3 Signs Your Manifestation is Close You Should Not Ignore

Manifestation is the art of drawing the experiences, circumstances, people and things into your life that you dream of.

For some, the path to manifestation is straightforward. For most of us, lifting our vibrations to where they become a match to our dreams is more of an uphill climb.

It is true for all of us that manifestation is a game. Initially, it may seem like a game you play with forces outside of yourself. But really, manifestation is a game that you play with yourself.

When your manifestation is close, the universe will let you know by planting synchronicities and hints all around you for your intuition to pick up on. It is up tot you to pay attention to the signs that your manifestation is about to take form.

Manifestation and the law of attraction

Manifestation is inextricably linked to the law of attraction.

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The law of attraction is one of several spiritual laws that govern our lives, much like the laws of physics also influence what we can and cannot do, or how easy or difficult it is for us to achieve any one thing in the universe.

Unlike the laws of physics or biology, the law of attraction works on a metaphysical, emotional and spiritual level, making it harder to measure its effect in our lives.

But while we may not be able to weigh or measure the law of attraction, we would be foolish to discount it.

The law of attraction dictates that we attract what we are and what we resonate out into the universe. If we a have high vibration and resonate positivity, self-assuredness and feelings of being worthy of our wishes, this is what attracts them to us and manifestation signs will soon start appearing in our lives.

Resonating strong and positive emotions is not as simple as simply deciding, on an intellectual level, that you are going to resonate positivity and strength, although making this a conscious goal can certainly be part of the equation.

Our vibration goes much deeper than the intellect – to truly create a positive force field around us that will attract what we dream of into our lives, we have to radiate strength, positivity and worthiness on all levels, not just intellectually.

We have to hold our dreams firmly in our thoughts, in the core of our feeling, in everything we do.

A positive vibration is at once conscious, unconscious and superconscious. If we are to truly manifest our greatest desires, there can be no conflict, no discrepancy, between the different layers and aspects of ourselves.

Our inner and outer selves, our intentions and actions, our sleeping and waking states, all have to work in unison to create the lives we want.

Is there a limit to what you can manifest?

In principle, no, there are absolutely no limits to what you can manifest in life. There are no limits to what you can have or experience.

Declaring yourself worthy of the things, the events and the change you want to experience is really the first manifestation sign.

The media and the various institutions of control may be working day and night to make it seem otherwise, but we live in a vast and abundant universe.

If the world’s resources and wealth were distributed evenly, there would be no shortage or lack of any kind.

Your natural state, and the natural state of every other human soul, is one of wealth, abundance and plenty of freedom. Consider this positive, powerful state to be your due.

You deserve to dream big, to strive and to reach for the wealth of experience, freedom, love and abundance you want in life.

The stumbling block when it comes to our ability to manifest our desire is often found in our upbringing. Almost unavoidably, we internalise the dominant beliefs of lack, fear and restriction.

It can take years, even decades, to unlearn and undo the effects of negative conditioning. But knowing the truth, that the universe is absolutely abundant, why shouldn’t you share in this abundance?

What it really takes to manifest your dream life

We’ve already covered the law of attraction and the role the energy you put out play in manifesting your desire.

But what are the other elements you need to have in place in order to make sure that your desire can make it across from its the hazy-wave state of potential to solid, tangible reality?


The first thing you need when manifesting a desire is clarity on what your desire is.

You would be surprised if you knew how many people are out there right now trying to manifest something, without being clear on what that something really is or what it entails.

If you ask them, most people tell you that they desire great wealth, lots of freedom, a loving partner, a great place to live. But not many people are able to be specific and clear on what they want, because they haven’t really thought it through.

Hollywood, commercials and social media are in the business of selling us an idea of what a happy, successful and fulfilled life is supposed to look like, but is a high-powered job really the dream for everyone? Would everyone thrive in a large suburban house with a manicured lawn?

To manifest the life we truly want, it is extremely important to get clear and honest, at least with yourself, about what circumstances, surroundings, people and experiences are really going to bring you the most happiness.

Your goals and desires don’t have to tick the boxes you have been told they need to tick – the have to tick the boxes that are going to make you happy.


Affirmations offer us a great way of overriding our fears and limiting mindsets. Affirmations of positivity and power can help us soothe our fears, quieten our insecurities and fluff our metaphysical feathers while the universe delivers.

You have to see your manifestation as true before it becomes tangible. Affirm to yourself that your manifestation is close, that your manifestation is coming, that the universe is just about to deliver.

Ask for signs from the universe, ask it to affirm your wishes and your efforts by placing signs on your path.

Every day, look out for signs of manifestation. Let your heart space fill with the excitement of knowing that your dreams are just about to become reality.

Finally, pay attention to every sign, symbol and message your intuition picks up on as you go about your day. It all means something.

When you search for signs and messages, the universe will eventually oblige by showing you more of what you are looking for.


Before you can receive signs from the universe, you will have to signal the universe that you are ready to receive your manifestations.

When you are trying to manifest a your dreams, action is key. Intention and affirmation often go nowhere without action, yet action is often where people stumble and fall short of manifesting their goals.

Once you are crystal clear on what you want and feel good about your self, assured that you can do it and deserve to have it, the final part of the equation is to actually go and do it.

You need to take action – lots of action.


Did I say lots of action? I meant it.

Taking one little action now and then is usually very far from enough. The manifestation process is a form of magic, but if anyone told you it was going to be easy, they lied.

Manifesting what you truly want and bringing all of your greatest potential into reality may be really hard work. This is why most people don’t manifest their desires – they are not prepared to persevere on their chosen path.

Ways people block their own manifestation process

Everything you want requires you to journey beyond your current comfort zone.


If you are unsure of what you want, or if what you want to want is not the same as what your truly, deeply want, all of your efforts and the energy you are sending out into the universe are going to be fraught with uncertainty.

If you can’t tell the universe clearly what you want, the universe cannot deliver it to you. So get clear and resonate your intention strongly through your feelings, your thoughts and your actions.

You cannot be too clear or too explicit in expressing your dreams to the universe – in fact, the clearer you are able to express them, the easier it is for the universe to deliver.

Especially if you are trying to manifest something big, something rare, something most people do not have, you will have to create a metaphysical tidal wave, not a few little splashes.


When you are working on manifesting a particular outcome, your mindset, thoughts and actions all have to lign up.

If they don’t, your manifestation efforts will look a lot like a team of rowers trying to get their boat across the finish line by paddling in opposing directions.

Make sure your intentions and efforts are all aligned, so that the energy is all flowing in one direction.


Resistance to taking the necessary steps towards our goals is a typical roadblock many encounter on their way to manifesting their desired circumstances in life.

Whenever there is something we truly and deeply want, it triggers our inner resistance. Resistance may seem almost like a repellent forcefield radiating out from the very things we want the most.

Resistance triggers our insecurities and ingrained limiting beliefs and mobilises them against us when we reach for our dreams.

You’ll have to learn how to push through resistance, because everything you want is on the other side of it.

These signs tell you that your manifestation is close

When your manifestation is close at hand, you will receive a number of signs from the universe, giving you reassurance that your manifestation is nearly here.

Signs your manifestation is close can differ from person to person, but some things, some signs from the universe are undeniable.

Synchronicity, the ultimate manifestation sign

Synchronicities are always part of our lives, but an increased number of synchronicities is akin to finding a metaphysical trail of breadcrumbs leading up to something you want to manifest.

Synchronicity is a crystal clear sign that your manifestation is coming into existence, and it is often the first sign from the universe that your efforts and affirmations are about to pay off.

If, say, you have been working on manifesting a particular new car, you may start seeing signs of this vehicle everywhere you go. You may see a child playing with a toy version of the same car when you walk past a playground, and then the same car pulls in front of you in traffic.

This is the universe telling you to pay attention and to get ready to receive your manifestation. Synchronicities are a always signs your manifestation is near.

Numbers, symbols and other signs of manifestation

Another manifestation sign, which also falls under the synchronicity umbrella, is the frequent appearance of manifestation numbers, or angel numbers in your life.

Manifestation numbers are unusual sequences that stand out when you see them. An example could be seeing 1111, a sign of new beginning.

Your intuition and gut feeling always know

If it feels right, it is right.

When you get the feeling that your manifestation is close, that everything is about to fall into place, this is one of the most powerful signs that your manifestation is about to come into reality.

Always trust your gut; it knows things.

How do you know when someone is manifesting you?

If someone is manifesting you into their life, you will often know because they will tell you.

They may not staight-up tell you that they have manifested you, but they are likely to express sentiments such as ‘You have come into my life at just the right time’ or ‘How incredible that you happened to come into my life. I didn’t realise how much I needed someone to help me with realising x,y,z.’

Sometimes, people may manifest you into their lives without knowing. But you will know by observing where they are at in life and by finding yourself taking up a unique space or serving a unique function for them.

Is it OK to think about your manifestation?

Some believe that manifestation is a matter of ‘set it and forget it.’ I personally believe that the opposite is true.

Your manifestation intention has to be in your mind, your heart and your actions always – that’s how you draw it into your life. When you loose sight of what you want to manifest, it becomes much harder to manifest it.

What happens if you tell someone your manifestation?

The same people who believe that you should set and forget your intention also believe that you should keep your wishes and desires to yourself.

In this case, I think it is a matter of personal preference. The important thing is that you are always keeping your objective and the thing or the change you want to manifest in mind.

Having said that, I believe telling others about your true goals and intentions are a powerful form of manifestation, of making it real.

How can I speed up my manifestation?

There are many tools and tricks to speeding up your manifestation process. Here are a few popular choices.

Candle magic

Candle magic is an easy yet powerful way of expressing your intentions and wishes to the universe.

A votive candle is preferable, but any candle will do. The most important ingredient in any form of magic is always the power of your intention, not the tools you are using.

Inscribe your desire on your candle and let it burn. Visualise the smoke carrying your manifestation vibrations upward, a smoke signal for the universe.


Affirmations can be worked into magical, hypnotic spells or chants.

Affirmations can be inscribed on candles and burned, scribbled on paper and carried in your pocket.

Repeat your affirmations until they become cemented in your inner feeling. It is a manifestation sign when they start feeling true.

Manifestation meditation

Work on your manifestation while in the meditative state.

When you are in the meditative state, your brainwaves slow down and allow you access to your subconscious mind.

Visualising your manifestation intention while chanting words of power and affirmation many times over is a powerful way of programming them into your subconscious mind where they can grow like magical seeds and eventually turn into flowers of manifestation.

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