Best Witch Subscription Box

We may be living in a high-tech world but magic has never left it. The Wiccan community is very much alive and has thrived with the advancement of the world. You can see them having their own social media accounts and websites. And because we now can deliver anything these days, you can now participate and give magic a try thanks to witch subscription boxes.

Witch subscription boxes get you monthly packages that consist of items you will be needing to enhance your gift and do spell casting. The items change from time to time. You can receive crystals, tarot cards, incense, spell books, herbs, jewelry, candles, and other spiritual tools from Wiccan practitioners and practicing witches.

Whether you are a practicing Wiccan or you are curious and want to give magic and witchcraft a try, subscribing to these witch boxes can help you start out and welcome you to a whole new world of magic.

The best witch subscription boxes

Here, we gather 10 of the best witch subscription boxes that you can purchase online:

Tamed Wild Box

Who is it for

The Tamed Wild Box is best for those who are interested in earth magic and earth medicine. With the Tamed Wild Box witch subscription, you will be able to learn the historical, magical, and medicinal properties of earth items such as herbs, gemstones, and crystals.

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You will also be able to grow your spiritual path as you will be receiving an intention-setting ritual to practice each month. Ritual items are included in the package.

What you may get

You will be receiving four to five items and half an ounce of artisan blended tea each month. The box may contain ritual items, altar items, jewelry, crystals, essential oils, herbs, teas, and other pieces that support the mystical lifestyle.

Every product is carefully picked and designed with intention and the seller assures that they only use high-quality and organic ingredients.

Subscription and shipping details

The Tamed Wild Box is a monthly subscription. All boxes are shipped between the 18th and the last day of the month. The seller can ship worldwide from the USA. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every 15th of the month. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.


The price for each Tamed Wild Box is as low as $20 per month.

You will also get a $6 flat rate for domestic shipping.

Box of Shadows

Who is it for

If you are looking for craft provisionsand information to enhance your practice, this is a great choice. It offers something no matter what level of experience you have since it offers three levels of boxes: The Initiate for beginners, the Priestess for explorers, and the Supreme for advanced seekers.

What you may get

The Initiate Box will provide essential crafting supplies, basic rituals, and altar decor. All of these are tailored for new seekers or beginners.

The Priestess Box concentrates more on the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. You will be given resources filled with relevant information and rituals on different themes and you will be provided with the tools that you need to explore them.

The Supreme Box is specially designed for those who are already experienced and well-versed in the Wiccan practice. Every box follows a theme and is curated to follow festivals, astrological occurrences, Sabbats, Esbats, and many more celebrations.

Subscription and shipping details

The box usually ships out between the 1st and 10th day of the month. Orders must be placed by the 4th of the month if you want to get the current month’s Box of Shadows. Subscriptions are renewed automatically every 15th of the month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. The package can be shipped worldwide from the USA.


Initiate Box of Shadows = $21.24

Priestess Box of Shadows = $29.24

Supreme Box of Shadows = $38. 24

All subscription payments are considered final after 24 hours of purchase or renewal.

Awakening in a Box

Who is it for

This is the best box for those who are into crystals and tarot cards. The Awakening in a Box is all about healing and positive energy – important tools for your spiritual awakening and to aid you on your path to enlightenment.

You will be given five choices in this subscription: the Awakening Box, the Crystal Pouch, the Empowering Oracle Box, the Mystic Tarot Box, and the Tarot + Oracle Box.

What you may get

The Awakening Box is all about taking a journey of spiritual awakening through healing and enchanted crystal energy. If you subscribe to this box, you will be receiving three healing gemstones or crystals and two other products that are handpicked to help you have a strong connection to your spirit and the universe. Every box will have a specific theme.

The Crystal Pouch is the best package for those who just want to expand their crystal collection. You will be receiving three raw or tumbled stones (each stone is valued between $2 and $5) and two rare, polished, shaped, or clustered stones (each stone is valued at $5 and above) each month.

The Empowering Oracle Box is best for those who are collecting oracle deck cards. Each box will come with one rare or large enchanted crystal, one oracle deck, and two other items that will help you use your gifts. Each deck will revolve around a different theme every month.

The Mystic Tarot Box is all about empowering and enhancing your card reading abilities and intuition and it is a great choice for those who are collecting tarot deck cards. You will be getting one tarot deck, one crystal, and two other products that will help you enhance your card reading gift. Each box has a different theme every month.

The Tarot + Oracle Box is a combination of the Mystic Tarot and Empowering Oracle boxes. You will be getting one oracle deck, one tarot deck, one crystal, and two other items that you can use for your card reading skills.

The items that you may get for every type of box will include jewelry, energy sprays, natural soaps, and many more.

Subscription and shipping details

The Awakening in a Box products ships out between the 20th and 25th of each month. The box can be shipped worldwide from the USA. Subscriptions will renew automatically each month but you are free to cancel any time.


Awakening Box = $13.33

Crystal Pouch = $14.08

Empowering Oracle Box = $32.08

Mystic Tarot Box = $32.08

Chakra Box

Who is it for

If your quest is to achieve balance and alignment for your chakras, this is a good option for you. The Chakra Box provides a 9-month wellness journey to restore harmony to your chakra starting from the Earth Star through Ascension.

What you may get

The Chakra Box contains 9 to 12 items that have a total value of $77 to $111. You will be getting a mixture of hand-picked vegan spiritual items and meditation guides to enhance the body. The products may include aromatherapy items, crystals, jewelry, altar items, herbal teas, incense, and many more. You will also be given additional downloadable items like music, meditation guides, yoga guides, and relevant e-books that will be able to assist you as you balance your chakra.

Subscription and shipping details

The first Chakra Box you subscribe for will be shipped within 5 business days. The next boxes will be shipped during the first week of each month. Shipping comes from the USA and the seller can ship the product worldwide.


The Chakra Box costs as low as $39 per month.

Shipping will be free within the USA.

Una Spirit Bags

Who is it for

This is the best subscription for those who want to work on their spiritual wellness to awaken, heal, or uplift the spirit or someone who wants to use New Age methods for self-care. The Una Spirit Bags are created by an experienced intuit, clairvoyant, and medicine bag maker so you can be assured that the contents are chosen with love and mystical guidance.

What you may get

Every month’s delivery will center around a specific spiritual theme. You will be receiving four to five natural and organic-oriented items and an enchanted leather satchel. The items you will be receiving may include herb bundles, totems, jewelry, ethically sourced crystals, and many more spiritual items that will provide you positive energy.

Subscription and shipping details

The boxes will ship every 4th or 5th date of each month. Delays may occur due to the unique artistry involved in creating every box. If there are delays, the subscription renewal dates will also be pushed to a later date. The boxes can be shipped worldwide from the USA. Subscription renewals are automatic but you will be able to cancel any time.


The Una Spirit Bags cost as low as $19 per month.

Nine of Earth

Who is it for

This is a great product for those who love tarot and oracle cards, unique jewelry, and items and resources that will help with spiritual growth.

The box may be on the pricier side compared to the rest in this list but it is a subscription that only comes every 2 months and the items are unique and high-quality so you will be getting your money’s worth. Each box has an overall retail value of more than $100.

What you may get

Every month will center on a theme. Each box will have a tarot or oracle deck, one piece of unique jewelry (designs for males are available upon request), and other lifestyle items. Typical items that may be included in every box are altar decor, incense, candles, crystals, and many more.

Subscription and shipping details

The first box will be shipped within two to three business days upon receiving your order. Shipping can be done worldwide from the USA. Your subscription will renew on the last day of the month automatically. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.


The Nine of Earth box will cost $59.99 per month.

For international buyers, custom fees may apply.

Goddess Provisions

Who is it for

This is a great choice for females who want to get in touch with their inner goddess and for those who want to nurture and grow their spirituality. It’s a perfect choice if you are just curious and want to explore.

What you may get

You will be getting five to seven items in the Goddess Provisions box. Items may include crystals, natural and vegan beauty products, aromatherapy, superfood products, and spiritual tools. The seller claims that the contents in the box has a total retail value of about $80 to $100.

Subscription and shipping details

The Goddess Provisions box will ship during the first week of each month. If you are a first-time subscriber, your first Goddess Provisions box will be shipped by the 20th of the month. The boxes can be shipped worldwide from the USA. Subscriptions are renewed automatically each month but you can cancel this any time.


The price for each Goddess Provisions Box is as low as $27.75 per month.

Shipping within the USA is free.

The Intentional Witch

Who is it for

This is best for those who want to prove their intentions and manifestations to turn their dreams into a reality. There are two levels of The Intentional Witch. The first one is the Full Intentional Witch Box and the second one is the Mini Intentional Witch Box.

The Full International Witch Box will is customized towards the intention that you want to work on. The Mini International Witch Box will be working on different intentions each month.

What you may get

The Mini Intentional Witch Box will give you one intention candle, one ritual oil or powder, and one to two healing crystals. You will also get instructions for one easy spell.

The Full Intentional Witch Box will get you six to eight items that have been carefully selected with your chosen intention in mind. The items may include intention candles, ritual oils and powders, bath salts, healing crystals, divination tools, jewelry, and spells with the ingredients provided.

Subscription and shipping details

The first mini International Witch box will ship within a week once your order is received. The full International Witch box will be shipped within five to seven business days after your order is received. For the following months, the boxes will be shipped on the 20th of each month. Take note though that the product can only be shipped within the USA and in Canada.


Full Intentional Witch box = $49.50

Mini Intentional Witch box = $23.80

Shipping to the US has a fee of $5 while shipping to Canada has a fee of $10.

Mindful Box

Who is it for

This is the box for those who want to get in touch with their spirituality in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, making it one of the best boxes for newbies.

What you may get

Each box will have six to eight hand-picked items that are meant to help soothe your soul, mind, and body. Items may include raw crystals, aromatherapy, enchanted crystal jewelry, spiritual home decor, affirmation cards, and many more spiritual tools. Each box will come with an information sheet on how to use every item.

Subscription and shipping details

The first mindful box will be shipped within the next two to five days upon receiving your order. For the next months, the boxes will be sent on the 7th day of each month. Take note though that the Mindful Box is only available for shipping within the USA.


The Mindful Box costs $39.97 per month.

A Little Zen Box

Who is it for

This is the best box for those who are looking for New Age methods of self-care and at the same time, loves astrology. Every box is curated to help you discover new ways of self-love and self-care while connecting to your inner magic. Every month comes with a new theme based on Astrology.

What you may get

Every box will give you five to seven items with instructions on how to use them. Products included may include candles, crystals, jewelry, self-care products, and other spiritual and metaphysical tools. Each box has a retail value of $60 and $100. Your subscription will also give you access to a Magic Member portal that contains exclusive content.

Subscription details

The boxes are shipped between the 15th and 29th days of each month. The products are shipped from the USA and are available worldwide.


The A Little Zen Box costs as low as $33.17 per month.

Witch subscription box FAQs

How to choose a witch subscription box

Cost and content ratio is probably a major standard when it comes to choosing a box and it is very important since this will determine if you will be getting your money’s worth.

First of all, you should think twice about cheap witch subscription boxes since they may just be filled with typical items that you can find in dollar stores or fake items with no mystical properties with them. But you also do not want to get a box that only comes with two to three items in it since the price may not be worth it. It is always best to look for a box with just the right amount of items that come with a reasonable price tag.

When you shop online, almost every merchant will inform you about how many items come in the box and what type of items you can possibly get. Pictures of past boxes are also usually shown on their pages so you get a good idea of the content and quality of their products.

Witch boxes that are put together by small businesses like local occult shops are often the best ones that you can get. They usually give a lot of hand-picked, high-quality items and each one is chosen with love and good intent. They are more legit compared to packages set up by huge companies who probably focus more on profit than the mystical properties of their items.

Of course, you have to make sure you read customer reviews. Reviews and ratings are very important when it comes to shopping online – even for witches. Positive reviews are a good sign but make sure that they are believable and not too good to be true. If there are negative reviews, take note of it and assess if the seller is really at fault before you place your judgment.

What if there is an item that I don’t like?

As mentioned above, you will be receiving different items with each box and some of them come in themes. These subscription boxes are actually designed to let you practice and become more aware of what works for you and what does not.

Most of these items are good enough to be given as gifts or to re-sell to other witches. Some sellers will also give a sneak peek at what contents will be in the next package. If they do, you can contact them before the scheduled shipping dates if you want some changes made.

How to be a modern-day witch

Do your research

It helps to know what exactly you are getting into. It is best to study up and do some research. In this day, there are a lot of articles and books on the subject. It is so much easier to get hold of resources today. Start reading up on history, the basics, and decide what form of witchcraft or magic you are interested in.

Believe and keep an open mind

The intention is the foundation of any spell. You must believe that the spell will work. If you practice magic without an open mind, it will definitely not work for you. You have to believe in your will. It helps to practice methods like meditation to ensure that your soul, mind, and body are balanced out and that you have a constant flow of positive energy.

Collect what you need

Witchcraft takes a lot of items to support it. It could be crystals, tarot cards, potion ingredients, herbs, candles, oils, and so many more. All of these can be found in occult stores and you can receive a steady supply of a mixture of items through witch subscription boxes that send you items a couple of times a year.


Witchcraft is a discipline. You will have to condition your mind, spirit, and energy for it. So it is very likely that your first spell casting will not work. Remember, it takes a lot of practice – do not create unrealistic expectations in your head! Start out with basic rituals and familiarize yourself with the use of different occult items.


In this time of uncertainty, a resurgence of witchcraft, spirituality, astrology, and all things mystical is observed. People are now embracing their inner divinity, believing in their dreams through manifestations and affirmations, and wanting to wake their inner witch. Whether you are new to the craft, an experienced practitioner, or simply just curious about how these things work – you will surely benefit from witch subscription boxes.

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