How to Open Your Third Eye

Opening the third eye has become a catch-all phrase in spiritual circles, synonymous with a range of transcendent experiences from initial spiritual awakening to crossing the abyss. But what is the third eye, how do you open it and what are the rewards for doing so?

What is the third eye?

The third eye is an energy center, or a chakra, called the ajna chakra or eye chakra. The eye chakra is located on your forehead, above and between your physical eyes.

The third eye chakra is part of your chakra system which regulates your etheric body, just like the major organs of the physical body regulate and keep your body healthy and functioning as it should.

Like the other chakras that make up your etheric body, the third eye chakra is not visible to the naked eye – but if you lift up your hand, hold it in front of where you know your third eye to be located and make a come-hither motion with your fingers, you will feel a tingling sensation, a stirring of the chakra’s energy. The more times you do this, the more vivid the sensation becomes.

Leaning how to open your third eye is one of the most wonderful gifts you can choose to grant yourself.

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Why is your third eye closed?

Your third eye chakra is almost certainly closed. On the whole, we live in a very materialistic, largely atheistic society where the spiritual ream is rarely focused on and often dismissed altogether. In fact, people harboring spiritual beliefs of any kind are often labelled frivolous or superstitious. Believing in the existence of the soul is seen as downright sacrilegious, despite the amazing leaps modern science is taking towards a greater understanding of the spiritual realm.

The expectations placed on us as members of a Western world are almost exclusively focused on doing well in the material world while a non-dogmatic spiritual or occult practice is, generally speaking, frowned upon and stigmatised. It is barely any wonder, then, when most of us turn away from spirituality and disconnect from our own intuition in order to fit in.

As human beings, our connection to the divine is our birthright, and when we are first born we are automatically plugged in to the spiritual frequencies permeating the physical plane. Then, as a result of societal pressures, expectations and stigma, we slowly disown our spiritual self and disconnect from our most vital source of self-hood. Over time, our energy chakras may become imbalance, polluted or close up entirely, as is often the case with the third eye.

Kundalini and the third eye

The kundalini is a spiral energy flowing trough our physical and subtle bodies. Generally speaking, people are unaware of its existence. If the kundalini energy grows tale and stops flowing through the chakras, this in itself could cause the chakras to close up like fists. As part of the process in reconnecting with your intuition and learning how to open your third eye, you may want to pick up a kundalini practice to ensure a healthy flow of energy to all of your chakras.

The pineal gland and the third eye

There is also a biological aspect to the closing of the third eye. Within our brain there is this little gland, about the same size as a pea, called the pineal gland. This tiny gland is the storehouse of DMT – N, N-Dimethyltryptamine – a naturally occurring chemical responsible for dreams, visions and clairvoyance. DMT is only released by the pineal gland twice in our lifetimes – when we are born and when we die. As we make our journey through the earth plane, pineal gland calcification often happens as a result of our lifestyles. As the pineal gland slowly becomes depleted, it becomes harder and harder for us to tune in and hear the calling off the soul.

The pituitary gland and the third eye

Another brain gland that may influence the third eye is the pituitary gland. This gland, like the pineal gland, is roughly the size of a pea and is located at the base of your brain. Its function is regulate the optimal function of all of the other brain glands, including the pineal gland, as well as governing the brain’s production of everything from hormones melatonin. Over time, the knock-on effects of your lifestyle may slow or weaken its signal, which in turn negatively impacts the pineal gland.

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to recenter in your spiritual self, physically support optimal functioning of your brain glands, and ultimately reopen your third eye.

What does opening your 3rd eye mean?

Opening the third eye is the process of reclaiming and reconnecting with your spirituality and the full range of your senses and gut feelings. Opening your third eye means becoming fully aligned with your intuition and facilitates navigation through life coming from that inner balance point, rather than being driven and tossed about by external forces and influences.

Knowing how to open your third eye comes with a range of compelling benefits, for example crystal clarity and heightened concentration.


An open and healthy third eye gives you a super-knowing that allows you to reach out with your senses and survey the quality of situations, relationships or places before you venture into them. When your third eye is open, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of everyday life. You will no longer need anyone else to give you the green light on decisions, because you will intuitively know whether something is right for you or not.


An open third eye also allows you to pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others around you much more easily. You will be able to walk into any room full of people and immediately know what is going on with every person in the space. You will pick up information in the form of subtle vibes given off by everyone around you. You can use this to heal or help others – as well as to heal and help yourself.


Another benefit of opening your third eye is that it plugs you back into the truly exciting aspect of being human. When your third eye is open, your dreams, visions and goals become vivified and infused with a vibrant energy.

Your dreams become filled with symbols, messages and guidance from your inner self – keeping a dream journal is a great way of recording your insights and discoveries.

Envisioning your future and your true purpose becomes natural and effortless.

Is it hard to open your third eye?

Opening your third eye can be smooth and easy or pose an impressive challenge, depending on how naturally plugged in you are to the ethereal realm and the super spectrum of your senses. For some, the third eye is only lightly shut, as if temporarily asleep. In other cases it may have become stubbornly closed and it will take much more effort to pry it open.

For most of us, opening the the third eye is not something that happens in an instant, but rather something that has to be worked on for a little while before there is a breakthrough.

How long does it take to open your third eye?

It is impossible to give a specific timeframe for how long it takes to open your third eye. It could happen in an instant, but is most likely going to take some time as you gently coax your third eye to reopen.

In fact, taking your time is the preferred way to go about opening your third eye. If it happens too suddenly and quickly, particularly if your starting point is an ajna chakra that has been completely shut down for a while, can cause the mind to buckle or become so obsessed with making spiritual progress that the mundane matters of everyday life fall by the wayside.

Think of it like mountaineering – if you are completely unpracticed or out of practice, setting out to climb the Mt. Everest on day one probably isn’t wise. You must go at your own pace, but it probably makes more sense to ease yourself into the project and gradually build up your strength.

Common pitfalls when opening your third eye

Opening the third eye does have its potential pitfalls. Most of them can be avoided by simply going at a sustainable pace and remaining balanced.


A hyper focus on opening your third eye can cause you to become imbalanced and neglectful in other areas of life, including in your relationships with other people, who may not understand the journey you are on. Remember that they are not required to understand – your journey is your own. As you tap into greater spiritual power and a heightened perception, you may feel like you are suddenly spiritually miles ahead of your peers, and that’s okay, you may very well be. Let them come to their own journey in their own time and quietly focus on your own.

Don’t beat others over the head with your spiritual prowess – that’s not what it’s for. Ironically, some of the biggest egos I have encountered have belonged to spiritual seekers.


Being on a newly rekindled spiritual journey, it is easy to become obsessed with the spiritual progress and discovery you are m making to the exclusion of everything else in your life.

But while we are all immortal souls having a human experience, the mundane chores of life still need tending to. In a way, being human is filled with paradoxes – the hoovering and the dishes will still need to get done after you have reached enlightenment. The zen masters of ancient China understood this better than anyone.


Carve out space in your life for your spiritual practice and metaphysical pursuits, but don’t let the spiritual journey take over the entire show. Spirituality is an intrinsic part of life, but it is not all there is to life.

Experiencing a personal spiritual revival or awakening is undeniably a thrill, and it should be. The drawback to being on a spiritual rollercoaster ride is the ease with which we can loose groundedness and balance.

Spiritual flooding

A closed third eye is a bit like a dam, holding a veritable flood of spiritual energies at bay.

When you first realise that you may have erected a wall between yourself and the full range of your spiritual experience, there is a natural temptation to immediately smash through to the other side. But bursting through the dam too quickly and forcefully can cause flooding of everything you have built in your everyday life.

Opening the third eye slowly allows you to regulate, direct and enjoy the flow of new spiritual forces in your life.

How to open your third eye

From nutritional supplements to meditation exercises, there are lots of methods and ways to help you open your third eye.

Taking the first steps

When you decide that you want to learn how to open your third eye, it all starts with intention. Firmly deciding that you are going to lean into the waiting arms off our spiritual self and open your third eye is the very first step. In a metaphysical sense, the decision to open your third eye is a statement of purpose, an invitation you extend to the universe and all the powers that be that you are ready to tap into higher levels of spirituality and insight – you have bought a ticket and have shown up for your journey.


Our diet is probably the most straightforward way in which we can begin to realign our physical brains with our subtle bodies to help facilitate the the third eye awakening. Here are a few simple supplements to enlist in your diet to support your spiritual quest.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also known as the miracle tonic. Not only it easy and inexpensive to obtain, it is also one of the most powerful yet completely natural ways to rid your body of toxins. An excess of toxins and imbalances in the body makes it difficult to tap into your spiritual potential – you want to clear the way, and this is one of the power tools you will use.

As well as its detoxifying properties, apple cider vinegar also lowers blood sugar, heightens insulin sensitivity and aids digestion. Make sure you mix the vinegar with drinking water, as it is too potent when undiluted.

Goji berries

Another miracle supplement to bring into your diet is goji berries. These tiny berries are storehouses of unfathomable health properties.

The effects of goji berries are mostly restorative and preventative. They are powerful antioxidants, helping your body naturally detoxify. They also boost the immune system, protect the eyes and the liver as well as stabilise blood sugar and promote healthy skin. They also work as mood boosters, alleviating anxiety, appeasing depression and promoting good sleep.

Magic mushrooms

Micro-dosing on mushrooms can have many lasting and beneficial effects on your body, mind and spirit. Mushroom have a long history of shamanic use.

Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, promote visions, dreams and spiritual experiences. A study conducted at Johns Hopskins University has even found that ingesting mushrooms can have lasting positive effects on the human personality by heightening positive traits like altruism, gratitude and empathy.


Ayahuasca is another powerful psychedelic supplement – you could consider it the supercharged version of mushrooms.

Ayahuasca is a South American psychoactive brew derived from plants rich in natural DMT, the soul molecule. Like mushrooms, Ayahuasca has long been used by shamans and spiritual seekers alike, but unlike mushrooms, Ayahuasca is not something to integrate into your everyday diet. Ayahuasca is usually ingested in spiritual ceremonies where the powerful brew – the Ayahuasca goddess – takes you on a mind-altering, full-body spiritual trip.

Ayahuasca should not be taken often but is a powerful and direct route to restoring and replenishing your pineal gland.

Third eye meditation and mindfulness

Third eye meditation is a powerful tool to help you stimulate your third eye and gently coax it to open.

The simplest form of third eye meditation consists in simply closing your eyes, going into a meditative state and bringing your focus to the area of your forehead where your third eye is located. Focusing on any of the body’s energy centers stimulates them and helps keep them active.

Sitting comfortably or lying down while taking long, deep breaths, simply concentre on the area where your third eye is. As you breathe in and out, imagine a spinning energy vortex and concentrate on trying to feel the energy moving. You may want to imagine the chakra as an eye opening and closing or simply as a vortex of spiritual energy.

Tailor your meditation to suit you. You may want to include a brief third eye opening meditation at the end of your existing yoga practice. You may want to combine a third eye visualisation with an existing kundalini meditation you are already doing. You may want to include a mantra, put on some inspiring music or simply sit in silence. Visualising and sensing your third eye may become a seamless part of your existing mindfulness practice. There are countless ways, and no dogmatic one-size-fits-all when it comes to meditation.

Essential oils

There is an essential oil for just about every purpose you can imagine, including inducing a third eye awakening.

Lemon (citrus lemon)

A favorite essential oil when it comes to increasing your spiritual ability is lemon essential oil. Its properties help connect your mental body to your intuition, improves mental agility, expands the mind and helps it absorb new information.

Sandalwood (Santalum album)

Another example of an essential oil promoting psychic ability and clarity is sandalwood. Sandalwood promotes inner wisdom and helps us break down the mental illusions and barriers that keep us from embodying our most authentic selves. Sandalwood also enhances meditation and every other form of spiritual practice.


Finally, certain crystals can help stimulate your third eye chakra and help coach it to open.

Violet tourmaline is particularly useful as it is specifically connected to the third eye chakra and can help deepen creativity and spirituality. Tourmaline also helps remove negative attachments and any impurities that may have become embedded in the aura.

Other crystals that stimulate the third eye include amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli and hag stone.

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