Shifting Methods

Would you like to discover the most effective shifting methods?

Shifting realities is turning out to be a popular concept on social media platforms like TikTok, Amino, and Wattpad. If you have been intrigued by the idea of shifting to another world, we bet you are curious about how it happens.

Reality shifting is the process of shifting your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality. The concept is based on the multiverse theory that states that every choice we make shifts us into a new reality and the other option creates an alternate reality. And all these realities exist in the present.

People who shift realities refer to are called “shifters” and according to them, you can transport your consciousness to any kind of reality – fictional or not. Most shifters use Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Some even go to animated shows like My Hero Academia.

Think of it as traveling anywhere – even a fictional place – just by closing your eyes, focusing on your intentions, and using your imagination. If you look at it this way, anyone can do it!

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The concept of shifting became a trend during the COVID-19 pandemic with everyone being isolated and forced to stay in their homes. As we have all experienced, it was as if life has gone to a standstill. The younger generation started using reality shifting as their way to cope with boredom and isolation.

Shifters claim anyone can do it through different shifting methods. These reality shifting methods are done in different ways. Some shifting methods can be done while you are awake while some can be done while you are asleep.

Whether you are attempting to shift for the first time or you just want to try other ways to shift to your desired reality, you do not have to look any further. In this article, we will give you a list of reality shifting methods that you should check out.

How to prepare yourself for shifting

Before you try out any of the reality shifting methods in this article, it is best to prepare yourself for reality shifting. If you are prepared, there is a higher chance that you will succeed in your goal of shifting realities.


To prepare yourself for reality shifting, you need to find a calm, distraction-free environment. You should also shift at a time when you will not be interrupted. This is why most people do it before their bedtime.

Before beginning any other reality shifting methods, you should meditate for 5 to 10 minutes. Meditation will help calm you down and clear your mind. A relaxed body and mind are more effective when it comes to shifting.


If you can plan your reality shifting ahead of time, make sure you are hydrated. Reality shifting can be mentally exhausting – especially when you are doing it for the first time. As a beginner, you still won’t know what is the best realty shifting method for you.

Trying out several other shifting methods until you find the method that works for you can take its toll. Different methods require different energy levels and different things for your subconscious mind to focus on. Being hydrated while shifting realities will help lower the chances of you feeling exhausted after.

Remove limiting thoughts

There should be no room for doubts and negative thoughts if you want to shift realities. This is why some reality shifting methods also use positive affirmations to make sure your mindset is on the right path.

Aside from choosing the best reality shifting method, you must believe in your ability to reality shift before you try out any method. You must have faith that your current reality self will be able to shift into your desired reality self no matter what method you choose.

Although your subconscious mind is more at work in the process, any of the shifting methods will become more effective if your conscious mind is also in it from the very start.

Reality shifting methods

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for shifting, here are a list of reality shifting methods that you should check out. Take note that these are just a few of the most popular methods. There are other methods making its rounds in the shifting community.

Scripting method

This is the most popular shifting method. It is often used as a base for other methods too. Scripting is very simple. All you have to do is write down the details about your desired reality. It is as simple as that.

Your script can even contain specifics like where you want to show up, what time of the day, who would be around, what you want to happen, and even the time you go back to your current reality. The sky is the limit with this method with all the possibilities that you can write down.

Your subconscious will remember all the details you write down and this will help control your desired reality. So, when you drift off to sleep, your subconscious will be able to guide you and what should happen to your desired reality.

Raven method

The raven method is another popular reality-shifting method that uses affirmations. These shifting affirmations will help strengthen the belief that you can shift to your desired reality.

In the raven method, you start off by lying down on your bed in a starfish position. Make sure that your limbs are not touching each other and that your body is relaxed and loose. Your mind should also be in a calm state.

When you are ready, start counting slowly from 0 to 100. State your shifting affirmations in between the numbers. While doing this, visualize also that you are drifting away from your current reality. Soon, you will feel drowsy and fall asleep then find yourself in your desired reality.

Pillow method

This reality-shifting method is considered to be one of the most straightforward and convenient methods for beginners. So, if it is your first time trying shifting, you should probably try out this method first. The pillow method is all about having an extensive physical script.

The pillow method requires a more detailed script. You should include in the script names of all the characters or people you want to meet in your desired reality, the things you want to experience, and even details like taste or odor in your script.

Once your script is done, place it underneath your pillow before you fall asleep. In the pillow method, you are to use the script as a guide and the intent of what you want to attract while you are shifting your reality.

Mirror method

This reality-shifting technique is an extensive one. The mirror method is said to be best for those who are good at visualization.

To start, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a dark room, and in a small distance, you can see a mirror. There is only one spotlight and it is focused on you. As you move towards the mirror, the spotlight follows your every step. And as you near the mirror, you see your own reflection walking towards you from the inside.

Your reflection is slightly different. It shows a better version of yourself – a version that you want to be in your desired reality. Raise your hand and put it in the mirror. Your reflection will do the same and as your hands touch, you will feel yourself being one with your reflection. When this happens, slowly open your eyes and you will find yourself in your desired reality.

ADHD reality shifting method

In this type of reality-shifting method, audio is a requirement. This time, you will be asked to listen to 8D soundtracks – so you must use a good pair of headphones.

To start off, you have to lie down on your bed and listen to the audio. Try to sync your breathing with the audio. Then, say your affirmations like “I am shifting to my desired reality.” Count from one to five and then repeat your affirmation again. Focus on syncing your breathing, affirmations, and sound.

You can tell that you are about to shift when you feel different like a tingle in your body or sudden heat or coldness. The symptoms will differ from one person to the next. When changes start to happen, focus on visualizing the desired reality you want to be in. You will soon find yourself there.

Heartbeat method

This reality-shifting method makes use of repetitive and vibrational sounds – just like that of a heartbeat. In fact, some shifters that use the heartbeat method make use of audio of an actual beating heart.

For the heartbeat method, you will have to sleep with your phone playing the audio underneath your pillow or with your earphones plugged in. As you listen to the audio of the beating heart, you have to imagine that the sound is coming from the chest of a person from your desired reality that you trust or someone that you wish to connect with. Then, imagine that the person is slowly getting up and heading toward a door.

When this happens, imagine that you are following them toward the door. That door is the entrance to your desired reality. As you enter, imagine yourself being engulfed in bright white light. You will feel like you are floating away from your current reality to your dream reality.

Sunni method

Visualization plays a major part in this type of reality-shifting method. The Sunni method tricks your brain into thinking that you are in a particular situation. It will persuade your mind that you are already in your desired reality. This is done by using sensations, shifting subliminal, or silence.

For example, when you are about to wake up from your sleep, do not open your eyes. Keep them close and imagine that you are lying on the sand on a beach. Imagine the sounds of the waves crashing to shore and feel the ocean breeze and the sand on your skin. Your subconscious is still in control during this time and can help you shift to what you are visualizing.

Intent method

The intent method does not put too much emphasis on visuals, affirmations, or sounds as much as the other reality-shifting techniques in this list. As the name implies, the intent method focuses more on the intent or purpose of your mind to shift. This method is actually considered to be one of the most effective methods if you want to shift during your sleep.

To make the intent method work for you, you must have a strong resolve and belief that you can shift realities. For example, have the thought “I intend to shift to my desired reality as soon as I go to sleep” in your mind before you go to sleep. With this intention set so close to your sleeping time, your brain will not be able to have enough time to doubt or speculate it.

So, the best time to use this method is when you are feeling tired or drowsy – this way, you will surely be falling asleep soon. It also helps that your mind is clear and focused so that you do not get distracted.

Julia method

In this shifting method, you will be using the power of mantras – particularly, ones that start with the words “I am” – and these mantras will be used throughout the entire process.

To start off, lay down in bed in a starfish position. Say your mantras by starting with the words “I am” and add words that would support your intent to shift such as “I am on my way to my desired reality.” It helps to have sensory details in your mantra such as “I am vibrating on a higher frequency.”

You can also listen to audio of binaural beats. These beats encourage positivity and relaxation. It is also known to help people who suffer from anxiety. Listening to binaural beats while saying your mantras will help you get into a dream-like state easily.

Train method

Visualization and a positive mindset are important in the train technique. To start the train method, you have to relax your mind. Then, do deep breaths and close your eyes.

The train method is all about visualizing that you are sitting on a train and that train is headed toward your desired reality. To make sure that your train reaches its destination, you have to maintain positive thoughts and keep visualizing that you will be reaching your desired reality soon.

Keep your eyes closed during the whole train ride. Only open them when you feel like you have already shifted or when you visualize that the train has stopped and arrived in your dream reality. As you can see, the train method is quite simple and straightforward.

Elevator method

The elevator method is quite similar to the training method earlier – except that instead of a train, you will be imagining that you are taking an elevator ride. Close your eyes and imagine yourself entering an elevator that you are going up. Each floor represents an energy level.

As you visualize the elevator traveling upwards, you should try to feel your vibrational energy rising as well. For the elevator method, you will know that you are about to shift when you feel twitches or tingles in your body. Once you shift, you will reach the right floor and the elevator doors will open to your desired reality.

Coraline method

This technique comes from Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. If you have read it or seen the film adaptation, then you know that Coraline enters a new world when she crawls through a tunnel.

To do this technique, lie down in your bed and close your eyes. Visualize your bedroom and that there is a key on your nightstand. Imagine yourself getting up, grabbing the key, and seeing a small door on your wall. Using the key, the small door opens up to a tunnel.

Imagine yourself crawling in the tunnel. At the end of that tunnel will be your desired reality. Only open your eyes when you can crawl out to your desired reality.

5 senses method

For those who have difficulty visualizing, the 5 senses method is said to make visualization easier for shifters.

To start, you should lie down or sit in a comfortable position. First, focus on your current reality. Try to pay attention to every sense and take note of the details. Then, close your eyes and try to continue “seeing” your current reality. If you can pull this off, it will be easier to do with your desired reality later on.

If you think you are ready, lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Then, start counting upwards starting with 1. From time to time, pause to recite your shifting affirmations then continue counting. While doing this, start visualizing your desired reality and incorporating your senses with it – just as you did with your current reality earlier.

If this method works, you will be in your desired reality when you open your eyes. Or you will fall asleep in your current reality and wake up in your desired reality.

Estelle method

This type of reality-shifting technique is best for people who love music and can easily connect with vibrations and tones. To start the Estelle method, you have to imagine that you are dancing with someone you deeply adore or a character from your desired reality.

While dancing, make sure to feel every sensation like the smell, wind, touch, and sound. Once the dance is over, your dancing partner will tell you that it is time to go home and lead you to a door.

Once you enter that door, you will freefall into oblivion. While falling, do not lose focus. Keep affirming that you are in your desired reality. If it works, you will soon land into your desired reality.

Your music choice will play a big role in this type of technique. Choose something that will help you sync well with the person or character you are dancing with.

Alice in wonderland method

This technique is derived from the famous novel by Lewis Carroll about Alice and her adventures in a magical land. In the book, Alice reaches the other world by falling into a rabbit hole.

To start using the Alice in wonderland method, you lie down on your back comfortably. Then, start imagining that you are sitting in the shade of a tree. Visualize a person or character from your desired reality passing by.

This person will be in a rush, just like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. So, you have to follow that person and jump down the rabbit hole too. As you fall, start to disassociate from your current reality.

Imagine that you land in a small room with a locked door. The key to the door is on the table. The person you were chasing will ask you if you are ready to unlock the door. You can take your time in the Alice in wonderland method.

When you feel that you are ready, get the key and unlock it. If you are not, say positive affirmations until you are ready to move forward. Once you unlock the door, you will find yourself in your desired reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is shifting safe?

Shifting realities is actually a safe practice. It does not cause any major physical stress to your body but it can make your feel mentally exhausted. The only consequence of shifting is that it can be addicting and this may affect your mental health.

How does it feel to be in my desired reality?

Shifters have reported that the whole experience feels more vivid and real than a dream. They can feel and experience every detail of what is happening in their desired reality.

If shifting is simple, why can’t I do it?

Not everyone can master something in one day. When you are tasked to do something new, it won’t be necessarily difficult but it would take some time to get the hang of it.

Most of us have deep-seated limiting beliefs and this can hold us back from shifting and going to our desired realities. You have to get rid of these limiting thoughts and all negative thoughts before you attempt to shift.

Take note that shifting takes a higher level of concentration. This is why it is recommended to do some meditation first so you can clear your head and calm down. This will help you focus better.

Will shifting to my desired reality be against my faith?

Some people would accuse shifting to be an occult practice or a temptation that would cause shifters to abandon their faith. But this is not really the case.

Shifting has nothing to do about faith or a higher being. It is an ability that allows you to experience a different reality. You do not have to renounce your religion or break any rules to practice it.


Shifting is a natural occurrence that is unnoticeable by most people. Every second of the day, we constantly shift to a new reality with every choice and action we make.

Shifting is actually a simple process but some people tend to overcomplicate and overthink it. It is, after all, a concept that sounds so unreal to most people.

Reality shifting is a personal experience. What another shifter goes through can be very different from your own experience. Just like how one shifting method works for others but not for you.

Do not be discouraged if you have failed a couple of times. Although it may be possible for some to shift on their first try, it takes a while for most people and that is completely fine. It does not matter how many times you try as long as you are willing to do it again to succeed.

If you want to experience shifting, do not be pressured by how others do it. As you can see, there are a lot of methods that you can try until you find one that works best for you.

Remember, shifting is determined by your intent and your belief. To be able to shift to your desired reality, you must believe in the concept.

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