Sun Square Moon Synastry

The Sun square Moon synastry aspect is one of the most intense and emotional synastry aspects you could possibly find in a synastry chart.

The Sun and the Moon complement are like two sides of the same coin, or two puzzle pieces made to fit perfectly together. They are quite literally like night and day, yin and yang, Emperor and Empress.

The Sun square Moon synastry aspect implies a strong attraction, as well as plenty of mutual fascination. The Sun person and the Moon person have plenty of differences to hold each other rapt for a lifetime.

The Moon reflects the Sun and vice versa. When the Sun and the Moon come tighter in synatry, the subconscious mind meets the light of the conscious mind, and this can inspire them to transform and evolve, while at the same time uncovering insecurities.

However, the square aspect in synastry can mean that the Sun person and the Moon person are in for a bumpy ride when they get romantically involved with each other.

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Balance may become an issue in this relationship, as the more emotional Moon person may become too dependent on the Sun person to support and cheer them on. The Sun person, on the other hand, may become too domineering and take up most of the space in this romantic relationship.

There is no doubt that the Sun person and the Moon person have their work cut out for them if they want to make their relationship work, in the long run. Good communication, mutual appreciation of each others’ qualities and quirks, and maintaining a healthy power balance are key elements in all thriving relationships – but particularly in this one.

So, should you pursue a Sun square Moon synastry relationship, or pass it up? Keep reading to learn more about what makes this relationship special, including the

Soulmate astrology

Synastry is the art of assessing romantic compatibility using astrology.

In order to do this the astrologer – or the appropriate software – combines two individuals’ birth charts with each other, essentially fusing them together into one composite chart. This chart, called a synastry chart, reveals how a couple’s planets interact with each other, and can serve as a helpful map for the couple to navigate their relationship.

Just like an individual birth chart does, the synastry chart contains a varying number of different aspects – some positive and some negative. Instances where a synastry chart contains either only soft, flowing aspects or hard, grating ones are extremely rare.

It goes almost without saying that you, when you are looking at you and your romantic partner’s synastry chart, want to see mostly green light and harmonious energies. However, don’t worry if you see a hard aspect or two – a bit of friction doesn’t break a healthy relationship.

Dividing aspects into positive and negative is a bit of an oversimplification, but it describes the reality that some astrological aspects glide more easily while others are more uphill and likely to cause tension.

Hard or negative aspects include the opposition and the square. In hard aspects, the planets that are aspected tend to bump and grind against each other – and not in a good way. If you and your partner have a Sun opposite Moon aspect in your synastry chart, it means that one partner’s Sun and the other partner’s Moon are going to be locked in a gridlock, pushing against each other. The square aspect also creates tension, and a distinct competitiveness between the partners.

Soft or positive aspects include the conjunction, the sextile and the trine. These aspects ensure a harmonious and even flow of energy between the planes that are aspected to each other.

The Sun in synastry

In astrology, the Sun is synonymous with authority, power, ego, control, confidence, courage and the conscious mind. In a more loose sense, the Sun is also associated with optimism, joy, ease, hope and good fortune.

The Sun is the most important planet in the astrological chart, as it describes our core personality. Our Sun sign – often referred to as star or zodiac sign – describes who we are and how we interact with the world. Although knowing where a person’s Sun is positioned in their birth chart doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about them, it is a very good place to start.

The Sun is the dominant force in astrological chart, and it is the Sun that fuels your ego, your self-identity and your confidence. It is your Sun that gives life to your dreams and values. The Sun is what animates us with passion, ambition and the desire to take action in the world.

In the Tarot, the Sun card depicts a golden-haired infant riding a white horse and holding a bright red banner, with the radiant Sun taking up the entire horizon. The infant represents joy, innocence, hope, vitality and potential. The white horse represents purity, strength and perseverance, and the banner is an indication of triumph and victory.

It follows that the Sun plays a vital role in synastry. When your Sun is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s personal planets, the attraction is going to be strong and intense.

The Moon in synastry

The Moon is the more introverted and famine counterpart to the radiant, confidence, action-oriented Sun. In astrology, the Moon represents feminine energy, your feeling, intuitive, nurturing, creative and receptive side, as well as the mysterious depths of your subconscious mind. The Moon is also associated with subjective truths, dreams, visions and extrasensory perception.

Since ancient times, the Moon has been associated with various goddesses, and with the underworld. A sense of mystery, and a fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable, are inevitably linked to the Moon.

In the Tarot, the Moon card depicts a dark and watery landscape lit only by the light of the Moon. In the foreground is a lobster, representing the Cancer, the member of the zodiac best known for its intensity and sensitivity. Near the water’s edge are a wolf and a domesticated dog, representing the two sides of human nature; the civilised and rational, and the wild, uncontrollable and fundamentally mysterious. The wolf is the side of us that the Moon and its influence tends to call to the surface. Finally, the Moon itself shines down from above, illuminating everything, but only partially.

The Moon is an incredibly important planet in synastry, as it relates to our deepest feelings and emotions. When your Moon is aspected to any of your partner’s planets, you are going to feel magnetically attracted to them, and the feelings you are going to develop for them are going to run very deep.

Characteristics of the Sun square Moon synastry aspect

Every Sun-Moon synastry relationship is different, of course. But every Sun-Moon relationship also has certain elements in common. Here they are.

The mutual attraction is powerful

When the Sun person and the Moon person meet, the physical attraction between them is strong and immediate.

The Sun and the Moon are like two magnets, powerfully drawn together. Their attraction goes way beyond the physical, and the desire the two have for each other is also mental, emotional and spiritual.

The pair help each other develop their true potential

The Sun person and the Moon person complement each other in important ways.

The Sun and the Moon person see the potential in each other, and they support and encourage each other to develop and realize more of what the other person in the relationship is capable of.

Ego clashes are inevitable

The Sun person and the Moon person both have their domineering traits, so there is always going to be a certain level of competitiveness and desire for control, form both sides.

The Sun person is naturally going to take up a lot of room in the relationship, expecting their partner to occupy more of a supportive role. The energy and radiant confidence of the Sun person can make it very difficult for the more resigned Moon person to take up equal space and wield equal influence within the relationship structure.

On the other hand, the Moon person may be either emotionally controlling or overly dependent on the Sun person’s encouragement. Because of this, things can all to easily disintegrate into hurt feelings and the relationship may take a wrong path.

The Sun person in the relationship

If you are the Sun person in the Sun square Moon relationship, you are going to find yourself ineffably drawn to the mystery and otherness that the Moon person represents to you. You reflect yourself in them, and they inspire new depths of feeling, new emotions, new ideas and possibilities.

The Moon person may help you get more in touch with your intuition, your creativity and with your emotions.

The Sun person’s feelings about the Moon person

The Sun person is enamoured by the Moon person’s creativity, sensitivity and emotional depth. They may even be inspired to become a little more like their Moon lover.

However, thanks to the square that exists between them, the Sun person may at times struggle with feeling that their Moon paramour has come to rely or lean too much on them. The Sun person is naturally very independent and self-sufficient, and prefers that the Moon person is too.

The Moon person in the relationship

If you are the Moon person in the relationship, you are going to be the more emotional and sensitive person in this union. It is also most likely you who are the most sensitive.

You see yourself reflected in the Sun person, and their radiant optimism, confidence and belief in you teaches you to believe more in yourself, your creativity and your vision.

Watch out for your tendency to become too emotionally dependent. It is important that you maintain and support your own emotional balance.

The Moon person’s feelings about the Sun person

The Moon person admiration for the Sun person’s confidence, vitality and the energy that they effortlessly radiate is without bounds. The Moon person may want to become a little more like the Sun person themselves.

The Moon person may at times struggle with their Sun lover’s tendency to be self centered.

Final thoughts

Sun and Moon synastry aspects are among the most intense, the most transformations, and the most deep.

However, in his particular union, the Sun and the Moon are challenging and pushing against each other, in a way that can cause tension and disagreements.

The Sun and the Moon person might still be able to cultivate a healthy, loving and transformative love life together.

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