How to Know If Someone Is Thinking About You

Would you like to learn how to know if someone is thinking about you?

Are there moments in your life when you find yourself pausing and stopping whatever you are doing because you have this strong feeling that someone is thinking about you? 

It’s like a gut feeling that something significant is about to happen or someone is watching you from afar.

A lot of people go through these things and as it happens, these are not weird signs or creepy feelings. These are just some of the many telepathic signals that tell you that someone is thinking of you.

When people think of you, they can emit energy from their minds. Your subconscious mind feels this energy and as a result, causes a change in your thoughts, emotions, and physiology and they show up as physical, emotional, and mental signs,.

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It may be far-fetched and you may be a bit skeptical about this but after going through this article, you will find that it is possible that it is actually true. There is a way to figure out if someone is thinking of you through telepathy.

So, how do you know if someone is thinking of you? In this article, we give you a list of the major ways that you can detect this telepathically.

Psychic signs someone is thinking of you

Here is a list of the most common telepathic signals that let you know if someone is thinking about you. Take note that these signs can mean positive or negative thoughts.

Unexplained hiccups

Random, sudden, and out-of-the-blue hiccups are actually telepathic signals coming your way. Hiccups are associated with bad-mouthing or people talking behind your back. So, if you suddenly get the hiccups for no apparent reason, someone could be thinking or speaking ill of you.

And there is a way to tell you who this person is. When you get these random hiccups, take a look around and make a mental note of who is around you. If there is a common person at each time, then he or she is most likely the culprit.

It hurts when a friend convinced you they are true when it turns out otherwise. You can choose to steer clear of them and their negativity towards you. Make sure you have solid proof of their negativity before you confront them.

Take note that hiccups can be caused by a lot of factors such as medication, health conditions, excessive eating and drinking, eating too quickly, nerve-irritating diseases, and abdominal surgery. What you are looking for are random hiccups – ones that suddenly happen out of the blue.

A burning sensation in your cheeks and ears

Telepathic signals also affect your physical appearance. Know that hot feeling you get in your face when you are embarrassed or blushing? This is the burning sensation that we are talking about. And when you feel that for no reason at all, it is a sign that someone is intently thinking of you.

It’s not just all about the heat – it is also about you turning red. Think about it, are there times when you felt this way in moments when you are not embarrassed, blushing, feeling feverish, or going through inflammation? It is a telepathic sign that someone is thinking about you. The redness and the tingly, burning feeling signal a negative thought at your expense.

It’s more like the feeling you get after someone slaps you hard on the face. Your face feels hotly flushed, your face would tingle, and then it will go red. Then, the blood rushes to your cheeks and ears to warm you up.

If you feel what was described above for no apparent reason, it is most likely that someone is badmouthing you. Instead of hitting you directly, they are doing so with their words behind your back.

But if the burning tingly sensation is just in your ears, it apparently means something else. This indicates that someone is thinking about you romantically and passionately. Now that is a good telepathic signal to look for.

Some people get confused about distinguishing the two but telepaths say that you can tell if it is a positive or negative signal by the way you feel about it. Does it make you feel good? Then it is a romantic thought. If the feeling makes you uncomfortable, then somebody is badmouthing you.

Unexplained sneezes

In Asian cultures, it is widely believed that when you sneeze repeatedly or your nose starts to twitch or you experience a sudden itch, someone is thinking about you. Sometimes, these thoughts can also be symbolized by an unexplained cough – the type that comes like a reflex to clear your throat.

If you are sneezing for no reason, there is a good chance that you are playing a major role in someone’s thoughts. But is this a positive or negative thought?

According to telepaths, two consecutive sneezes indicate that somebody is sending a negative thought your way. Three consecutive sneezes would mean a positive thought and the person is probably missing you or having romantic thoughts about you.

Of course, this sign is not applicable if you are feeling under the weather or around allergens.

Random eye twitching or itching

Uncontrollable eye movements like a random itch or twitch mean that someone is thinking of you and channeling your energy. The meaning behind these thoughts varies depending on your gender and which eye is experiencing it.

For men, a random eye itch or twitch on the right eye means positive thoughts and negative thoughts for the left eye. For women, it is the opposite. Negative thoughts for the right eye and positive for the left eye.

Of course, you have to make sure that this is random or unexplained. Other reasons why your eye could twitch or itch are the following: allergies, stress, diet, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, insect bites, or an eye condition. If you think any of these are causing your random eye movements, it is probably best that you seek medical attention.

Unexplained goosebumps

We usually get goosebumps when we get excited, witness something beautiful, experience something scary, or when we are feeling cold. According to telepaths, unexplained goosebumps raising through your body is a popular psychic sign that somebody is thinking of you.

You get goosebumps because the other person’s thoughts are trying to reach your subconscious and present themselves as energy transmissions that give you a tingling sensation. People who are sending you these energy transmissions are attracted to you.

These energy transmissions are felt as goosebumps once they reach you and telepaths say that if there is a strong emotional connection, the person thinking of you may be getting goosebumps the same moment you get them.

According to telepaths, this is not a common telepathic signal. This is because a person who can only send it is someone who may have heightened psychic abilities. Their psychic skills allow them to transmit a clear energetic signal like goosebumps.

Although it is difficult to trace down these goosebumps to a specific person, when you find that person, it is best to proceed with caution.

A butterfly lands on you

In different cultures, butterflies are considered to be messengers of change. Some consider them to be spiritual beings or a sign from a deceased loved one. Butterflies symbolize rebirth and change since they go through life in different stages of metamorphosis.

In telepathy, butterflies are believed to help transmit energy from one person to the next. So, when a butterfly lands on you, this means that someone is sending you thought energies.

If you are in an area where butterflies are not usually found and one happens to land on you, this is considered to be one of the strongest psychic signs.

For telepaths, the color of the butterfly also has different meanings. So when one lands on you, check its dominant color and consult below:

  • White – White is a color of innocence and purity and a lot of people associate it with heaven. If a white butterfly lands on you, it could be a message that a deceased loved one or an angel is watching over you. A pure white butterfly is considered to be a hopeful and positive sign from the universe.
  • Brown – Brown moths should not be confused with brown butterflies. Brown butterflies are widely believed to be sent by someone who loves you deeply and who just recently passed away. A brown butterfly landing on you could mean that they are letting you know that they are guiding you.
  • Blue – Blue butterflies are considered to be a serene and calming presence. Since blue butterflies are also considered to be rare, they are often also regarded to be a sign of fulfilled wishes or good luck.

Strong discomfort while eating

If you are in the middle of a meal and you sense a strong discomfort, it could be a sign that somebody is thinking of you and focusing on you a great deal.

For example, you start off the meal savoring every bite. Suddenly you feel uncomfortable. The food won’t go down smoothly and you might even end up choking or coughing it back.

If this scenario happens to you and you are sure you are eating properly and carefully, then the discomfort can be a result of energies being transmitted to you.

Telepaths say that if someone is around you when it happens, then that other person may be under great stress or tension. Your body reacts to the negative energy that they are sending off.

If nobody is around you when the discomfort happens, then this is the scenario where someone is thinking of you. This person may be feeling some tension while you are on that person’s mind and this causes you to feel the tension telepathically.

An unexplained physical touch

Have you ever felt like someone had touched you but nobody is around you? This can be a very creepy and startling experience. For telepaths, it is a signal that someone is thinking or talking about you and the energy vibrations turn into physical sensations when it reaches you.

You can tell if this is positive or negative energy by what kind of touch you felt. If it was a gentle caress or a touch that is soothing and reassuring, it is a positive thought and it may come from a loved one who recently passed away and wants to give you comfort before he or she would ultimately moves on.

If the touch felt unpleasant or made you uncomfortable, then it is negative energy. Someone may be sad, angry, or harboring negative feelings toward you.

Either way, this person must have strong telepathic abilities to be able to transmit their energy to a non-physical touch.

Sudden emotional swings

Telepaths believe that sudden emotional changes are also a signal that indicates someone is thinking about you. But this one can get tricky. Emotions can be misleading – especially if you are also an empath.

Empaths usually have a tough time interpreting psychic signs because they also pick up on the emotions and energies of the people around them. So, it is easy for an empath to be confused over what they feel. They sometimes can’t decipher their own emotions from others.

But if you are not an empath, picking up on this telepathic signal may be easier for you. If you suddenly feel a switch of emotions, then it must be a telepathic signal from someone else.

For example, you are having a bad day then suddenly, you feel at peace. These could be thoughts of somebody who is emotionally attached to you and those thoughts are sending you positive vibes.

Another example is if you are going through the day totally fine then you feel a sudden rush of anger out of the blue. If your feeling switches to something negative and it is unsettling you, someone is thinking badly of you.

You find a white feather

If a white feather turns up after you lost someone that meant a lot to you, it is interpreted as a sign that that certain person is thinking about you. This is why it is considered to be a sign of hope when you find a white feather after a loved one has passed away.

You may think it is a weird sign but the white feather is a symbol that your loved one is now in a better place. That person thinking of you and sends you a white feather to comfort you and assure you that they are in a better place.

Seeing a white feather while you are grieving a loss is interpreted as a gift from the universe saying that all is well. It is a message that tells you to rest because your loved one is okay, watching over you, and wishing for your happiness.

Dream contact

In human psychology, Sigmund Freud believed that interpreting dreams is the road to the unconscious. He believes that dreams can reveal a lot of psychological truths.

For telepaths, it is a surefire sign that someone is thinking of you. People are more open to telepathic connections when they are dreaming. This is because when you are dreaming, you are more relaxed and rested and you are not actively guarding yourself.

But keep in mind that dreams can mean a lot of things. They are, after all, still a mystery. There are a lot of theories but scientists still do not have a direct answer as to why we dream and how it works.

Dreams can come as a warning of things that are yet to come, they can be a signal of a special encounter, and they could just be a construct of your own experience or your active imagination at work. For some people, dreams have a mystical element to them like dreams being a portal or bridge to your inner self. This is why a dream journal can help.

But if you get intense and vivid dreams about the same person and it happens frequently, then it is a telepathic indicator that someone is thinking of you. This person may be missing you and are constantly thinking about you that they trigger a psychic manifestation, which is received by your subconscious mind. This results in you dreaming about the person.

If you want to check, try reaching out to the person you are vividly dreaming about often and try to see how they are doing. A telepathic signal this strong usually has an underlying reason behind it and you might not want to let the opportunity go.


Telepathic signals work differently too. You can send them as well. Have you tried thinking of someone then suddenly you run into them or you get a call or text from them? Sometimes, these things do not happen accidentally.

According to telepaths, those “I was just thinking about you” moments may not be just a coincidence. It could be proof that your intuition and precognition were at work and your thoughts about them drew them to you.

If you run into someone that you have not seen in a long time, it could also be a psychic sign that they are the ones who have been thinking about you. There is a chance that you were on their mind before you ran into each other.

You get confirmation from a psychic

The signs revealed above are telepathic signals that you can use to detect if someone is thinking of you positively or negatively. But what if you want something more clear? A real psychic confirms these things for you.

Find a psychic that you can trust and one that is reliable. There are so many fake psychics these days and these people are just out there to take your money. Do some research and read reviews.

Once you find a truly gifted person with limitless power, you can test how well you are reading your telepathic signals by getting a reading. All the guesswork in your mind can be easily confirmed with a truly gifted advisor by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate thoughts or ideas through psychic energies. It is considered a non-verbal way to communicate with others.

It is considered a pseudoscience since it is difficult to prove although some studies show its efficacy.

Some people look at it as a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that any human can access if they want to.

Can anyone use telepathy?

According to telepaths, anyone can do or practice telepathy. Everybody has the ability to send their thoughts and ideas to others. The thing is, not everyone realizes that they can do it or that they are practicing it.

When you become more conscious of your telepathic abilities, you can make them stronger with more practice – just like any other talent or skill.

Can telepathy happen between me and someone I never met?

Telepaths would think it would be very difficult to send telepathic signals to someone you never met. This is because you need to have a clear image of the person in your mind to successfully give off a telepathic signal.

The more you know the person and the more you are emotionally connected to the person, the easier it would be for telepathy to happen between the two of you. This angle provides a unique insight on the way people are bonded to people.

Can a telepathic connection happen between me and someone I love?

There is a huge chance that you can create a telepathic love connection with your loved one. True love means you have a strong emotional bond and a deep connection so your telepathic communication with your partner can be quite strong.

Can I use the same signs to let people know I am thinking of them?

When you try to send a telepathic message to someone, they can manifest into one of the psychic signals that are discussed above. But it is best to not turn this into a dangerous obsession. If you want to make a connection with someone, make sure that you bond with them the normal way.

Why should I use telepathy?

Telepathy can help in times when you want to relay something but can not find the words to say or show it. These could be thoughts that you can’t say out loud because you fear rejection. Or thoughts of closure for your relationship with an ex but you just can’t pick up the phone and tell them.

It also helps to recognize your body’s physical reaction when sensing negative energy. It helps you become more aware about the true intentions of the people around you. Remember, a gut feeling that there is something off about a person can be a warning from your subconscious.

Would I need a psychic mentor to do telepathy?

You can practice telepathy without a psychic coach or mentor. But if you want quicker results, it helps to train with a professional psychic artist. A gifted advisor can also help you practice good spiritual hygiene.

Having good spiritual hygiene means you can release your fears, ideas, or thoughts. You get to clear your mind of these influences and with a clean and clear mind, you can exert your telepathic skills more.

Can I get psychic abilities by practicing telepathy?

Telepathy can be your first step into becoming psychic. If you practice with a good psychic coach, there is a chance that you can develop other abilities as well. You can easily start by identifying the psychic signs someone is thinking of you and do more from there.

Can meditation and positive thoughts help strengthen my telepathic abilities?

Your spiritual hygiene is very important if you want to strengthen your telepathic skills and possibly develop more psychic power. Practicing meditation for just a few minutes every day and thinking positively can help clean up your spiritual hygiene for you.


Tapping into your telepathic abilities can help you understand how you can realize the signs someone is thinking of you even if you are physically apart. The human mind is truly a magnificent and awesome instrument that is capable of detecting negative and positive energy headed towards you.

Think about it – you do not really have to see if someone is talking about you behind your back. Sometimes you just sense that something is off and that’s it! It’s a telepathic signal! Everyone has experienced it one way or another.

As mentioned earlier, you can be aware of all the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you – you just have to pay attention. You can even reach the point where you can identify when someone is falling in love with you. All your love possibilities is endless once you start living a mindful and better life.

We leave you with these final thoughts: the human mind is a gateway to extraordinary possibilities. So, open your mind to the possibilities and start looking out for these telepathic signals.

Truly understanding How to Know If Someone Is Thinking About You could mean the difference between great happiness and misery down the line. Find a psychic medium near you today, whether you’re in New York City, Chicago, Utah, Seattle in the US, or somewhere completely different, you can get the expert guidance you deserve. Don’t forget you can also get a psychic email reading at low cost, or try the best online psychic reading sites  such as Kasamba, Oranum, PsychicOz, Bitwine, Everclear Psychic and more.


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