Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

The Neptune conjunct ascendant synastry aspect is one of the most positive you can hope to find in the synastry chart for your romantic relationship.

If your Neptune is conjunct your partner’s ascendant, or vice versa, you are guaranteed a mutually inspiring romantic connection with plenty of room for growth, both romantically, practically and spiritually.

When things are going well in a Neptune-ascendant relationship, both partners have a way of bringing out the best in each other. Each partner might help coax and steer their lover toward their highest truth and potential. Each partner gives the other strength and confidence to stand in their own light and to share their gifts and vision with the world.

This is not to say that the Neptune-ascendant synastry pairing is all sunshine. There are areas where these two are likely to butt heads. For example, the ascendant person might view some of their Neptune partner’s attitudes, beliefs or priorities as unrealistic, unfocused and difficult to understand. The Neptune person, on the other hand, might find their ascendant partner annoyingly rigid and stern.

For the most part, though, Neptune in conjunction with ascendant synastry aspects are signs of deep and lasting bonds in romantic couples.

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All in all, this pairing ensures a never-boring, ever-changing, ultimately transformative union.

What it means when your Neptune is conjunct your partner’s ascendant in the synastry chart

Synastry is an area of astrology dedicated to looking at romantic compatibility and potential between two people.

A synastry chart is made by overlaying two people’s birth charts with each other, essentially forming one synastry chart. The synastry chart reveals how yours and your partner’s planets interact with each other.

Most likely, there are going to be a mix of soft and hard aspects between yours and your partners planets. An aspect in astrology is the angle one planet makes to another in the astrological chart. While some angles, sometimes called soft aspects, indicate an easy and harmonious interplay of energy between the two planets in question, other angles, called hard aspects, indicate energetic blockades or downright disharmony.

Soft aspects include the trine, the sextile and the semi-sextile, while opposition, square and semi-square are hard aspects.

The conjunction is neither a soft or hard aspect. It is, however, considered to be the strongest astrological aspect of them all, but whether its influence on the astrological chart is mostly positive or mostly negative depends entirely on which planets are involved, and on whether the energies of these planets complement or push against each other.

When two planets are perfectly aligned with each other in the same astrological house, they are said to be conjunct, an aspect that is very easy to spot when you are looking at an individual person’s or a couple’s astrological chart.

In this case, we are looking at a conjunct aspect between one romantic partner’s Neptune and the other partner’s ascendant.

It is important to understand that the exact dynamic of this relationship is going to be powerfully influenced by the interplay between Neptune and the ascendant. Of course, which star sign the ascendant is also has great significance, as Neptune is going to interact differently with different planetary rulers.

Let us for example say that your romantic partner is an Aries, the fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. The synastry conjunction would be between Neptune and Mars, two energies that are polar opposites of each other. This would surely make for a very interesting mix, but could also prove a challenge for both partners.

If, on the other hand, your partner is a Capricorn, the earth sign ruled by Saturn, you will be dealing with an entirely different kettle of fish. The interplay between Mars and Saturn could easily prove explosive.

Finally, let us say that your partner is a Pisces, the water sign ruled by Neptune. Now you have an interplay between yours and your partner’s Neptunes, which could make for an incredibly deep spiritual connection and a desire to share adventures and pursue dreams together.

Neptune in synastry

Neptune is the planet of imagination, dreams and change through spirituality, named after the Roman god of the sea and more specifically, of fresh water.

In astrology, Neptune represents imagination, vision, dreams and spiritual development. Neptune governs intuition and psychic perceptions, and people who are very in tune with their Neptune tend to be very open and receptive to receiving psychic impressions and picking up subtle information. Neptune is an important planet for creativity and the ability to dream, imagine and envision.

However, Neptune also has a flip side. When Neptune is at its worst, it is the planet of deceit, trickery, unreality, and even addiction.

Characteristics of the Neptune conjunct ascendant relationship

It goes without saying that every relationship is unique – and yet, if you are in a relationship where your partner’s Neptune is in conjunction with your ascendant , or the other way around, you are likely to face these particular experiences and potential pitfalls as a couple.

Looking at the synastry chart for your relationship can give you much longed-for awareness of its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge you are going to be much better equipped to navigate your relationship.

There is a spiritual connection

Many positive things can be said about the Neptune in conjunction with ascendant aspect, and this is one of them. When the Neptune person and the ascendant person first meet, they each strike a chord in each other’s soul. This happens right away, and a deep bond immediately begins to grow between them. Their connection seems fated.

When the Neptune and the ascendant person are getting to know each other, the process feels more like rediscovering a long-lost soulmate than it does making a new one.

The pair are drawn together by a combination of curiosity, desire for one another, and that strange feeling of spiritual recognition. It is as if both partners sense that the other holds ad vital piece of their respective life puzzles.All in all, the pull is immediate, strong and irresistible.

They’re in tune

One of the most fortunate characteristics of Neptune-ascendant relationships is that the partners are effortlessly in tune. It seems to everyone else around them that the two share a rare and enviable psychic connection.

These two almost always know what the other is thinking, how they are feeling and what they desires are at any given point in time. This can sometimes even eliminate the need for prolonged discussions, and these two are perfectly at ease around each other without uttering a word.

The pair may challenge each other psychologically

Profound as their connection is, this pair may also challenge, push and get on each other’s nerves at times.

While the two are sublimely compatible both physically, mentally and spiritually, they may also discover areas where they clash and disagree. Where those areas of contention are to be found within the relationship is highly dependent on what the ascendant partner’s ascendant is. Not all planets play equally well with Neptune, after all.

A typical bone of contention between the Neptune person and the ascendant person is that Neptune can be too caught up in dreams and in their own imagination. Sometimes, they may lack action, and what action they do take might lack purpose and a clear sense of direction. This can really irritate the ascendant partner, who may be much more well-structured and considerably more down to earth.

By the same token, the Neptune partner may view their ascendant lover as somewhat rigid, unimaginative and resistant to change.

It’s transcendent

While the pair may rile each other up at times, their clashes are likely to be infrequent and to pale in comparison with how much good these do each other.

The Neptune person of the pair can have a tendency to become floaty and unfocused, despite their expansive thinking and big visions. Their ascendant partner may help bring them a little more down to earth and help them get more practical and organised in ways that are wholly constructive.

The ascendant person, on the other hand, can be positively influenced by their Neptune partner’s influence and ability to dream big. Some of Neptune’s visionary thinking and novel approach to life is inevitably going to rub off on their ascendant partner and help them transcend some of their limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations.

If you are the Neptune person in the relationship

If you are the Neptune person in this pairing, your ascendant partner is going to prove an important catalyst for your personal growth – you sense this innately, and it is one of the many reasons why you are so drawn to the ascendant person.

If not kept in check, Neptune can float further and further away from reality. If you are in a relationship where your Neptune is in conjunction with your partner’s ascendant, you can be sure that your Neptune is being kept in check. In fact, it is engaged in a constant dance with your partner’s ascendant.

As the Neptune person of the pair, your ascendant partner is going to help you become more grounded and focused. Sometimes, you may find them too earthbound, but overall, their stability can prove a vital unlock for your own growth and development, as being more realistic and focused on your goals can help you achieve them much faster than you would have otherwise, if at all.

If you are the ascendant person in the relationship

If you are the ascendant person in the couple, your Neptune parter is going to have a profound impact on your spiritual development. The precise nature of your Neptune partner’s influence is going to depend somewhat on what your ascendant is.

Your Neptune partner can really open your eyes to the spiritual realm, and might even help you uncover more of your true self, your innermost purpose and potential.

Most likely, your Neptune partner is going to have a way of encouraging you to entertain your biggest and boldest dreams and aspirations – dreams and aspirations that you, left to your own devises, might be include to write off as unattainable and beyond your reach.

Your Neptune partner’s belief in you and your potential makes you believe more in yourself. In their company, you are comfortable sharing your wildest ideas without restraint or self-censorship. Sure, you might never take action on even half of them, but the freedom to express what comes to your mind is one of the signs of a successful relationship.

Final thoughts

All in all, the Neptune in conjunction with ascendant pairing is one of the more auspicious astrological aspects you could hope to find in yours and your partner’s shared astrological chart.

Conjunctions are known to be the most potent aspects in astrology – for better or for worse, depending on the planetary energies involved. In the case of Neptune in conjunction with your partner’s ascendant, or your partner’s Neptune in conjunction with yours, an interesting interplay of planetary energies is bound to become a defining feature of the relationship.

Neptune with ascendant relationships have great potential, and they often last. The bond and interplay between Neptune and ascendant is likely to keep both partners engaged and intrigued by each other for the long haul. In other words, Neptune with ascendant relationships very rarely grow stale or uninteresting.

Having said that, this pairing is not entirely without its challenges. These challenges may be negligible or considerable, depending on the ascendant person’s ascendant.

If you are contemplating a relationship where a Neptune in conjunction with ascendant synastry aspect is part of the deal, the prospects are promising and compelling. If you are looking for a long-term relationship and a strong and lasting bond, this pairing has that potential.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. A synastry chart can prove an important tool that can help you navigate in the sometimes confusing landscape of a romantic connection, but the stars can only guide you, not make choices and decisions for you. What would be the fun in that, anyway?

It is our ability to make decisions and to navigate our lives and the relationships we form with other people freely that give life its meaning. The most important thing is that you trust your own feelings and your intuition, and what they are telling you about the potential of this union.

If it were only up to the stars, though, it looks like they would say yes to the beguiling combination of Neptune and ascendant.

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