Moon Conjunct Pluto Synastry

What does it mean when you and your partner have a Moon conjunct Pluto synastry aspect in your shared synastry chart?

Some relationships go deeper than others, and a relationship where one partner’s Moon is conjunct the other partner’s Pluto is bound to be one of them. Here is a couple who can easily get lost in each others’ company and can dream up their own world together. Here, also is a couple who may clash in epic fights attended by much door-slamming and emotional outbursts.

In some ways, the Moon and Pluto share similarities, and in may others they seem very opposite each other. This ensures that there is both common ground and a wealth of compelling, unexplored territory in this relationship. The Moon person, in particular, is going to want to plummet the depths and explore how deep the intense emotions that define the Moon-Pluto relationship go.

At the same time, the Pluto person may feel that their Moon partner is a little too clingy and emotional. This can make the Pluto person resentful and may even make them recoil from the relationship, despite the strong pull of desire and attraction that they are also experiencing.

The Moon conjunct Pluto couple are keeping each other on their toes and slightly off balance. Irresistibly draw as they are to each other, there is always going to be a certain amount of push-pull in their relationship.

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But while this pair is prone to playing games with each other, their intense connection is indisputable – and very difficult for either to tear themselves away from, should they ever wish to end the relationship. The emotions that bind them together are simply too forceful and compelling.

Through their profound emotional and physical intimacy, Moon conjunct Pluto synastry couples have the potential to forge lasting relationships. Because relationships where one partner’s Moon is conjunct the other partner’s Pluto are defined by both closeness and constant transformation, they can never grow stale or static. This keeps the energy moving and the romance alive.

The Moon and Pluto are two of the most profound planetary energies, and when the two are conjunct each other in a couple’s synastry chart, the result is a deep, profound and emotionally intimate connection.

So, what are the hallmarks, characteristics and challenges of a Moon conjunct Pluto synastry relationship? Keep reading to discover the answers to these and many other relevant questions.

What is a synastry chart and how is it composed?

Synastry is branch of astrology which focuses specifically on assessing the compatibility of two people, usually in a romantic couple, by combining their two natal charts with each other, which essentially results in one shared synastry chart.

The astrologer is then able to see where the different planets fall, and not least how they are aspected to each other. Aspects in astrology refers to angles, and these are just as important as the planets and the astrological houses themselves. Just like every planet and every astrological house has a specific meaning and energy, so do the aspects.

Moon-Pluto synastry aspects

Synastry charts usually consists of a variety of different astrological aspects. Because a variety of different aspects exist and are possible, it would be very unusual to look at synastry charts and see only conjunctions, sextile or squares.

Some synastry aspects are considered positive, auspicious and flowing, while others are considered negative, difficult or blocked.

This is important to keep in mind if, say, you find a square (considered one of the tougher, more negative synastry aspects) in yours and your partner’s shared synastry chart. One or a few challenging aspects do not necessarily spell ruin for a relationship. Neither does one or even a number of clearly auspicious synastry aspects constitute a guarantee for a happy and successful relationship.

In other words, when contemplating the compatibility of a couple based on the two partners’ shared synastry chart, it is important not to overlook the forest for the trees. The full picture has to be taken into consideration.

So, what are some of the different aspects you can expect to find in yours and your partner’s synastry chart?


A conjunction is when two planet are perfectly aligned with each other and fall in the same house in the astrological (or the synastry chart).

Conjunctions represent the most profound and powerful interactions between planets. Whenever two planets are conjunct each other, their energies are going to flow together, amplify and feed off each other to spectacular effect.

Generally speaking, conjunctions are considered to be positive synastry aspects, although whether a conjunction is going to have a positive or negative influence on the relationship is inevitably going to depend on which planetary energies are involved.


An opposition is when two planets are poised – or gridlocked, if you will – directly opposite each other in the astrological chart.

An opposition creates a sense of permanent tension and friction between the two planets involved. For this reason, oppositions are generally considered to be difficult or inauspicious aspects in synastry.

This, however, is an oversimplification. The friction created by an astrological opposition can add some much needed excitement and tension in the relationship. After all, who wants or needs a relationship where you and the other person always agree on everything and are never at odds with each other?

Of course, if the synastry chart is filled with only or primary oppositions, the relationship in question is likely to be so fraught with disagreement and drama that any love and attraction also contained within it is drowned out. It is all about balance, and balance includes a bit of spice and tension.

Again, the two planets involved in the opposition, and the houses they fall in, are of crucial importance when it comes to determining, ultimately, whether an opposition can be deemed positive or negative.


A sextile happens when two planets are spaced at a 60 degree angle (or one sixth of a circle) to each other.

Sextiles are considered to be one of the most clearly auspicious aspects in synastry. Whenever there is a sextile, there is a positive, effortless and harmonious flow of energy between the two planets involved – though, of course, again this depends somewhat on the planets involved.

A sextile synastry aspect between two planets tends to amplify and galvanise the energy of both planets, sot that both planetary energies are able to unfold to their full and positive effect within the relationship.


A trine is when two planets are angled at 120 degrees (one third of a circle) to each other.

Trines are, for the most part, positive aspects to encounter in synastry, though the energy doesn’t flow quite as easily and harmoniously as is the case with the sextile. Trines require a little more conscious work and communication, but they contain great potential just waiting to be unlocked.


The square is considered to be the most challenging and least positive aspect in synastry.

A square happens when two planets are positioned at 90 degree angles to each other. Squares represent hard aspects, energies within the relationship that don’t gel easily, and don’t work well together, at least not without a lot of work and effort on the part of the couple.

In relationships where several squares are found in the synastry chart tend to be marked by power struggles and ego clashes. Squares represent gridlocks and standoffs, and are even less forgiving than oppositions. In relationships dominated by many square aspects, there are inevitably going to be power struggles and the lovers may continually fight for the upper hand.

Is the Moon important in synastry?

The Moon is, beyond a doubt, one of the most important planets to look out for in the synastry chart.

The Moon, not technically a planet, but rather Earth’s only natural satellite and only the fourth largest Moon in the solar system, is nevertheless one of the eight original planets used in Western astrology.

The Moon represents your deepest feelings and your emotional side, as well as your intuition, your memories and the mystery of your subconscious mind. The Moon can also relate to the unconscious realm of dream, sleep and visions. The influence of the Moon on our individual birth charts – and on our relationship synastry charts as well – cannot be overstated.

Your Moon sign is one of the most important components of your astrological profile. It defines how you relate to others, how you nurture your most important relationships, and how you fall in love.

In short, the influence of the Moon aspects in synastry determines how you relate to others and how you nurture the most important relationships in your life.

The Moon, in the Tarot, is depicted as the gateway leading either to or f rom the underworld. The Moon is, undeniably, a somewhat eerie card, and the deep feelings and inexplicable mysteries it is connected to can indeed seem frightening, alien and shockingly deep.

If your Moon is in conjunction with any of your romantic partner’s planets, or vice versa, there is going to be a strong pull of attraction. You are going to feel inextricably, mystically drawn to them. The Moon draws you to explore what lies underneath the surface. A Moon conjunction inspires you to connect with your partner on an extremely deep – frighteningly deep, perhaps – level.

Is Pluto important in synastry?

Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of celestial bodies found beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Despite its size, Pluto is of extreme importance. Like the Moon, it is also one of the original planets used in Western Astrology.

Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. Its energies are often challenging and intense to deal with – for better and for worse. Pluto is perhaps the furthest thing you can imagine from a comfortable, cradling planetary energy. Quite the reversed, whenever Pluto is involved, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

Pluto is a rebellious force, often responsible for breaking down old structures and boundaries in order to make way for the new, the unfamiliar and the unexpected. Pluto is associated with growing pains, and with the illumination that can come from pushing past and overthrowing outmoded ways of being, whether on a personal or on a societal level.

In relationships, Pluto is a somewhat unconventional force. Pluto is associated with the star sign Scorpio, which is often typecast, not entirely unjustifiably, as a mysterious, enigmatic and smouldering sex bomb. Much of these ascribed qualities are due to the influence of Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto.

In the Tarot, Pluto is associated with the Death Tarot card – the most feared and misunderstood of all of the Tarot’s 78 cards. The Tarot Death card represents painful transformations and inevitable endings. Though not always pleasant to encounter and deal with, Death is a necessary part of life. Without the ever-present threat of Death and the ending of things, there is no excitement in life. Death represents the threat of the great unknown, of the impermanence of all things, not least of our own sometimes rigid points of view or expectations. Death is frightening, but it is death that facilitates life.

If we look at the Death card, which is a clear representation of Plutonian forces, it is easy to see how a synastry aspect involving Pluto is guaranteed to be intense, challenging, but also potentially liberating and life-affirming.

All in all, Pluto is an incredibly important planetary force to look out for in the synastry chart as it determines attraction, sexuality, desire and mystery – all key ingredients in a truly exciting relationship.

What does Moon conjunct Pluto mean?

What does Moon conjunct Pluto look like, and what does it mean when the Moon is conjunct?

When one partner’s Moon is conjunct the other partner’s Pluto in the synastry chart, the result is guaranteed to be interesting. An incredibly intense and deep bond is likely to develop between these two.

The conjunction is the most intense synastry aspect of them all, and the Moon and Pluto are both intense energies in their own right. When you bring these three elements together, you end up with a rare and truly exciting cocktail.

Similarities and differences between Pluto and the Moon

It is interesting to note that the Moon and Pluto share a few remarkable similarities – as well as a couple of stark and remarkable differences.

Let us look at the similarities first. The Moon and Pluto are both associated with a sense of mystery and the unknown. Both represent something not easily grasped or understood at a single glance, or at a single encounter. This already tells us that the Moon-Pluto synastry relationship is unlikely to be short-lived. If these two get involved with each other, there is going to be a lot for them to explore before either of them can even contemplate withdrawing from the relationship.

Both the Moon and Pluto indicate that there is much more to be discovered and explored underneath the surface. And getting underneath the surface takes both time and patience. This tells us that the Moon conjunct Pluto relationship is likely to unfold slowly over a period of time. This is not the kind of relationship where everything is obvious and given from the start. Both partners are going to have to feel their way through, and perhaps fumble through near darkness for a while before they find or decide on their way forward.

Both Pluto and the Moon are also associated with a certain dark allure. Wherever there is a mystery, there is a hint of danger, a sense of not knowing what is about to happen. Both partners in this relationship may have the feeling venturing in that this could either be the love affair of a lifetime, or a total disaster.

When it comes to differences, Pluto and the Moon differ on at least a few. The energy of the Moon is primarily receptive, while the energy of Pluto is mainly active and projective. In this sense, the two energies are like yin and yang, the black/white symbol signifying the balance of opposing forces.

While the Moon is simply there, representing the inherent mysteries of the unexplored and the unknown, Pluto actively breaks down the known structures all around us, so that the unknown can come flowing in through the cracks. Pluto actively challenges and erodes the walls and structures of the well known, while the Moon embodies the unknown and the fundamentally mysterious.

Characteristics of the Moon conjunct Pluto relationship

It goes almost without saying that every relationship is unique and different to any other. Nevertheless, relationships that share a Moon conjunct Pluto synastry aspect are bound to share certain similarities and set characteristics.

Knowing what these are can give you a much clearer understanding of your Moon conjunct Pluto relationship and how to navigate and make the most of its potential.

Sexual attraction

One of the key characteristics of the Moon conjunct Pluto synastry aspected relationship is the sexual chemistry felt by both the Moon person and the Pluto person right from the very moment they meet.

Pluto is an intensely sexual planet, which comes to expression in full force when it appears conjunct with another planet.

The sexual chemistry shared by the partners in a Moon conjunct Pluto relationship is the stuff fireworks and secret fantasies are made of. Together, this pair are unafraid of exploring themselves and each other both physically, mentally and emotionally.

As their physical intimacy develops, so does their mental and emotional closeness. These two share their deepest desires and forbidden thoughts and impulses with each other, in a way that can seem cathartic and transformative for both.

The intensity of their passionate bond remains one of the most thrilling, nurturing and reassuring aspects of the relationship, throughout the relationship.

Intense emotions

The physical passion this pair share with each other is just one of several manifestations of the intensity and depth of their closeness.

The Moon person and the Pluto person become deeply emotionally involved with each other from the very beginnings of the relationship, and the two only grow closer and closer over time. Baring themselves to each other, these two nevertheless still nurture and maintain a sense of mystery in relation to each other. It’s one of the things that keeps their relationship exciting and new, as it is always evolving while the two reveal and uncover ever more layers of themselves and each other.

However, not all of the intense emotions these two share are positive. Just as deep as their profound positive feelings for each other are, their relationship may also be attended by equally intense negative emotions.

Because this pair feel that they cannot live without each other, both intrinsically fear losing the indisputable magic of their relationship, even if the truth is that their bond is profoundly deep and solid. But emotions are not known to be rational, and this fear may compel either partner to develop a tendency to display an obsessive sense of possessiveness.

This is a relationship where the emotions run deep – uncontrollably deep, it may seem at times. The intensity of their emotions may at once frighten and keep the couple mesmerised.

But then again, by experiencing and going fully into the depth of these feelings, the positive and the negative alike, you are going to develop wisdom and depth that you did not have before.

Power struggles

A particularly dramatic manifestation of the intensity of the connection shared by partners in a Moon conjunct Pluto relationship are the power struggles, essentially attempts at gaining the upper hand.

Depending on the emotional maturity of the two people involved, the power struggles which seem unavoidable in Moon conjunct Pluto relationships may manifest as dynamic tension and an engaging, ongoing battle of the wills, or they may manifest more destructively as passionate emotional outbursts and epic fights.

The Moon person in the relationship

The Moon person in a Moon conjunct Pluto relationship is going to be the more nurturing and emotionally sensitive partner.

From the very beginning of their liaison, the Moon person is going to feel drawn to the Pluto Person’s dark intensity and considerable magnetism.

When your Moon is conjunct your partner’s Pluto, you are rendered almost helpless to resist the pull you feel towards them. Even if you sense that your relationship is going to have certain problems or points of incompatibility, the attraction you feel is so deep that it can override almost anything else.

The Moon is inherently irrational, and so when it draws you towards a particular person, it is almost like getting swept up by a forceful undercurrent of powerful emotion. In Moon conjunct Pluto relationships, the Moon person is often prone to an obsessive desire for intimacy and closeness with the Pluto person.

This is because merely being in this relationship can make you feel intoxicated and high on your Pluto partner’s intense energy.

You are magnetically drawn to your partner’s Pluto, and you are as intent on opening up to them as you are on having them open up to you. But beware – you can all too easily make your Pluto partner feel smothered by your affection, and if you expect too much from them too soon, your reaching out for them may have the opposite effect to the one you had intended.

The Pluto person in the relationship

The Pluto person in the relationship is likely to be the most rebellious and unconventional of the two. As an energy, Pluto likes to break down barriers, challenge conventions, and upset the status quo.

Much as the Pluto person is also emotionally drawn to the Moon person in the Moon conjunct Pluto synastry relationship, they still prefer to maintain a little bit of distance and as much of their own individuality as possible. Indeed, the Pluto person may be somewhat reluctant to enter into a relationship with the Moon person, whom they might find too emotionally demanding, even if it is on a subconscious level.

Because the Moon person, in most cases, wants and needs the Pluto person more than the other way around, the Pluto person has the most power in the relationship – even if the Moon person challenges them for it from time to time. There is a part of the Pluto person that relishes and feeds off of the drama.

Depending entirely on the Pluto person’s character and maturity level, they may use the opportunity this power imbalance represents to play cruel and manipulative games with the other person’s passionate feelings.

It takes a mature Pluto person to resist the temptation to control and manipulate their loving and devoted Moon partner. A mature and reasonable Pluto person is going, instead, to set down some firm boundaries for the sake of the relationship. By the same token, it takes a mature and emotionally intelligent Moon person to accept and work with the need for space and distance that their Pluto partner is asking for.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Moon conjunct Pluto pairing is characterised by depth, intimacy and intensity. Their relationship can never be boring, but it can also never be entirely calm and settled. Thanks to the unruly energy of Pluto, there is always going to be an element of lurking uncertainty and just a hint of danger.

Just the right amount of tension can be a wonderful ingredient in an otherwise stable and loving relationship. A bit of tension and friction can prove vital for ensuring passion in long-term relationships, but too much and the relationship in question begins to veer into toxic and untenable territory.

When it comes to the Moon conjunct Pluto synastry aspected relationship, it could go either way. If the Pluto-Moon couple possess a reasonable degree of maturity paired with a genuine desire to make it work, it is possible for the two of them to define the boundaries their relationship needs to thrive.

On the other hand, if the Moon person and their Pluto partner fail to establish firm and healthy boundaries, sooner or later one of them (almost always the Pluto person) is going to feel smothered and like they are drowning in the depths of their Moon partner’s obsessive love for them.

If you are contemplating whether or not to pursue a relationship where one of the notable synastry aspects is the Moon conjunct Pluto, a true and complete answer can only be found if you take the sum total of attending synastry aspects into your considerations, rather than singling out a particular one, either because it looks particularly promising, or because it looks particularly gloomy. Don’t let confirmation bias pull your decision in either direction, but view your options from an eagle’s eye perspective.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that synastry charts are merely guidelines – they are never judgements or guarantees of the fate of your relationship. Only you and your partner can decide and play out the inherent energy and potential of your connection.

A Moon conjunct Pluto connection is guaranteed to be a challenge, a real piece of work. But it is also transformative, intense and passionate, perhaps unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If you and your partner are able to articulate and establish the boundaries you both need right from the beginning of your relationship, your romance stands a much greater chance of not merely surviving but thriving.

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