North Node Conjunct Venus Synastry

A North Node conjunct Venus aspect in synastry makes for a deeply attracted pair, but does not necessarily have the makings of a long-term relationship. This, however, is completely up to the two people involved and their desire to make their romantic connection last.

Synastry is the branch within astrology where two people’s romantic compatibility is determined by overlaying their natal charts and looking at the interplay between the different planetary positions.

While some planetary aspects are more obviously positive or challenging, it is impossible to judge the sum total of the relationship’s potential based purely on the synastry chart. Nevertheless, synastry is an incredibly useful tool when you want to analyse either a new or existing relationship. Synastry can help explain why you and your romantic partner might be facing particular challenges in your relationship, as well as give clues about how these can be embraced or resolved.

The North Node conjunct Venus relationship draws the romantic partners together as if magnetic force, while also presenting them with a number of challenges. In order for this romantic connection to work, both partners are going to have to transcend their comfort zone and be willing to embrace the unknown and the unexpected.

The North Node conjunct Venus relationship is one of those karmic relationships that start off with instant affection and mutual attraction. This initial attraction soon flings the doors to personal growth and self-development wide open.

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Is a North node conjunct Venus relationship worth pursuing? Keep reading.

What is North Node conjunct Venus synastry?

A conjunction happens when two planetary aspects align perfectly with each other in the natal chart.

Synastry is a branch of astrology where a compatibility chart is created by overlaying two people’s birth charts. This allows the professional astrologer to see how the various planetary energies of the two people’s natal charts interact – where they flow as well as where they create obstacles and opposition.

In synastry, a North Node conjunct Venus aspect means that one partner’s North Node aligns precisely with the other person’s Venus.

What does the North Node mean in astrology?

The North Node is extremely significant in astrology. The North Node is not one of the original eight planets traditionally used in astrology, but is one of the newer additions to the art of reading the skies.

The North Node represents nothing less than the soul’s mission in this lifetime. Knowing the position of the North Node in your own or in another person’s birth chart is going to tell you a lot about what drives and motivates this person, even if it is partially or completely subconscious. The North Node describes what you truly desire to do in life, on the deepest soul level.

The North Node also represents the unknown, the unexplored, the blank page. It means that anything can happen, and that you cannot know what to expect. When dealing with the North Node, you are going to surprise yourself as you grow and go beyond your perceived limits and discover that you are such more than you thought you were.

What does the South Node mean in astrology?

Together, the North Node and the South Node are known as the lunar nodes in astrology.

Whereas the North Node represents the qualities and energies you should strive to embody and express in this lifetime, the South Node represents the traits and energies you would do well to shed and transcend.

The South Node directly correlates with the North Node in the natal chart, and energetically, the two are like opposite ends of a magnet.

How important is the North Node in synastry?

The North Node is an important astrological aspect to look for in astrology, and should be a major focus when looking at a synastry chart.

A romantic relationship where your North Node is aspected to the other person’s Venus is bound to be intense and forgettable – everything that hits your North Node hits a deep, soul-level nerve.

The North Node is your desire for transformation and evolution as a spiritual being. It is likely that a North Node conjunct Venus relationship is going to work as a catalyst for powerful spiritual growth for both people involved, but perhaps particularly for the North Node person.

This can seem frightening and challenging, as this romantic connection demands that you open yourself up more than you ever have before in order to expose your deepest dreams, desires and personality.

Despite the fact that the North Node represents that which our souls long for more than anything else – or perhaps exactly because of it – the North Node can also represent a part of ourselves and our lives that we resist surrendering to. After all, what could be more daunting than facing and shouldering our true purpose in life, or revealing our true selves?

What does Venus mean in astrology?

Venus is one of the seven classical planets in astrology and is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus.

Venus is also the name of the Roman goddess of love and beauty. As such, Venus is associated with love, romance, beauty, luxury, indulgence, art, abundance, wealth and pleasure. Venus governs courtship, adoration, lovemaking and the love of love itself – as well as the love of social status and material possessions.

As well as these alluring associations, Venus has long been considered a beneficial and auspicious planet, appealed to in rites and rituals ranging from love spells to abundance meditations.

How important is Venus in synastry?

Venus is the very planet of love and romance, which makes it one of the most important planets to look for in the synastry chart.

What other planets and astrological houses either yours or the other person’s Venus is aspected to gives you a strong indication about what is going to make this romantic relationship work.

Characteristics of the Venus conjunct North Node synastry relationship

Every relationship is different and unique, regardless of what planetary aspects are at play. Nevertheless, there are certain patterns and key elements the are going to be present in every Venus conjunct North Node relationship. Here they are.

The two are strongly attracted

When the Venus person and the North Node person first meet, they are both going to feel a strong attraction to the other person. Neither may want to reveal their true feeling right away, but over time, the two are drawn inexplicably together and are compelled to shed more and more of their layers in order to reveal more and more of themselves as trust grows between them.

The two share a strong and intense physical attraction throughout the relationship. In fact, sex and physical affection is one of the most profound ways for the two to connect and stay connected. Each helps the other transcend any insecurities they may have about their own bodies. The two relish and explore pleasure together, both becoming increasingly comfortable and confident around their lover.

It’s a karmic connection

The expression ‘star-crossed lovers’ might has well have been invented especially to describe the Venus conjunct North Node synastry couple.

The two experience a strong and instant attraction when they meet – it’s an attraction that goes far beyond the physical.

If you are the Venus person in this relationship, it is important for you to know that you are pushing the nodal person to expand their horizons and move closer and closer to their highest potential – even if you are not consciously doing this. There is simply something about you and your personality that draws out the best, or at the very leat the truest and deepest, parts of the other person. As the Venus person, you in turn are learning to lean into your gentle and romantic side and learning to become more comfortable in your own skin.

If you are the nodal person, you are going to be transformed by this relationship. The connection seems fated, karmic, as if the Venus person has come along in your life specifically to challenge you and force you to grow, if you will only let them. The universe could not have brought you a more suitable lover, even if your connection is not always easy or without its uphill struggles.

One of the true and primary strengths of this relationship is how it helps you heal and transform, ultimately transcending past hurts and insecurities. In this relationship, even your past lives may seem to heal, and any negative karmic ties to finally dissolve, leaving you free to pursue your life’s potential and talents successfully.

It isn’t necessarily a binding tie

Perhaps because the North Node conjunct Venus relationship is so intense and transformative, it is not necessarily going to last. This is not necessarily a bad thing – after all, you cannot judge the success of a relationship merely by its longevity.

What this relationship is guaranteed to be is challenging and transformative. If and when you leave this romantic connection, you are not going to be the same person leaving as you were going in. Depending on the other aspects at play in this pairing’s synastry chart, and on how the two decide to play out its potential, both are going to part ways on amicable terms, both having learned and grown so much during their time together.

None of this is to say that the North Node conjunct Venus relationship is doomed to eventually end and result in these star-crossed lovers going their separate ways. The two may learn and experience what they can from each other, then let go of each other. Or they may choose to stick together, continuously learning and growing together as they continue their journey as a couple.

How the North Node person and the Venus person experience the connection

The North Node person admires and is drawn to the Venus person’s beauty and sensuality, but is challenged by the Venus person’s ability to challenge them to lean into their true feelings and highest potential.

Sometimes, busying ourselves with something other than our life’s highest purpose, and pursuing something other than what we know to be our true quest in life is easier than facing the core of who we are and what we are here in the world to do head on. Pursuing something other than what we truly, deeply want to do is a way of hiding from the full light of our own being.

When the Venus person shows up tin the North Node person’s life, there is something about them that challenges the Nodal person and slowly but surely lures or pressures them out of hiding. In the presence of their Venus lover, the Nodal person becomes increasingly incapable of hiding from themselves and their own light.

The Venus person inadvertently provokes and pushes the Nodal person out of their well-established comfort zone. The Nodal person, in turn, works as a catalyst for the Venus person feeling confident and comfortable in themselves and in heir desires.

Final thoughts

All in all, the North Node conjunct Venus romance is not one to pass up. Going in, you are guaranteed a thrilling, challenging and ultimately transformative experience.

Not that you could pass up this relationship – or at least, it would be difficult to turn it down. Your attraction to the other person is both strong, deep and immediate. The two are drawn to each other like magnets, as if their two souls have a karmic contract, some unfinished business to resolve, a journey to go on together.

When the lessons are learned the karmic contracted fulfilled, the two often go their separate ways. In a sense, the two may use up the transformative and challenging energy both bring to the relationship, and when their shared adventure has played out, this pairing may find that hey do not have enough common ground to build a lasting relationship on.

The relationship, while it lasts, is going to be dynamic, inspiring and challenging at every turn. A North Node conjunct Venus synastry relationship could be likened to a crash course in personal development, and is going to act as a catalyst for your continued personal growth.

One final word of advice: Say yes to the adventure that awaits. Open yourself up to the unexpected, grow beyond your own perceived limits and allow yourself to be transformed by this love.

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