Venus Square Uranus Synastry

The Venus square Uranus synastry is a recipe for both excitement and trouble.

When a couple with this Venus-Uranus synastry aspect come together, sparks fly, and the two are bound to grow, explore and expand together. However, these two also push each other’s buttons, challenge and frustrate each other.

Venus-Uranus relationships are far from conventional, for better and for worse. This pair are going to find themselves immediately and irresistibly drawn to one another, but despite the intensity of their mutual attraction and the transformative experiences the two share, the pair may not stay together in the long run. If they do, their relationship is in increasing danger of becoming toxic and destructive.

The question is, are Venus-Uranus relationships worth it? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Keep reading.

What does Venus mean in synastry?

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, visible to the naked eye only on rare occasions. Venus is one of the most important planets in astrology overall, and in synastry in particular.

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Venus takes its name from the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus is also associated with luxury, sensuality, sexuality, indulgence, art, wealth and aesthetics.

In synastry, Venus is one of the primary planets to look for: Venus has much to reveal about what someone finds attractive, as well as about how they express and experience love.

What does Uranus mean in synastry?

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and takes its name from the Ancient Greek god of the skies, who allegedly fathered Cronus, who in turn fathered Zeus, the ruler of the Greek pantheon.

Uranus represents mystery, freedom, excitement, the unconventional and the unexpected. Uranus also represents rebellion, shock value and transgression.

Uranus in synastry can tell us about a persons’s secret desires, and where they want or need to expand their boundaries.

On the flip side, Uranus in synastry can be a both disruptive and unstable energy, which can prove a real challenge if what you want is a stable and committed, long-term relationship.

The Venus-Uranus connection in synastry

Synastry is a branch of astrology focused on determining the compatibility of two people by overlaying their natal charts with each other, essentially combining them into one shared synastry chart.

The synastry chart reveals how the planets of the two natal charts interact with each other and how the different planetary energies either complement or push against each other.

Whenever Venus and Uranus are aspected in synastry, an electric connection is guaranteed. Uranus-Venus is a juxtaposition of two very different energies – this is bound to create both tension and excitement.

Venus-Uranus aspects come in a number of different possible constellations. Each of these different constellations has its own flavour and bearing on the Venus-Uranus connection.

What does Venus square Uranus mean?

A Venus- Uranus square aspect is when one person’s Venus and the other person’s Uranus appear at a 90 degree angle to each other in the couple’s synastry chart.

Are square aspects in synastry bad?

Square aspects in astrology get a bit of a bad rep, and it’s not completely unjustified. They are known for being filled with energy and action – but by the same token, they are also challenging and hot-tempered.

Whenever this aspect appears in an individual person’s astrological chart or in a couple’s shared synastry chart, it indicates an exciting and tense interplay between the two aspected planets.

In the case of Venus and Uranus, the interplay is between the energies that each of these two completely different planets represent.

Other challenging aspects in synastry include opposition, semi-square and sesquiquadrate.

What are the best aspects to have in a synastry chart?

It is impossible to point to one astrological aspect as being decidedly better than any other. Nevertheless, some aspects indicate an easy and effortless flow of energy, while others signify opposition and challenge.

Looking at a synastry chart you want to see a healthy mix of different aspects. Although you may rejoice at seeing mostly trines and sextile, a square or two shouldn’t put you off of pursuing the love relationship at hand, despite its inherent challenges. A little bit of friction creates excitement and growth in love and romance – but too much of it, and the relationship begins to crack.


A conjunction is when two planets align perfectly with each other. They are in sync, in harmony so to speak, with each other.

Conjunctions are considered positive, as they indicate that the qualities of the two planets in question mix and work together, easily and effortlessly.


A trine aspect is when two planets appear at a 120 degree angle to each other.

Trines indicate great harmony and ease, a positive flow and interplay of energies. Trines can sometimes point to innate talents and abilities – in individuals as well as in relationships.


A sextile aspect is when two planets appear 60 degrees apart.

Sextile are generally considered positive aspects, as they indicate potential, playfulness and discovery. In many ways, the qualities of the sextile aspect resembles that of the trine, but tends to require more work and deliberate effort.

Characteristics of the Venus square Uranus relationship

Every relationship is unique, but there are a number of common threads that run through all Venus-Uranus synastry aspect relationships. Being aware of what they are may prove an important key to understanding and navigating your relationship.

It’s love at first sight

Perhaps the most remarkable signifier of the Venus square Uranus relationship is that it’s love at first sight. From the moment they meet, sparks fly and feelings suddenly develop.

These two are drawn to one another with sudden force, each sensing the potential for an exciting and highly unusual romantic connection.

It’s unconventional

Since Uranus is the planet of unconventionality and exploration, this relationship is guaranteed to be unconventional and boundary-breaking.

Together, the romantic partners may experiment sexually or otherwise explore and discover new terrain, and seek out new experiences together. This can give them both a sense of freedom and thrill that neither has experienced before.

The Venus person is likely to long for more commitment than the Uranus person is wiling or able to give, and this may be the beginning of their romantic turbulence.

It’s marked by instability

Despite their strong initial attraction, the Venus person and the Uranus person soon become all too aware of their differences.

In many ways and situations, the two lovers are going to find themselves on opposite sides. Fundamentally, the two view the world very differently, and differ on some of their most fundamental values.

While the Venus person would like some level of emotional stability and commitment, the Uranus person craves more freedom and is reluctant to go all in – and if they do go all in, they may insist on keeping a door open.

It’s tense

This romantic union is as tense as it is intense. Because of their constant clashes and deeply rooted differences, the Venus-Uranus couple often find it difficult or even impossible to fully relax in each other’s company.

Both may be feeling uncertain about the future – about what they are going to have to give up if they want to maintain the relationship.

The differences between these two cause both a lot of stress and heartache, until they eventually find a solution. More often than not, the solution consists in the two parting ways as lovers. They may, however, stay friends and in doing so discover that stye enjoy each other’s company much more when safely relegated to the friendship arena.

How the Venus person experiences the relationship

Initially exciting and liberating, the Venus person soon begins to long for more commitment and stability than what the Uranus person is prepared to give.

This creates endless frustration, and the Venus person may be begin to struggle with mixed feelings and doubts about the solidity of the relationship.

Nevertheless, the electric attraction felt by both romantic partners doesn’t just go away, which makes it very difficult for either to tear themselves away from the relationship, or even to pose an ultimatum. This creates a stand-off between the lovers, which could last as long as the relationship.

How the Uranus person experiences the relationship

The attraction that the Uranus person feels towards the Venus person is sudden and undeniable. Trusting their instincts, the Uranus person is drawn to the sensual vibe of their Venus partner.

It isn’t long, however, before the Venus person’s demand for stability and commitment begin to wear on rebellious and unconventional Uranus. If there is one thing Uranus cannot stand, is to be controlled or having their freedom limited or challenged in any way.

As the relationship develops, the erratic and restless feelings the Uranus person experiences grow. There may begin to feel irritable and trapped, unsure of how to resolve the situation.

Final thoughts

Relationships where a Venus square Uranus aspect is present rarely last. That’s not to say yours couldn’t be the exception, because exceptions do exist.

Regardless of what is going on in yours and your partner’s synastry chart, you both have free will and decision-making power when it comes to how you choose to navigate your relationships.

Having said that, this particular pairing are often better off as friends as they are as lovers. Friendships allow us to enjoy the presence and personality of others, without having to worry too much about whether or not our deepest values and relationship requirements match.

Then again, a solid and stable romantic liaison is not entirely out of the question. Ultimately, it is up to the two of you to decide what you are going to build with what you have to work with.

If this is going to develop into a lasting relationship, sacrifices are going to have to be made, very likely on both sides. Because the two of you fundamentally clash and disagree when it comes to some of your most core relationship desires, you would have to really want the union to work to be willing to make the necessary compromises.

If compromises are not made, and the obvious differences not worked out and addressed honestly and to the satisfaction of both partners early on in the relationship, they are bound to eventually become is downfall.

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