369 Manifestation Method

Are you content with your life? Or is there some aspect of it that you want to change? Imagine being able to create a new reality for yourself by manifesting what you really want. That’s what the 369 Manifestation Method is all about. Turning your dreams into reality.

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction from reading pages of the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne (who is also the author of The Power, and The Magic), or maybe you believe in the transformational effects of positive thinking, you practice meditation, or you’ve read an article about visualization. Well, the 369 Manifestation Method is similar and draws on the same principles. 

Essentially, it is premised on the fact that we can use our powerful thoughts to manifest anything we set our hearts, belief, and intention to. It’s that simple. But it does take some practice and presence of mind to do that, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

The Manifestation Method is infused with numerology (which is a theory about the significance of numbers, often connected to astrology) – in particular numbers 3, 6, and 9.

This manifestation technique gives structure to practicing the positive thinking and the law of attraction and is a key to unlocking your true potential. Once you’ve decided what you want to manifest or bring about, you will need to focus your belief, thoughts, and actions on creating that reality and the world will conspire to help you achieve your dreams.

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All about how to manifest what you desire

The 369 Manifestation Method is all about creating a daily ritual out of attracting what you want into your life. If for example, you want to buy a new car, you’ll need to set your intention on owning a new car and think about that three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times at night – every day for several weeks. People generally follow this habit for 21, 33, or 45 days.

People have been practicing how to manifest change for many years, in different forms. Being able to manifest things, also means that the life we each have right now, is in part the result of what we have manifested for ourselves. Sometimes that happens through unconscious thoughts and messages that we send out into the universe. We may not even be aware of how we are shaping our own lives.

And if we want to change our lives, we need to start by changing our intentions because everything we think is connected with our current state of being. Our thoughts, which are waves of energy that get sent out from our bodies, hold much power and affect the world around us in many ways. To change our world by changing our intentions – we need to start off with a clear (and positive) vision of what we really desire. 

Think about your lifestyle now and what you really want to bring into it. You may want more health, more time with your family, more money, a promotion at work, a raise in your salary, to win a particular race, or to start a new hobby. Whatever your desire, you can make it happen and draw that into your reality using your innate power of thought.

How does the 369 Manifestation Method work?

The 369 method is basically a framework for giving enough frequency and energy to your intention that you bring about, or manifest, what you desire. Sending out your desires to the universe can have powerful effects if done correctly, and if you repeat this practice. All that you need to do is follow these simple steps and results should flow into your life.

Step 1: write down what you really desire

To practice this 369 method, you will start off by writing down at least one thing that you desire and then visualize it coming true and write about what feelings and emotions you experience. Emotions are powerful energies that will help set your intention.

For example, if you really desire a new car – think about what type of car you want, what color and model, what does it look like inside. All the detail will help create a more realistic impression. You might even want to go and test drive a car to get a clearer picture of what you want. 

Step 2: write down what emotions you feel when you get what you desire

Next, try to really feel what it will be like owning that car and what emotions you would feel – these might be comfort, excitement, and safety. The trick is to visualize yourself actually owning the car and experiencing those emotions.

Step 3: Blend your desire and emotions into an affirmation

Next, combine your desires and emotions into an affirmation that will trigger all those feelings when you read it. An example of blending your emotions and desires into an affirmation about car would be: “I feel so excited and safe driving this BMW X3 – it’s the smoothest and most comfortable ride I’ve ever had and I feel so safe inside it”.

Step 4: Write down your affirmation 3 times each morning

You’ll probably want to keep a dedicated manifestation journal to write down your daily affirmations in. Perhaps you already have a gratitude journal – in which case you could write your affirmations in there.

Every morning it’s good to start off the day with your affirmations. It helps to set your intention for the day and also keeps you focused on your goal from the time you wake up. Schedule a convenient time to write down your morning affirmations when you won’t be in too much of a hurry. Perhaps as you wake up in bed, or while you’re eating your breakfast. You’ll need to find a quiet place where you can really focus your desires. 

Write down your affirmation 3 times and then read it aloud 3 times too.

Step 5: Write down your affirmation 6 times every afternoon

Every afternoon you should repeat your affirmation – writing it down 6 times and saying it out loud 6 times. The afternoon can be a tricky time of day to find some peace and quiet to say your affirmations. So you may like to start a routine of going somewhere like a park for your lunch break where you can sit and take in the beauty of nature while focusing on what you want to manifest. 

Step 6: Write down your affirmation 9 times every evening

Every evening, preferably just before you go to sleep, start by writing down your affirmation 9 times and then also read it allowed 9 times. Don’t rush yourself – take your time and remember to stay present and focused. Our brains consolidate a lot of information at night so it’s a powerful time to say your affirmations right before you start sleeping.

Tips to enhance your manifestation powers 

Stay present and focus your attention

The number one rule to creating change is to practice true presence of thought. If you feel your thoughts wandering and that you’re distracted, bring yourself back to the present. With practice, that will become easier. When we focus our attention on the present, our affirmations are more powerful and effective and we’re able to connect more easily with the universe.

Believe you have what you’re trying to manifest

You need to truly believe that you already have what you’re trying to manifest so that you can evoke the emotions that will help create a powerful intention.

So if you want to receive some money – you should think about how much money you want, see yourself getting the money – perhaps even write yourself a cheque for that amount and put it on your wall. Then imagine what it will feel like to have that money and how you will enjoy spending it. Try and make a realistic mental picture so that you believe you have it already.

Write your affirmation as if you already have what you desire, and add true emotions that resonate with you

It’s important that you write your affirmation as if you already have what you desire and that you capture those emotions that you feel so strongly when you get what you want.

One way to do that is to actually go and see what you want – if it’s a car you want to buy, then test drive it. If it’s a house you want to own, go and have a look at it.

Create positive action every day towards your desired goal

If you truly desire something, then you should also act every day in a way that helps you to get closer to that goal. In addition to saying your daily affirmations, there are also many things you can do to help realise your goal.

For example, if you want a promotion, you may want to actively participate in work meetings and events, do some additional courses that you’re interested in that will help you in your career, or discuss your goals with your boss.

Avoid negative feelings and doubt

This is a critical point. Negative emotions and doubting your ability to manifest your desires will only send out those negative signals to the universe and they will impede your ability to transform your life in the ways that you want to.

Try instead to just trust the process – you have nothing to lose by surrendering to the source and the universe and believing that what you want is in reach if you truly believe that. And, when feelings of doubt and negative emotion do arise, you can learn to easily overcome those by acknowledging and bringing awareness to those emotions, practicing the power of now and presence, and then releasing those feelings.

Who discovered this manifestation technique?

Karin Yee is widely credited with starting the 369 Manifestation Method. Yea is famous for her YouTube channel called Choosing Gratitude. She is an intuitive astrologer who is trained in Chinese and Western astrology, and is also a Reiki Master

Her inspiration for the method was the work of the physicist Nikola Tesla, who some people say believed in the powers of the numbers based on mathematics and how they relate to the universe – specifically numbers 3, 6 and 9. Yea talks about 369 as being the “Tesla code”.

The 369 Manifestation Method is quite similar to the Abraham Hicks (also known as Esther Hicks) 17-second rule, which says that we should focus our attention on what we desire for at least 17 seconds to set that manifestation in motion. Abraham Hicks is a channeler of Abraham – a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension, connected to the source.

Since Yee started taking about the 369 method, it has also become a TikTok sensation thanks to Clark Kegley who posted a video about it that went viral. Kegley’s method is slightly different: you choose 3 affirmations, say them 6 times each day while focusing on your desire for at least 9 seconds each time.

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