What Is A Starseed?

Are you wondering, what is a starseed?

All human beings have a gift of curiosity. It is part of human nature to learn and discover what’s around them. However, for some people, this curiosity goes beyond the realm of the human body and existence.

Have you ever found yourself constantly staring at the sky and wondering what other worlds are out there? Have you ever felt like you connect with astronomical or spiritual beings? Is there something out there that is beyond the understanding and scope of the collective consciousness of humans? Perhaps you are drawn to a particular constellation or the star systems.

There are a lot of questions whirring about that need answers. And to answer and give clarity to these questions is what this guide is written for. This is your chance to fully understand your special or supernatural abilities, or discover where you are from. Most importantly, you will learn all you need to know to answer the question: what is a starseed?

What is a Starseed?

Star seed is an old soul or any profound beings that originated from other galaxies or star systems outside of the Earth. Recent astronomical studies revealed that the universe is made up of more than 10 billion galaxies. The Milky Way alone – the home of the Earth – is composed of over 100 billion stars. That’s how massive the entire Universe is and the Earth is just a tiny speckle of that!

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According to experts, starseeds are advanced spiritual beings. They came from other planets and other realms that possess spiritual and scientific knowledge way more advanced than the humans have ever studied.

Just like humans, starseeds are not created equal. Some are working towards the good and wants to use their knowledge for a spiritual mission, which is to help humans and those who exist around them. But there are also those benevolent beings who attempt to control interplanetary resources to support those of their own.

There is also a belief that starseeds are souls from another planet who found their way to Earth. They want to take part in the planet’s evolution by using their psychic or paranormal abilities to inspire and heal human beings. This is made possible because their souls are far evolved from that of the humans that they carry a multitude of wisdom. They have unique gifts and abilities, regardless of where they are from.

Prior to being incarnated on Earth, they have responded to the answer for wisdom, mystery, and vision. They aim to use their knowledge and special gifts to introduce superiority to the certain civilizations, especially those who are from the dark side. A starseed soul must not be confused with the Earth angels, though. Starseeds do not have their root on Earth but rather are sent out to complete a mission, just like the ones mentioned above.

As you will discover later on, there are various types of these beautiful beings. However, all of them are the same in their mission in bringing healing, creativity, and understanding to the world. These advanced souls are far more complex than they appear. In fact, many of those who’ve dedicated themselves to understanding most starseeds are far from truly getting a full grasp onto how they work and what they do.

How Human Beings Learned the Concept of Star Seed

Before you learn more about what is a starseed and their different types, first let us analyze how humans gather information about them. The information about starseeds is made possible through the seeers who are regularly in touch with the Akashic records.

These records provide an energetic imprint of every possible event that has occurred throughout time, across every race, and other realms. These include relationships, emotions, thoughts, intentions, and so on.

The continued effort to understand them has produced a wealth of information about these superior living beings and their spiritual gifts.

Types of Star Seed

As you might know by now, not all starseeds are the same. The theory is that they came to the Earth to heal and teach. However, their characteristics are different because not everyone of them is intent on helping the worlds evolve. There are beings from a distant star or other plants that came to the Earth with a dark mission.

Therefore, it is important to know the different types of star seed to be able to tell the difference. Once you understand their life purpose on Earth, you will also come to understand how they impact human beings.

1. Sirian

These wise old souls originate from the stars Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is recognized as the brightest distant star from the Earth. Meanwhile, Sirius B is a smaller star than Sirius A. The former is home to water beings.

This starseed origins are unique because it combines the personalities of the two planets or stars.

2. Arcturian

This type of starseed are known to be profound beings. They originate from Arcturus, which is considered by many as the most advanced civilization in all of the galaxy. Arcturian starseeds are also known as fifth dimensional beings. They created the model for how it is to live on Earth.

Arcturians are also like humans with their emotional and mental abilities. They have supernatural abilities that make them function like spiritual shamans by providing healing to the society, in which they are a part of.

There is a belief that when humans die, they go through the Arcturian energetic architecture that eventually leads to their rebirth. Because of this, fifth dimensional beings operate from an angelic realm. Their collective consciousness is nonphysical in form. Therefore, the process of rebirth makes their souls grounded.

3. Pleiadian

This type of starseed originates from the Pleiades, which is a cluster of stars collectively known as Seven Sisters. This star and a few others belong to the constellation Taurus. The imagery of this cluster of stars is used in the logo for the famous Subaru automobile brand.

Pleiadians are known as record-keepers for the Earth. According to them, the Earth is over 600 billion years old. Like Arcturians, they are also fifth dimensional beings. However, they are known for spreading love and creativity.

Pleiadians exist in a matriarchal society. And like Arcturians, they can also function and behave like humans, although they are more emotionally and spiritually evolved. You must be careful with them because some use their spiritual gifts to manipulate others. However, most Pleiadians simply use their abilities to bring spiritual evolution to the Earth.

4. Andromedan

As the name implies, Andromedans are from the Andromeda Galaxy (also known as MS31 or M31). They are known as benevolent and telepathic beings. These living beings have one important spiritual mission: to bring love and peace to any race that has been enslaved by the Reptilians.

Andromedans are known to be heart-centered but there is more to them than that. They are highly intellectual, too. They are rich in spiritual and scientific knowledge. Therefore, this type of starseed is unique because they masterfully combine the left and right brain characteristics. This makes them unique from all other starseed types.

5. Orion

The Orions are naturally curious. They love to ask questions because they love science and research. However, they love to work with their minds instead of their hearts. This is because Orions understand the importance of science.

Thus, it is part of their mission to learn from humans to trust and have faith. Most Orions are spiritually evolved but there are some with the desire to control the Earth and the humans.

6. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow

There are three soul groups that form this one type of starseed. These are known for their supernatural abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, energy cleansing, empathy, and light emanation. However, there are unique characteristics and abilities for each one of these soul groups.

Indigos possess the power of the Archangel Michael. They lean towards unfairness and can be stubborn about it. Meanwhile, Crystals possess clarity, light, and joy. They are equipped with the power of the Archangel Gabriel. Lastly, there is Rainbow. The Rainbow beings are the last of the healing souls to arrive on Earth. They are specially gifted and are likened to children with autism.

These three soul groups will often interact with each other. Therefore, they are categorized as one type of starseed. There are different sets of spiritual exercises recommended for each soul group to address their unique abilities.

7. Feline

This starseed origins come from the Lyra constellation. They are mostly portrayed among the ancient civilizations on Earth, particularly in Egypt. For example, the feline-headed goddesses are a symbol of power and rule.

These profound beings possess psychic abilities. They are also gifted with telepathy. Their spiritual abilities help nourish their physical realities. This type of beings lives in the higher dimensions where they experience abundance and clarity. It also enables them to connect deeply with a higher consciousness.

They are a constant source of creativity and grace to all humans on Earth.

8. Lightworker

These are special types of souls that are committed in their spiritual mission to help the worlds evolve, including the Earth. They come from various planets and realms.

The main purpose of a Lightworker is to up-level humanity and to enrich the consciousness of everyone. They also work towards their goal to spread kindness and love to every being they encounter. Lightworkers are not tied to one planet or realm; they always work towards the light.

9. Lemurian and Atlantean

According to the records from the Earth’s seas, these two starseed types represent the two lands that were advanced spiritually and philosophically. They are best known for their healing technologies and among the first few to develop direct exchanges with other planets and races.

These two starseed types are committed to commitment and innovation but were destroyed because of laziness and greed. Even though they were lost, the ideals and healing technologies they introduced remained.

10. Maldek

Maldek is part of the solar system and share many characteristics with the Earth. The citizens of Maldek were reliant on robotic technologies because they were mostly sick or lazy. And yet, they have an intense desire for power that they self-destructed until many were incarnated on Earth in their quest to find a new home.

Based on their past experience, the Maldeks hope to teach humanoids about the lessons of technology and politics to avoid befalling the same fate as they did.

11. Reptilian

This is the last starseed type and they are often called Draconians or the Lizard People. These shape shifters seek to control and manipulate the Earth. They are driven by their desire to gain selfish benefit.

Author David Icke closely studied these living beings. According to Icke, they have the pursuit of manipulating human cultures and development. There is also a shared belief that Reptilians exist among humans as their shape-shifting abilities allow them to blend in. They also possess the ability to enter into the human body and consciousness of some key personalities, such as politicians and leaders. Reptilians envision influencing these political leaders’ decision-making process through their supernatural abilities with a mission to spread darkness.

For this reason, Reptilians have several enemies because they want to replace light with darkness.

Characteristics of a Star Seed

As you can see from above, there are different types of star seed. There are unique abilities and personality types with each one. It is important to understand that there are different characteristics that help differentiate each starseed from others.

Below are three of the main categories that identify the unique characteristics of these beings.

1. Physical Traits

The first point of distinction of a starseed is in the physical appearance. Some starseeds are tall and thin while others have a scary feature. There is no agreement about how starseeds are supposed to look like and why they differ. However, the physical traits and features are only a vessel for the soul, much like the human form and the human body.

2. Emotional Awareness

The emotional attributes of a star seed is another one of its distinguishing characteristic. Depending on the type of starseed, some can be gifted with high emotional intelligence. Most starseeds tend to be empaths, too.

3. Consciousness and Intelligence

Finally, a high level of intelligence and consciousness that is far more evolved than humans will ever be is a common characteristic of starseeds. Their collective consciousness is a result of a spiritual awakening and experience with realms beyond the confines of the Earth.

Signs You Are a Star Seed

What is a starseed? And how do you know if you are one?

There are unique characteristics possessed by starseeds and it’s important that you recognize that sign. If you consider yourself an old soul or think the Earth is not your home, then it’s quite possible you could be a starseed.

Here are some signs that you must be on the lookout for.

You don’t feel like you belong

Starseeds do not originally belong on Earth. Therefore, starseeds constantly feel like they belong somewhere else or find it difficult to fit in.

The main reason for this is that your abilities go beyond the scope of the human mind and consciousness. You have a higher spiritual learning and abilities. Therefore, you have a higher purpose and do not fit into the existing identities for Earthly humans.

It’s not just that you have a feeling of disconnect from other humans. It is that you have a soul’s connection with higher forms, or those that are different from the human form.

You constantly gaze at the stars

Most humans like gazing at the stars. However, it is different when your interest and curiosity for the constellations and planets outside of the Earth reach a point of obsession. You might even feel a connection with your past or future life through these constellations. This connection is not without reason as you came from stardust in your past lives so that connection is intuitive and accurate. You are connected to a faraway light body because that is part of your being.

The main distinction here is when you look at the stars with a feeling of belongingness, not just awe and wonder.

You have a deep level of intuition

Do you have psychic abilities? If you rely on your intuition a lot for making important decisions, then chances are you might be a star seed.

You are intuitive not by chance, but because you have acquired a wealth of knowledge and understanding of other worlds and other realms. Unlike humans, you are not confined to this one world. You are among a group of higher spiritual beings with advanced psychic abilities and knowledge. You have the ability to transmit and read spiritual messages with ease and accuracy.

If you spend more time using your intuition to make decisions rather than pure logic, then it could be a sign that you might be a starseed.

You are highly spiritual

The concept of spirituality here is something that is way beyond the realm of religion as humans know it. Spiritual awakening is a result of divinity and an understanding of the mysteries of the universe. It’s not something that you consciously seek for but a part of your being.

You are referred to as one of the wise old souls

Have you been called by some people as an old soul? Some humans prefer certain worldly activities but you don’t find fulfillment or purpose in doing them. Instead, you always crave spiritual and scientific knowledge.

As a result, this also adds to the feeling of not belonging because you are unable to find another human who share a similar wavelength as you.

You have a sense of unfulfilled purpose

This is one of the most tell-tale signs that you are a starseed. There is a lurking feeling that you are on a spiritual mission and that you are brought to this Earth to fulfill a purpose.

Therefore, you spend most of your life trying to determine what that purpose is. This makes you strive for profound activities in an attempt to give meaning to your life. You wake up each day not knowing what that purpose is but constantly looking for answers. While you could not put your finger on it, you are determined to walk the path less traveled.

You are highly intelligent

Aside from being super intuitive, starseeds are also intelligent beings. As mentioned above, their intelligence is attributed to the fact that they have knowledge beyond the scope of human understanding. They understand the mysterious of the universe and have gained knowledge from different realms. Therefore, your intelligence is superior to most humans.

Not only that, you also yearn for more learning in your life. You crave the opportunity to gain scientific knowledge and to improve your abilities. There is a certain level of satisfaction that you achieve when digging deep into conspiracy theories and discovering new things or knowledge.

Most starseeds devote their life into learning about a specific field.

You are highly sensitive

It’s not just the intuitive ability that is strong in a person who is a starseed. They also also highly sensitive, which are often known as HSP.

The high level of stimuli from external factors brings about an overwhelming array of emotions, thoughts, and energies. For this reason, a starseed might find themselves wanting to avoid crowded places, confrontation, or anything negative because they are easily overwhelmed.

You are empathic

Starseeds have a high sense of empathy. It is not a surprise because you are naturally sensitive and intuitive. A starseed who is an empath is alien to the desires of a human soul. Therefore, they are not motivated by Earthly matters. In fact, starseed souls find them draining.

This is why many starseeds find it overwhelming to deal with certain people. It can be painful and too much for most to handle.

You are fascinated by mysteries

Not only are starseeds constantly seeking knowledge and learning, they are intrigued by mysteries. You are constantly curious to learn about ancient civilizations and life forms in other realms of the Universe.

For this reason, starseed souls enjoy learning about astrology, quantum physics, numerology, witches and wizards, and other workings of the fantasy world. You have this deep desire to unlock and solve these mysteries.

You love to serve

Starseed souls are incarnate on the Earth with a purpose and a mission. Therefore, it’s not surprising when you find fulfillment in serving others. You do it all the time because that is how you seek the light – when you give light to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the meaning of star seed?

A Starseed is someone who has an extremely strong connection to the divine creator; a spiritually aware old soul sent back to earth to transform the world into a “heaven on earth”. His/her soul was incarnated on this planet for the first time within the past couple of generations.

While there are different types of Starseeds, the general mission is to create pathways for innovation, expansion, creativity, healing, understanding, and Earth’s ascension.

Thus, a Starseed has the ability or spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, can read minds, other people’s emotions, or even see the future.

Q. Where do Starseeds come from?

A. Starseeds believes they didn’t originate from this planet; that their soul is a descendant from a faraway part of the universe, from a different planet and different star system. Some are believed to have come from different dimensions, with different levels of consciousness.

They don’t have their roots on earth, rather, they were sent to this planet to complete a specific deed or mission.

Q. What is Starseed’s mission on earth?

A. Each Starseed is different; with a different origin, race, traits, line of dramatic karma, and skillset. Thus, each has a different mission on earth. Generally, however, all Starseeds are here to help the consciousness of the planet and its inhabitants.

The primary goal of Starseeds is to see the planet rise up and go back to its position as a seventh-dimensional galactic seed planet. The way each Starseed goes about this mission is different from the others. Each will play with its strengths; some are here to create innovative solutions, some to awaken others, some are leaders, and some are healers.

Q. How do you know you are a Starseed?

A. If you are obsessed with the stars and the extraterrestrials, to the point of staring blankly at the sky full of stars and picture yourself on a planet far away believing you are home, then that is a common sign you may be a Starseed.

If you feel different; you don’t feel you belong on this planet, and you have an intense longing to go home, that’s another sign too, especially if you often have dreams where you journey into space and meet your star family.

Starseeds are also intelligent, freethinkers, and have psychic gifts. They also have incredible problem-solving skills, an immense passion to help, and are naturally empathetic.

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