Right Ear Ringing Meaning

Right ear ringing meaning can seem like a complete mystery. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the many spiritual seekers who ave been left puzzled after hearing a strange, high pitched ringing sound in their right ear – or in your left ear.

If you were to ask around, you would be surprised to discover how many people you know have experienced ringing in the ears, at some point or another, without any objective causes or health problems being to blame. Which only goes to prove is that ringing ears is much more than just an old wives tale.

In this article, we’re going to explore the spiritual meaning of ringing ears, as well as both physical and metaphysical causes.

Physical reasons why you might hear ringing in your ears

Not all instances of ear ringing are indicative of a spiritual growth period. There is such a thing as a physical explanation for ringing in the ears.

Before ascribing spiritual meaning to the white noise in your ears, it is a good idea to have a medical examination where a health care professional can take a look at your ear canals and either confirm or deny whether the ringing in your ears is a symptom of a physical condition.

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If your ear ringing is caused by a medical problem, it is important that it is discovered early on so that it doesn’t have a chance to develop further.

Hearing loss

In some cases experiencing ringing in the ears can be a symptom of hearing loss. If this is the case, hearing aids is the answer.

Ear infection

A disappointingly common and mundane cause of hearing high pitched ringing in your left or right ear is that the ear in question has become infected. Ear infections can be nightmarish to deal with, so they are imporimporant to rule out when you are hearing a recurring loud noises in your ears.

Meniere’s disease

Among the more unpleasant physical reasons why you might be hearing ringing sounds all of sa sudden is Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that causes dizzy spells, sudden attacks of vertigo, as well as occasional ringing in the ears.

Objective tinnitus

Most people don’t know this, but there are two forms of tinnitus – an annoying but harmless condition causing ringing in the ears.

Objectively verifiable tinnitus can be discovered by a health care professional during an ear examination and hearing test, and is caused by an observable condition present in the inner ear canal.

Subjective tinnitus

Not all ear problems can be objectively observed and detected – some are entirely subjective. In other words, it there is no physical grounds for tinnitus, it is considered to be subjective. It is this latter form of tinnitus or ringing in the ears ears that is associated with spirituality and with higher forms of consciousness.

Surprising metaphysical reasons why you might hear a high pitched ringing in your right ear

There is a great many number of reasons why you might hear ringing in your right ear.

While some instances of ringing in your right ear might be caused by certain health conditions, other instances are inexplicable – unless we look beyond the physical and consider metaphysical and spiritual reasons why your ears might be ringing.

Here is a by no means exhaustive list of possible reasons why you are hearing a ringing in your right ear.

A good omen

A positive reason why you might experience ringing in one ear is that the universe is presenting you with a positive omen. When your right ear is ringing, it can be a sign that positive energy and new opportunities are heading your way. The universe is giving you a heads up, so that you can prepare yourself and open to up to receive all of the gifts that are about to befall you.

Ringing in your right ear can be a sign, telling you not to worry about the outcome of a certain situation. You may be waiting for your exam results, or for confirmation of your mortgage loan being approved. In situations like this, a loud ringing in your ear can be affirmation of the positive outcome you have been hoping and waiting for.

A loud ring in your right ear when you are mulling over your options or thinking about taking a particular course of action is akin to the universe giving you the cosmic thumbs-up, nodding its head and affirming that you should indeed take the leap of faith that you’re contemplating – it’s all going to work out, the universe assures you. Conversely a loud ring in your left ear when you are contemplating a particular possibility can be an indication that you should not pursue that option, path or relationship.

When you hear sounds in your right ear, it can indicate that you are surrounded by positive energy and cosmic goodwill – so if there’s something you have been holding off doing, perhaps due to a lack of self-belief or surety, now is the time to go for it.

In some cases, a sudden ringing in your right ear can be the universe giving you a spontaneous nudge. Intuition can sometimes seem like a series of random electrical impulses, and ear ringing is another spiritual gift that works in a similar way. Let us say, for example, that you have gone to the shop to buy some snacks. While you are waiting in the queue, your gaze falls casually on the selection of scratchcards near the till and suddenly your right ear starts ringing. Without a doubt, this is your own psychic ability kicking in, in conjunction with a prompting from the cosmos. If you have an experience like this, act on it. It could be a misfire, but it could also be extremely positive news in the form of a big win.

Someone you are connected to is speaking of you or thinking about you

Whether you are going to consider this take on the spiritual meaning of ringing in your right ear an old wives tale or a credible possibility is down to you. Some say that when you hear a ringing in your right ear, someone you are connected to is either thinking about your or talking about you to someone else.

Whether the person thinking or speaking of you is singing your praises or spreading malicious gossip i another question entirely. Perhaps the timbre and tone of the ringing you are hearing will give you some indication – for example, if the ringing tone is sharp and unpleasant, this could mean that what is being said about you isn’t all that flattering. If, on the other hand, what you are hearing is a pleasant sound, such as ethereal tinkling notes or a hum at a soothing low pitch, it seems more likely that you are being thought and spoken of with appreciation and admiration.

It seems reasonable to assume that this form of ear ringing works particularly well with the people with whom you are the most connected, such as your spouse, your siblings or your parents. If you share a strong psychic bond with someone, you have probably experienced situations where they ring you just as you are thinking about them, or vice versa. When you experience ear ringing, it could be another manifestation of the strong energetic connection you share with those closest to your heart.

Angels or spirits are trying to communicate with you

Ringing in your ear can mean that your guardian angel or other spirit guides are trying to reach you in order to communicate with you – and that they are quite literally trying to gain your ear.

Angels, and other kinds of spiritual entities, are unable to communicate with humans in the usual way, as they are unable to assume physical form or speak in words. They can, however, get through to us in other ways.

Angels often communicate via the symbols and letters we are already surrounded with in our everyday lives -as well as sometimes via sensory impressions, including ear ringing, though this is less frequent.

If you are wondering whether angels or spirt guides are trying to convey messages to you, look for patters has you go about your day. Any unusual or remarkable numbers of symbols or sounds you come across might constitute a message.

While letters and symbols are often used by spiritual entities to give you small hints and nudges, the use of ringing sounds translates into a much more urgent and direct message. You might hear a ringing in the ears when denizens of the spiritual world have been dropping clues and hints for you that you have missed, and so they are trying a different means of getting through to you: A high pitched noise is undoubtedly going to grab your attention!

If your guardian angel or spirit guides are causing the ringing in your ears, it can be because they are urgently trying to draw your attention to something important, or it might be that they are issuing a warning of some kind. To decipher what their message for you is, pay attention to the context. Are you hearing a ringing in your ears while thinking about a particular person or possibility? Your spirit guides might be trying to alert you about something to do with this person, or something to do with your relationship with this person.

The universe is reminding you of the interconnectedness of all things

Sometimes, when you experience ringing in your ears, it is simply the spiritual world reminding you of its existence – and of your existence within it.

We all feel alone sometimes, isolated and cut off from the rest of the universe and our fellow human beings. If you hear a ringing in your ears, it can be a reminder from the universe of the interconnectedness of all things – a reminder to you that you are part of everything and that everything is part of you. You are never alone, never truly disconnected or cut adrift. Your life holds unique meaning, and you have unique gifts and purposes to serve in this lifetime. These are fundamental truths, even if you sometimes lose sight of them.

Whenever you experience feelings of being lost or disconnected, the universe takes an active interest in calling you back to itself, and in turn, calling you back to yourself. When you experience ringing in your ears, it is the universe reminding you of this deep, unbreakable energetic connection.

Your energy field is shifting

Ears ringing can be a symptom or a sign of your spiritual frequency shifting and your entire energy field oscillating at a higher frequency. This is happening as you grow through your spiritual development.

As human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving, energetically as well as physically – this evolution is ongoing throughout life. When you are moving away from low energy by embracing and expressing more high-vibrational energy, your entire energetic field morphs and shifts to reflect this.

Ears ringing is often the result of a shifting and evolving energy field, and the kind of sounds you might hear when this is the case are most typically clicking or panning noises.

Spiritual awakening

Finally, right ear ringing can be a sign of spiritual awakening.

You may never have pursued a spiritual path before, or had any interest in alternative ideas and philosophies, but suddenly you are experiencing a strong ringing in your ears, as well as other forms of signs and synchronicities. When your right ear is ringing, without any objective cause, it is often a sign of you experiencing a growth spurt in terms of your spiritual development.

You may notice a number of strange occurrences happening, in addition to the ear ringing itself. You may notice that low energy aspects of your life are falling away or phasing out, while high energy elements take their place. You may also find yourself tapping into intuitive, creative or psychic abilities you didn’t even know you possessed.

Right ear ringing is just one of many symptoms of spiritual awakening. Other signs and symptoms include a powerfully amplified intuitive and psychic ability, an unusual prevalence of synchronicities and seeing meaningful numbers and symbols, such as angel numbers and the eternity symbol, being in a state of flow most of the time, and experiencing feeling of peace and deep compassion.

Spiritual reasons why you might hear a ringing in your left ear

Although there is no clear and proven distinction between the meaning of ringing in your left or right ear, there are several theories about how the ringing in your ears could be assigned different meaning, depending on which ear is ringing.

One theory suggests that ringing in the right ear is mostly associated with positive messages and omens, while ringing in your left ear is more likely to be a warning or an indication of negative energy. Either way, ringing in either ear can help you navigate and steer your life in a more positive direction.

Another theory puts forth that ringing in your right ear constitutes a message abut the spiritual, ethereal and intangible aspects of life, while ringing in your left ear is indicative of the physical, tangible realm.

Here are a few of the most prevalent interpretations of left ear ringing.

A bad omen

It is said that when your left ear rings, it is a negative omen, an indicating that negative energy or events are heading your way.

The reason you are hearing the ringing in your left is that something – whether your own intuition, spirit guides, or the universe itself – is picking up on the energy hurtling towards you and is sounding the alarm, so that you have a chance to avert whatever is about to happen.

You may already have some idea of what negative events might be brewing in your life. Let us say that your romantic relationship is fraught with tension and that the trust and respect that once existed between you and your romantic partner has eroded or broken down entirely. In other words, some part of you knows that this relationship is on its last legs, and when your left ear rings, it can be as a confirmation that your intuition is correct.

Of you are hearing a sharp ring in your left ear when your thoughts move to a particular person, place or possibility, consider the ringing noise a message of warning related to that person, place or possibility. If, for example, you are contemplating pursuing a relationship with someone new and you hear a sharp, fire-alarm like ringing noise while thinking about them, consider what this could mean. You don’t necessarily have to write this person or relationship off right then and there, but tread carefully. Be open to noticing any red flags that may appear in relation to this person.

Our intuition often knows much more than our intellect does, and ringing in the left ear can be one of the ways in which your intuition manifests itself.

A warning from your guardian angels or spirit guides

Just as our own, personal intuition is looking out for us, so are our guardian angels and spirit guides – or as I like to think about them, the benevolent forces of the universe.

Left ear ringing can be these powerful and benevolent forces or spiritual beings warning you of the negative energy you are going to run into if you continue on your current path, in your current direction.

Depending on the tone and volume of the ringing noise you are hearing, the warning can be more or less urgent. Let us say, for example, that what you are hearing is sharp, loud and abrasive alarm tone. You can be sure that this is an indication of a message of urgency. Open your senses and pay attention to anything that might be out of place in your immediate environment, or in the situation you are in.

Let me give you an example. You have just boarded a plane and found your seat. As the other passengers are filtering into the aircraft, you suddenly experience a loud alarm going off in your left ear. Irrational and inconvenient as it may seem, I would, after conferring with my gut feeling, get off that plane right away. I would rather be wrong and lose the plane ticket, than right and lose my life.

The universe is encouraging you to re-examine your life and course-correct

Another significance of ringing in your ears could be the universe telling you to stop what you’re doing in order to re-examine your life and course-correct.

When you are hearing a ringing tone in your left ear, it can be the message gently indicating that there are patterns, habits or circumstances in your life that could be vastly improved – it is essentially the universe telling you that it believes in your ability to do better.

The connection between ear ringing and spiritual awakening

Although there is no clear, singular answer to what ear ringing means, there is a consensus that there is a metaphysical, spiritual connection.

Ear ringing and the third eye

Often, ear ringing means that your spiritual senses are awakening and opening up – most notably your third eye, which is located in the middle of your forehead, between your two physical eyes. The third eye is the seat of vision and clairvoyance.

This is why ear ringing is often accompanied by heightened intuition and psychic abilities, as well as incredibly vivid dreams.

The third eye is responsible for all kinds of perception, and so when it is open and receptive, you see the word around you with much greater clarity. When your third eye is open, you see all of the patterns that make up your life and identity, which allows you to navigate both with much greater freedom and awareness. When you are able to see the patterns that you have created for yourself and continue to reinforce through your actions, you can chose to undo some of them, if you see that doing so would lead to better outcomes.

Ear ringing and kundalini

Ear ringing is also associated with the spiritual energetic force known as kundalini.

The word kundalini is a Sanskrit word ‘coiled snake’ and is a divine form of feminine energy, believed to be locked in the root chakra, from which it is unleashed during spiritual awakening.

When the kundalini force is awakened and unlocked, it shoots upwards, activating all of the chakras on its way up to the crown chakra. The crown chakra, of course, is the seat of consciousness and the connecting link between individual intuition and consciousness, and the great consciousness of the cosmos.

When your kundalini energy and all of your chakras are active, you experience a greater sense of aliveness.

Why do angels and spirit guides communicate via ringing ears?

Angels and other spiritual beings are non-physical entities. They cannot take physical form in order to deliver their messages in more tangible ways, so they communicate in symbols, signs and sounds instead. Because the messages of guidance and encouragement conveyed to us by the denizens of the spiritual realm are often subtle and metaphorical, rather than tangible and clearly stated, it is up to us individually to pay attention and be receptive to their significance.

When you tune in and open your mind and your senses up to receiving spiritual messages and guidance, your guardian angel and other benevolent forces reciprocate by communicating with you on a more regular basis.

When does ear ringing typically happen?

Interestingly, ear ringing normally occurs when we are relaxing and our minds are calm. Very few people report experiencing ringing in the ears ears when they are busily engaged in something or engrossed in conversation or other forms of interaction with others.

As is the case with all extrasensory phenomena, ear ringing usually comes to us when we are in a state of relaxation and perhaps even when we are half asleep. For this reason, the majority of ear ringing experiences happen when the person experiencing the ringing is laying in bed at night, ready to go to sleep. Particularly if the ear ringing is new or unexpected, it can really startle you. If it is your first time experiencing it, you might even find yourself believing, for a moment, that a physical fire alarm or cell phone is to blame for the noise.

Other times and scenarios where you might be hearing ringing in your left or right ear include when you are meditating, when you are relaxing with a book or just with your own thoughts, when you are in the shower, when you are spending time in nature.

You might hear spiritual noises at any time, but in most cases it will happen when your mind is relaxed and receptive, rather than when you are busy or mentally preoccupied.

How does ear ringing sound?

Ear ringing can sound in a great many different ways. It can sound like a high pitched ringing tone similar to that of a fire alarm going off, a swooshing panning from side to side, a flapping of wings, a knocking, or a loud and hard ringing.

Though no one knows for sure, it is generally assumed that the specific tone and timbre of the ringing noise you hear has a significance and tells you something what kinds of message your ringing ears are tying to impart to you.

A knocking, for example, can indicate that spirit guides are trying to get through to you. They may have guidance to offer you that you are simply not picking up on when they try to insert clues and indications into your everyday life. Knocking is a direct sign of someone wanting to get in touch with you, wanting your attention.

A swooshing of wings, on the other hand, is typically associated with angelic guides that are rushing to your side. They may have messages for you, as well, or they may simply want to envelop you with their energy and remind you of their presence.

Usually, a ringing noise similar to that of a fire alarm is a clear indication of a warning. The sound of an alarm is urgent and forceful, designed to grab your full attention and alert you to something that is happening and which could be harmful for you.

Often, when beings from the spiritual realms are trying to communicate with us, they do so by mimicking noises and symbols that we are already familiar with and so stand a chance of being able to interpret and understand. No matter where in the world you are, the sounds of an alarm going off are universal – you need to pay attention and navigate your surroundings carefully and with all of your senses wide open.

Do the number and frequency of the ringing noise mean anything?

The number of rings and the frequency with which spiritual ringing noises happen is definitely significant.

Just as the particular noise you are hearing – knocking, swooshing, white noise or simply a loud and piercing ringing tone – tells you something about the spiritual meaning of ringing you are experiencing, so does the frequency at which you are experiencing it.

Let us say, for example, that the sounds you are hearing are similar to the high pitched ringing of a fire alarm, and that you are experiencing it more and more frequently. This is a clear indication that spiritual forces are trying to warn you or alert you to something, and that whatever the matter is, it is becoming increasingly urgent. Perhaps the ringing, in this case, is reminding you of something important that you need to remember to do, and as long as you don’t act on it, the ringing sessions may continue. The ringing sounds growing louder and louder is another clear sign of urgency and the need for you to pay close attention to what is happening around you.

In some cases, you may only experience a buzzing sound that happens only in particular circumstances. If you pay attention to when your ears ring over a longer period of time, you will eventually have experienced it enough times to know what it means when the buzzing recurs. You may, for example, noticed that you tend to hear a ringing in your ear whenever you are about to experience an unlikely stroke of luck or a meaningful synchronicity.

What should you do when you hear a ringing sound in your ear?

What you should do when your ears ring depends on the noise, frequency and spiritual meaning of the ringing you are experiencing.

If you are hearing a new, high pitched ringing noise in your right or left ear, the best place to start is with a physical examination of the ear. A medical professional will be able to rule out any physical causes, such as an ear infection or observable tinnitus.

If what you are experiencing is a subjective version of tinnitus – which, just to reiterate, is tinnitus without any objective, physical cause – you can go on to assume that there is a metaphysical, spiritual meaning behind the ringing in your ears.

Your next step should be to try to decipher, what spiritual message is being conveyed by your ears ringing. Is your left ear or your right ear the one that is ringing? What does the ringing noise like – is it a swooshing, panning noise, a noise like the sound of wings flapping, or a high pitched ring? Being clear on all of these details is going to prove tremendously helpful when you are trying to decipher the meaning behind your ringing ears.

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