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Would you like to learn more about what an intuition coach is and what the benefits are of intuition coaching?

Life coaching is quite misunderstood. Most people, when they hear the term “life coach”, quickly assume that working with this type of coaching practice means their life will be planned out for them step by step. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when you talk about intuition coaching. The idea of intuitive coaching is to help clients find their path and empower them with confidence, personal development, self-love, and inner wisdom to steer their life in the best direction and make the best decisions for different situations, all while considering their life experiences, goals, and dream life.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about intuition coach and the curious world of intuitive life coaching in exhaustive detail.

Understanding intuition

To understand what exactly is intuition coaching and what intuition coaches do, we first need to define the word intuition.

“Gut feel”, “hunch”, “inner voice”, “instinct”, “sixth sense”, “feel”, we use all these words to describe intuition, why? Well, its basic intuition is the feeling of just knowing. It’s one of the most basic human experiences that come without being fully aware of any underlying reasons behind it. It gives people the power to know without proper reasoning, even without connecting the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind – connecting instinct with reason.

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What is an intuition coach?

An intuition coach, also known as an intuitive coach, is a professional coach who follows the same teaching principles and tradition as a life coach, including working on new habits, goal setting, confidence, and beliefs. The main difference between intuitive coaching from other coaching practices is the former encourages clients to connect to the deepest parts of themselves through spiritual principles. This idea is to help clients recognize their intuition and learn how to use it to help them tap the power of their inner energy.

Basically, an intuition coach will help you change your life and let you live your dream by teaching you how to access your intuition.

Through this strategy, an intuition coach can help you find the best way to the career path you want, get the job you want, help you make the money that you want, and even find the perfect partner.

By reading their energy and emphasizing both emotional and spiritual healing, intuitive life coaching can help you get through all the obstacles that keep you from moving forward and living the life you want.

What exactly do intuitive life coaches do?

Intuitive life coaches use their gifts of intuition to guide people on their life paths. They start by examining various aspects of the life of their clients, especially their energy. They believe that the energy that comes out from a person directly affects their life, as their mind constantly works to keep that same level of energy, and often use it to battle various forces in life. Whether it’s their professional or personal aspect that throws the client’s energy out of balance, an intuition coach can help find the way to find and maintain the energy that they need.

While some life coaches focus on specific aspects of life, intuition coaches typically put emphasis on building good habits, skills, insights, and inner wisdom to build a better work-life balance, including relationships. They help clients recognize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as other issues that hinder them from moving forward. They consider not just the mental state and personality of their clients, but also their goals and vision of the future.

Aside from helping clients access their intuition to improve their life, set goals, improve knowledge, sharpen skills, make good habits, and refine their lifestyle, intuitive coaching also teaches clients ways to achieve spiritual awakening.

This is why intuitive life coaches are a great choice if you are feeling stuck or feels as though your life is not going anywhere you want it to go. While turning into family and friends for support is good, an intuition coach will sit down with you and go over your dreams, future goals, and passion to help you steer your life to the path that you want.

What to expect when working with an intuition coach

As uncomfortable as it may seem, expect to face all your issues in life and insecurities in your body, character, and personality when you work with an intuitive life coach. These are the things that hold you back and keep you from living the life that you want. Confronting these issues is the only way to recognize them, heal from them, and move forward.

Moreover, your life coach will also help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. And as said earlier, they use their intuition to read the energy of your project and resolve those underlying issues. Your coach will navigate through your narrations and stories to help find the root cause of your problems and pain. From there, they will help you find the healing, inspiration, motivation, and strength you need by introducing a positive mindset, new habits, beliefs, and confidence to support the life you want to live.

Also, by facing these issues, you open yourself up to find love and be loved and rediscover the opportunities life has to offer.

When you undergo intuitive life coaching, expect dramatic changes in your life. Intuitive life coaches focus on their clients on a much deeper level than most life coaches. They provide understanding and healing in every session and they open multiple doors of possibilities by showing you how you can frame your mind and use your intuition. Moreover, your intuition coach will work on your energy vibration and teach you how to harness positive energy.

Energy Coaching

Every single thing in the universe is in constant motion, vibrating. The atoms themselves are in a constant state of motion, depending on the speed of their motion, things appear as solid, liquid, or gas. Sound itself is a vibration, and so if your thoughts. To quote Albert Einstein “everything is vibration”. An intuition coach can help you become aware of your own energy, recognize how you “vibrate”, and more importantly, help you bring your energy in alignment with its source to create a perfect harmony of life.

Laws of Attraction

Another law that governs our universe is the law of attraction; what you give comes back to you. This is similar to the energy coaching principle; if you radiate positive energy, then you will definitely experience similar positive vibrations. Subsequently, negative energy results in negative things.

A key aspect of intuitive coaching is teaching you how to tap your positive energy and dispel the negative ones that are obstructing your way from achieving your higher purpose.

Discover Your Higher Purpose

Many times, people seek intuition coaching to find and connect with their higher purpose. Higher purpose in one person from the others, but it generally represents living a meaningful life, one that connects with your core values, and ultimately fulfills you. You may already have an idea of what your higher purpose is, but some negative energies may holding you back.

As said earlier, intuition coaching goes deeper into the root cause of the problem, it analyzes you in both behavior and spiritual levels.

Intuitive Coaching Topics

So what can you talk with your intuitive life coach? Well, there is no limit of the topics you can talk about with your intuition coach. Some of the most common subjects include:

  • Career and finance
  • Confidence and self-love
  • Creativity and hobbies
  • Education
  • Family
  • Love and relationships
  • Spirituality and religion

Commonly Used Methods of Intuitive Coaching

Often, people seek the services and guidance of an intuition coach when they need healing from their pain and problems. Intuitive life coaches use different methods and techniques to deliver the healing their clients need. The goal of each method is to make clients feel complete and secure within themselves. Some of the methods include:

• Chakra healing – Originally from India, Chakra healing centers around the concept of energy fields (each person has their own energy fields, better known as chakras) that correspond to different areas of their body. Intuition coaches help clients find the perfect balance and harmony of the chakra.

• Crystal healing – This method involves the use of crystals and gemstones with healing properties. As said earlier, everything is vibration, and with crystal healing, clients benefits from the healing properties of special crystals that absorbs and give out energy.

• Hypnotherapy – From its root word hypnosis, hypnotherapy uses hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. This help coaches engage with their clients on a subconscious level, allowing them to dig deeper into the thoughts, insecurities, and root cause of their clients’ problems and life issues.

• Reiki – This is a Japanese method of touch healing, which involves the use of touch to manipulate and channel energy from the body, and move energy around where it is needed to restore the perfect balance of the mind and body.

Benefits of Intuition Coaching

So what can you get from intuitive life coaching? A lot, actually.

There are so many ways for an intuition coach to change your life for the better. In its most basic sense, you will easily learn how to adjust your thoughts and safeguard your feelings to vibrate the ideal energy frequency you need for each situation you face in life. Generally, this will teach you how to listen and maximize your intuition and identify the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that keep you from living the life you want.

You may rediscover yourself on a spiritual level or discover your purpose in life. You may also find the energy and motivation to work on your dream life, from your career, finances, relationship, etc.

Moreover, a life intuition coach will teach you how to be confident and happy with yourself. Your coach will teach you the different ways to overcome your anxiety, worries, and fears.

Your coach will also teach you to reconnect with your inner compass – to recognize your gut feel.

More things that may happen while you work with an intuitive coach include:

  • Become happier a happier person
  • Discover and/or developing new passion
  • Discovering your own intuitive abilities
  • Finding the courage and strength to chase lifelong dreams
  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve social life by meeting new people and making new friends
  • Losing weight
  • Reach financial abundance
  • Rekindle your compassion for others
  • Spark creativity
  • Take up new interests and productive hobbies

The list above is only the tip of the iceberg, as it can go on and on. You may even benefit from intuition coaching in ways that you least expect. Moreover, it will not come as a surprise if you find new ways for your intuition coach to help you with your chosen life path.

Signs you need the guidance of an intuition coach in your life

People seek life coaches’ guidance for different reasons. Some want to advance their careers, some want to straighten up their life path, some want to get out of their miserable situations, etc. While these are all valid reasons, one thing you need to know is that you don’t need to find yourself in dire situations before you seek life coaches’ guidance.

Intuitive life coaches, for example, can help you even if you are just feeling drained and tired of your daily life. If you are feeling waned and your enthusiasm for things that usually give happiness isn’t there anymore, an intuitive coach can bring them all back and help you live an exciting and fulfilling life.

If you find yourself constantly feeling angry, ashamed, depressed, unmotivated, jealous, empty, resentful, hurt (by things that happen in your past), and confused about where your life is heading, you can seek the help of an intuition coach to help pull you out of these negative emotions and situations.

Moreover, you should seek the guidance of an intuitive life coach if you find yourself without ambitions or goals for the future that gets your heart racing. An intuition coach will help you regain the balance you have lost in all the facets of your life and put you back on the right path to abundant and passionate living.

Striving for a sense of wholeness is a great way to shift your mindset to live a life of abundance. Your intuition coach will teach you how to be complete again. Rather than going straight to ways on how to earn more money and other forms of wealth, your coach will fill yourself from within.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are intuition life coaches psychics?

A. Intuition coaches may or may not be psychics. However, those who possess psychic abilities can and will additional layers to their practice and methods. Depending on their skill level and experience, they may teach you different ways of working through various issues faster and break through the blockages and walls that hinder you from living the life you want.

Whether or not you want a life coach with psychic abilities is entirely your choice and something you may want to consider while looking for an intuitive coach. While there are definitely some benefits, it is not for everyone. Some people want the added benefit of psychic abilities from their coach, while some find working with coaches with psychic qualities too intense and uncomfortable.

Q. How much does an intuition coach service cost?

A. As with most professions, different professionals have different rates. Generally, the rate is around $30 to $40 per hour. This, of course, depends on the expertise, experience, and location.

Nevertheless, the correct question should be, how much are you willing to change your life for the better? Consider professional services like this from special individuals as an investment in your well-being. Some of the best life coaches out there charge thousands of dollars per session. They may seem expensive to some, but for others, the benefits they get from those sessions truly outweigh the cost.

If you have a budget problem, be sure to discuss it with your potential life coach upfront. He/she may help you work it out.

Q. How many coaching sessions do I really need?

A. There are no set guidelines and one-size-fits-all solutions on this one, as each person’s character, the current situation in life, goals, and dreams are different. The number of sessions you need entirely depends on how far you want to get from where you are now, of from how long it takes to completely heal the wounds of the past, let go of bad habits and create new productive ones, and how fast you can steer your life to the right direction.

Many people can reap the benefits of intuition coaching in just a couple of sessions. Some, however, look for a long-term coaching relationship with their intuition coach to take advantage of their services to grow their careers and for personal growth.

Obviously, the longer you work with an intuition coach, the more you can benefit from it.

Q. How to choose an intuition coach?

A. Anyone can claim they are an intuitive life coach, and anyone can claim they have the best. Thus, to help you find the right and legit ones, ask yourself these questions: first, is the coach certified? Second, are you comfortable with that intuitive coach?

For the first question, you should know that the industry is highly unregulated, unfortunately. However, a certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) can help you spot the legit ones.

For the second question, look for a coach you are completely comfortable opening up with. Someone whose energy feels light and lets you be yourself. This type of person will help you get the most benefits of the coaching.

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