Mars Conjunct Jupiter Synastry

The Mars conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect is one of the most fun and positive you could hope to find in you and your partner’s composite chart.

In the Mars conjunct Jupiter relationship, the Mars person and the Jupiter person give each other permission to be exactly who they are, and at the same time, they galvanise and encourage each other to take massive action to reach their dreams. In this relationship, both bring out the best in each other.

In many ways, the Mars conjunct Jupiter relationship has a tendency to heal both people involved. If either partner struggles with self confidence, the other person is there to help them rediscover it.

With so many strong points, is there also a shadow side to the Mars in conjunction with Jupiter synastry relationship? Keep reading to find out.

Mars in synastry

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system and fourth in line from the Sun. It takes its name from the Roman god of fire and warfare, and Mars very much embodies the qualities of this assertive and aggressive god.

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Mars is associated with the Scorpio star sign, and with the 8th house in the astrological horoscope. Scorpio, the fixed water sign best known for its intensely sexual energy and dark charisma.

Mars is a fiery fiery planet, its energy encompassing passion, desire, sex drive, creativity, ambition and aggression. Wherever Mars appears in the chart, it reveals where you are driven to succeed, accomplish and conquer.

It goes almost without saying that Mars is an incredibly important planet, in the individual chart as well as in the composite synastry chart. If your natal Mars is aspected to any of your paramour’s planets, your attraction to them is going be raw, intense and visceral.

Jupiter in synastry

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is located sixth in line from the Sun. Jupiter is named after the Roman King of the gods, which should tell you a thing or two about its magnitude and power.

Jupiter is associated with the ninth house in the horoscope as well as with the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the mutable fire sign obsessed with reaching higher goals and generating success and prosperity.

Jupiter is associated with success, abundance, luck, prosperity, health, and all manner of great fortune. Jupiter is one of the most radiantly positive planets, and wherever it appears, it has a tendency to work as a catalyst for luck, passion and successful outcomes.

Needless to say, Jupiter is an incredibly powerful force in astrology, and particularly in synastry. If your Jupiter is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s planets, count yourself lucky;. your attraction to them is going to be deep, intense, and transformational.

Soulmate synastry

If you’re not already familiar with synastry and what a composite chart is, let me quickly explain. Synastry is an are of astrology dedicated to assessing romantic compatibility.

The tool used for assessing how well two people work together from an astrological vantage point is called a synastry chart, also referred to as a composite chart. This chart is composed by overlaying two individuals’ charts and fusing them together into one.

The synastry chart reveals where the two people’s planets fall in and how they interact with each other. These planetary interactions are called aspects, and they are not all created equal. Some aspects are considered harmonious, while others are considered discordant. Another way of expressing it is to calll them soft and hard aspects.

Planets that are in a soft aspect to each other have a positive and constructive flow and exchange of energy. Planets that are in hard aspects to each other have friction and tension between them. A bit of tension is not a bad thing in a romantic relationship, as it can inspire a level of passionate excitement and ensure that the dynamic never grows stale – but too much friction and the relationship is liable to be fraught with conflict and eventually fall to pieces.

The conjunction is neither a soft or a hard aspect – instead, it is incredibly powerful. When two planets are conjunct each other, their energies work as catalysts for each other. Each powerfully amplifies the energy and influence of the other. In the case of Mars conjunct Jupiter, it means that one partner’s Mars and the other’s Jupiter are perfectly aligned in the synastry chart in a way that powerfully amplifies the energy and influence of both in the relationship.

Other Mars-Jupiter aspects

Although it is the most potent an the primary one we are looking at here, it is important to know that there are other Mars-Jupiter aspects than Mars conjunct Jupiter. Let us take a quick look at what they are and what they mean.

Mars opposite Jupiter

Mars opposite Jupiter is a hard aspect. An opposition comes about if one person’s Mars is positioned directly opposite the other person’s Jupiter in the synastry chart.

Mars opposite Jupiter can be a rather destructive aspect, as the Mars person and the Jupiter person will constantly be pushing against each other energetically. What is healthy competition in the Mars conjunct Jupiter relationship could turn destructive in the Mars opposition Jupiter union.

Mars square Jupiter

Mars square Jupiter is another hard aspect. It comes about if one person’s Mars is positioned at a 90 degree angle to the other’s Jupiter.

Like the opposition, the square creates a sense of conflict and tension. In the Mars square Jupiter relationship, the fight for dominance is ongoing. The Mars person, in particular, may overreach and become so dominant in the relationship that barely any space is left for the Jupiter person.

Mars sextile Jupiter

Mars sextile Jupiter is a soft, harmonious aspect. It occurs if one partner’s Mars is positioned at a 60 degree angle to the other partner’s Jupiter.

Sextiles are known to ensure an uplifting and healthy exchange of energy between planets, and in the case of Mars sextile Jupiter, this would also be the case.

Mars trine Jupiter

Finally among the Mars and Jupiter aspects we will be looking at here we have Mars trine Jupiter. A trine happens when two planets – in this case Mars and Jupiter – are angled at 120 degrees to each other.

The trine shares many similarities to the sextile, but here the positive energetic exchange between the planets needs to be helped along by a little more conscious effort.

Key markers of the Mars conjunct Jupiter synastry relationship

What are the hallmarks of the Mars in conjunction with Jupiter relationship? Let us take a look.

It’s passionate

Let me make it clear – this is an intensely sexual relationship. The sexual connection these two share is on another level.

Whenever Mars is involved, sparks fly and raw sexual desire is unleashed. The Jupiter welcomes this and reciprocates by expressing all of their confidence and radiant energy. This is a union where both partners feel completely at ease and completely confident around each other. Both partners lavish each other with praise and adoration, and encourage each other to let go of self-control and lean into their desires.

It can be incredibly healing

Thanks to the influence of Jupiter on the relationship, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction often proves to be incredibly healing, for both partners.

In this union, both want to see the other flourish and express their full potential. They both encourage, soothe and draw out the best in each other. They heal the emotional wounds the other has sustained before they met, and they applaud each others efforts to explore and discover more of their true potential and gifts.

It feels a lot like destiny

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction makes the relationship seem fated.

It is as if the Mars person and the Jupiter person both hod a missing puzzle piece that the other needs in order to heal and succeed in all areas of life, including career, family and spirituality.

The Mars person in the relationship

The Mars person in the relationship is the most assertive of the two.

The Mars person is powerfully drawn to the Jupiter person because of their radiance, energy and optimism. In their Jupiter lover’s company, the Mars person is able to unfold the full range of their personality and potential.

The Jupiter person encourages the Mars person to express their emotions and their passionate energy in ways that are wholly constructive, including sex, sports and business.

The Jupiter person in the relationship

The Jupiter person in this union is the one with the most positive attitude and the ability to inspire and uplift their Mars lover when they are going through a hard time.

The Mars person becomes a driving force behind the Jupiter person’s ambition and success, helping them to discover that they are more capable and talented than they are currently expressing. The Mars person galvanises the Jupiter person to great leaps forward in every area of life.

Final thoughts

Mars and Jupiter are a match made in astrology heaven – at leat when they come together in a conjunction.

Depending on which other aspects the Mars and Jupiter couple share, they might well have found the key to happiness in each other.

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