Mars Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

Mars conjunct ascendant synastry is one of the most interesting and deeply personal synastry patterns to look for when comparing two natal charts.

While Mars is specific planet with a fixed set of meanings, the ascendant (or rising sign) can be any of the twelve signs of the zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

Depending on which astrological energy Mars is paired with, the results can be vastly different. Nevertheless, there are going to be some similarities to all Mars conjunct ascendant romantic pairings.

In astrology, a conjunction happens when two planets line up exactly. In the case of synastry, a conjunction happens when two planets align perfectly between two people’s horoscopes. A conjunct connection is characterised by a profound attraction, a deep bond, and an incredibly intense romantic experience.

What is synastry?

It makes sense to start here. In brief, synastry is the practice within astrology of comparing the horoscopes of two people with each other. A professional astrologer will often do this by overlaying the two partner’s astrological charts, forming one synastry chart and looking for where the planetary energies are in harmony, as well as where they are in opposition.

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Having an awareness of synastry – in other words, of how a prospective love interest or exiting romantic partner’s birth chart measures up to your own and how well the energies complement each other – gives you a tremendous advantage when it comes to fostering the best relationship possible. So often, having a good understanding of what makes others tick, particularly what makes our loved ones tick, gives us the key we need to truly unlock the inherent potential of the relationship.

What does Mars mean in the natal chart?

Mars is linked to the 1st and the 8th house in astrology, as well as to the Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs.

Mars is a fiery, energetic and masculine planet. Its energy is dominant, forthright and focused on conquest, glory and the clearing away of opposing forces. Mars is an energy that blasts through resistance and cuts to the chase.

Mars goes retrograde once every 24 months for 2.5 months. When this happens, we all find it harder to assert ourselves and tend to feel more disconnected from our sense of ambition, drive and desire.

Where Mars is involved, there is a strong sense of being guided by instinct – there is no space for hesitation or uncertainty. When your Mars is conjunct your partner’s ascendant, there tends to be a very strong, physical attraction which is felt by both on a deep and intrinsic level.

Mars is a cardinal planet, meaning it is primary, its energy entirely undiluted and potent. Mars can sometimes come across as headstrong and intense, assertive if not downright aggressive. Where you find Mars in your birth chart is where you feel truly driven, and where you take action. When it comes to your Mars placement, you know what you want, what your aims and goals are, and you are not afraid of going all-out in order to achieve them.

When your Mars is conjunct your romantic interest or partner’s ascendant, you are drawn to them as if by an inexplicable force. Your attraction is so deep and so intense that you cannot doubt or second-guess it. You may want to throw yourself headfirst into this connection, without stopping to cool your blood. Depending on the personality of your romantic interest, be careful not to be too full-on, lest you push them away before something can truly develop between you.

What does the ascendant mean in the natal chart?

The ascendant in your birth chart, or in your romantic partner’s, is the star sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the precise time of birth. The ascendant can be any of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Whereas your sun aspect reflects your core being, the ascendant aspects represent how others view you, and how you present yourself to the world in everyday life. Another way of putting it is that your ascendant is your outer personality, your immediate reactions, and other people’s immediate reaction to you.

The Mars conjunct ascendant synastry

Where a conjunct synastry is present in two people’s birth charts, there is an unusually strong connection and attraction between them. This is particularly true where the Mars aspect falls into the first house of the ascendant person in house overlay.

The connection experienced in a Mars conjunct ascendant relationship is forged on the physical level, but has great capacity for growth on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels, as well.

How the Mars person experiences the connection

Mars is the outgoing, bold and courageous planet that drives you forward towards your goals and desires. When your mars is conjunct your parter’s ascendant, you are intensely drawn to them, as if compelled by an inexplicable cosmic force.

Mars is an energy that doesn’t stop and think, but rather intuits on a primal level and acts. You may no be able to explain rationally why you are so deeply and immediately attracted to the ascendant person- the answer is found in the synastry chart the two of you share.

Different ascendant aspects and how they experience the connection

How the ascendant person experiences the connection is going to vary depending on what the person’s ascendant is, and on what other planets and what other aspects are at play in each partner’s astrological chart.

If the ascendant person is a fire sign, the connection is going to be truly explosive – for better as well as, potentially, for worse. A fire sign ascendant person is likely to already be very familiar and comfortable with the kinds of energies that the Mars person brings into the relationship.

When Mars, the planet of fire and brimstone, is conjunct a fire ascendant, the result is an epic forest fire. There is never a dull or quiet moment in this relationship – on the other hand, the fights that this Mars conjunct ascendant pairing are prone to are just as epic as their lovemaking.

If the ascendant person is a water sign, the two partners are likely to be very different from each other – their temperaments are like fire and water, so to speak. Some of their goals or values may be misaligned, or even in opposition to one another. It is important for this pairing to work out their differences in a respectful and loving manner early on in the relationship, if they want to avoid mismatched worldview or values becoming their undoing.

If the ascendant person is an air sign, the Mars person is going to become mesmerised and fall deeply in love with their with and intellect. The air sign ascendant person is going to be keeping the mars person on their toes, intellectually speaking. The two are going to engage in stimulating, mind-expanding conversations, and together the two are capable of dreaming up bold and thrilling plans for their shared future. On the other hand, the two may not see eye to eye in all matters. The mars person may want to work things out in a proactive and hands-on manner, while the air sign prefers talking it out and talking things over.

If the ascendant aspect of the Mars person’s partner belongs to the earth element, the Mars person may prove a dynamic as well as potentially destabilising influence on them. This, of course, is part of the attraction that the person with the earth ascendant feels towards the Mars person. Mars has a tendency to act rather than talk, and to act on impulse rather than on a well-thought out plan. This can sometimes drive the earth ascendant partner mad, as they favour order, structure, stability and planning.

Characteristics of the Mars conjunct ascendant synastry

So what are the primary characteristics and patterns of Mars conjunct ascendant relationships? Keep reading to find out.

Sexual attraction

The planet Mars and all of its associations are extremely important when it comes to romance and relationships. Mars is, after all, a fiery and energetic planet. Its meanings include libido, lust and passion. When Mars is involved, a steamy relationship based in part on powerful physical attraction is indicated.

In a Mars conjunct ascendant relationship, the two people involved are going to feel extremely attracted to each other right from the start. Their mutual desire is direct, immediate and irresistible. The mutual desire the two share inevitably becomes one of the founding pillars of any ensuing relationship. A lacklustre sex life is one problem thee Mars conjunct ascendant couple is likely to never have to face.

Mutual inspiration

The ascendant partner is drawn to the passion and vitality of the Mars partner. Beyond sheer sexual attraction, the two are going to find each other mutually inspiring and motivational to be around, each encouraging the other to become the best version of themselves.

Mars is a very active energy, and so this couple is likely to be very active together. The two may engage in competitive sports or other activities that offer the opportunity for competition and conquest.

The Mars conjunct ascendant couple can really enjoy being at friendly war with each other on an ongoing basis. Their fights and the areas of life where they find themselves at odds with or in opposition to each other, are just as likely to become sources of dynamic tension as they are to become sources of distress.

Ego clashes

Perhaps because of their competitiveness with each other, Mars conjunct ascendant synastry couples do have a tendency to clash and can occasionally be quite harsh and unforgiving towards each other.

Both may be prone to following selfish desires and personal goals, even if they clash wit the needs of the relationship.

Final thoughts

A mars conjunct ascendant relationship is usually a joyous one – and it is certainly an intense affair.

Depending on the sum total of planetary aspects involved in the Mars conjunct ascendant synastry horoscope, here is a couple where each uplifts, inspires and desires the other.

The Mars conjunct ascendant relationship may not be perfect, but it has a lot of potential for mutual growth, adventure, spectacular sex, and dare I say it? True love.

If the Mars conjunct ascendant pairing can learn to find the right balance between competition and quarrel, and if they can work out their differences these two have the potential to become a power couple whose mutual attraction is going to keep them both together and in love.

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