Ascendant Conjunct North Node Synastry

What can an Ascendant conjunct North Node synastry aspect tell you about your relationship?

Astrology encompasses much more than the study of each individual’s personality. A Synastry chart compares two different birth charts, the map of the galaxy at the time each person was born. When the astrologer reaches two natal charts, they measure how they play off one another.

The North Node represents the point of destiny we all follow throughout our lives. When you consciously focus on following the path indicated by the North Node, your life starts making more sense, and you’ll feel fulfilled and with a meaningful purpose.

But it’s not easy because it means stepping away from your comfort zone.

The following article will dive into the meaning of the North Node conjunct Ascendant in a synastry chart. The North Node and the Ascendant are mathematically derived points, and neither represents an actual planet or celestial body. Still, they have an important influence on a person’s destiny.

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If you find this astrological position between you and your partner, read on and find out all about it.

North Node – Meaning and Info

The North Node is associated with new developments and opportunities. It’s the energy, qualities, and talents our soul is directed to, even though we are not always aware of it.

The South Node represents those areas where our soul previously experienced a lot of achievements, and now it’s sensing some limitations. This is not the path we must follow in this life, although we unconsciously go there out of habit.

When transpersonal planets such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, aspect our North Node, the Universe provides us with sound opportunities in the area where the North Node is placed in our birth chart.

Keeping track of our North Node transits can help us move to higher consciousness and soul evolution. If challenges and obstacles arise during those periods, know that fate is trying to direct you to your purpose in life.

Lunar Nodes in the Houses/Signs of your Natal Chart

North Node in the first house/Aries, South Node in the seventh house/Libra

There’s a need to be more independent and self-reliant in this life instead of focusing so much on relationships. It would help if you push yourself to be more assertive and not to let other people define you. Moving on from toxic relationships will require a lot of effort on your part but it will become easier over time.

North Node in the second house/Taurus, South Node in the eighth/Scorpio

You are used to being too indulgent and reserved, focused primarily on personal evolution. It would be best if you learned to break up some walls and let other people in your life.

North Node in the third house/Gemini, South Node in the ninth/Sagittarius

You came into this life with excellent communication skills and a very quick wit, but you need to be more flexible and less preachy. Learn to say what you mean and rely on facts.

North Node in the fourth house/Cancer, South Node in the tenth/Capricorn

You are too ambitious and tend to focus on external affairs rather than your intimacy. You must learn to be emotionally sensitive to your needs and the ones of your loved ones.

North Node in the fifth house/Leo, South Node in the eleventh/Aquarius

You evolve from creative and artistic endeavors, although taking center stage is hard for you. Take the reins of your creations and be more confident in your talents.

North Node in the sixth house/Virgo, South Node in the twelfth/Pisces

Life will take you to be more critical and assertive. You have a tendency to disappear into the esoteric realm, getting lost in your feelings. Learn to be more communicative with other people.

North Node in the seventh house/Libra, South Node in the first house/Aries

You are prone to act impulsively without considering other people’s feelings. Life will lead you to work cooperatively and think before you speak without putting your needs first. Your soul needs to focus on others.

North Node in the eight house/Scorpio, South Node in the second house/Taurus

You are great with finances and, in this life, you will learn to manage money affairs for others. Instead of getting attached to material gains, use your intuition to help you navigate in all your endeavors.

North Node in the ninth house/Sagittarius, South Node in the third house/Gemini

You tend to drift away when you are talking and lack focus. You love to learn but struggle to commit to a single path for a long time. Don’t just talk about the things you want to experience, and put your words into action.

North Node in the tenth house/Capricorn, South Node in the fourth house/Cancer

You are very emotional and love personal histories. You don’t let go of your affections easily, so you must learn to be more objective in your public affairs.

North Node in the eleventh house/Aquarius, South Node in the fifth house/Leo 

You are very outgoing and popular but need to put your quest for fame on the side and look for personal fulfillment. You will evolve through humanitarian concerns and group projects.

North Node in the twelfth house/ Pisces, South Node in the sixth House/Virgo

You are very logical and a perfectionist, which can lead you to worry about your health too much. But you also have healing abilities, and you should focus on helping people in need and developing your sixth sense.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The Ascendant or rising sign describes which zodiac sign was ascending on the horizon when you were born. This sign influences the way other people see you and how you introduce yourself to the world. It’s the mask we all wear when navigating a public scenario.


You are the one in the group who always takes the lead and wants to go out in search of adventures. You act before you think, which makes you courageous but also reckless.


You prove to be calm and practical in your social affairs. However, you are resistant to change and cautious when confronted with unforeseen situations.


You are very outgoing and can easily strike a conversation with anyone, even the people you’ve just met. You are also super curious about the world around you and have a light-hearted approach to your social and work dealings.


You look shy and reserved when people first meet you, but you prove to be very loyal and caring afterward. You nurture and protect the people you love and are more a homebody than a social butterfly.


Your physical appearance captures the world’s attention, and your warm and outgoing personality wins everyones’ heart. You love attention and will happily hug the limelight whenever you have the chance.


Some people might say you look intimidating, but you are actually just reserved and take it all in. You are very organized in your public affairs but you tend to overthink your circumstances.


You have a very attractive physical appearance and thrive in social settings. However, you take a lot of time to make independent choices and depend too much on other people’s opinions to move forward.


You are passionate, and other people can feel your intense energy from miles away. You have a mysterious appearance and are very secretive about your personal life.


You have a very positive and energetic vibe and are always down for a good time. Still, you are very blunt in how you express your opinions which can get you into trouble.


You come off as serious and down-to-earth because your public and professional pursuits drive you. You are fond of structure, tradition, and rules but only trust people who can prove reliable.


You have a very unique and unorthodox style that doesn’t fit with the mold. You are wise, curious, and a rebel at heart who cares about humanitarian and political issues.


You are very sensitive and have a sharp intuition but tend to dissociate from reality and seem absent-minded in social gatherings.

The Lunar Nodes in Synastry

The Lunar Nodes are a connecting factor in our natal chart, and they represent a powerful magnetic force. These two lunar nodes are always opposites and can be compared with the magnetic poles.

The North pole is stimulating, while the South pole is more comforting.

Likewise, the North and the South Lunar Nodes act like a magnet in our birth chart.

In a synastry chart between two people, planetary aspects of someone to the Nodal axis of another person can prove to be very revealing. This will give us information about how these two partners relate to each other and what they have to learn from this bond.

Squares can be challenging because they are right amidst the magnetic forces of the Nodes. The planet or celestial body that squares the Nodes of the other individual blocks that magnetic attraction and this can be seen in their relationship dynamics.

When the Nodes conjunct the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the other person, they show a deep connection that profoundly affects both parties, but mostly the Ascendant person.

There is an intense magnetic drive for good or bad, speaking of a past life connection.

Some research has shown that when someone’s North Node is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of their partner, the latest is almost always very in love of the first. The Ascendant partner is in love with the North Node person, while the North Node person considers them a good friend.

Still, both individuals feel comfortable with each other’s company.

If the North Node of a person conjunct the South Node of their partner, there is an almost unbreakable and very strong attachment.

When studying the Lunar Nodes in synastry, it’s essential to understand that the planet person brings the meaning of such planet to the Node person. If this contact happens, the North Node person usually embraces the purpose of the planet of their partner.

If the contact happens with the South Node, the South Node person tends to struggle to integrate the meaning of the planet of their partner. South Node connections are often seen as “negative” in that they often designate an ending of some sort. But South Node connections can indeed last forever, depending on each individual’s relationship with their South Node in the birth chart. 

South Node aspects, especially conjunctions, demonstrate that the South Node person lacks maturity and may shy away from the relationship.

Squares to the Nodes and planets or celestial bodies that conjunct both Lunar nodes simultaneously can lead to a very strong attraction and an uncomfortable push and pull at the same time, making for a challenging bond.

Sextiles and/or trines from planets and celestial bodies to the Lunar Nodes of a partner are less intense and usually comforting, and very enjoyable.

The exact Lunar Node aspects between two partners bring them together like a magnet and create a strong bond, but not always in an easy or pleasant way.

As always, we have to analyze the rest of both people’s birth charts and synastry to determine the relationship’s compatibility.

North Node Conjunct Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Hindu astrologers attribute great importance to the Lunar Nodes, calling them Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node). This is because oriental astrology considers the Moon’s influence as more meaningful than the Sun and the rest of the planets.

On the other hand, Western astrology considers the North Node auspicious energy and the South Node as the qualities that don’t foster or soul’s evolution. The North Node positively affects our growth, and the South Node talks about those experiences we’ve already been through and makes us feel safe, the comfort zone that doesn’t let us expand our consciousness.

In many ways, it is challenging for astrologers to understand the actual meaning of the Lunar nodes in a synastry chart since they are “points of interaction.” Every synastry aspect reading shows the matching and challenging areas of a relationship, and the influence of the Lunar Nodes can manifest themselves in different ways.

When someones’ Ascendant conjuncts the North or South Node of another person in synastry, there is an immediate and strong connection between these two individuals. This relationship feels like it was “meant to be,” and they have probably met under special or unusual circumstances.

This aspect represents a highly personal bond that it’s not necessarily romantic by nature. However, it talks about the intense chemistry a romantic couple experiences and the strong attachment they have to each other. This bond goes beyond physical attraction, and neither of them wants to separate from the other.

If this separation happens and then they meet one more time, they wouldn’t need a lot of time to “catch up,” as their connection is very natural and familiar. Whether you believe in faith or not, this relationship feels like a master plan from destiny, and it’s very meaningful for both parties.

If the personal planets in one birth chart form aspects with the North and South nodes in another horoscope, this indicates the outstanding value of the relationship for both partners, as well as their powerful connection and karmic conditioning.

Favorable aspects of personal and social planets and celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter with the North Node are considered a good sign. In contrast, the aspects with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are more challenging.

All connections with the South Node indicate that this relationship will make both partners work a lot in themselves, proving that this connection will bring both problems and personal growth.

When the North Nodes connects to the Ascendant, Descendant, MC, or IC, this relationship will be highly important and should not be treated lightly.

Let’s take Hitler and Eva Braun’s synastry chart as an example. There are seven aspects with the Lunar nodes, like Hitler’s North Node in aspect to Eve’s Neptune and forming a quincunx with her Sun. At the same time, Eve’s North Node is in conjunction with Hitler’s Descendant, Mercury, and Sun.

All these aspects talk about the inevitability of this relationship. In addition to all these aspects, Eve’s Saturn makes a sextile to Hitler’s North Node, and her South Node conjuncts his Uranus.

Other North Node synastry aspects

The South Node conjunct the NN—the South Node person will try to pull the NN person to their comfort zone. The NN person may get defensive because they might feel like their life dreams are being thwarted.

The Ascendant conjunct the NN–There is an immediate and powerful connection between these two partners. The Ascendant person will encourage the NN person to reach their dreams.

The IC conjunct the NN—-the IC person will offer deep emotional comfort to the NN person, which will help the NN reach their dreams.

The MC conjunct the NN—the MC person will have a specific social position to help the NN person find their purposes.

The Descendant conjunct the NN—the DSC person may become the romantic partner of the NN, and this relationship will help the NN person fulfill their dreams.

Uranus conjunct the NN–this relationship will encounter a lot of ups and downs in unusual ways. Expect to experience a lot of make-ups and breakups.

Pluto conjunct the NN— this relationship shares an unbridled passion. This will define the bond, for better or worse.

Moon conjunct the NN–the Moon person will give emotional support and comfort to the NN person. This would foster a very intimate bond where both feel safe with each other.

Sun conjunct NN- the Sun person brings confidence to the NN person and encourages them to be more authentic.

Jupiter conjunct the NN- the Jupiter person will help the NN person to be more optimistic and embrace life as it comes.

Chiron conjunct the NN–the Chiron person will bring you painful memories to the NN person so that they can finally heal them.

Mars conjunct the NN–the Mars person inspires the NN person to be more daring and active.

Venus conjunct the NN–the Venus person will be perceived as a delicate a beautiful being for the NN person. This relationship will have a sense of grace that is very appealing.

Neptune conjunct the NN—The ideals each of these partners have to the relationship might not match reality, bringing a lot of disillusions.

Sappho conjunct the NN–the Sappho person will bring eroticism to the NN person’s life.

Apollo conjunct the NN–The NN person completely adores the Apollo person. The NN person feels speechless in front of the Apollo person since they admire them so much.

Proserpina conjunct the NN—The Proserpina Person brings some kind of rite of passage from innocence into corruption to the NN person.


The North Node is a point of the cosmos located in the west of our birthplace. It’s a very important coordinate in a natal chart as it talks about our past lives experiences and the things we must learn in this life to evolve.

The Ascendant is another point located in the first house of our natal chart that speaks about the way we show ourselves to the world and also those traits that we must recognize that we possess in order to evolve.

These two points are very important in determining where a person’s soul is headed. Therefore, when they are in conjunction in a synastry chart, it speaks of a very deep connection between two individuals, leading them to have a very special relationship.

These two souls came to this world to meet and develop new talents to reach the evolution of their souls. It can also speak of past life situations that have not yet been resolved and now have the opportunity to review and overcome.

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