Zen12 Meditation Review

For many people, meditation is a challenging and intimidating process. But often, their difficulty in tapping into their subconscious and getting inner peace lies in their inability to concentrate and focus.

If you find yourself relating to these people, you should consider giving the Zen12 program a try. This meditation course has been a hit for beginners and also caters to advanced meditators.

If you check the Zen12 site, they have a tag line that says “an hour of meditation in just 12 minutes” – meaning you will be getting the benefits of an hour’s worth of meditation in just 12 minutes by eliminating all the hassles involved in trying to meditate.

But is this really possible? Here, we give a detailed Zen12 review of the meditation program to help you come to an informed decision if this audio meditation course is worthy of your time.

How does it work?

Zen12 gives you a better time meditating with the help of their special audio, which comes in MP3 format. The special audio uses “brainwave sounds” or isochronic tones to help you get into a deep state of meditation quickly and easily despite all the distractions around you.

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You may be wondering what these “brainwave sounds” are. The special audio plays pulses that replicate the brain wave frequencies when a person is in a deep state of meditation. It is a form of brainwave entrainment wherein you listen to these special pulses, your brain copies the frequencies and you get to achieve that state of deep meditation right away. All you have to do is sit and hit the play button and your brainwave entrainment begins!

Now, you may be wondering – what are brain waves? Brainwaves are synchronized, electric pulses that take place when neurons communicate with each other. They serve as the balancing force of the brain, contributing to the body’s crucial attributes such as healing, tissue repair, behavior, and internal recovery.

How you respond and behave will depend on the frequencies of your brain waves. This is why the fact that Zen12 can tap into brainwave frequencies can give you a more relaxed and stress-free response to whatever situation you are facing.

Each Zen12 session lasts for 12 minutes and it is recommended that you do several sessions per week to fully reap the benefits out of the Zen12 course.

What to expect

Each session will only ask for 12 minutes of your time to complete. But as you advance and near the end of the course, some may ask more than that but this is in the advanced levels already. This is because the program is also training your brain to be able to do a 60-minute meditation successfully with no trouble. The whole course takes at least 12 months to complete to achieve this state.

If you take the time to read a Zen12 review, you will see that a lot of Zen12 users recommend using a stereo headset when listening to Zen12’s audio guides. They claim doing so makes you get into the zone easier compared to playing the audio files on speaker or from your computer.

The Zen12 Meditation has 48 brainwave entrainment 1 audio files that come in four different formats:

Guided meditation

You will be guided through a meditation exercise. Each level provides you a different kind of exercise.

Relaxation music

You will listen to relaxing and soothing music that will make you feel like you are just chilling out in a spa.

Nature sounds

You will listen to relaxing sounds of nature like the sound of rain, a babbling brook, or the chirping of birds to help you prepare your mind and get in the zone

White noise

White noise is known to help block out the noise around you. White noise has been found to help people relax and sleep and it happens that they are great for meditation too. This will make it easier for you to block out background noises to help you start meditating.

How to start the Zen12 program

To start your Zen12 program, you will be given your Login details to your Zen12 account after making your payment.

First, you have to download the quick guide to the program and take the time to read it thoroughly so that you can determine your meditation level.

Next, download the meditation audio files and your bonus ebooks and vouchers.

As discussed earlier, the audio files are available in four formats. You can pick one based on your mood or preference and play that file.


According to a lot of reviews and feedback, here is a list of the typical results and health benefits that you can get when you do a Zen12 course:


Of course, one of the main selling points of this program is the fact that it promises to only take 12 minutes of your time. Normally, it is recommended to do at least 20 minutes of meditation per day.

However, in this fast-paced world, not everyone has 20 minutes to spare. This is where Zen12 can help. You can do a quick 12-minute meditation session before you prepare in the morning when you have extra time on your lunch break, and even before you go to bed.


Within just 12 minutes, you get to reduce the anxiety, worries, or stress that you feel. This is very helpful in the workplace or when you have had a long day and you find it impossible to go to bed.


After a session, you will notice an improvement in the way you focus on your tasks. Your brain becomes more alert, helping you become ready to start accomplishing things on your to-do list.

Mood improvement

With the absence of stress and worries in your mind, your mood immediately improves and allows you to have a more positive outlook in dealing with any situation. When you are in a good mood that encourages harmony and inner peace within, you can exercise a higher stress threshold.

Overall benefits

If you can complete the entire Zen12 course (12 levels), you will gain improvements in your brainpower, creativity, health, mood, and emotions as long-term benefits of meditation.


Zen12 Meditation is available in three programs with three different pricing options:

Beginner ($67)

This program is meant for those who are attempting to integrate meditation into their life but have trouble starting. The Zen12 Beginner program will give you 24 audio files to cover six levels. It aims to just give you the basics of meditation.

As a beginner, it is recommended that you choose the guided meditation format since it will give you clear steps to follow. If you love the Zen12 Beginner program, you can proceed to the next six levels or the Zen12 Advanced program.

Advanced ($67)

This is the recommended program for users who have been through at least 6 months of meditation practice or if they have finished the Zen12 Beginner program. At this level, you should be able to learn how to limit your negative thoughts and mental chatter. The Advanced Zen12 program has 24 mp3 audio files that cover six levels.

Premium ($87)

The last and the most popular one is the Zen12 Premium program which has everything from the Zen12 Beginner to the Advanced programs. That is 48 audio files covering 12 levels.

When you purchase this program. you will get a personal 1-hour training call from Zen12 creator Karl Moore. That is one benefit that you can not turn down – conversing with the mastermind himself and learning from him.

It is a great deal if you want the options of taking the Beginner and Advanced levels available for you in one go instead of trying the Beginner and Advanced levels one by one. Your desire to meditate can easily develop into a serious state in your lifestyle.

Money-back guarantee

The good thing about Zen12 is that they have a one year money back guarantee. You get to try it out for a whole year with no risks – that is just the right amount of time to go through the entire program.


Some review sites and posts can provide you a discount voucher that you can use to lessen your expense. Aside from review sites and blogs, you should also check out if you can get vouchers from different social media platforms. There may be affiliate advertising program posts that features Zen12.

Privacy policy

Zen12 does have the usual privacy policy that promises your data is safe with them and that your information will not be sold to anyone who can send spam to you.

Considering that the programs are a one-time purchase and that the files can be downloaded so you do not have to log in to your account all the time, the risks are very minimal.

Zen12 Meditation Review: Pros and Cons


  • Zen12 course files are downloadable so you do not need to be online every time you want to meditate.
  • A one-time purchase means you do not have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • 100% one year money back guarantee.
  • The Zen12 Premium account gives you a 1 hour training call hosted by Karl Moore.


  • Audio files are watermarked with the host’s voice. Other people might find this annoying or distracting when they are going from one file to the next.

Zen12 Meditation FAQs

What’s in the Zen12 package?

Aside from the Zen12 course audio files, you will also be receiving bonus gifts with the package: self-growth vouchers and two ebooks (with audio versions): “The 18 Rules of Happiness” and “The Secret Art of Self-Development.”

Included in the package is also a detailed start guide user manual that will help you realize what you can expect out of meditations and what level you may be in. The start guide user manual is definitely the first thing that you should read before you start using your audio files.

Who is Karl Moore?

Karl Moore is a known science-based self-development leader and the creator of the Zen12 Brain Evolution System. He is the director of Inspire3, a company that creates science-based personal growth tools.

He is also a best-selling author and a successful entrepreneur. He and his company has been featured in movies such as “The Evolution of Success,” “The Manifesting Movie,” and “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.”

What are the benefits of becoming a meditator?

Meditating has been around for centuries and the benefits of meditation have been backed by science.

Instant benefits that you can get after one session are an increase in focus, enhanced creativity, and mood improvement. If you practice meditation regularly, the benefits you can get are a higher stress threshold, enhanced emotional control, sharper memory, improved moods, a brainpower boost, and greater inner peace.

The more you practice your meditation skills, the more enhanced these benefits are.

What are the common distractions when mediating?

A lot of things can stand in the way of you developing your meditation skills. Here is a quick list of the most common distractions.


This is a common meditation distraction if you are doing meditation in a posture that is entirely new to you. When you are putting your body into a position that does not feel relaxing at all, everything just feels forced and the discomfort will get in the way.

Mental clutter

Sometimes, there are just too many thoughts running through your mind. This is a common dilemma for beginners. When you meditate, you become more aware of these thoughts in your mind and it can be overwhelming during your first few tries.


Another common problem is feeling bored during meditation. The mind gets bored easily so you have to go through this phase at the beginning.


Some people are used to doing a lot of things that it is difficult for them to just sit still for a few minutes. being idle is not just acceptable for some people. Workaholics are a common example.

Wrong location

Doing your meditation in the wrong place is one possible reason you have difficulty concentrating. Even the best brainwave technology will not help you if someone is running around or being noisy around you. Look for a spot that is quiet so you can focus more.


If you are fairly new to the world of meditation and you have trouble starting, Zen12 can help you with your meditating skills.

As you can see, there is no need to do specific poses or follow specific mantras to meditate successfully. If meditation is a struggle for you, this course is highly recommended to help clear your mind and get you into a meditating state. It can help reduce the lack of focus, mental chatter, distractions, and other negative factors that gets in the way of reaping the gains of meditation.

Zen12 is not only for beginners. There are six levels available for Advanced meditators too. If you are serious and determined in incorporating meditation into your lifestyle, you should get the Zen12 Premium package which can help you grow as a meditator from being a beginner to an advanced one.

With Zen12, meditation is no longer such a struggle to the mind. Dealing with life’s negative impacts becomes more easier with controlled emotions and a more relaxed and positive outlook.

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