Mars In 8th House Synastry

What does it mean to have Mars in 8th House Synastry?

Mars is a planet with a very intense energetic charge that reveals the amount of desire and passion within a couple as well as the number of conflicts.

If you find this aspect in the synastry chart with your partner, read on and discover its deeper meaning.

Mars in Astrology

Mars has a bad reputation, at least in ancient Astrology. It symbolizes aggression, war, fights, and quarrels, stirring up trouble and tensions in people’s lives and relationships. This planet rules the zodiac sign Aries and the 1st House of our Natal Chart.

If we go to the essence of this planet, Mars controls everything related to our physical energy and desire. It governs our fight and flight response, sexual appetites, and libido. However, it also rules our passion, ambition, and self-confidence.

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It’s the planet that leads us to act, follow our impulses, and venture to do new things. It can be considered reckless and impatient because our desire is unaware of time and space and expects to be gratified instantaneously, without anyone getting in the way.

That’s why Mars makes us aggressive and selfish when following our passions. Mars people know what they want and are confident about their skills to get it. For this reason, they can be overbearing and impulsive. They like to solve their problems on their own and always call the shots, making them great leaders but not very good when it comes to teamwork.

Mars makes us competitive and hot-heated, reacting aggressively when things don’t go our way. Mars people get angry quickly and vent their anger at others without thinking of the consequences, which often gets them into trouble. However, their anger does not last long, and they do not hold grudges.

However, Mars people also have valuable strengths.

Their fearless attitude and consistency are admirable traits for most people. Mars people mean what they say and follow their objectives fearlessly. They are known for their persistence and iron will, making them achieve everything they set their minds to and beat everyone at what they do.

Their fiery passion makes them ambitious and independent. Mars people won’t shy away from challenges! In fact, they like obstacles, as they make things more exciting.

Houses in Astrology

Houses are a crucial aspect when studying a Natal Chart. They represent the different areas of life like family, relationships, higher knowledge, professional life, friendship, etc.

The Houses in our natal chart have specific meanings and play an essential role in understanding our personality.

Astrology takes into consideration ten celestial bodies in the solar system to analyze our strengths, challenges, and life experiences: the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The placement of these celestial bodies on each House of our natal chart shows those areas of our lives where we’ll express those aspects of our personalities. For example, Jupiter’s placement in the 4th House means your family values shape your purpose in life.

But if Jupiter is in the 11th House, things become different. Jupiter in the 11th House means that your purpose in life is based on your sense of freedom and detachment from tradition.

The 8th House

The Eighth House is ruled by the lord of the underworld, Pluto, the god of war, Mars, and by the zodiac sign Scorpio. It’s commonly known as the House of Intimacy and Deep Psyche, where the darkest emotions of human nature are hidden.

This House represents our relationships and interactions when they overcome the early stages of the association. It talks about the more profound meaning of our connection with others.

The 8th House also refers to sex, representing this intimate act as a way to merge with the person we love, comparing it to a ceremony in which we die and are reborn even more potent than before.

People with many planets in their 8th House live their relationships intensely, transforming themselves into entirely different people when they end.

They heal through love and expand their soul after going to the bottom of their feelings. These people take all their experiences to the limit and live life to the fullest, learning and evolving at every step of the way.

These individuals are not afraid of endings. They find vital strength from within to overcome their obstacles and absorb the lessons that life puts in their way.

The 8th House also talks about shared resources such as inheritances, taxes, wills, insurance, etc. Another of the 8th House’s meanings is to hold all those painful childhood memories repressed in their psyche, as well as taboo subjects such as death, sexuality, prohibitions, and the like.

Mars in 8th House Natal Chart

People with Mars in the 8th House of their Natal Chart have a magnetic personality that makes them popular. They have potent energy that makes them restless and excitable, working hard toward their objectives.

They have a strong intuition and self-confidence, displaying an overwhelming amount of passion that they try to control with all their strength.

These people are not afraid of risks and constantly push themselves to the limit to move forward in their lives. They are adventurous, highly driven, and determined to pursue their intense desires.

They like to flirt with danger and see how far their willpower will take them. Their life is far from dull because they thrive on adventure and inspire others to be a little more daring.

Since Mars rules courage and desire, people with Mars in their 8th House are impatient and action-oriented, fulfilling all their goals faster than the rest.

They make quick decisions and don’t need to ask others’ permission to pursue the life they want. It is very difficult to dissuade them from doing something they have set out to do, and they hardly listen to others when their desires cloud their minds.

The fighting spirit of these people makes them overcome all hardships in life without falling down, recovering much faster than most people. These individuals are true warriors and an example to follow for those afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

This astrological placement suggests a strong sex drive and passionate approach to love. These natives are fearless, highly persuasive, and magnetic, making other people feel drawn to their essence.

They can endure stressful situations for long periods of time without slowing down or feeling tired. They use the potent drive of Mars to explore their inner talents and resources without asking others for help.

These people have a powerful and penetrating energy that they can use to evolve or to damage themselves or others if they are seeking revenge.

When they have a mission to accomplish, they may become totally absorbed and neglect their free time or relationships in order to reach their objectives. The feeling of power they get through their physical strength makes them feel invincible until they get hurt or life puts a brake on them to restore their balance.

Mars in 8th House people want to become the best version of themselves and won’t stop until they are done, working hard to prove themselves there’s nothing they can’t do. They don’t let their weaknesses stand in the way of success and rely on their confident and lively personality to use people in their favor.

This Mars placement suggests an assertive personality that won’t do anything that doesn’t appeal to their passion and enthusiasm. They are dynamic, brave, and competitive, always looking for ways to spice up their life.

Mars in 8th House Synastry

If you have a romantic relationship with someone and find your Mars in the 8th House of your partner’s birth chart, expect your interactions to be highly intense in all aspects: physically, mentally, and emotionally!

Emotional Element

Couples with this synastry aspect cannot be physically separated from each other. They have unmatched sexual chemistry that binds them together intensely in every intimate act of love.

The Mars person finds the house person magnetic, like a puzzle they can never figure out, no matter how hard they try. They are utterly drawn to the house person, like a moth to a lamp or a honey bee to a beautiful flower. They like chasing each other and have a playful but exciting approach to the relationship.

Mars in the 8th house synastry makes each partner inspire the other to become the best version of themselves. They help each other overcome their personal obstacles and encourage them to evolve in all aspects of their lives.

Regardless of the problems they encounter throughout their relationship, they have the strength to rise above them all and make their relationship grow fonder and deeper.

They will reveal their darker side without worrying about the other partner walking out on them. There may be issues involving jealousy, possessiveness, competition, and domination.

Arguments between them can escalate quickly and even become verbally aggressive (only to end with make-up sex, of course).

Even if the attraction is not mutual, the Mars person will still feel obsessively drawn to the house person. Both want to rule and have the upper hand, leading to power and control games that end up wearing them out if they don’t set a limit.

Physical and Emotional Elements

This couple is like a sex match made in heaven! Expect the sex to be extremely satisfying, even to the point of becoming addictive. The 8th House person makes their physical encounters intense and induces carnal cravings of Mars, perceiving them as someone alluring and exciting. They will go to great lengths to satisfy their fantasies until sex becomes intoxicating, explosive, and out-of-this-planet.

And don’t think that their sexual drive fades with time, as it does with most couples. These two individuals master each other’s bodies and desires, increasing their sexual urges as the years go by.

If the relationship does not work for any other reason, their sexual attachment will make it very difficult to break up. They will likely keep seeing each other for casual trysts, even if they are already dating other people.

Mental and Economic Elements

The Mars person pushes the house person to reveal the nooks and crannies of their mind. The 8th house person usually has a dark side that they try to hide from others. These can be due to past traumas, psychological illness, or painful events that they have trouble leaving behind. The Mars person will spur them to reveal them and find ways to heal once and for all.

The Mars person may even evoke mentally and emotionally intense aspects of the 8th house person’s nature that they didn’t even know they had.

As the 8th house rules shared resources or finances, there can be some conflict regarding this aspect of their relationship. Sometimes, the Mars person causes their partner to end up in debt or spend all their savings on impulsive pursuits.

In Conclusion

The Mars in 8th house synastry aspect talks about a chaotic, intense, and wild relationship that makes the couple feel deeply attracted to each other but also highly controlling and difficult if they don’t know how to place healthy boundaries.

These partners share a strong emotional, mental, and physical bond that is difficult to break, making their relationship last over time even when arguments and fights seem to be the order of the day. However, they can overcome all kinds of problems and fight them together without falling apart.

After all, their love for each other is greater than all challenges placed in their way. People involved with this synastry aspect have intense personalities, so no one can comfort or reassure the other when this feature is at its peak. They love and fight each other until the end, making it hard to find a moment of peace.

However, these partners will undoubtedly find their relationship wildly exciting, and the adventures they experience will profoundly redefine their lives.

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