Mars Conjunct Neptune Synastry

A Mars conjunct Neptune synastry aspect makes for an odd juxtaposition of energies within a relationship.

This is because you can hardly find two more opposite and different vibes than the ones embodied by Mars and Neptune. Where Mars is the planet of aggression, fire and brimstone, Neptune is the planet of dreams, receptivity and subtle perception.

When one partner’s Mars is conjunct the other partner’s Neptune, there is a flow of romantic energies between the two, although the communication of Neptune is much softer and more subtle than the domineering nature and vibe of Mars.

Mars-Neptune aspects are never quite simple or easy and Mars-Neptune contacts don’t exactly provide any guarantees of a lasting bond.

Because the blend of Mars and Neptune is such a juxtaposition, the Mars conjunct Neptune relationship is not necessarily going to last – not unless the couple have other, more obviously compatible synastry aspects attracting them to each other and cementing their relationship.

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So, is a Mars-Neptune relationship worth pursuing? Is the initial subtle chemistry more likely to evolve into a lasting flame or to fizzle out?

Keep reading to learn more.

Different Neptune aspects in synastry

A synastry chart is created by overlaying two people’s natal charts with each other, combining them into one shared synastry chart.

A professional astrologer is able to look at this chart and access the compatibility and potential of the relationship from an astrological perspective. The astrologer does this by looking at where in the horoscope the two partners’ planets fall, as well as how they are positioned in relation to each other. The angles that the planets form to each other are called aspects.

Conjunctions are far from the only Neptune aspects you might find in yours and your partner’s shared synastry chart. Typically, what you are going to see is a mix of different aspects, soft, positive aspects as well as more challenging, hard aspects.


Conjunctions are widely considered to be the most powerful aspects in astrology.

When two planets are conjunct, it means that they are perfectly aligned and that they fall within the same astrological house. This results in an easy blending of the two planetary energies involved – but whether this blend of energies is going to have a positive or negative effect on the relationship depends on the planets and how well their energies work together.

Some planets – Mars and Neptune being good examples – are an odd and unlikely combination of energies. Even when they appear in conjunction with each other, they may not gel easily, even if the conjunction ensures that there is a strong interplay between their two different energies.


An opposition is when two planets are positioned directly across from each other on the astrological chart. This creates a sense of tension and stand-off between the two planetary forces involved. The opposition is considered to be a hard aspect in synastry, as they create a note of discord in the relationship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a relationship is a complete write-off, just because an opposition or two can be found in the couple’s synastry chart. A few hard aspects in a relationship is no catastrophe – in fact, the greater catastrophe might be a relationship consisting only of soft aspects. Without a challenge, there isn’t much magnetism or excitement.


An astrological sextile happen when planets are angled at 60 degrees to each other in the synastry or natal chart.

Sextile are harmonious aspects. Wherever they appear, there is an easy and effortless flow of communication between the two plants involved.


A trine aspect is when planets are angled at 120 degrees in the synastry or natal chart.

Trines are very similar to sextiles, in that they also ensure a harmonious interplay of energy between the two aspected planets. Unlike the sextile, however, the trine demands a little more conscious effort if lovers are to fully unlock the positive potential of the trine synastry aspect.


A square is a hard aspect in synastry, and happens when planets are angled at 90 degrees to each other.

Squares are known to create tension, friction and conflict in relationships. Relationships where multiple squares are present in the couple’s synastry chart tend to be intense but also potentially toxic, as the two partners tend to jostle for dominance.

Mars in synastry

Mars is one of the smallest but most intense planets in the solar system – Mars is also one of the seven classical planets ancient astrologers were able to see with the naked eye and therefore able to include in their charts.

Mars is named after the Roman god of fire and warfare, which already gives you a good idea of what Mars represents. Mars is our inner fire, our drive, ego, ambition, action-taking ability, sex drive and aggression.

Things are never boring when Mars is involved, as Mars ignites and amplifies latent potential and possibilities. As an energy, Mars is loud, bold, self-assured and hot-headed, all qualities that stand in sharp contrast to the much more subtle and subdued vibe of Neptune.

Mars plays an important role in synastry, as its fiery vibe relates to sexual desire and attraction, but also to action and adventure.

On its best, Mars sizzles with energy, power and magnetic sexual magnetism, all qualities you very much want in a relationship. On its worst, however, Mars is a destructive force, intolerant and impatient, qualities you absolutely don’t want in a relationship.

Neptune in synastry

Neptune is the planet of fantasy, dreaming and the mysterious depths of the unconscious mind. It is one of the modern planets, discovered only once telescopes enabled mankind to look much further into the stars.

Neptune is named after the Roman god of fresh water and the sea and is associated with everything water represents: Deep feelings and emotions, mystery, dreaming, wishful thinking and escapism. Neptune is also the ruling planet of Pisces, which tells you a lot about the vibe that Neptune has.

As an energy, Neptune is a romantic and a dreamer. Neptune can easily get lost in a daydreams and reveries, without finding it necessary to take action on any of the grand schemes or ambitions dreamt up in this manner.

Neptune aspects are important to look for in the synastry chart, as they deal with romance, dreams and the mystical experiences of attraction and falling in love.

On its best, Neptune brings romance and a sense of mystery and possibility to the relationship. On its worst, Neptune can be a planet of deception, secrets and deceit.

The Neptune person in the relationship

If you are the Neptune person in this relationship, you are going to feel deeply and intrinsically drawn to the Mars person’s power, their fire and their raw energy.

But sexy and alluring as you also find them, there are going to be times in the relationship where you are going to experience your Mars partner as hard-headed and domineering.

Neptune is a much quieter and more laid back vibe than Mars, which makes for an uneven communication between the planets. The Neptune person may struggle to feel heard and seen by the Mars person, which can breed both annoyance and resentment if not addressed and worked out early on in the relationship.

Neptune is the most unreal, floaty, dream-like planet of them all, so when your Neptune is conjunct your partner’s Mars, which is the most action-oriented and proactive planet there is, there is inevitably going to be a mismatch of energy levels, views and approaches in several different areas of life.

The Mars person in the relationship

The Mars person in this pairing is going to have a more dominating nature than their more subdued Neptune partner. They are also going to be the more practical and action-oriented of the two.

When your Mars is conjunct the other person’s Neptune, you may sometimes be frustrated by your partner’s dreamy and unrealistic approach to life. You might even view them as quite helpless and childish in certain areas, which might either infuriate or amuse you, depending on the specific situation.

The Mars person in a Mars-Neptune synastry pairing is always going to be the most hands-on, the one to take the lion’s share of all initiatives and responsibilities. You may be find with this, or you may not.

While the Mars person may, quite naturally, project some of their dreams and desires onto their Neptune partner, the Neptune person is going to be projecting even more dreams, expectations and romanticised views onto the Mars person. The Mars person may not be able to live up to all of this, which can cause frustration.

How they are as romantic partners

While the Mars person and the Neptune person certainly have their differences and disagreements, there are also areas of their relationship where they truly connect.

When these two first meet, there is going to be a strong attraction, which is likely to be on a much deeper level than the merely physical.

The Mars person and the Neptune person are able to fan the fires of each other’s sexual fantasies, and together, the two may be quite playful and mischievous. They may experiment with role playing, or even with getting other people involved.

This pair may also dream up incredible possibilities together. The Neptune person is an adept daydreamer, and the Mars person may help give some of their wild plans and ideas shape and direction.

It is when it comes to life’s everyday practicalities that this pair encounter their greatest obstacles. Mars likes to get things done with almost military speed and precision, while Neptune is likely to let things fall where they may. As as a result, this pair is likely to clash over everything from grocery shopping to the plans they are making for their next holiday together.

Final thoughts

The Neptune conjunct Mars pairing is not the easiest astrology aspect to dance with – at least not if the goal is a solid long-term relationship.

When it comes to romance, fantasy and desire, this pair are uniquely suited to each other. When the two are able to shut the door on the rest of the world and just get lost in each other and in the moment, their chemistry can be immense and the joy they find in their shared connection can be profound.

But on an everyday level, the Neptune conjunct Mars couple can really struggle to make it work. Everyday practicalities and concerns can easily trip them up.

This is not to say that this pairing absolutely and definitely cannot work as a long-term relationship or even a marriage. However, there better be at least a few strong synastry aspects binding this pair together in harmony, or else it looks like quite an uphill struggle.

Ultimately, it is up to the two people involved how they are going to act out the potential and the chemistry hinted at in their shared synastry chart. It is important to keep in mind that no single synastry aspect spells either disaster or victory for an entire relationship.

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