Divine Masculine And Feminine

What are the divine masculine and feminine, what are their function, and how can you use both or either for both inner work and external manifestation?

According to spiritual traditions from all over the world, we all possess both feminine and masculine energies. We’re not purely one or the other. Exploring and expressing both can bring with it not only a thrilling depth of self discovery, but also an unparalleled sense of inner peace and balance.

Are you ready to learn more about the divine masculine and the divine feminine, including how to access and use these powerful universal energies to become a wiser, more powerful and more authentic version of yourself? If so, then keep on reading.

An introduction to masculine and feminine energies

Divine masculine and feminine energies permeate our reality. We see reflections of them everywhere around us, as well as within ourselves.

Anyone can express both masculine and feminine energies, regardless of gender identity. In fact, when you are well-balanced within yourself, you’ll be comfortable with both masculine energy and feminine qualities, because both will seem like a natural part of your makeup.

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The divine masculine and feminine are universal energies that come to expression, not only socially but also in wider society. A large number of social codes and rituals are tied up with gender, and it can be difficult to see what’s cliche and what’s authentic. When it comes to striking the perfect balance between one kind of energy and the other, we all have to find our own.

While social clues and norms can be very useful in providng a framework for self-expression, it unfortunately also comes with a degree of restriction and imbalance. Even in the world’s most free and egalitarian societies today, expressions of feminine and masculine energy are still very guarded and controlled. If you dare to experiment with gender atypical expression, others, who are suffering from an energy imbalance themselves, will easily feel threatened.

Having said that, being able to embodt and express both divine feminine and divine masculine qualities is extremely empowering. Not being constrained by gender expectations is a way of setting yourself free and allowing yourself to be complete, without needing someone else to supplement what you lack, whether this is masculine or feminine energy.

Divine feminine characteristics

Divine feminine energy is associated with the moon and with its many mysteries. Like the moon in the sky, the divine feminine exerts a powerful and ineffable pull. 

To our ancestors, womens’ ability to create new life represented the greatest mystery, matched only by the mystery of what happens after we die. For this reason, women were seen as the custodians of mystery and divine power.

Whereas the divine masculine is outgoing and active, the divine feminine is receptive, deep, mysterious and passive without being weak. One of the many important lessons that the divine feminine has to teach us is to pick our battles – not every problem or conflict requires that we bang our heads against it until either it or our own skulls break.

Feminine energy is naturally associated with intuitition, deep feelings, nurturing, beauty, healing, creativity, and the deeep waters of the subconscious mind.

In the Tarot, the divine feminine is embodied by the Empress archetype in the Major Arcana. The Empress is the female ruler of the Tarot, and is depicted seated on her throne in a lush, flowering garden. The implication here is that she is the one who has created this garden and made all of the fruits and flowers grow – she has that power. 

Making anything grow and bear fruit is a process, requiring plenty of patience, care and dedication. The Empress possesses all of these, and is now in a position to enjoy what she has manifested for herself. Quite understandably, her expression is one of quiet satisfaction, and if her flowing dress and long corn-colored hair is anything to go by, she is the divine mother, the divine feminine, the goddess incarnate.

Use divine feminine energy to manifest

Divine feminine energy lends itself perfectly to manifesting inspiration, love, nurturing, healing, patience, charity, and deep connectedness.

Let us say, for example, that your relationship with your siblings is strained following a diagreement over an inheritance. Plenty of arguments have taken place, harsh words have been exchanged, and now leaning into your divine feminine energy, whether you are male or female, is how you are going to restore harmony to the relationship you have with your siblings.

The divine feminine approach is soft, gentle and receptive. Keep these qualities in mind when you approach a contentious situation. Don’t push, don’t make demands, don’t have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but be open and receptive to what the others have to say. Focus on creating and holding a safe space for them where they are comfortable letting out their feelings without fear of attach or retribution.

Divine feminine energy is also great for creativity. Creativity is two-fold; it’s inspiration followed by action. If you are feeling stuck and creatively uninspired, lean into your divine feminine. Stay up with the moon and let its mysterious rays plant new ideas like seeds in your mind.

Divine masculine characteristics

The divine masculine is associated with the sun and with the potent, active, radiant lifeforce it exhudes. Divine masculine energy is associated with decisiveness, boldness, action, truth, ambition, rationality and the ability to set boundaries.

Just like male and female bodies are different, so are the energies associated with them, and so the divine masculine is the active counterpart to the pull and draw of the mysterious and receptive moon.

Like the divine feminine, the divine masculine is also associated with creativity and represents the moment of taking an idea from inspirataion to manifestation.

In the Tarot, the divine masculine takes the form of the Emperor, the masculine counterpart and consort to the Empress. Like the Empress, the Emperor is seated on his throne, but in a very different landscape. While the Empress is surrounded by a flowering and bountiful garden, the Emperor sits on his ram-headed stone throne in front of a steep mountainside. The landscape itself reflects the divine masculine qualities that the Emperor represents – determination, virility, action-orientedness, dedication to his duty and his cause.

The Emperor is dressed in an impressive red robe, and underneath it, armor is visible. This tells us that the Emperor, although he has long since won his battles and established his reign, is always prepared to defend his realm and fight for what he believes in. Despite his success, he has never gone soft.

If the Empress is the archetypal mother, the Emperor is the archetypal father. Protective, powerful, principled, and as immovable as a mountain when necessary.

Use divine masculine energy to manifest

Divine masculine energy is perfect for manifesting success in any endeavour, particularly when it comes to career and accomplishments. Masculine energies are also ideas for sweeping obstacles – whether external or internal – out of the way so the path to the goal becomes broad and clear.

Because masculine energy is very forceful and active, it needs to be applied towards goals and ambitions. In other words, it requires some noble battle to engage with, some worthy mission. If divine masculine energy is not applied in this way, there is a very real risk of it becoming destructive.

If you find yourself struggling to find motivation or struggling with procrastination, divine masculine energy is what you need to draw on in order to get past it. Divine masculine energy is also what you need in situations where you have to assert yourself or stand up for something you believe to be important.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is a divine masculine?

Anybody can express divine masculine energies, regardless of core gender. Men and women both possess masculine energies and traits, but it is usually much harder for women to express these sides of their character, as gender atypical behaviours are often frowned upon as much as they are admired.

Men are typically encouraged to express their inherent masculinity, which can take many different forms including ambitiousness, assertiveness, responsibility, determination and self-confidence.

A great example of someone who very much embodies the archetype of the divine masculine would be former movie star, bodybuilder and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Can a male be divine feminine?

Absolutely. Although it can be much harder for boys and men to express their inherent divine femine qualities because of socialization and societal pressures to suppress these sides of themselves, males also possess a mix of traits and qualities, some of them more masculine an some of them more feminine. 

While men who express, lean into and are comfortable with the divine feminine aspects of their characters are often met with resistance and opposition, many also admire them. Just think of David Bowie, who started out as a very controversial figure at least partially because of his androgynous appearance and personality, but later went on to become an icon admired by millions.

How do you know if your divine is masculine?

Regardless of your physical gender, your spirit possesses a range of both divine masculine and feminine energies and qualities. In most cases, your spirituality leans more towards masculinity or femininity in a way that mathes your physical body.

Having said that, you and everyone else are at complete liberty to express both yin and yang energies, both masculine and feminine energies, in whtever way and in whatever mix you find natural. 

We live in a society where gender expression is tightly regulated, to the extent that a man wearing eyeliner is somehow seen as controversial or provocative. This only goes to show how much society still has to evolve before everyone is as free and as liberated as they should be.

What happens when divine masculine meets divine feminine?

Ideally, the divine masculine and the divine feminine should meet within every single person. People who are self-aware and able to express both archetypally masculine and feminine qualities tend to be more balanced, more creative and more at ease than those who restrict themselves – or allow themselves to be restricted – to just one or the other extreme.

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