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Confusion, doubts, fears of uncertainties, and risks, are all parts of life. These are aspects that make life interesting. For many people, however, these things and not knowing what the future holds, make life terrifying to live. This is why we have psychic readers.

Throughout the history of mankind, psychics have helped shape society by guiding men and women in their most important decisions, from the kings and queens, emperors, pharaohs, sultans, chiefs, and czars, to presidents and prime ministers, all the way to the common folks. And as technology evolves, so is psychic reading. Psychic services are now available online, and one of the most established names out there is the Power Psychic Network.

There are countless psychic reading websites online that claim to be the best. But as with most things in life, you should know that not all claims are true, and as with other fields, not all psychics who claim they are the best can actually give you truthful insights into your life.

Power Psychic Network is one of the very few websites out there that can give you incredibly insightful readings in your life. This Psychic Power Network Review will tell you everything you need to know about them.

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Psychic Power Network Overview

Power Psychic Network has been around since 2002 that alone should tell you everything you need to know about their reputation. What is more amazing about them is they are still charging the same right since their launched more than two decades.

They have some of the most reliable and highly rated psychics on the World Wide Web, and they have provided thousands of people with the most detailed insights and offered the best decisions and solutions to various dilemmas in their lives for more than twenty years, all for a minimal cost.

Psychic Power Network: Types of Psychic Readings

Most psychic readers from Psychic Power Network have actually many specialties. That means many of them to use different methods for their psychic readings, from astrology, angels, Akashic records, card reading, crystals, clairsentient, clairaudient, channeler, dream interpreter, divination, etc.

However, it may surprise new clients to know that they only have two basic categories for their readings; one is love, relationships, and romance and the other is career, money, and finance. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get a more specific reading from your psychic though, as you can always make use of their psychic’s talent and tools for a more specified insight.

For Love, Romance, and Relationships

All Psychic Power Network readers can provide insightful readings for love, romance, and relationships. They have a whopping 160+ advisors in this category, giving you more options than you actually need, which is a good thing. Obviously, the more options you have, the more useful insights you get.

Simply explore their psychic profile to know more about their capabilities, talents, and specialties. Psychic Power Network has also provided comments and reviews of their past clients to give you a better idea of their capabilities. However, there is no rating scale based on client reviews (i.e. 1 to 5 stars), unlike on other psychic reading sites.

For Career, Finance, and Money

When it comes to aspects of life (or category, as they mention it), Psychic Power Network has over 130 advisors for clients to choose from. Looking at their profiles at first glance will give you a good idea of their capabilities, as most of them have been in the industry for at least a decade. This is a huge plus since you want experienced psychics in these aspects of your life, right?

Psychic Power Network Tools

They may only have two categories for reading, but Psycho Power Network easily made up for it by offering a wide variety of talents and tools for their clients, including:

• Life Coach

• Dream Interpreter

• Prophet

• Astrologer

• Angels

• Prophet

• Medium

• Spirit Guides, and so much more

When it comes to tools, their psychic advisors have a variety of things to choose from for their readings, such as:

• Cards

• Tarot cards

• Pendulum

• Rune stones

• Oracle cards, and more

Psychic Power Network: Website Use and Navigation

Their website is pretty simple and straightforward, making it easy to use and intuitive. And while the categories are limited to two, you can actually use the navigation bar to choose a specific type of psychic or browse through all of their advisors.

The filter makes narrowing your search pretty straightforward too, making it incredibly convenient even for first-time users.

Psychic Power Network Offers and Pricing

Now for the most important part, pricing. As said earlier, Psychic Power Network has not changed its flat rate since 2002, which is at $1.99/minute for any advisor. New clients can start with $0.99/minute for the first five minutes of the reading. This is amazing as this makes them the most affordable one out there. This is what allowed their advisors to provide answers, clarity, guidance, and psychic insights to thousands of people around the world for more than two decades.

If that is not enough to impress you, Psychic Power Network also offers a 100% guarantee if you are not satisfied with your advisor.

However, note that the guarantee only applies to your first call. If you are dissatisfied with your first reading, they will replace your initial contact with free minutes toward your test readings. Beyond that, they don’t offer any guarantee. Still, you will be hard-pressed to find something like that on the internet.

Psychic Power Network Communicate & Psychic Services Delivery

For a more intimate and personal communication, advisors from Psychic Power Network only provide readings by phone. This means there are no chat or email options.

Unfortunately, there are also no options for arranging callbacks or even setting up appointments. This means you will have to catch your preferred psychic or wait until he/she is available online.

Psychic Power Network Customer Service

For more information about their advisors and other services, you can check out their very-detailed Frequently Asked Questions sheet on their website.

Of course, you can always use the contact form on the “Contact Us” page to talk to their customer service representative directly. You can also ring the phone number displayed on that page from 11 am-8 pm, every Monday to Friday. You can also leave a voicemail if you happen to contact them after office hours.

Psychic Power Network Pros and Cons

Pros of Psychic Power Network

• Affordable psychic reading of $0.99 for the first five minutes, and $1.99 per minute for all psychic advisors

• Established and reputable psychic reading website for more than 20 years

Cons of Psychic Power Network

• Like most psychic reading sites, they don’t screen their advisors

• Guarantees are only offered on the first call

Psychic Power Network: Screening Process

Unlike some psychic reading websites out there, Psychic Power Network does not thoroughly screen its advisors before they hire them. Those who are interested to work with them simply need to fill out basic information, such as name, address, contact number, and a brief message to start the application. There is no mention of further screening such as background checks or test reading required to work for them.

Bottom Line: Should You Try Psychic Power Network?

Power Psychic Network has been around since 2002. Being around for such a long time and still providing accurate, reliable, and trustworthy insights, and still being trusted by their customers, should be enough to convince you to try Psychic Power Network readings.

If that is not enough for you, you will be glad to know that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can get whatever you pay them. This is always a plus wherever you go. And while this guarantee only applies to the first minutes of your introductory promotional offer, it is still a good thing to have, as it is an indicator of the website’s (and their advisors’) trustworthiness and confidence in their services. Not a lot of psychic reading site out there offer such features. Besides, with a flat rate that is cheap, you can always afford to take a few more chances of finding a reader that suits you.

Truly understanding Power Psychic Network Review could mean the difference between great happiness and misery down the line. Find a psychic medium near you today, whether you’re in New York City, Chicago, Utah, Seattle in the US, or somewhere completely different, you can get the expert guidance you deserve. Don’t forget you can also get a psychic email reading at low cost, or try the best online psychic reading sites  such as Kasamba, Oranum, PsychicOz, Bitwine, Everclear Psychic and more.


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Lucius has been slinging tarot cards professionally since 2014. He’s taken the tarot to places most wouldn’t think of: His best-known patrons include Torture Garden, The Dark Circus Party, Handel & Hendrix, A Curious Invitation and The Candlelight Club, where he has been resident tarot reader for the past half-decade. His writing on divination, magic and creativity has been published in Sabbat Magazine and on Medium.


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