Mars Conjunct Descendant Synastry

When you see a Mars conjunct Descendant synastry aspect in your and your partner’s composite chart, what does it mean?

It’s not always easy to understand why we feel so irrationally and irresistibly attracted to certain people, like a spell that is difficult to undo.

If you are experiencing this feeling with a romantic interest, I recommend you look at your synastry chart and see what aspects you have with Mars. This planet represents the desire and passion between two people. It helps us understand why we can’t seem to break away from each other, even if we constantly argue over trivialities.

Read on and discover the meaning of Mars conjunct descending synastry.

What is a synastry chart?

Synastry or relationship astrology is a practice that studies the interaction between two individuals. Each person is born with a personal natal chart that stamps the zodiac signs planets’ energies on their character. All the planets and luminaries in our natal charts, as well as their positions and aspects, are personal to each person.

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When we interact with other people and build a relationship, the distinctive energies of each birth chart create a unique dynamic with their vibrancy, resulting in a complex and unique interplay.

Most people only consider the Sun Sign compatibility to discover if two people will have a thriving relationship. While these comparisons are valuable, they are also very general and vague since other astrological factors are involved when studying the compatibility of two individuals.

Synastry charts are complex, but they shed light on our interactions and help us navigate our relationships more effectively.

Mars in Astrology

Mars represents action, passion, and courage. This planet rules the Aries zodiac sign, in addition to being the ruler of Scorpio in traditional astrology. It controls survival instincts, aggression, drive, and overall energy. Mars has very masculine energy since it’s the opposite of Venus, the planet of love, aesthetics, and relationships.

If you notice a prominent Mars in your birth chart, you probably have a very passionate and assertive personality, and experience heightened energy levels. You are also courageous, ambitious, and independent, although you can become aggressive when things don’t go as you like.

Mars is an important planet to consider when looking for physical attraction and sexual compatibility. This planet aspects in synastry suggest that physical intimacy plays a vital role in the dynamic of two individuals, and the relationship is built by a strong sexual desire.

Mars energy in synastry determines sexual urges and desire. It reveals our instinctive essence, an animal appetite for sex and physical contact. While Venus rules romantic compatibility, Mars in synastry doesn’t suggest the condition to be forever with the person we like. But strong Mars aspects will benefit or hinder the bond, primarily in the intimacy of the bedroom.

When Mars takes the main role in a romantic association, sex becomes very satisfying. But if its aspects are challenging, the couple might experience constant tension and fighting. Conflicts don’t bring people together, but at least they are invigorating and keep the spark of the relationship alive. If Saturn is not involved, arguments and fights lead to sex and a satisfying emotional expression of their desires.

The Descendant in Astrology

Your Descendant is found in the 7th House of the zodiac wheel, on the opposite side of the Ascendant. It displays those qualities that we long for or even admire in someone else, especially our romantic interests.

The characteristics of our descendants appeal to us because we don’t recognize them in ourselves. That is why we tend to choose partners with these personality traits so that we can feel that we share them with them.

Mars Conjunct Descendant Synastry

Mars aspects in synastry indicate strong physical attraction, desire, motivation, and enthusiasm. Depending on how they are aspected, they can result in an encouraging relationship or one filled with conflict and power struggles.

Below, we will look at this synastry position’s positive and negative aspects.

Positive consequences of Mars Descendant synastry

If someone’s Mars opposites another person’s Descendant or conjuncts their ascendant, they are immediately drawn to them and feel an instant attraction. 

Mars straightforward character can be flattering to the Descendant person. At the same time, the Mars person loves how the Descendant person deals with their social interactions. 

There are a lot of things that inspire these two individuals and encourage each other to grow.

The Descendant person feels boosted and filled with vitality when spending time with their Mars partner, and the Mars person becomes more mindful of their impulsive reactions and urges. They share an intense sexual connection and physical attraction and never get tired of each other’s company.

This synastry aspect indicates a lively and enthusiastic couple. The Mars person drives the Ascendant person to achieve their goals, making them feel touched and value the Mars person’s belief in them.

When someone’s Mars opposes their partner’s Ascendant (or conjuncts their Descendant), they share the same goals and desires, allowing their individuality to be expressed with strength and enthusiasm. They are likely to engage in healthy competition to step out of their comfort zone and experience new developments in their lives.

If it is well respected, this synastry position is favorable for business, professional, or other collaborations that require ambition and energetic action.

Negative consequences of Mars Descendant synastry

On the downside, some conflicts might lead to arguments and power play. The Mars person may attempt to take charge of the relationship, and this authoritative aspect of their personality will irritate the Ascendant person.

The truth is that the Ascendant person always puts the Mars person first and considers them in all their plans, while the Mars person is more independent and makes decisions based on their needs without asking their partner how they feel about it. The Ascendant person feels neglected but, at the same time, finds it difficult to stand up for their rights in this relationship.

At the same time, the Mars person can become irritated or impatient by the indecisive and passive character of the Descendant person. The Mars person wishes their partner could be more independent and assertive or take less time making up their minds about trivial, everyday situations.

When problems arise, both partners deal with them very differently, which could lead to ego clashes and a lack of cooperation. In addition, the Mars person could also drive the Descendant person to impulsive and reckless actions.

Other Descendant synastry aspects


In this relationship, the Moon person gives the Descendant person the emotional support they always craved for. The Descendant person feels genuinely heard and emotionally comfortable. The Moon person has a strong intuition about what the Descendant person needs, making them feel needed and appreciated.

The Descendant person searches the company of the Moon person as they feel comfortable to open up about issues they were afraid to tap in before. However, they should be aware of developing a co-dependent bond, leading them to fear separation.


The Mercury person stimulated new and progressive ideas for the Descendant person, helping them broaden their horizons and change their perspectives on people and the world we live in. 

These couple loves to engage in cultural or intellectual activities, although the Descendant person can feel offended by the Mercury person’s opinions. But most of the time, the way the Mercury person perceives the world results attractive to the Descendant person.


This could be a fruitful relationship since the Venus person shows affection just how the Descendant person likes it. At the same time, the Venus person handles social affairs in a way that the Descendant person finds appealing. 

Both partners are deeply concerned about each other’s well-being and strive to please each other in every one of their actions and decisions.


This relationship can be very rewarding since the Saturn person leads the Descendant person to mature and sharpen their character. 

They will remind them to do their shadow work and lead them to take responsibility for this connection and ensure a lasting bond. However, the Saturn person might act as a parent to the Descendant person who ends up feeling restricted and uncomfortable.


In this aspect, the Uranus person motivates the Descendant person to be authentic without fear of what others say. At first, the Descendant person feels uncomfortable going out in public with their partner because they tend to be eccentric and unconventional. But as time goes by, he Descendant person learns to appreciate this trait of their character and value their courage.

The Descendant person should practice flexibility and allow the Uranus person to have the freedom and independence they need. If the two maintain a healthy communication, they can develop a stable and lasting bond.


This relationship is very intense and revealing. The Pluto person can see right through the facade of the Descendant person and encourage them to face their fears to become a more evolved person. 

This bond can evoke a lot of suppressed emotions on behalf of the Descendant person, but they will learn to connect on a more intimate level with their Pluto partner.

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