Moon Trine Mars Synastry

What does it mean when you and your partner have a Moon trine Mars synastry aspect in your synastry chart?

First of all, what is a synastry chart? For those of you who may be unfamiliar with synastry, it is essentially relationship astrology, dedicated to looking at and assessing the compatibility of two people in a romantic relationship. This is done by creating a shared synastry chart, accomplished by overlaying the two partner’s birth charts to reveal where the planets fall, and how they are aspected to – i.e. how they interact with – each other.

The Moon trine Mars pairing is characterised by a powerful physical attraction and deep mutual feelings of both trust and intrigue.

A moon trine Mars astrology aspect is a powerful indicator of the potential for this connection to turn into a long term relationship.

Nevertheless, the Moon trine Mars couple will have to confront and overcome some difficult feelings and get on the same page emotionally if their love is to stay the course.

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The Moon in synastry

The Moon is one of the most important planets to look for in the synastry chart. It represents your emotional side. The Moon is associated with tenderness, romance, devotion, mystery, intuition, creativity, as well as with the deep, dark waters of the unconscious mind.

The energy of the moon is vast, ineffable and infinitely powerful. When your Moon is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s planets, you are bound to experience an incredibly strong, emotional pull towards them, and the feelings you develop for them are going to take root on the deepest level.

Mars in synastry

Mars is named after the Roman god of fire and warfare – and overall, it represents a very different energy to the Moon.

Where the Moon is softer and more receptive, Mars is active, fiery, assertive and aggressive. Mars is a planet of drive, action, leadership skills, and raw sexual attraction.

It follows that Mars is a vital planet to look at in synastry. When your Mars is aspected to any of your partner’s planets, the physical attraction is going to be intense, but Mars can also cause explosive and unpredictable reactions, depending on which of your partners planets your Mars is aspected to, and whether these aspects are harmonious or challenging.

Characteristics of Moon-Mars synastry relationships

Every Moon-Mars relationship is its very own thing, but there are still going to be certain characteristics and specific challenges that define all Moon-Mars relationships.

Knowing what these are can help you navigate and make the most of this romance potential while avoiding any hurt feelings or unpleasant surprises.

Sexual compatibility

One of the hallmarks of the Moon trine Mars relationship is a passionate physical component. From the moment these two people come together, there is attraction and electricity in the air.

Each finds the other imminently sexually appealing, and their physical intimacy and ability to tend to each other’s physical needs and desires is one of the most positive qualities about this relationship.

There is plenty of mutual fascination

Theirs is not a passion that fizzles out after the first few months or even years together – the sexual magnetism between the Moon and Mars people tends to last. If these two ever part ways, neither is likely to cite an unsatisfying sex life as the reason.

It has the potential to become a long term relationship

Moon trine Mars aspects are often found in long term relationships.

The Moon-Mars couple strike the balance between having enough common ground while still representing enough of a mystery to each other to keep their love flame alive and bright for the long haul.

Different Moon-Mars aspects

Trines are far from the only Moon-Mars aspects you might come upon in a synastry chart. In order to compare and contrast, let us take a look at some of the other aspects.

Harmonious aspects

Also called soft aspects, harmonious aspects are characterised by an easy and positive flow of energy between the planets involved.


A conjunction is when two planets fall perfectly in line with each other within the same astrological house in the birth chart.

Conjunctions are the most powerful aspects in astrology, as the planets that are conjunct with each other amplify and work as catalyst for each other’s energy and influence.

Whether a conjunction aspect is positive or negative depends on the planetary forces that are in conjunction with each other – some cosmic forces simply blend better than others.

In the case of a Moon conjunct Mars aspect, the intensity of the connection would be at its greatest.


A sextile is when planets are positioned at a 60 degree angle to each other in the natal chart. A sextile is a light-hearted and harmonious aspect, ensuring a positive flow and communication between the cosmic elements involved.


A trine is when planets are positioned at a 120 degree angle to each other in the natal chart. In trine aspects, the cosmic energies involved support and complement each other, working together in harmony.

Discordant aspects

Also called hard aspects, discordant aspects pose challenges and create tension in a relationship. This, however, doesn’t meant that they are bad. While too many discordances in a relationship can be problematic, a few notes of discord make for a more interesting dynamic.


An opposition is a challenging aspect to encounter in astrology. It means that two planets are positioned directly across from each other in the natal chart, which causes a constant sense of tension between the two planetary energies involved.

A Moon opposition Mars aspect would present a very different challenge to that posed by the trine aspect. Here, one person’s Mars would be constantly pushing against the other person’s Moon, which might have an overall destructive influence on the on the emotional quality of the romantic connection.


Squares are intense, action-oriented aspects in astrology, and much like oppositions, they create tension. When planets are positioned in a square formation, there is a tendency for the two planetary energies involved to veer for dominance over each other.

In the case of a Moon square Mars aspect, the result would be rather grating, as the easily flowing, pleasing interaction between the Moon and Mars would be replaced by constant grappling for the upper hand.

If you are the Moon person

If you are the Moon person in this pair, you are going to be the more emotional one. this relationship is going to reveal the Moon person’s soft core, and make them vulnerable to even the slightest hint of betrayal or rejection from the Mars person.

The Moon person luxuriates in their Mars partner’s visceral desire for them, which helps them grow in confidence.

The Moon person envelops and nurtures the Mars person with deep devotion, and in turn, the Mars person instils bravery and confidence in the Moon person. In this way, they both nurture each other and help each other grow.

If you are the Mars person

If you are the Mars person in this connection, you are bringing a lively quality and plenty of passion into the relationship.

At times, the Mars person feels that the Moon person can be overly emotional and even clingy, and will have to learn how to assert their boundaries in a way that isn’t too forceful.

The Moon person helps the Mars person channel and direct their considerable drive in constructive ways. The Moon person may also open the Mars person’ eyes to the power that lies in daring to be vulerable, emotional and soft.

The Mars person feels uniquely seen and cherished by their Moon partner – which feeds both their ego and their soul.

Final thoughts

Moon and Mars are a powerful cocktail, defined by mutual passion, fascination and life long chemistry on all levels.

The Moon and Mars person are just different enough to keep each other rapt, potentially in perpetuity, and just similar enough to share and nurture a deep and lasting love.

Of course, one positive aspect does not a lifelong romance make, and it is important to look at the sum total of aspects in yours and your partner’s shared synastry chart when assessing whether you are ultimately meant for each other.

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