How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Would you like to learn how to make someone fall in love with you?

Love is an emotion that can’t be forced. You can’t force someone to love you just like that. But it is possible to make someone fall for you by the way you behave around them and your body language.

There is a lot of scientific research that can prove how love can be controlled to a certain extent. While there are no guarantees, there are methods that can increase the chances of someone falling in love with you based on the way you behave around them. Believe it or not, love can actually grow like a seed. You must have to plant the seed and nurture it.

Whether you are attracted to somebody new or you want to revive a relationship that is starting to lose its spark, here are some tips and other advice that you need to know to make someone fall in love with you.

How to make a man fall in love with you

Play hard to get

Sometimes, the easiest way to get a man’s attention is not to pay attention to him at all. This works easily for men who are used to having women falling on their feet all the time.

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They know they are attractive and they know they can get any girl they want. When you play hard to get, they become taken aback. The fact that they can’t get to you will intrigue them and make them curious.

According to psychologist and author Robert Cialdini, this is what you call the “scarcity principle” wherein objects that are limited, unique, and rare become more desirable. In love, playing hard to get is a mind game.

Leave a little mystery

First dates can get awkward so sometimes it can be tempting to just talk away. But most women make the mistake of giving out too much information too soon. And this is a bad idea because it often ruins the chances of a romantic relationship to develop.

It is always best to listen more and say less. If he does not talk as much as you do, ask some questions that will prompt him to do the talking.

If you share all your secrets on the first date, there will be nothing left to discover about you. You have to maintain an air of mystery so they will be intrigued and want to know you better. Remember – a mysterious woman is always an interesting and attractive woman.

Bond over an adrenaline rush moment

One way to get a man’s attention is to be together in a situation or activity that gives you both an adrenaline rush. It could be something simple as riding a challenging roller coaster together or surviving a very dangerous scenario.

A study has found that there is a connection between adrenaline rush and sexual attraction. Test subjects were divided into two groups. One was put on a shaky bridge and another was on a stable one. The groups in the shaky bridge came out more attracted to their fellow test subject partner compared to the pairs in the safe bridge.

Be a safe space for them

We all know that men refuse to be vulnerable or share emotions with anyone – even their family. But if you become that person who feels like someone they can talk to about their feelings, pain, fears, hardships, or insecurities, there is a chance that they can be attracted to you.

These days having a support system is important but the difficulty lies in finding someone that you can trust. If a man knows he can rely on you when it comes to his truth and vulnerabilities, he would turn to you and want to be with you all the time.

Laugh and smile at their jokes

When you are talking to each other, you can strengthen your connection by smiling a lot and laughing when he jokes around. This signals that you are having a lot of fun with him.

But of course, make sure you do not fake it. If it’s not that funny, just give a smile or a giggle and move on. Do not laugh too loud or too long – the fakeness will shine through.

Be confident

Women have a lot of insecurities and some of them do not go away with time. But if you want a man to fall in love with you, you have to work on them. Men generally like women who are confident in who they are and what they can do.

It is okay to have flaws and doubts but you should not let them dim your light. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer. Know that you are worth it and focus on what you know you are good at.

You become more attractive in the eyes of others when you start to love yourself. To make someone fall for the real you, you have to let your real personality shine. This way, you know that this potential love interest is really interested in the real you.

Make him feel needed

We know we just told you to be confident around him but you should not be confident to the point that you make the person feel you do not need him. You may come off as arrogant and this can be off-putting for men.

But of course, you have to know where you stand. Asking for help when you just met could be a little too much. Make sure you have gone through a few dates before you do this move.

Men want to be the hero – the protector and rescuer. Ask for their help or opinion on something from time to time. It will make them feel good about themselves.

It can be something as simple as asking something about rock climbing or camping. You can eventually go bigger like asking to be rescued because your car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Do not confess your feelings first

Some men need a little push but if you rush things by confessing your feeling first and you do it in a time that is too soon and too fast, this has the potential to ruin everything. Most men prefer to do the chasing and not the other way around.

Give the person enough time to process their feelings for you. Let them discover their attraction towards you. Be patient until your relationship forms.

How to make a woman fall in love with you

Be well-groomed

You may be the rugged, outdoorsy type but that does not mean you have to show up with bad hygiene. It says a lot when a man puts in more effort in his physical appearance to look good for a woman.

You do not need to have a complete makeover moment. You just need to make sure that you look fresh and clean every time you meet up.

Make sure your nails are trimmed, shave and maintain any facial hair, and make sure you always smell good. Body odor or bad breath can easily turn off a woman.

Notice their hobbies and interests

Although relationships, where opposites attract, have a cute dynamic, research suggests that women tend to be more attracted to those who have similar interests or backgrounds to themselves. Women like to think of compatibility in a relationship.

Get to know her hobbies and interest and find a common ground. Or at least learn something that you are genuinely interested in. These shared interests must be genuine – if you fake it, it will show later on and she will just feel deceived by you.

Make eye contact

You should never underestimate the power of eye contact. Eyes are windows to the soul so every time she is talking, make sure you maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye contact will make her feel like you are really interested in what she is saying and in some way, make her feel closer to you.

A study involving participants who exchanged unbroken eye contact for two minutes has proven that the experience stirred some feelings for each other. Even the pairings who were total strangers had reported back an attraction to each other after the experiment.

Get to know the people around her

A lot of women value their family and friends and their opinion can easily sway them in any direction. And if those people around her do not like you, chances are she won’t end up with you. So, it is always helpful to have her family and friends as your ally.

You do not have to woo each one of them. The little things can easily make you likable to their eyes. Perhaps you can ask her family if you can throw a surprise birthday party at their house. Or you ask her best friend for help picking out a birthday gift.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

If you want a woman to fall in love with you, you have to open up and show some vulnerability. Drop the “my life is perfect” act and show your truth. Do not be afraid to let your real self shine.

Women often feel special when you open up something to them – something that not even a good friend of yours would know. It makes them feel that they are a good listener, that you trust them, and that would make them feel appreciated.

Women are very particular when it comes to getting to know the real you. When they find out that you have faked some things to get to them, they can be very and puts the relationship at risk.

Come to her rescue

Be the guy that makes her realize that chivalry is not dead. When you are around her, be courteous. If she needs help, do what you can. Open the car door for her, make her order first at a restaurant, and wait for her to get into her house before you leave.

These are just doable and little acts of kindness and courtesy that have a huge impact. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Remember, you do not have to treat her like a princess. You just have to make her feel safe and secure.

Have healthy debates

Women love long and deep conversations. It does not matter if a woman is intellectual and wants to discuss politics or problems in society or a woman is a movie lover who wants to discuss movie plots – you have to show that you can keep up.

Nothing attracts people more than someone who knows how to debate without the conversation ending up as an argument. It is a great way to form a deep connection and would make them want to talk to you all the time.

Show stability

If you are dating someone who is in their late 20s and above, you must present yourself as a man who is “husband material.” You may not be there yet yourself but the least you could do is that you are willing to be in a serious relationship.

Women at this age are no longer dating to have fun – they are dating with the possibility to get married. It is an age where everyone around them starts getting serious and settling down. They would want that for themselves as well and this would affect her dating choices.

It helps if you have a stable job because it shows that you can provide financially. But it is not just about money. You need to show that you are reliable, someone who respects her family, and someone she can be vulnerable with no matter what.

How to make your partner fall more in love with you

Do the “36 questions that lead to love”

This is a psychology quiz that marriage therapists use to make couples reconnect emotionally. It also works well for any stage of a relationship. The set of questions was developed by psychologists Elaine Aron and Arthur Aron during the 1990s. The aim was to see if two strangers can develop an intimate connection by answering a series of personal questions.

The experiment became very popular when New York Times Modern Love column published an essay written by Mandy Len Catron about her experience with it. She did 36 questions with an acquaintance and they ended up marrying each other.

Go on a second honeymoon

Sometimes your obligations at work and for your family can get in the way of the romance. It helps to take a trip together – just the two of you and treat it like a second honeymoon. Sometimes all it takes is to spend time together away from all the noise.

Schedule some time off or go on the next long weekend. Taking a trip to spend time together will make you reminisce about the time when you were just dating and will refresh your bond.

Skin-to-skin sleeping

It helps to be physically close while you are sleeping – so try to make some skin-to-skin contact during bedtime. It could be something as simple as your feet touching or something as intimate as spooning.

A study that was presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in 2014 showed that couples who sleep physically close to each other are more satisfied with their relationship.

Do more kisses

According to 2013 research from Oxford University, locking lips with a partner frequently plays an important role in a long-term relationship. In fact, frequent kisses are found to be more valuable in a relationship compared to frequent sex.

Kisses are more affectionate, sincere, and exposes romantic feelings. Sex is all about physical attractiveness. Although the physical attraction plays an importance in your relationship, people tend to feel disconnected without the romantic feelings.

Do a technology diet

In a study conducted by Brigham Young University, 70% of respondents felt that smartphones and other gadgets were becoming an interference in their love lives. Indeed, mobile phones are killing personal communication these days.

It helps to cut out your technology when you are together with your partner. Have a no cell phone rule during meals. Or turn off your phones when you go out on a date. This allows you to focus on each other more.

Go on double dates

Couple time does not have to be one-on-one. In fact, going on double dates with friends can help you become closer.

A study conducted by Wayne State University found that people who do double dates with another couple that they are close with can reaffirm their love for each other.

Watching your partner interact with other people can make you realize what made you fall in love in the first place. Plus there is that unconscious need to compete when the other couple seems to be closer and more in love.

Fix what went wrong

It helps to identify what went wrong and fix it. If the distance between you and your partner started because of a particular mistake, identify that mistake and fix it. Showing that you are putting in the effort to make things right can go a long way.

For instance, your partner may be complaining that you no longer spend enough time with them. So, all you have to do is be around more often to show that you have changed.

It is not enough to just say “sorry.” Some mistakes can leave deep scars. You have to prove to yourself that you have changed and that you will never repeat that mistake again.

Seek professional help

Sometimes it takes a little more help for you to get things back to the way they used to be. As long as you still love each other and you both want to stay in the relationship, it helps to seek professional help through a therapist, counselor, or relationship coach.

Seeking professional help is not admitting defeat. It shows that you are willing to do anything to keep your partner in your life. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if you are a man and you suggest it to your partner, it could be even enough to impress her and make her see that you want her to stay in your life.


When you are wooing someone, it is important to put in the effort. How to make someone fall in love with you is not as easy as one would like – but it is doable. All thanks to your body language and the way you present yourself.

The techniques above can work for you as long as you use them at the right time. These tips will not work like a magic spell wherein you just wave a wand and the person fall for you instantly. All these tips can do is attract their attention and let them know that they mean something special to you.

And the important thing is to be genuine all throughout. No matter how much you want to be with this person, you should not lose yourself in the process of pursuing them. Do not change your true self just to get somebody to love you – this will always be bound to fail.

Remember, all these tips and tricks on how to make someone fall in love with you is to help you entice someone to fall in love with you – but they are not guaranteed to force someone to love you. Love can’t be enforced – all you can do is create an environment that fosters it and encourage someone to take the chance with you.

The key is to be your true, best self while doing things that would make the other person happy. When this happens, they can tell that you are genuine and that you are not putting on a show.

Ultimately, it will be up to the other person’s preference and interest in you that ultimately decides if you have a future together as lovers And if things do not go your way, make sure that you accept their decision and respect their choice.

Do not get discouraged when you have done everything and it brought out nothing. Sometimes the people we pine for are not really the right people for us. Someone out there will be able to appreciate your true authentic self – look forward to the moment you meet.

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