorbing negative forces that seek to harm you. This is why the obsidian is always one of the stones to seek out when you need protection.

The obsidian will also expel any mental or emotional blockages that are holding you back from performing at your full capacity. It does a good job of boosting self-control, which is essential for you to manage your life.

If you often find yourself harboring unloving thoughts towards yourself or others, having an obsidian crystal nearby will help you take control of these negative thoughts.

Blue lace agate

Best for: lack of communication, hormonal imbalances, panic attacks

This dreamy blue crystal comes with swirls of white and will often remind you of clouds. It automatically makes you feel peaceful as it encourages balance and harmony for your body and mind.

Being a blue stone, the blue lace agate works closely with the throat chakra, enabling you to communicate and express yourself easily. It also helps regulate the hormonal cycle for women.

Blue crystals are known as calming crystals. The blue lace agate has a cooling element that calms you down and relieve stress. This makes it a perfect partner for meditation.


Best for: stress, panic attacks, emotional scars, depression

Rhodonite is considered a powerful stone and it can help reduce your stress and anxiety. It helps you feel calmer and more secure.

Considered as the stone of compassion, the rhodonite stone helps clear away scars from the past and any other emotional wounds that you have been carrying. Rhodonite is the master healer when it comes to your emotions.

Rhodonite is one of the best crystals that you can turn to when you are often feeling down because of dark thoughts or negative feelings. Dealing with these issues through emotional control can easily make your anxiety more manageable.


Best for: bad luck, negativity, pressure at work

This crystal may not be the best-looking stone on the list but it is actually known as the supreme nurturer. Jasper can block out negativity attacks by boosting your confidence and quick thinking.

In fact, jasper is the recommended crystal for those who have high-pressure work environments. The stone brings clarity and can help you make better decisions and improve your work performance.

You will find a lot of household items are made out of Jasper. This is because the stone is believed to purify your surrounding by getting rid of radiation and toxins from the outside world.


Can crystals help with anxiety?

The first thing you should work on when you want to use crystals for anxiety is to make sure that you have an open mind. This goes for all other alternative and metaphysical healing alternatives.

You have to believe in the possibility that this will work for you. Having an open mind allows the energy and vibrations of the crystals to penetrate your mind, body, and soul.

Even the best crystals will not work if you have doubts in your mind. Your doubts will be transformed into negative energy that might get in the way of the healing properties of the healing stones. You have to be open-minded and believe that crystals for anxiety can work.

Another way to ensure that the crystal will work for you is to make sure that you do your research and use specific crystals that would work best for your specific situation. Each crystal has its own properties and one will work better for a certain situation compared to another. Choosing the right crystal is important.

How do you use healing crystals for anxiety?

Wear it

The most common way to use a crystal is to wear it as jewelry. This keeps the crystal’s gentle energy as close to the human body as possible. Men can have them as stones for their rings, cufflinks, or watch. Women can wear them as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more.

Carry it around

You can place the crystal in a small pouch and place it in your bag so that you carry it around most of the day. You can even place them in your pocket to reduce anxiety. It is also great if you can add relaxing scents in the pouch in essential oil or herb form. This can amplify the energies that the crystals for anxiety can exude.

Sleep with it

Here is a simple way to use your healing crystals for anxiety – keep them nearby when you sleep. This is best for you if you get your anxiety attacks before bedtime, preventing you from sleeping well. Some would keep the crystal on their bedside table or under the pillow.

Meditate with it

When you meditate, use crystals for anxiety as a grounding session for better focus. All you have to do is place the crystal on your hands and it will give you a wave of calmness. You will also feel more grounded and your mind will not be wandering while meditating with healing crystals.

Create an elixir

You can have your own anti-anxiety elixir. All you have to do is soak the crystal of choice in water. Then, mix the water with lemon, ground ginger, and raw or organic honey.

Take note that not all crystals can be soaked in water. When you take your pick on the list of crystals for anxiety above, do further research on your crystal of choice to see if you can use it as an elixir.

Can you use more than one crystal?

Yes, it is possible for you to need more than one crystals for anxiety. But you should take note also that some crystals for anxiety will not be able to work well together.

These combinations are called conflicting crystals meaning that they cancel out each other’s benefits. Although wearing conflicting crystals will not bring any negativities, you will still be a disadvantage because your crystals will not be working to their full potential.

Make sure to do your research if you want to use more than one of the best crystals for anxiety to ensure that their benefits will not be contrasting.

Last Thoughts

Anxiety can be caused by a lot of reasons – stress, toxic relationships, pressure at work, poor health conditions, life changes, and many more. We are facing stressful times in this fast-paced world and everyone has gone through feeling anxious and stressed out at some point. You are not alone!

Although there are medications available for anxiety, taking too much medicine can damage your kidneys. Crystals for anxiety is an alternative treatment that you should consider. It is a good way to fight off anxiety without putting your physical health at risk.

An open mind and working with any of the best crystals for anxiety above can help lift off the weight of stress and anxiety from your shoulders. The next time you experience anxiety, try out the power of crystal healing – it may be the best thing that could happen to you.

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