Pluto Conjunct Sun Synastry

What kind of effect does a Pluto conjunct Sun synastry aspect have on a relationship?

Pluto is an intense and intriguing planet, with a hint of darkness and danger. Pluto is deep, mysterious and fierce in its ambition. If you have a Pluto aspect in your personal natal chart, you are likely to be a highly ambitious and intense individual.

When Pluto appears in synastry, it adds depth, passion and volatility to the relationship. Connections that involve Pluto are never boring, or tranquil. Pluto guarantees adventure, excitement, and challenges. Pluto also has a possessive side, which may unfold fully under the influence of romance.

The Sun is the centre of the universe, and of the individual birth chart. The Sun represents the core of self, the personality. The Sun also signifies confidence, optimism, joy, vibrancy and healing.

When the Sun and Pluto come together in a conjunction – meaning that they are perfectly aligned with each other in the natal chart – each intensifies and feeds off of the energy of the other. As a result, both planetary forces are amped up, and their influence on the person or the relationship is immense.

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An interesting facet of the Pluto conjunct Sun synastry relationship is that the two partners tend to resist each other and deny their mutual attraction at first. This is because both partners sense, on an intuitive level, that this relationship is going to be both impassioned and transformational.

What happens, then, when the Pluto person and the Sun person enter into a relationship together? Keep reading to find out.

The art of relationship astrology

Synastry is the art of relationship astrology.

In synastry, the compatibility of two people can be determined by overlaying one person’s natal chart with the other’s and looking at where the different planets fall and how they are positioned in relation to each other. These positions are called aspects.

Most synastry charts are going to contain numerous different aspects, some indicating an easy and harmonious flow of energy and other suggesting hardships.

It is important to keep in mind that one good or bad aspect doesn’t make or break a relationship. The relationship entails numerous aspects, and hopefully the balance skews towards more positive aspects than negative ones. Even if it doesn’t, the two people involved still have their free will and can make what they will of what they have been given to work with.

Pluto in synastry

Pluto is the planetary ruler of the Scorpio star sign, which, if you have a cursory knowledge of astrology, tells you a lot about what Pluto stands for.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, ego death and rebirth. It’s energy is sizzling, dramatic and feverish. Pluto is a rebellious and lively force, pushing against boundaries and breaking down old structures in order to make way for something new in their place. While Pluto may not be the easiest energy to deal with – whether in individual astrology or synastry – it is certainly interesting and magnetic.

In the Tarot, the energies of Pluto are channeled through the Death card, which represents the necessary but often painful shedding of the ego and of outmoded beliefs and ways of being.

When Pluto is involved in the synastry chart, the relationship is said to be Plutonian (not to be confused with platonic). A Plutonian relationship is characterised by magnetic sexual attraction, deep level attraction, and a desire so white-hot it may border on obsession.

A Plutonian relationship leaves both partners forever transformed, wether their romantic connection lasts or not.

The Sun in synastry

The Sun represents the conscious self, as well as the innermost core of personal truth and being, with the Moon representing the other side of the equation, the unconscious self.

The Sun sign is the most important aspect of an individual’s birth chart. Knowing what someone’s Sun sign is doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about them, but it does tell you a great deal.

In the Tarot, the energy of the Sun is expressed by the Sun card, depicting and infant riding a white horse. The Sun means triumph, innocence, youth and potential.

When your Sun is aspected to any of your partner’s planets in synastry, you are going to feel drawn to the other person by incredible force.

A Sun-aspected relationship is inevitably a passionate connection, attended by powerful emotions. A Sun-aspected relationship is also often one where both partners seek to create a safe space for personal growth and expression.

Other Sun-Pluto aspects

Sun conjunct Pluto isn’t the only Sun-Pluto aspect you might find in a synastry chart.

In order to better understand the Sun conjunct Pluto synastry aspect, let us take a quick look at some of the other possible Sun-Pluto aspects.

Sun opposition Pluto

When one planet or celestial body is located directly across from another in the chart, they are said to be in opposition.

When the Sun is opposite Pluto, the two planets are locking horns with each other and exerting constant pressure on each other. This is cana be a particularly hard aspect as it leads to constant power struggles – something that the Sun conjunct Pluto relationship is also prone to.

Sun sextile Pluto

When two celestial bodes are positioned at a 60 degree angle to each other in the chart, they form a sextile.

Sextile are probably the most gentle synastry aspects, as they ensure a calm flow of energy between the Sun and Pluto. While the sextile aspect doesn’t diffuse any of the intensity and passion of the Sun-Pluto relationship, it helps steer the pair away from some of the potential downsides to the relationship, such as power games and nasty arguments.

Sun square Pluto

The Square is another hard aspect in synastry. Squares are formed when celestial bodies are positioned at 90 degree angles to each other in the chart.

When the Sun is square Pluto, the dark intensity of the relationship is exaggerated and drawn out i full force.

Sun trine Pluto

A trine aspect happens when two planets form a 120 degreased angle to each other in the chart.

If one partner’s Sun forms a trine to the other partner’s Pluto, the result is a lively and positive exchange of energy between the two planets.

Characteristics of the Sun conjunct Pluto synastry relationship

What are the hallmarks of the Sun conjunct Pluto relationship?

Of course, every Sun conjunct Pluto relationship is its own unique entity, but if you and your partner share a Sun conjunct Pluto synastry aspect, you are likely to experience the following.

Sun-Pluto is a karmic aspect

When the Sun person and the Pluto person first meet, they feel drawn to each other on a deep, intuitive level. There may even be a sense of mutual recognition between them, as if they have known each other in a past life.

They two may feel threatened by the intensity of their mutual attraction, but they are usually unable to resist each other for long.

Once the Sun person and the Pluto person have become an item, they are going to share a strong attachment – one that may work as a catalyst for the personal and spiritual evolution of both.

When a couple share a karmic connection, it means that they both have vital lessons to teach and learn from teach other. A karmic connection is always transformative – and never easy.

The sexual attraction is unbelievable

Whenever Pluto shows up in a synastry aspect, there is going to be an absolutely intense physical attraction between the people involved.

There is a dark side to Pluto, and one of the things that resides there is pure, unrestrained, raw and intense sexuality. Couples that have a Plutonian aspect in their shared synastry chart tend to be very physical with each other, and willing to share and explore their deepest desires and fantasies together.

Our sexuality is part of our true selves, and in the Sun-Pluto relationship, the two partners often peel away the layers until they are able to fully reveal themselves in their raw and unfiltered forms.

Watch out for power struggles and emotional chaos

The emotional intensity that characterises the Sun conjunct Pluto relationship can be a curse as much as a blessing.

Inevitably, Pluto feels a need to dominate and control. The Sun person is unlikely to accept this without putting up a fight. The two may find a fragile truce, only to fall into arguments and drama once again.

The Scorpio-Sun connection is guaranteed to included at least a modicum of power struggle and difficult emotions between the partners.

These two may be twin flames

The Sun person and the Pluto person, despite their differences, are like peas in a pod. They are connected on the deepest level, and are going to find it almost impossible to part ways.

The Sun conjunct Pluto relationship may just last, since the two will never run out of mutual fascination, attraction and soulful lessons to share with each other.

The Pluto person in the relationship

The Pluto person is drawn to the Sun persons vitality, confidence and radiance. It is as if they want to warm themselves in the light of their partner’s Sun.

The Pluto person is likely to be the most intense, pushing the Sun person to transform and expand their personality and their comfort zone.

On the flip side, the Pluto person may have a tendency to become possessive, and they may even nurture a bit of an obsession with their Sun partner. This can cause jealousy and conflict, so any toxic tendencies are important toad dress and diffuse if this is to remain a healthy relationship.

The Sun person in the relationship

It takes a lot to hold the Pluto person’s attention, but the Sun person has got what is required: Charisma, confidence, optimism in spades.

The Sun person, in turn, is attracted to the Pluto person’s intense and mysterious aura. The Sun person also senses that the Pluto person has something they need – something that will help push them to step more fully into their own power.

Together, the Sun and the Pluto person dive deep, making this a powerfully transformative relationship.

So, what’s the verdict?

There can be no doubt; the Sun conjunct Pluto synastry relationship is intense and highly transformative. Neither partner is going to be the same when they leave this relationship as they were when they entered into it. That’s assuming they ever leave at all.

This couple are connected on deeper levels that either is likely to have been connected to any previous romantic partner, which can be both frightening, and incredibly exciting.

Despite its propensity for power struggles and drama, the Sun conjunct Pluto relationship also has potential to turn into a lasting bond. Whether it does, or whether the union disintegrates in chaos, jealousy, obsession and drama is entirely up to the two people involved.

If this couple can withstand the inevitable turbulence that this particularly thrilling astrology conjunction entails, they stand to gain much more from their romance than a brief and forgettable fling. Here is a couple that may last for life – with some work and dedication needed to sustain the ongoing health of the relationship.

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