How To Master The Raikov Effect To Match Your Heroes

We all have heroes – and not the caped ones or those in spandex suits with supernatural abilities. We are talking about inspirational people or role models that we admire – it could be a successful businessman, an award-winning athlete, a world-renowned musician, a scientific genius, a gifted artist, or a celebrity. Someone we often look up to and wish that we could be just like them or at least have their skills.

Ever wonder how your heroes can achieve such an impressive amount of success, intelligence, strength, or genius skills when you have the same amount of hours in a day?

It’s not about being wealthy as some of the most successful people have built their empires from scratch. It’s also not about being able to finish college and getting a degree as some of the most successful people are college dropouts.

So what do these people have that make them stand out from the crowd? It’s all about confidence in their abilities and maximizing what they know they are good at.

What if you feel like you do not have any skills or talents? You can consider trying the new Raikov effect by Inspire3.

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According to the Raikov effect, you have to get into the head of someone who has the skills and talents that you want to achieve to be incredibly good. Through the new and improved Raikov effect, you can take on these skills and talents for yourself. This brain power program is basically like the law of attraction – only better.

Dr. Vladimir Raikov and the original Raikov effect

The original Raikov Effect was created by Dr. Vladimir Raikov, a Russian neuropsychologist from who made his subjects believe that they were famous people who were capable of performing tasks and skills at a high level. Anyone can be someone!

Raikov’s first experiment in the 1960s involved a group of Russian music students. He aimed to increase the musical skills of these students. And he has garnered good results. Raikov continued experimenting until the 1970s where he was able to complete his theory with years of scientific research to back him up.

The original Raikov effect has produced a lot of geniuses and proved that people can achieve great results as long as they believe in themselves and their goals. It’s basic psychology but it is also genius!

A lot of techniques have been born out of Raikov’s method, which has been proven to be effective through the years. Raikov’s subjects were able to achieve their goals because their confidence grew along with the process of believing in themselves.

The seven ways of the original Raikov effect according to Dr. Vladimir Raikov

Raikov was able to help his subjects achieve the genius skills they have always wanted through these seven ways:

Hypnosis and deep trance identification

In this stage, Raikov uses the process of hypnosis to let the subjects focus on the frame of mind that he or she wants to achieve while being in a trance.


The subjects are made to relax their mind and bodies. Once they relax, they will become more willing to accept the information and ideas given to them.


In this stage, Raikov encourages his subjects to visualize themselves doing anything that they want to do or achieve.


Raikov gives suggestions that help the subjects visualize themselves to become the people that they admire or their heroes.

Positive thinking

The subjects develop positive thinking through Raikov’s suggestions as they imagine themselves to be in their heroes’ shoes and to see life through the point of view of their heroes.


Raikov encourages them to believe that they are truly capable of becoming their heroes.


The subjects go about life believing that they could model their own behavior based on their heroes and gradually develops genius skills and a more confident and positive outlook in life.

The New Raikov Effect by Inspire3

The Inspire3 team, headed by genius entrepreneur and renowned author Karl Moore, created a new version of the original Raikov effect. They made it more efficient, easier to process, and modern. You can call it an updated and stronger version of the original Raikov effect – it has fewer steps and there is no need for self-hypnosis. The new Raikov effect from Inspire3 focuses more on the modeling technique.

The theory of neuropsychologist Vladimir Raikov is still preserved, which is to instill into your brain the attributes and capabilities of your heroes and get you to believe that you can be as passionate, talented, and amazing as they are. Again, it is basically the same as the law of attraction backed by research and scientific data.

The newer version combines the Raikov effect with the Borrowed Genius concept and neuro-linguistic programming techniques. These are known to be effective ways to help you program your mind and get results. Here are some of the theories incorporated in the new Raikov effect:

As if technique

This technique encourages you to start acting as if you are the person that you would like to be.

Placebo effect

You will be made to believe in something without knowing that it has no real value but you respond to it as if it were true because you believe in it.

Law of attraction

The belief that positive thoughts will attract positive experiences in your life.

What can the new Raikov effect do for you?

You can use the new Raikov effect to improve anything or any area area of your life! The key is to choose a good hero to model after and believe in your brain power. Raikov effect users have used the technique to be more productive, be a better leader, be a better public speaker, be a fast learner, be a better artist, be more disciplined, be more content, be healthier, and many more.

When you use the Raikov effect regularly, you will start noticing a difference in the way that you do things and the way that your brain thinks. You will notice that the insight and understanding that you have on the abilities and talents that you want to nurture are growing.

It is like short-circuiting your brain so that you can use your maximum potential effortlessly. Or skipping beginners classes cause you know how to reach your goal. But you do not have to worry about damaging your brain cells or nerve cells to get results. The whole process is dependent on your mind and how it works.

But of course, you have to open your mind to this possibility and truly believe in it for it to be effective. The motivation, commitment, and drive to be better needs to be there.

Taking the Raikov effect program with a doubting and negative mind will act as a hindrance to its effectiveness. You must be able to believe and focus on it so that you can reap its full benefits and achieve the genius state that you always wanted to have.

What to expect

When you enroll in the Inspire3 Raikov Effect program, you will be receiving an ebook. It is recommended that you read the ebook first before you start listening to the audio files. This will serve as your introduction to the Raikov effect program. If you are not fond of reading ebooks, you can also access the startup audio file provided in the package.

In the end of the ebook, you will also get a list of examples of what you can do and suggestions on which heroes or prominent figures to visualize with the technique. For example, if you want to be more grateful in life, the Raikov effect suggests you visualize the Dalai Lama. If you want to be more confident, you can visualize Tony Robbins.

You must read up on the profiles of your heroes so that you can get a sense of who they are and how they behave. You have to feel connected to your model. Doing so will help you get into their head easier.

Unlike the original Raikov effect, the newer version does not need self-hypnosis. All you have to do is listen to the Raikov effect audio files, which explain to you what you are going to do and how to do it.

The “Listen Along” Raikof Effect audio MP3 is about 10 minutes long so it will not take much of your time. The package has a total of five “Listen Along” audios for brain power, wealth and abundance, the law of attraction, weight loss, and confidence. If you are aiming for other things aside from these areas, you can record your own Raikov Effect MP3 using the script provided in the ebook.

How to start using the Inspire3 Raikov effect

Once you finish the Raikov effect ebook or startup audio file and you get a full understanding of the program, you can follow the five-step technique. You have a choice to use the recorded Raikov Effect mp3s and you also have the choice to record your own Raikov Effect audio using the script included at the end of the ebook.

Users prefer recording their own audio files because this allows them to personalize the script by adding in the name of the hero they want to become and the traits and skills that they want to develop. When you personalize your script, it becomes more specific and this helps you visualize it better compared to the recorded the Raikov Effect mp3s that do not include any specific names or skills.

So, to start, think of your hero – someone that you admire because of his or her talents and skills. Then, list down the attributes that you want to inherit from them. Once you have determined what you specifically want, listen to the 10-minute Raikov effect audio exercise. Make sure that you follow the instructions in the audio with your mind.

Do this regularly and you will start to believe in yourself and become more confident in your own capabilities. Gradually, you will be seeing the things that you want to achieve.

How much is it?

The Inspire3 Raikov effect package costs $237. This includes the audio files for the program itself and a couple of great resources that will enhance your experience with the Raikov effect.

To make sure that you do a secure payment, you should make the purchase on their official website. When you make your purchase on the Raikov effect official website now, you actually get a $100 discount. This means you will only be paying $137!

You can also search the web for discount vouchers to give you an additional discount on top of the $100 off discount on the official website. Check out blogs, social media sites, and review sites.

Payments can bed done through Master Card, VISA, or PayPal. This is a one-time purchase wherein you pay first and you will immediately be given the files you need to start the Raikov effect program. You no longer need to worry about monthly fees or hidden fees! Everything is paid for in one transaction.

Inspire3 offers a 1-year money-back guarantee. That is just enough time for you to go through the whole program and assess whether it worked for you or not. If not, you can contact customer service, present your case, and you will be given a full refund.

Inspire3 Raikov effect Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Science-based and created by experts and scientists
  • Great confidence booster
  • The effects of being a better version of yourself can be life-changing
  • One-time purchase with a one-year money-back guarantee
  • No need to do self-hypnosis or other “mystic” techniques


  • Results will vary, depending on your mindset
  • Introductions in the audio files can be too long


The law of attraction is known to be a good method to will the universe to have things go your way. But you can do better when you take on the mindset of your heroes. The newer version of the Raikov Effect from Inspire3 aims to bring out the mental abilities in you that you want to develop.

It is not a hyped-up program with false and exaggerated promises. The Inspire3 Raikov effect program is completely backed by science. Once you enroll, you will be given valuable resources and all the files are downloadable so you can still use them even if you are offline.

So, if your goal in life is to be a better version of yourself, trying out the Raikov effect program by Inspire3 is a good starting point. The fact that most review sites are positive is a good sign.

The human brain is a powerful tool. Remember, there is no limit to what you can achieve as long as your mind believes in it. You may be surprised how much everything in your life can be much better from this point on once you decide to be someone that you can be proud of.

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