Mars Trine Pluto Synastry

What does the Mars trine Pluto synastry aspect mean for your relationship?

Mars and Pluto are celestial bodies to be reckoned with. Similar in some ways and different in others, when Mars and Pluto come together in synastry, the result is bound to be explosive – for better, and for worse.

The intensity and the chemistry between people who share a Mars trine Pluto synastry aspect are undeniable. Together, the two are very active, ambitious and able to conjure up the fire and passion in each other. The chemistry between these two is going to be off the charts, and if there is one problem this pair is unlikely to face, it is a boring sex life.

But as exciting as this synastry pairing is, there is inevitably going to be times where the Mars person and the Pluto person clash and fight.

Mars and Pluto are two celestial bodies that can be challenging to contain – individually, let alone when they come together in synastry. When any two planets share a trine configuration, they are going to be engaged in a constant and lively exchange of energy and communication. With two high-powered planets like Mars and Pluto, at least some of that energy flow is going to be combative.

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So, what is the verdict? Is a relationship with a Mars trine Pluto synastry formation worth pursuing, and does this romance have the potential to grow into a long-term bond? Keep reading to learn more.

What Mars means in the natal chart

Taking its name from the Roman god of warfare, Mars is the planet of fire, desire, anger, courage and passion. It’s primal energy is an incredibly intense force that can be difficult to direct, much less control.

Mars is associated with the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. Aries is the cardinal fire sign, known for its leadership qualities, confidence and charisma. Scorpion, meanwhile, is the fixed water sign of the zodiac, renowned for its mysterious and passionate nature.

Mars itself is a force of nature, a bonfire burning bright. Mars can be an incredible creative force, when channeled and positioned well in relation to other planets. When Mars appears in a negative configuration, such as an opposition or a square, its intensity and fire can prove detrimental and destructive.

When it comes to questions of love, romance and relationships, Mars is an important planet to look for as it indicates sexual drive, attraction and the desire to conquer and possess.

What Pluto means in the natal chart

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, change and transgression. Pluto is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio, and with the 8th astrological house. Pluto signifies change and transformation, boundary-breaking, exploration and transgression. It’s energy is always shifting, breaking down old structures, and challenging outmoded beliefs and behaviours.

Pluto is also associated with the Death Major Arcana card in the Tarot. The Death card represents the inevitability of endings, so that something new can be reborn, the same way that leaves wither and die in the autumn, only for the trees to sprout new buds in spring.

Pluto is an important planet to look for in a couple’s composite chart, as it instigates transformation, discovery and growth within a romantic union. Pluto is a source of drama and excitement in romance, but can also be a destructive and stabilising force.

Other Mars-Pluto aspects

Aspects in astrology are the angles at which planets are positioned to each other in the cart. Aspects can be divided roughly into soft and hard aspects.

Saying that a configuration is soft or hard is not the same as saying that it is good or bad. Rather, some synastry aspects are simply easier and more effortless while others are filled with tension.

When you are looking at yours and your partner’s composite chart – created by the astrologer or astrological software by overlaying your two natal charts with each other – you are likely to see a mix of aspects, some soft and some hard. One positive combination is not enough to build a lasting relationship on, just as one challenging configuration is rarely enough to take an otherwise promising romantic union apart.

In order to be able to compare and contrast, let us take a brief look at the other possible Mars-Pluto aspects that you might find in yours and your partner’s shared chart.

Mars conjunct Pluto

The conjunction is generally considered to be the most powerful and often the most harmonious formation in synastry. When celestial bodies are perfectly aligned with each other in the birth chart, they are in conjunction.

In conjunctions, planets amplify and vibe off of each other’s energy. In the case of Mars conjunct Pluto, the result would be truly potent. The energies of both planets would be turned all the way up. The Mars conjunct Pluto connection is the most explosive, most heady, most intense Mars-Pluto connection you might find in yours and your partner’s shared chart.

Mars opposition Pluto

When two celestial bodies are positioned directly opposite each other in the chart, they are in opposition to each other.

An opposition is a hard aspect, bound to cause tension as the planets involved are in a permanent gridlock. Mars opposition Pluto would create tremendous tension between Mars and Pluto. While it might prove interesting on a sexual level, Mars opposition Pluto would be a truly contentious aspect to deal with in a long-term romantic union.

Mars sextile Pluto

A sextile in astrology is when planets are angled at 60 degrees to each other.

Mars sextile Pluto creates a gentle and even flow of energy between the planets, without diffusing any of their raw power. In and of itself, the sextile is a constructive formation, but with Mars and Pluto in the picture, the combination gains a little more bite.

Mars square Pluto

A square is when celestial bodies are positioned at a 90 degree angle to each other.

How long does Mars square Pluto last? The Mars square Pluto transit only lasts a few days at a time, which is quite fortunate, as this combination can be so frightening in its intensity. When celestial bodies are engaged in a square configuration, their energies are pushing against each other, each trying to overpower the other. When it comes to such powerful forces as Mars and Pluto, that is the last thing you want.

Mars trine Pluto

Last but not least on this list, we have the trine aspect. A trine comes about when celestial bodies are angled at 120 degrees to each other.

The trine is one of the most harmonious aspects, which is fortunate given the intense nature of the celestial bodies involved here, Mars and Pluto. In the Mars trine Pluto synastry relationship, the planets have a soulful attachment

Characteristics of the Mars trine Pluto aspect in synastry

Every romance is unique – but if you and your partner’s composite chart includes a Mars trine Pluto configuration, the two of you are highly likely to come across these specific experiences and challenges in your relationship.

The chemistry is insane

Mars and Pluto are both physical, action-oriented and intense planets, so when the two are drawn together in an intense aspect in synastry, the physical chemistry and sexual attraction sshared by the two people involved is going to be on another level.

The sexual element is likely one of the things that brings and binds this couple together. The two are more than willing to share and explore their sexual desires with each other. When they are together, this couple may experience more freedom and confidence in their own skin than either of them have in previous relationships.

The sexual component to their relationship can make both partners become almost addicted to each other, as they crave who they become in the other’s company and believe that they can only feel satisfied and complete when they are together.

There will be power struggles

Power struggles are inevitable in the Mars conjunct Pluto relationship.

The Mars person is driven by their strong will and desire for success and dominance. The Pluto person is highly individualistic and does not like to be controlled or told what to do. When these two clash, sparks fly.

Because of the intensity of their union, both may fear betrayal or abandonment. This can cause either or both to lash out or resort to manipulation tactics in order to rain control over their partner.

The seeds of mistrust that almost inevitably exist in the Mars-Pluto relationship can all too easily grow into uncontrollable, carnivorous plants.

The Mars person in the relationship

The Mars person in this union is going to bring a lot of fire and passion to the table. They also bring a short fuse, and a desire to be in charge – something which is unlikely to sit well wth their independent Pluto partner.

The Mars person is extremely physical, both sexually and otherwise. Mars is competitive, and if they manage to channel their fire constructively within the relationship, they may introduce their Pluto partner to new sports and other physical activities the the two of them can share and enjoy as a couple.

Physical activities can prove a valuable pressure valve in the Mars-Pluto relationship by enabling the lovers to blow off steam and work out some of their differences in ways that are more likely to bond them closer together than to result in shouting matches and door-slamming.

The Pluto person in the relationship

The Pluto person’s scorpionic attitude may lead to control issues, where they try to dominate their more overtly domineering Mars partner in subtle ways. Pluto, in particular, also has a tendency to become jealous sand possessive, and they may lash out not only at their Mars partner but at other people if they feel that it is merited in order to protect their relationship.

On the plus side, the Pluto person is expert at finding creative solutions and proffering positive changes on their hot-headed Mars lover. If the Pluto person channels their desire to challenge and explore is well tempered, they have the ability to open the mind of their Mars partner and to initiate them into new experiences and adventures that they would have never even thought of undertaking on their own.

A final word

Mars trine Pluto is an incredibly powerful aspect, guaranteeing an exciting, lively and intensely physical relationship.

There is never going to be a dull moment in the Mars-Pluto synastry relationship, but there is never going to be a moment of peace of standstill either. This may or may not be exactly what you are looking for in a romantic union.

The Mars-Pluto relationship definitely comes with its challenges, but if the two people involved are willing to find healthy and constructive ways of hashing out their differences, disagreements and jealous and possessive tendencies, an intensely powerful bond may emerge and grow between them.

Fortunately, the trine configuration ensures an easy flow of energy and communication between Mars and Pluto, so in this case, the aspect itself softens an otherwise searingly intense connection.

Finally, it is important to be mindful of the fact that one single aspect neither makes or breaks a romantic relationship. Whether your relationship is going to work out and flourish in the long run is always going to depend on the sum total of the different aspects that you and your partner’s composite chart contains.

And of course, you must always consult the highest of all authorities when it comes to questions of love and romance – your own heart and intuition.

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