Venus Conjunct Neptune

The Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect is a really interesting one, as it poses a great challenge but also holds a tremendous amount of real, solid potential, once all illusions have been peeled away to reveal the truth of the relationship.

The Venus person and the Neptune person experience a strong attraction at first sight. They are generally intrigued by each other and want to get to know each other right from the very beginning. Each partner senes that the other is going to play a significant role in their life.

This combination works on a romantic level. The Venus person and the Neptune person share some of the same fantasies, and they project these onto each other, believing instantly that they have found a soul mate in each other.

Venus person and the Neptune person fall into a romantic trance together, seeing each other as a romantic ideal, rather than for who each other are.

Problems arise when the pair put too much pressure on each other to live up to the romantic ideal they have conjured up together. Inevitably, reality enters the picture, and this can lead to the lovers experiencing let down and disappointment. It can leave them both wondering what the heck happened to their ideal lover and their perfect romance.

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At the same time, it is only when the fantasy bubble bursts the the Venus person and the Neptune person get a chance to truly connect on the basis of what is real and true in their relationship. While it is fantasy and illusion that sustains the relationship initially, it is when the illusion bursts and the two are left looking at the reality of each other that they have the opportunity to forge a lasting bond.

Are you in a relationship where you and your romantic partner share the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect? Keep reading to discover more about what this means for your romantic future together.

Soulmate synastry

Synastry is an area of astrology dedicated to looking at the romantic compatibility of two people. This is done by overlaying the two individuals’ birth charts with each other, combining them into one composite chart, also called a synastry chart.

The synastry chart is filled with different astrological aspects. Aspects refer to the angles two planets form to each other in the natal chart. Some aspects create harmony and flow, while others cause tension and obstacles.

A chart never (or at least, extremely rarely) consists of all harmonious or all discordant aspects. Usually, you are going to find a good mix of both in the synastry chart. In other words, there is no need to be alarmed if you and your partner have a couple of oppositions or squares in your chart.

Soft, harmonious aspects include the conjunction, the sextile and the trine. Challenging aspects include the opposition and the square.

Of course, the aspect itself is only one half the equation. The other half, which is just as important, is the planets involved.

Venus in the chart

Venus is the planet of romance, love, beauty, art, luxury, indulgence and devotion. Not surprisingly, Venus takes its name from the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty.

In astrology, Venus is associated with the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus is the fixed Earth sign, known for its appreciation of aesthetic beauty and luxurious surroundings as well as its penchant for stability, planning and organisation. Taurus is a lover of life, and indulges in the bountiful sensuality that the world of the five senses has to offer.

Venus is one of the most important planets in astrology overall, and in synastry specifically. Venus reveals what we are attracted to and what we find beauty and pleasure in. Venus simply enjoys and relishes the pleasures of the physical world, and luxuriates in all that is beautiful, sensual and indulgent.

It follows that when your Venus is aspected to any of your partner’s personal planets, the attraction you feel for them is extremely powerful, and fuelled, at least in part, by your desire to experience sensual and physical pleasure.

Neptune in the chart

Neptune is the planet of fantasy, creativity, vision, dreams, unreality and the vast and mysterious realm of the unconscious mind. Neptune is a generational planet, meaning its effects stretches beyond the individual whose natal chart it appears in, and can impact several generations.

The Pisces zodiac sign and the 12th house in astrology are assigned Neptune as their planet. Pisces is well known for being the dreamer of the zodiac – intensely creative, sensitive, romantic and mysterious, but not always with a strong hold of reality. Pisces is rarely wide awake and realistic, but tends to daydream and fantasise.

Neptune plays a significant role in astrology, as it reveals what our fantasies and desires are, and in what direction they tend to carry us.

When your Neptune is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s personal planets, you are deeply attracted to them, projecting your fantasies and romantic visions onto them.

What does it mean if you and your romantic partner share a Venus conjunct Neptune synastry aspect?

The conjunction is generally considered to be the most potent and influential aspect in astrology. A conjunction happens when two planets are perfectly aligned with each other, resulting in a harmonious and rapid energy exchange between the two planets involved.

If you and your main squeeze have a Venus conjunct Neptune aspect in your composite chart, it means that one person’s Venus is conjunct, i.e. perfectly aligned with, the other person’s Neptune.

Other Venus-Neptune aspects

Besides conjunctions, there are numerous other potential Venus-Neptune aspects. Each of these would result in a slightly different interaction between Venus and Neptune.

The Venus opposition Neptune aspect occurs when one partner’s Venus is positioned directly across from the other partner’s Neptune in the synastry chart. This combination causes tension and a sense of unease, as the two planetary forces are pushing against and excreting constant pressure on each other.

The Venus sextile Neptune aspect happens when one partner”s Venus is at a 60 degree angle to the other’s Neptune. This is probably the most harmonious Venus-Neptune aspect, as it would soften the effects that Venus and Neptune have on each other.

The Venus square Neptune synastry aspect happens when one partner’s Venus is at a 90 degree angle to the other’s Neptune. The square aspect is similar to the opposition, causing tension and conflict. In the Venus square Neptune relationship, the two partners might fight for dominance in subtle ways.

Finally, the Venus trine Neptune synastry aspect happens when one partner’s Venus is located at a 120 degree angle to the other’s Neptune in the chart. This Venus-Neptune constellation is rather soft and gentle, but one that requires good communication.

The Venus person in the relationship

If you are the Venus native in the relationship, you are going to find the Neptune person inexplicably attractive and fall head over heels in love with their other worldly energy. So much so that you become willing to overlook Neptunes faults.

Venus has a powerful tendency to romanticise and idealise. Through the haze of being in love, you may view your Neptune partner as the ideal lover, the companion of your dreams. Your desire to see them in a certain light may make you edit out those of your Neptune partner’s real traits that don’t fit your idealized vision of them.

There is something positive to be said for being able to look past Neptune’s faults and appreciate them for their strengths, but in the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry relationship, this is not exactly the case. Instead, you wilfully overlook Neptune’s faults, often to your detriment, not to mention theirs.

It is only when you become able to look past not only their faults, but the unrealistic and ideal image you have of them, that you can begin to connect with who your Neptune partner really is.

The Neptune person in the relationship

As the Neptune person in the relationship, you adore your Venus partner. The represent the very essence of what love and romance should be, in your eyes. Just like they project an ideal image onto you, you project your own version of ideal love onto them.

The Neptune person is likely to be a bona fide dreamer and fantasist, which can be both a blessing and a curse in this relationship. The Venus person is drawn to your ethereal vibe, but may also challenge you to become more grounded in reality.

Since Neptune is a much more floaty and tolerant energy than Venus, it is the the Venus person’s high expectations that tend to make the Neptune person feel pressured to live up to an impossible ideal, rather than the other way around. Trying to fit Venus image of what they should be can cause the Neptune person untold stress and anxiety.

Characteristics of the Venus conjunct Neptune relationship

Now that we have taken a look at the Venus person and the Neptune person and considered how each of them feels and acts in the relationship, let us take a look at some of the characteristics that define the Venus conjunct Neptune relationship itself.

The two share a highly romantic bond

Venus conjunct Neptune is a dreamy and romantic combination. Both partners are romantic in their outlook, and both have plenty of fantasies and expectations of what ideal love is supposed to be like. When the two come together, they pool their collective romantic fantasies together.

The Venus-Neptune couple really romance and woo each other. Flowers, poetry, date nights, surprise weekends away – they both love romantic gestures and never neglect the romance in their relationship. Quite the reverse, they stoke its fire at any given opportunity and by any means they can.

It’s extremely pleasurable

The Venus person and the Neptune person are both highly sensitive and sensual individuals. Their lovemaking is epic, romantic, indulgent, and sometimes playful and experimental.

These two are not afraid of revealing their desires and fantasies to each other, and they enjoy exploring both their own and each other’s desires together. When it comes to the physical level of their union, the Venus and the Neptune person have little to complain about.

Both may struggle to live up to their partner’s ideal image

This is a relationship where both partners may be nurturing an idealized image of each other – one that neither is able to fully live up to.

The fact that the Venus person, in particular, is prone to romantic comparison implies that Neptune person generally falls short of their Venus lover’s expectations. Unsurprisingly, the Neptune feels put upon by the highly idealized image that the other person is constantly holding them up against, although they may valiantly try to become the Venus person’s ideal lover.

Final thoughts

The true strength of the Venus conjunct Neptune synastry relationship is the romantic reverie and devotion that the two of them share. Together, they two are able to dream, indulge and get completely lost in a world of their own making.

However, their greatest strength as a couple is also their potential downfall. The element of fantasy and unreality that marks their union is a source of pleasure and positive expectation, but it can also easily turn into a source of frustration when it inevitably turns out that neither partner is perfect, or exactly as the other person would like them to be.

In order for this relationship to work, the fantasy bubble will first have to pop – hopefully, without simultaneously shattering their romance – and the Venus person and the Neptune person will have to renegotiate and connect on a more realistic level, where they both see each other clearly.

If they manage it, the Venus person and their Neptune partner will discover that they actually have plenty in common, without having to put too much pressure on each other to be perfect. The two may find that they like similar music and that they have compatible tastes and views on many areas of life.

Finally, it is important to remember that one single synastry aspect, whether it is harmonious or uphill, has the power to make or break an entire relationship.

Still, knowing what each of the aspects you and your partner share indicates about your relationship and its likely fate can be incredibly useful. After all, it is easier to know where you are going, and how to navigate, when you have a roadmap, or at least a few pointers to help you make the most of your love life.

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