How to Manifest Money

Do you feel like all your efforts to get out of a revolving door of debt are futile?

Do you find yourself dreaming of a better job, a better paycheck, or just a better financial standing?

You are not alone. Life is hard, and earning a sufficient amount of money is harder.

Millions of people from around the world feel the same as you.

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There is hope, even if your situation feels bleak.

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You just have to focus on what’s important to you right now, speak to the universe, train yourself to have a more positive mindset, and give ALL your energy to turn things around and become a money magnet.

If you’re new to this kind of thinking and you’re interested in manifesting money the right way, continue reading below for a step-by-step guide...

What is the Law of Attraction?

Is it possible to ask the universe for money?

If you put all your energy into visualizing your financial success, will it materialize?

The law of attraction isn’t really a secret anymore. Thousands of people practice this philosophy daily and actually achieve whatever they’re trying to do simply with a positive mindset.

From manifesting money or love and everything else in between, the law of attraction philosophy suggests:

Thoughts are a form of energy.

The Law of attraction suggests that a thought is a form of energy. It’s not surprising that the bulk of energy emitted from humans is concentrated near the area of the brain where thoughts are formed.

Like attracts like.

Meaning, positive thinking brings positive results just as negative thoughts bring negative results. People tend to attract others who are similar to them.

Remove negativity to make space for positivity.

The Law of Attraction suggests that for positive things to take place in one’s life, he/she must remove negative thoughts. If your mindset is focused on positivity, the mind’s available space will be filled with anything just as positive.

Your present situation can be made perfect.

Even if you feel anxious, defeated, or unhappy, you can use your energy to focus on positive thoughts and actually improve your present mindset.

The Law of Attraction has generated a huge following in recent years, but just with everything else, there are still skeptics who believe this to be pseudoscience. But willing good vibes into your life don’t really hurt anybody. The practice of manifesting anything doesn’t cost a thing. So what’s the harm in trying, right?

If you practice the Law of Attraction philosophy, you’re going to train yourself to:

  • visualize your goals
  • find positive things in everything
  • identify negative thinking
  • use positive affirmations
  • be grateful

The ideas above aren’t a magic trick. The results will not come immediately and fix your life, or in this case, bring you the fortune you need. However, practicing the law of attraction philosophies allow you to develop a more optimistic outlook on life, one positive affirmation at a time.

How to Ask the Universe for Money

If you wish to manifest money, you need to several things to get started, including:


Practicing the law of attraction needs commitment since you’ll have to:

  • Consciously think positive to attract positive things to happen (law of magnetism),
  • Have an unwavering desire for a particular goal to succeed
  • Be grateful, seek balance, and be appreciative, even if your situation seems bleak (law of harmony and delicate balance)
  • Do good to others, since what you do for others will be the reason for your present experience (law of right action)


Journaling has been an effective way to manifest wealth or any other desire people have. The author (that’s you) will be able to think deeply about your own needs vs. wants, practice positive affirmations, and craft your “burning desire” statement that you’ll eventually tell the universe.

Vision Board

Since you need to manifest money, your vision board should have pictures of items that you’re dreaming to have in abundance or any object, place, or words you can connect to your intention.

Proper Accounting

The key to proper money visualization is to know specific amounts and set clear expectations of how much money you need.

The more accurate you can organize your finances, the better. List down all amounts in your savings account, credit card debt, bills (pre-or post-paid), and all other incoming and outgoing cash in your accounts.

How to Manifest Money in 7 Steps

Your dreams of having a debt-free life are one way closer to you now that you’ve committed to listening to the universe’s vibration and going on a serious path on how to manifest money.

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1. Specify What You Need the Money for

You can’t just wish to have “gazillion dollars” and wait for the universe to grant your wish. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you have to focus on a particular goal such as:

  • Clearing a 10,000 credit card bill
  • Settling the last 4,000 student loan debt
  • Buying your first car (list down the brand name, car model, accessories, and total amount)
  • Buying a new home (list down total amount)
  • Saving for your kid’s college fund
  • Paying for your upcoming wedding
  • Going on your honeymoon (or other money for travel)

Once you’ve identified your specific dream, decide how much money is required for that dream to be realized. You can’t say, “I hope to have a LOT of money for my wedding.” Visualizing requires specifics, so make sure to list as many details you can find, such as $10,000 for the wedding venue, $5,000 for the wedding gown and the groom’s clothes, $20,000 for catering, and so on.

If you need financial freedom to reduce stress in your life or extend your quality of life, determine what constitutes “financially free” for you. Is $5,000 a month enough for you? Detail things like electricity costs, rent, food, expenses for your family (kids’ needs), insurance, and so on.

Don’t be in a hurry. The next steps would definitely require whatever financial intention and the corresponding amount you’ve identified for this step.

2. Identify and Remove Limiting Beliefs

As I mentioned earlier, if you think positively, you’ll be able to attract positive energy and eventually be able to manifest money fast. However, there are some beliefs that stop you from reaching the abundance you’ve been craving for. These beliefs are called “limiting beliefs” and as its name suggests, stop people from manifesting wealth.

For example, when a person believes in his hearts of hearts that:

  • “He was born poor and would probably die poor.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil.”
  • “Only people who were born rich are able to stay rich.”
  • “You need to kill yourself working to become wealthy.”
  • …and any similar negative belief that blocks positive empowerment.

When you are trying to manifest money, there is no space for thinking you are not worthy of the money you’re visualizing.

Nothing good will come out with limiting beliefs, so take a look at yourself and check if you’ve been feeling and thinking like this.

Many people do not notice that they’ve been used to seeing money as a negative thing for years. If you discovered this about yourself just now, don’t worry because it’s never too late to reprogram your mind on how to love money or find success without feeling guilty.

3. Change Your Mindset

Now that you are someone who is waking up from your past financial mistakes, the next step for you is to change your way of thinking.

The key to manifest money begins when you’re open to changing your ways. This includes practices like:

Acting as if you are wealthy

If you embraced the philosophies of the Law of Attraction, you should understand that like attracts like and that if you act like a wealthy person, you’re also practicing to think like someone who has money to spend.

However, you don’t need to spend any money on these steps. You can just plan out vacations (with detailed dates, preferred beach resort, choice of activities, and so on), or window-shop for a new woodworking machine you’re planning to gift yourself.

Believing that Money is good

If you’re religious and it has been ingrained in every bit of your being that money is the root of all evil, you are not alone. Some 1.2 billion people share the same belief as you.

However, in order to manifest wealth, you have to rewire your thoughts and soul to treat money as something good.

4.Visualize Having the Money for Your Goal

Changing your mindset is the hardest step, but money visualization is the fun part.

Depending on which method you’re following, the concept of visualization is simple: daydream your intention so hard that it eventually materializes. One famous way to do this is through vision boards.

Money Vision Board

The vision board is an example of a visualization that uses your eyes. A friend I know uses a simple paper with the word MONEY in the center to help her focus on her financial dream.

This type of visualization is super effective for everyone. When manifesting money-related dreams, make sure you cut some images of money along with words and pictures that you connect to your intention.

For example, if your dream is to raise money for your wedding gown, then post a picture of your gown on the board beside a ton of cash. Place it by your bedside, on your office table, or any spot in your house that you spend most of your time at.

You can also visualize yourself riding on your new car, checking out furniture for your new home, or the day you send off your kid to college without student loans.

Use ALL Other Senses

If you think the vision board isn’t enough, you can add info and incorporate your other senses into the experience.

Who is with you while you’re wearing your wedding dress? Is your mother beside you? Can you smell her perfume? Or hear her comment on how good you look? Use all your senses while visualizing your intention – this will help your body and mind believe in the scene.

Using the sense of smell is also an effective, but less common way to visualize the intention. Since you’re manifesting money, there’s nothing better than to smell or hold money as well. Your hands, nose, and eyes will all work together in bringing signals to your brain that the reality of money abundance is possible.

Just make sure to think positively about your cash when smelling or holding the bills. And if you don’t have good thoughts about money, here are positive affirmations you can practice telling yourself every day.

5. Focus on Money Affirmations

Whether you’re learning how to manifest money, love, or anything else in between, focusing on positive affirmations is one step you should never skip.

While it’s OK to check some examples on how to write successful affirmations, make sure you write your own because no one knows you better than yourself. Copying what others have written may not bring you success.

When writing these statements, don’t use future tense. Instead, focus on the present.

For example, instead of saying: “Money will offer better ways to relieve stress.” you can say, “Thanks to money, I am able to travel during holiday breaks.”

Some statements everyone loves using are fun statements like:

  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “I attract money daily.”
  • “The amount of money I can make is unlimited.”

But if the sayings feel like something you wouldn’t say, even if they’re worded positively, go with statements that reflect your truth.

6. Take Action and Be Grateful

If you’ve successfully rewired your thinking, you’d have to do what rich people do to become richer. Obviously, they continue to work hard to reach a higher peak and don’t just wait for something to come to them.

So while you continue to think positively and visualizing, you have to take action as well. Working towards your goals keeps you busy enough so you wouldn’t focus on the lack of manifestation (yes, waiting can be hard).

While doing so, be grateful that you have the resources and experiences that make it possible to dream bigger.

7. Experience how the Universe Brings Abundance to Your Life

Once you’ve taken the time to study and practice step 1 up to step 6, it is now time to let go. Stop stressing over your mistakes or the absence of your desire. Don’t focus on the outcome that you’ve been aiming for.

Instead, now that you’re equipped with a new mindset and positive money affirmation to last you for weeks, let your mind vibrate at a higher frequency and wait for the universe to bring abundance into your life.

It may sound impossible to wait and just think positive, but once your dream has manifested, you’ll know that your patience, bringing good into the world, and your zen-focus on your intention all contributed to attracting what you’ve always deserved.

Start Manifesting Money Today

You may not be able to manifest money fast (or overnight), but starting the process guarantees you’ll be able to materialize your vision eventually.

The experiences you’re about to take if you follow the content of this article will be life-changing. So, come on, take that first step.

If you’re ready to commit to something better financially and you’re wondering how to start attracting more wealth into your life, The 9-5 Escape Pod: How To Live On Your Own Terms is a good introduction to everyday techniques you can practice. This super-informative e-book is FREE when you sign up for The Law Of Attraction ‘Origins‘ program.

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