Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry

The sun conjunct Mars synastry is one of the most interesting astrological pairings. There is never going to be a dull moment in this relationship – but there is not going to be much peace either.

The Sun conjunct Mars romance is a whirlwind of sexual attraction, ego clashes and competition. All in all, this is as both intense and volatile relationship.

A Sun-Mars conjunction in synastry represents time the couple spends together, their physical attraction and awareness of each other, their energy and their sexual preferences.

So, is a Sun conjunct Mars synastry purely challenging, or are there also positive aspects – beyond sex – that makes the connection worthwhile and hints that it has the potential to evolve into a stable and loving long-term relationship?

Is synastry the key to relationship success?

Synastry is a particular branch of astrology focused on determining romantic compatibility between two people.

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A professional astrologer is able to create a synastry chart by overlaying the two romantic partner’s birth charts, essentially combining them into one chart, which works as an astrological compatibility chart. Knowing how your planetary placements play off of your partner’s can prove an important unlock when it comes to understanding the unique strengths and challenges that attend your relationship.

Armed with this knowledge, you are much better equipped to make the relationship not only work, but grow and flourish.

It is important to keep in mind that there is much more to any romantic relationship than what can be deduced by an astrological chart, so don’t be too concerned if you have a synastry chart made and spot some challenging astrological aspects. Your astrological chart is an astrological roadmap – no more and no less. You and your partner still have free will and agency to navigate the unique potential and challenges you face as a couple. Having a roadmap just makes it easier.

Understand your relationship and your partner better, you are more likely to cultivate a thriving relationship, while steering clear of the pitfalls.

A chart is composed of these astrological aspects

Synastry reveals how yours and your partner’s planets and their energies align and either complement or contradict each other. The planets can appear in a number of different constellations, each with its own inherent significance.


A conjunction happens when two planets are perfectly aligned.

In the case of synastry, this means that a planet in one person’s natal chart is perfectly aligned with a planet in the other person’s chart. The Sun conjunct Mars synastry aspect is an example of this.

Conjunctions are generally considered to be auspicious aspects, though this depends on the planetary placements in the chart.


A trine aspect is when two planets appear at a 120 degree angle to each other. Astrological trines tend to indicate harmony and flow.


A square aspect is when two plants appear at a 90 degree angle to each other. Squares are often sources of conflict and tension, particularly in relationships when they appear between planets that are in the same mode, whether cardinal, fixed or mutable.


A sextile is when two plants appear 60 degrees apart. This astrological aspect is generally auspicious and harmonious, sharing many similarities with the trine aspect, though it typically requires more effort.

What does the Sun conjunct Mars aspect mean in synastry?

When the Sun and Mars are aligned perfectly in the synastry chart, it suggests a compelling high-octane level of raw and immediate physical attraction.

In the Sun conjunct Mars relationship, the two partners share a very strong physical bond, and tend to gain a lot of energy simply by being near each other. Whenever these two are in the same room, sparks fly and the air is laden with electricity.

The intensity of the Sun conjunct Mars connection can manifest in a number of different ways – both positive and negative.

While the Sun is a an unequivocally positive force and a source of vitality in astrology, it is also white-hot in its intensity, and can become blinding.

Mars is an equally intense energy, but attended by less obviously positive associations. While Mars also brings energy and vitality to the relationship – and a strong sense sexual attraction and longing – it is also an aggressive, competitive and forthright energy, which can prove a challenging presence in the romantic relationship.

What the Sun means in astrology

The Sun represents the core of truth about a person, which explains why your zodiac sign is also called your Sun sign.

Symbolically, the sun represents positivity, vitality, light, consciousness, hope, optimism and fortuitous outcomes. The light of the Sun is what forces shadows and uncertainties to retreat, and it is the warmth of the Sun that gives and sustain life. The Sun represents the radiant core of being – the self in perfect harmony and alignment.

Needless to say, the Sun is a key planet in astrology. Its placement and aspects to other planets reveals a lot about the personality.

Significance of the Sun in synastry

The Sun plays a significant role in synastry, where it means truth, honesty, openness, vitality, hope, optimism and joy.

Where the Sun is involved, there is always going to be happiness, attraction, creativity and liveliness – all qualities that are important in any relationship.

Because the Sun in astrology is a representation of the self, the Sun person is going to feel seen for who they really are in this connection – and nothing is more flattering or attractive than that. The Sun also suggests openness and honesty, and the intimacy that comes with that. The Sun indicates a willingness to open up and show the other person your true and unbridled self.

What Mars means in astrology

Mars is one of the seven classical planets used in Western astrology, and is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is the second smallest planet in the solar system, but don’t let that fool you for a second – Mars is intense and bursting with power, energy and vitality.

Mars takes its name from the Roman god of war and aggression. Mars is a very masculine force, its symbol ,♂, a circle with an arrow, easily recognisable as the pictograph representing the male gender. (Venus, in turn, represents femininity and the female gender). Mars is also associated with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, the horned ram.

Mars is a force of nature, as primal as nature itself. Mars is linked to assertiveness, aggression, vitality, virility, ego, action-taking, leadership, strength (both physical and otherwise), endurance, stubbornness and sexual urges.

Mars is a key planet in astrology, and its placement tells us much about what we truly desire and feel strongly about attaining in life.

Significance of Mars in synestry

Mars plays a big role in synastry, as the planet representing physical attraction and chemistry must.

Mars in synastry indicates that an unusually strong mutual, physical attraction exists between the romantic partners. This physical attain is one of the things that first draws and then keeps this couple together.

Of course, Mars might manifest itself in other ways than mere sexual compatibility. The Sun conjunct Mars couple tends to be very physically active. They may play competitive sports, hike or climb mountains together – anything that burns energy and lets off steam helps this couple stay not only fit, but also harmonious and away from each other’s throats.

Hallmarks of the Sun conjunct Mars synastry pairing

Every Sun conjunct Mars couple is unique and different from any other. Nevertheless, couples who share this astrological aspect are going to have certain things in common. Here they are.

Sexual desire

Whatever other challenges the Sun conjunct Mars couple may face, a lack of chemistry certainly isn’t it. In fact, the Sun conjunct Mars synastry aspect guarantees that these two are going to enjoy considerable passion throughout their relationship.

Chemistry is, perhaps, the primary glue that holds this relationship together. This couple likes to be active and physical, not least with each other.

Whenever the Sun-Mars synastry pair are facing a disagreement or conflict where neither is willing to back down for the sake of keeping the peace, the two can usually work out solutions in the bedroom.

This is not to say that there is anything shallow about the physical passion and intimacy that the Sun conjunct Mars synastry couple share, but merely that their physical connection is one of their ways of communicating with each other and finding mutual ground when they are not seeing eye to eye otherwise.


The Sun-Mars aspect means that a great deal of energy and inspiration attends this relationship. When the Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, it hints at a couple where both people inspire, uplift and encourage each other. This is one of the true strengths of this relationship.

The two partners also feed off of each other’s success and energy and use both to motivate and pull themselves upward. These two, when around each other, feel energised, inspired and motivated to become the very best versions of themselves. In this relationship, the fire and drive you see in the other person ignites your own drive and sense of ambition too. Just being around the other person propels you closer to your potential and your goals – they galvanise you with their support and by their own example.

Their ability to applaud each other’s successes and be inspired by them can prove one of the saving graces and bedrocks of this relationship.


Sun-Mars relationships are often as adventurous as they are physically active. This couple’s ability to inspire and ignite each other’s passion also comes to expression here.

Together, the two explore themselves, each other and the world, often travelling and exploring other parts of the world if they have the means. Going on adventures together, whether to distant locations, in their bedroom, or in their spiritual lives is one of the things that keeps this couple balanced and healthy.


Unfortunately, it isn’t all smooth sailing for the Sun and Mars couple. If these two are not careful, they may both slip into being too self-involved and competitive with each other, forgetting that they, as a couple, are on the same team.

There is a fine line between fun and playful competitiveness, which can have a positive effect on the relationship dynamic, and aggressive competition where one or both partners aren’t playing to play, but to win and dominate.

It would behoove people in Sun conjunct Mars synastry relationships to identify where that line goes for them and make sure they don’t cross it.


Conflicts and arguments have the potential to become the eventual downfall of the Sun conjunct Mars relationship.

In this pairing, both partners tend to be stubborn, proud, competitive, assertive and all too defensive. This means that when an argument ensues, neither is going to be willing to back down. In the heat of the moment, the lovers may forget who they are to each other and end up hurling insults and aggression at the other instead of talking things out like adults.

Depending on which astrological house the planets are in, the sense of aggression that this relationship dynamic is prone to takes on different forms. Not all arguments or conflicts are all-out and obvious. If, for example, the Sun person is a Cancer, the aggression may become more passive and emotional in nature – taking on the form of emotional blackmail and manipulation rather than yelling and door-slamming.

Either way, the potential for relationship discord when the Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry is explosive, and should be kept in check, lest it spread through the entire relationship with the destructive force of a forest fire.

Fortunately, knowing that Sun-Mars aspects in synastry are fiery and easily flammable means that you aren’t heading into this romance ill-prepared. You have some idea of what to expect, and may be able to find a way to work with your partner in order to bypass the potential pitfalls.

Final thoughts

One thing is certain: The Sun conjunct Mars synastry pairing is not boring. If you are looking for a relationship filled with adventure and high-octane chemistry, and where the partners mutually inspire and galvanise each other, the Sun conjunct Mars in synastry promises just that.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a quieter, more harmonious and stable connection where competition and opposition are less likely to be on the agenda, you have got your work cut out for you with this relationship.

That’s not to say you should not give it a chance. You may be deeply attracted to this person, and both of you may be mature enough to handle any turbulence admirable. It might just be worth it. Only you can adequately judge whether the reward is worth the risk.

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