How to Manifest Love

If you’ve been dreaming of your soul mate and have been waiting for the universe to send you “the one,” or the person you’ll be spending your life with, but haven’t been able to meet, then this life-changing article is for you.

Maybe. Just maybe. You’ve been wishing the stars wrong. Perhaps you’ve been shouting to the universe for the love of your life to come, but you have been too vague about your request.

This post teaches you how to create your personalized intentions, how to use the law of attraction effectively, and lastly, how to manifest love.

Intentions 101: How do You Ask the Universe for Love?

Before you learn how to manifest love, you must first understand how intentions work.

Intention refers to your goal. Setting your intention means you describe, in clear and detailed information, what you want to manifest. And since you are intending for a person, life partner, or a soulmate to manifest into your life, you have to be clear what kind of person you want the universe to send your way.

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To set your intentions, you need to be honest with yourself and answer the following:

1. What do you want in a partner?

In movies, when the leading character talks about his/her soulmate, there aren’t many details given about that person. The protagonists just describe someone dreamy, or a man or woman who could sweep them off their feet.

Unfortunately, this technique won’t work if you’re after a successful manifestation of long-lasting relationships.

  • List down your preferred qualities (likes and dislikes) in a partner.
  • Your deal-breakers or the thing that you absolutely cannot live with.
  • When writing down your answer, don’t describe a real person you know.
  • Don’t judge yourself if you prefer something society would deem shallow. If you think your soulmate has the most gorgeous eyes or kissable lips, then write it down.
  • Is mutual attraction something you’re looking for?
  • What physical attributes do you desire in a partner?

No one has to see your answers, but you’ll need this because you’ll be using this intention when you’re using the law of attraction to manifest love.

2. What do I have to offer a partner?

Attracting the love of your life isn’t a one-way street. For the universe to identify your perfect match, you have to let the universe know what you can bring to the relationship.

The answer can be anything you deem as your strengths. Do you dance exceptionally well that you can guarantee to spice things up with your partner? Are you a good cook? An excellent listener?

If you suddenly became self-aware and find yourself not being able to unable to describe your strengths as a friend or former boyfriend/girlfriend, then ask your close friends about their favorite thing about you.

3. What things should I work on before manifesting love?

Once you’ve set your intentions and “told” the universe what kind of person you’d like as a partner, and how you are as a life partner, be aware that finding your soulmate won’t happen overnight. It just doesn’t work that way, and we have no clue when the actual manifestation of a relationship would happen.

As such, it is important that you practice the philosophies of the law of attraction while you patiently, wholeheartedly wait for your intention of love to manifest from your high vibrations.

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Love

The Law of Attraction suggests that if you focus on something with all your heart, body, and soul, you will eventually attract it into your life. This process is called manifestation, which may sound like an easy thing to do, but actually requires discipline, patience, a lot of mindset training, and practice.

Is It Possible to Manifest Your Perfect Match?

Because we’re not talking about the law of attraction to manifest money or a successful career, it’s only fair to ask the question: Is it possible to manifest your perfect match?

YES, it’s possible.

But just like I said, using the law of attraction to manifest your soulmate can actually be a long process.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you think about something consistently and positively, you will manifest whatever your heart desires.

And since the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” now you’re probably beginning to understand the importance of those intentions we’ve listed above (why the list about your dream partner and your own traits are important).

By following Law of Attraction techniques, you will be able to:

  • Visualize the partner you want to have
  • Focus on being the person worthy of the soulmate of your dreams
  • Eliminate negative thoughts that block your chance of manifesting love
  • Change your mindset and feelings about “the one”

Limiting Beliefs: Why Can’t I Manifest Love?

We’re a couple of steps closer to learning how to manifest love the right way, but before we dig deeper, we must first discuss the reasons why other people fail at manifestation.

It will be futile to learn all about how to manifest love and using the law of attraction if you keep on (knowingly or unknowingly) doing things that block you from finding the love of your life.

The good news is even if you’re new to this awesome belief system, there is always time to change your way of thinking. You’ll just have to do a LOT more re-programming to prevent limiting beliefs to well, limit your potential manifestation.

For many people, these limiting beliefs have been passed on by their parents either intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, a person might have trust issues because he grew up seeing his dad cheat on his mom. Another person might have grown up in an abusive home, so have mixed feelings about being in a relationship in fear of being trapped in a toxic relationship.

These limiting beliefs vary from person to person, so it is up to you to determine what is stopping you from having the relationship of your dreams.

Other examples of limiting beliefs include:

  • If you are desperate to find love– If you are feeling desperate and would do everything in your power to find someone, anyone, then it can be hard to find your match because you might be giving off a different kind of energy.
  • If you DO NOT believe in true love – Whether you’ve been burned before or simply do not believe in true love, it is impossible to positively think about manifesting your future husband or wife.
  • If you feel unworthy of love – When we talked about intention above, the second question deals with self-love, while the third focuses on the things you need to work on. Anyone who feels too ugly, too fat, too old, too ______ to be worthy of love will have a hard time eliminating negative thoughts and attract your deserving life partner.
  • If you are still hurt from a past relationship – Manifesting love requires a unique level of positivity. You simply cannot manifest something as pure as love if you are still angry or have grudges over an ex.

If you haven’t resolved these issues yet, it is virtually impossible to use the law of attraction principles since you’re basically sabotaging the manifestation of love.

What Should I do to Manifest Love? Here are 5 steps:

If you’re lost and do not know where to begin, this fun guide should introduce you to the law of attraction basics and teach you how to manifest love properly.

Step 1. Your Journey to Meeting Your Soulmate Starts with Self-Love

If you love yourself, you’re going to attract relationships that will love you just as much. On the other hand, if you don’t practice self-love, the relationship you will attract will also lack the love you desire.

Remember the intentions you’ve listed down that enumerate the qualities you loved about yourself? Continue loving them, and if possible, add more entries to that list.

Self-love is just a single part of this journey, but in reality, it is more than just a concept, but something everyone should be doing, even if they are not trying to manifest love or relationships.

Loving yourself doesn’t just mean pampering and other superficial things (which are super OK to do as well). Loving yourself also includes having the confidence to remove toxic people from your life.

Step 2. Change Your Mindset

Go on a self-discovery, so you’ll be able to pinpoint which law of attraction techniques would fit you best. It is virtually impossible to succeed in attracting a romantic relationship if you yourself are in a bad place, or have a strong negative feeling.

When changing your mindset, you have:

  • Find out what limiting beliefs you are unconsciously doing. This would probably be the hardest to reprogram in your mind, but it would all be worth it.
  • Practice eliminating negative talk. You might not be aware that you’re doing this, but you have to be more mindful with your thoughts and words. This requires a lot of practice. Just be open to changing and you’ll slowly adapt. For example, if you’re thinking of your would-be husband and you’re focusing on the thought: “I don’t want a cheater,” you might attract someone who is a cheater. Instead, re-word your thoughts and focus on: “I want a loyal person as my life partner.”
  • Choose more positive thoughts, people, and things. If you surround yourself with positivity, it would be easier for you to change your mindset naturally.

Step 3. Visualize Your Future Love Life

In Law of Attraction, visualization plays a huge part in successful manifestation.

Focus on your wants. Visualize the traits you’d want in a relationship. If you want someone who sings, maybe try to hear how his voice would sound, or how it would make you feel whenever you hear his voice.

Avoid focusing on the “type of people.” Categorizing can limit your options. ALWAYS, ALWAYS focus on qualities, traits, or the feelings you’d want your life partner to make you feel.

Make a Vision Board

A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to have happened in your life. In this case, because you’re focused on manifesting love, you should find images that would represent your desire of having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The intentions you’ve written about your would-be partner (above) should give you an idea on what to include on this vision board.

Cut-out pictures of people you may represent the quality and values of “your soulmate” and how your relationship might look like in the next 5/10/20 years.

For example:

  • If you wrote that you want a guy who loves to dance, find a random picture of someone doing a slow-dance with another person.
  • If the guy you had in mind was religious, a photo of someone praying in the church could be another part of your vision board.

Of course, the vision board is very personal, but an effective way to manifest the love you deserve.

Step 4. Practice Daily Affirmations

According to the Law of ATtraction, declaring what you wish to attract in your life has to be made daily, repeatedly, and said to yourself as often as you can. This part is still connected to changing your mindset and developing your positive side.

With daily affirmations, you are willing the universe to manifest the love you know you deserve.

Examples of affirmations focused on manifesting relationships include:

  • “I am adored by my husband.”
  • “I am dating three wonderful women.”
  • “I’m grateful for having the type of relationship I always dreamed about.”

The key here is to use affirmations in the present tense, even if you haven’t actually met your husband, you’re not really dating 3 girls, or you’re not yet in a relationship that you’ve been wishing to have.

If you can’t find the words to affirm daily, you can get help from programs like Origins (a successful program that teaches you how to manifest love effectively).

There are also self-help apps like ThinkUp.

Step 5. Trust it will work out

Practicing the philosophies of the law of attraction is easy if you’ve been doing it your whole life. But for those who are new at trying to manifest love, the whole process can be frustrating at times.

When you follow the steps above, understand that it is VERY difficult to work on one’s own mindset, train one’s self to have positive feelings, let go of past traumas, and even list down the qualities they have in mind their would-be partner should have. As such, you won’t learn how to manifest love overnight.

To avoid frustrations and stress, continue living your life and let go. Trust that the universe has your back and that if you work on yourself, everything will fall into place when you’re ready to manifest the love of your life.

Can You Manifest Love with a Specific Person?

Manifesting relationships with a specific person is the most commonly asked question of people interested in using the law of attraction for soulmate-searching.

I get it. You want your crush to like you back. Or the friend you’ve been secretly loving romantically to be attracted to you the same way.

On the steps (above), you have no idea who you are attracting to be the love of your life. Now this question is asking if it is possible to follow the steps, but with a specific person who you already know.

“How do You Manifest the Person You Love?” is possible, but it is a highly debatable topic in the world of manifestations for several reasons.

  • The belief that one particular person is the only one for you. When you’re trying to manifest love, do not limit yourself to just a single person. If you’re focusing on bringing your ex back into your life, limiting yourself removes the possibility of another person entering your life.
  • What you want, may not be what you need. When you focus on attracting love with a specific person, and not on the idea of finding someone that matches your qualities and energy, you might end up with partners that you want, but not people you actually need.
  • Weigh your current relationships. The universe may be testing you. Sometimes, if the universe gave you the specific person that you were aching for, but he/she isn’t particularly the right one for you, this could be a test to check if you’re strong enough to reject such a relationship. If you are, you’ve just proven self-love and as a reward might have just manifested low with a specific person that is a better match.

Once you learned how to manifest love, you’ll understand why it is better to focus on the traits you want to attract in a partner, instead of using all your energy to manifest love with a specific person.

Manifesting Love of “The One”

If you wish to manifest love, you have to believe what the law of attraction suggests – the like attracts like. Meaning, if you’re someone looking for a husband, boyfriend, man, or even a woman to spend the rest of your lives with, you have to become a person that your future partner would be attracted to.

For a more detailed technique in manifesting love, check out the FREE ebook “Magnetic Love Mysteries Revealed: The 9 Simple Steps To Attracting Your Perfect Romantic Partner,” which is one of the awesome freebies included when you join the Origins program.

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