How to Manifest Anything

Can you imagine using 100% of your mind, heart, and body to attract someone, something, anything you desire into your life? If you learned how to manifest anything, wouldn’t you do it?

Manifestation, in its simplest form, means that through continuous positive and constructive thought, you can make any of your dreams or desires a reality.

But how does it work? Can anyone just jump right in and put their thoughts to work?

Do you need to get a crash course?

This post has EVERYTHING you need to start the manifestation process.

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Understanding Law of Attraction

It is impossible to manifest anything without first learning the basics of the law of attraction.

The entire manifestation concept relies on your belief in the law of attraction principles, such as:

Like Attracts Like

“Like attracts like”is the basic premise of the law of attraction. It simply means that things (or people) with similar energy levels are drawn to each other.

  • If you are dreaming of a perfect job, do everything you can do to become the perfect employee.
  • If you are aiming to manifest some cash, act as if you are rich and work towards your goal as positively as you can.

Manifesting something to enter into your lives is possible, but ONLY if you’re ready to do your part.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Coined by Aristotle, this phrase means that every space in nature needs to be filled with something. The Law of Attraction suggests that you need to remove negative thoughts first before you fill them up with something positive.

Belief: One of the Most Powerful Things in Your Life

Law of Attraction suggests that you consider your present situation as perfect.

  • Even if your work sucks, stop complaining and start believing that you have to make the most of your stay with that company and make your job as productive as you can.
  • Even if your relationships seem to fail, keep believing that there is someone who matches your light, beliefs, and feelings.

To manifest something you desire, you would have to be open to changing your belief system down to the core.

Creator Mind: Can You Really Manifest Things?

Most people are completely unaware that they have the power to consciously CREATE their own reality. If this sounds like you and you’ve been living a life where you thought your circumstances mold your path, today’s a good reason to change this mindset.

Your mind can be the creator of your future… IF YOU LET IT.

It is possible, but results do not come easily. Manifesting anything would take a lot of work. Maybe you’d quit. But if you stick with it, I guarantee you that the power to change the direction of your life will be in your hands.

What Are Some Ways to Manifest?

Now that understand a little about the law of attraction and the power of manifestation, what are the things you can actually materialize?

You’d be surprised at what others have done in the past. For example:

  • Manifesting relationships: Alex Rodriguez told the world in 1998 that his dream date would be with Jennifer Lopez. By 2020, he was actually engaged to get married to JLo.
  • Manifesting a music career: In 2011, before Ed Sheeran became a household name, he told the Twitter universe to “give him a few years. He’s got some big plans.” And by late 2011, his debut album was launched and he’s now a global success.
  • Manifesting a dream role: In 2013, Tom Holland was asked what future superhero role he wanted to play and he answered Spider-man. 3 years later, he landed the Peter Parker role.

These are just examples of how people consciously or unconsciously manifested things to happen.

Other desires, thoughts, and beliefs that you want to manifest could be anything under the sun. It can be as simple as losing 5 pounds, asking the universe for something big (like a soulmate, or your dream house), or something else in between.

How Do You Ask the Universe for What You Want?

When you ask the universe for something you really really want to materialize, it won’t happen with just a snap of your finger or shouting to the top of your lungs.

Manifestations happen because the people work on their own vibration, change beliefs, and undergo a long process with grace, patience, and gratitude.

If you’re ready to learn how to manifest anything you want, you’d be surprised that the following information has been FREELY available for everyone for decades.

There is no secret hidden in a treasure chest that you need to unlock.

All it takes to manifest something is to practice and use all your energy in following these 7 steps to manifest anything:

1. Get Clear with Your Intention

The universe doesn’t know if you’re being negative or positive with your thoughts, goals, or beliefs. As such, whenever the universe hears you say, “I DO NOT want a dead-end job,” the universe delivers you a dead-end job. It’s that simple.

As such, you have to be clear with your intention for a successful manifestation.

For example: Stating you wish you could have all the money your heart desires is a bit vague. How will the universe know how much money that actually is? Does your heart desire 10 bucks? If you clarify the amount of money, such as “I can pay for my $10,000 wedding gown,” then the help you receive is EXACTLY to your expectations.

If you want to manifest a healthy body, identify what kind of goals you’re really manifesting. Do you want your blood sugar level to do go down to healthy levels? Do you want a beach body? Are you hoping to develop some skills in a particular sport?

2. Self Care is Key to Manifesting Anything

The secret to manifestation practice is to look at yourself first. You have to be ready to accept the abundance that the universe will send your way.

If you find it hard to feel grateful for something that’s happening in your life, start now. Re-wire how your mind works.

This step is particularly important if you’re manifesting a boyfriend, girlfriend, or life partner into your world. You have to see yourself in the mirror and determine what you can bring into a relationship.

If you have been in a toxic relationship in the past and still hold a grudge, you’d have to take a step to get this toxicity out of your mind, so positive thoughts could come in, and you’ll attract what you’ve been trying to manifest.

3. Eliminate negative thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs

This step is a continuation of self-care but is the cause of why many people find themselves unsuccessful at any tries of manifestation.

Negative thoughts and feelings affect our energy, the vibration we put out into the universe.

Examples of limiting beliefs include:

  • Negative labels you give yourself (example: My crazy self do not deserve love)
  • Things you are afraid to try
  • High or low expectations you have of yourself
  • Trauma your subconscious developed during childhood
  • Wrong beliefs passed on to you by your parents
  • Statements that contradict your intention

When you tell yourself that “I have no time to succeed,” or “I am too busy to meet someone,” or “I’ll never be able to learn that…,” you are bringing negative thoughts out into the world. This will go against all the work you’re doing to achieve successful manifestation.

The good news is even if you’ve had those limiting beliefs at the back of your mind for decades, they can still be changed.

The way to do this is to first identify your personal beliefs that would stop your intentions from manifestation. The next step is to work on the beliefs you discovered and rewire your brain.

Everyone who has said goodbye to wrong beliefs has felt like bricks falling off their shoulders. They help not only in moving on from negative thoughts but also in aligning your mindset to the thing you want to manifest.

4. Affirm Daily

If you want to manifest something, you have to practice affirmations.

However, when it comes to manifesting money, a career, or any other goal, affirmations work because what you tell yourself, your mind believes. You are acknowledging something to be real.

For example:

  • I am the creator of my destiny.
  • I am awesome at public speaking.
  • My dreams are turning into reality.
  • I am open to receive my perfect match from the universe.

By repeating these affirmations daily (or multiple times a day), you are setting an intention for the universe to deliver.

Even for people who don’t believe in the law of attraction, daily affirmations are HUGE confidence boosters that many high-achievers include in their daily routines.

5. Visualization

Successful manifestation involves a lot of steps, including consistent visualization of your intention.

Simply put, you have to daydream hard enough and imagine yourself face-to-face with your dream guy, working for your dream company, vacationing in an exotic beach destination, or any other goal you’ve been dreaming of materializing.

Just like affirmations, you have to visualize regularly, repeatedly, and wholeheartedly. Every time you practice visualization, pour all your energy into “seeing” your goal.

  • If your goal is to open an ice cream truck, imagine the taste of that ice cream you’re holding.
  • If your goal is to visit Bali, imagine the smells of the coconut trees that line the shores, or how the warm sand would feel by your feet.

You must spend visualizing in a quiet place with no distractions. After all, it would only take a couple of minutes at a time.

Those who have experienced multiple successes in manifestation have recommended multi-sensory visualization. Meaning, try to associate a touch, smell, sound, view, or taste to what you’re visualizing since it makes the “visuals” as real as possible.

6. Work on Your Intention

One major misconception about the law of attraction is this: that you just have to wait for the universe to deliver a successful manifestation of your intentions.

Actually, manifestation works best if you work alongside the universe to increase your chances of turning your dreams into reality.

Make a list of 10 things you can realistically do to bring you closer to your goal. Go with a baby step (putting your change in a coin bank daily after school to raise your $100k dream) or go BIG (invest in a business to double your money quickly).

Either way, any action that could help bring you one step closer to manifestation is always a good thing. The universe loves people who help themselves, so taking action will only work to your advantage.

7. Trust the Process

Do you have doubts that the wheels you’ve set in motion by changing your mindset, visualization, and working to turn your goals into reality WILL NOT WORK?

If you think this way, you have to repeat steps 3 and 4 because doubting that the universe will deliver is a form of limiting beliefs. To resolve this thing, you have to take action and do more affirmations, visualizations, and manifestation practice.

The law of attraction suggests that if you bring all your energy into following the steps above, all the forces of the universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible.

How Do I Increase Manifestation in my Life?

If you want to increase your dreams that turn into reality, it is definitely possible. You just have to focus on one intention at a time. Because your focus, energy, and vibration will all be dedicated to making one thing happen, you can’t try to manifest many things at the same time.

Prioritize the things you wish to become a reality. Note them down in a paper. Whenever you successfully manifest something, go back to this list, check if your priorities have changed, and pick another intention to work on.

Or, you can study advanced manifestation techniques by joining popular programs like Origins, where Greater Minds founder Andrew Shorten and Paul Gunter teach you to manifest anything of your desires.

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