Lilith Conjunct Venus Synastry

Lilith or the Black Moon is associated with our inner rebel and raw femininity. It has an important astrological meaning and function in your psyche, as it represents an unknown wound exhibit in the form of pain and self-esteem issues.

However, Lilith also describes that part of yourself that emerges during a crisis, forcing you to face your dark sides and learn from them to evolve. You can either hide it from the world or use its qualities to empower yourself and experience sexual healing.

Lilith, in a female birth chart, talks about that woman’s sexuality and feminity. In a male birth chart, Lilith describes the kind of woman he feels sexually attracted to but also afraid to approach.

But we can experience its influence not only in our birth chart, but also through certain relationships that will remain present in our hearts until the end of our days.

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Synastry chart, or relationship Astrology, compares two birth charts to determine those points of strengths or weakness between two persons.

So how does a Lilith conjunct Venus synastry manifest between two people?

Read on and find out all about it.

What is Lilith?

But first, let’s delve a little deeper into the powerful meaning of Lilith in our birth chart. Lilith, or the Black Moon, refers to the point along the Moon’s orbit when it’s farther apart from the planet Earth. Unlike the planets or asteroids you can see in your birth chart, Lilith is not a material body.

Lilith’s legend

The legend of Lilith tells that she was Adam’s first wife in the garden of Eden. However, being an empowered and sexually free woman, she did not tolerate being treated as inferior.

So she left the Garden of Eden, and although she was considered problematic, she was also admired as a symbol of autonomy and liberation from patriarchy.

Lilith’s meaning in your birth chart

So what does the Lilith placement in your birth chart means? It represents your inner rebel, the darkest part of yourself who is unwilling to comply with other people’s orders. It’s where you set your boundaries with anger and refuse to take a no for an answer.

It also represents your sexual energy, inner authority, and how you choose to defy norms. Lilith can reveal your sensual nature and self worth, but if it’s not controlled, it can show your dark side, emotional obsessions, and sexual taboos.

Lilith in the signs

Aries: Adventurous, high sexual drive, takes the lead.

Taurus: Self-indulgence, lust, sensual desire, pleasurable.

Gemini: Playful, seduces with words, sneaky.

Cancer: sexually overwhelming, man-eater

Leo: Glamorous, dramatic, dominant.

Virgo: Contradictory sexuality, man-hater

Libra: Charming, luxurious, delicate.

Scorpio: Fearless, sexual obsession, dark sexuality.

Sagittarius: Fun, reckless sexual adventures.

Capricorn: Powerhungry, cold when not pleased.

Aquarius: Unusual, experimental, anarchist, transgressive.

Pisces: Sexual illusions, romantic, escapist, idealistic.

Lilith in the houses

1st: Sex appeal, rebellious demeanor.

2nd: Possessive, materialist, hungry for more.

3rd: Transgressive communication, gossip.

4th: Childhood chaos, tries to escape from home through work.

5th: Sexual games, secret affairs, no strings attached.

6th: Sexual health, demands everyone’s respect.

7th: Attraction of overbearing partners, uneven relationships.

8th: Psychic struggles, taboos, obsessive, sexually intense.

9th: Pushing beliefs onto the rest of people, denier, foreign affairs

10th: Defies authority, sullen determination

11th: Crave for uniqueness, casual sex, social destruction

12th: Suppressing concerns, mental struggles, nightmares

Lilith in Synastry

In synastry, the astrologer examines the interaction between two birth charts to describe their compatibility accurately. When Lilith’s aspects are stimulated in your bond, it brings the primal instincts and shadow personalities to the surface. Furthermore, it also triggers issues surrounding jealousy, being desired, and self indulgence more often than not. This is because Lilith’s influence is passively dominant, draining, and overwhelming.

These relationships are incredibly challenging and transformative. When we meet that person, those dark traits of ourselves that we are not always ready to face come to the surface, the ones we usually try to keep in the depths of our psyche.

However, although most people would prefer to avoid dealing with their shadow, these relationships are unique opportunities to transform our consciousness and heal old wounds.

We can spend a lifetime relating to people superficially, showing only our pleasant side and loving with only a tiny fraction of our soul. In contrast, relationships in which Lilith is activated let us discover what it is to love passionately with every fiber of your body.

Hard Lilith Aspects

Hard aspects to Lilith in a synastry chart could reveal obsessive and destructive sexual behavior if the person is not aware of their actions.

The person will feel a strong sexual attraction and psychic connection to that other person. Challenging aspects could be troublesome or profoundly healing, depending on the level of awareness of the native. You could use Lilith’s energy as a weapon of destruction or a growing opportunity. This might be a bumpy road to transit, but the rewards will be worth it.

Suppose you have a lot of squares or oppositions to Lilith in your synastry chart. In that case, you will delve into those painful emotional memories regarding your sexual experience that will bring you a lot of healing at the same time.

Mars square Lilith

For example, Mars square Lilith describes a clash of desires between two individuals. One will try to conquer the other sexually and dominate the relationship, leading to violent outbursts and aggressive tendencies.

Lilith square Venus

And Venus square Lilith reveals an intense sexual connection where both partners want to feel love but are scared to let themselves go and be vulnerable. They learn a lot about each other from this relationship, even if it’s not always easy to enjoy.

Planets conjunct Lilith

The planets conjunct Lilith are more powerfully evident in the dynamics of a relationship. Lilith unpredictably reveals itself most of the time, as it will depend on how the person is connected to their own Lilith.

Lilith conjunct Sun

For example, in a Lilith conjunct Sun, the Lilith person pushes the Sun person’s ego, making the Sun person weak in the face of Lilith’s dark depths. It reveals the Sun person’s shadow side of their identity and has a very transforming effect on their personality. After this relationship, the sun person rebirths in a completely different form and no longer experiences life through the same pair of lenses.

Mars conjunct Lilith

A Mars conjunct Lilith males the Lilith person ignites a high sexual drive in the Mars person. They will show aggressive and seek to tame the Lilith person wildly nature, while at the same time craves their physical touch. A Lilith conjunct Mars synastry creates an intense hot affair that can lead to abuse of power and hostility, and this couple must learn to take care of each other before passion consumes their lives.

Lilith conjunct Ascendant

In a Lilith conjunct Ascendant synastry, the ascendant person will feel subconsciously drawn by the Lilith person in public settings. When they are around Lilith, their external mask falls apart, and their shadow self emerges.

Lilith conjunct Neptune

In a Lilith conjunct Neptune, the Neptune person feels haunted by the illusory image of Lilith but also reaches them beyond time and space, like a dream. This aspect reveals the darkest desires of each other, and there’s a risk of escapism through addictions. These two individuals can fill each other minds with illusions, creating psychological struggles.

Lilith conjunct Moon

And in a Lilith conjunct Moon, the Moon person will reveal some internal issues that stir up an emotional storm on both sides. The Moon person will feel bewitched and compelled by Lilith’s power on a very subtle and unconscious level. These two persons share an intense emotional depth that can bring obsessions and unhealthy attachments.

Lilith conjunct Venus in Synastry

But, what about Lilith conjunct Venus in Synastry? This aspect reveals an irresistible attraction between two people. The Venus person will incite the initial spark of sexual chemistry, showing her romantic side, usually soft and warm.

The Venus person would love to devote to Lilith all their attention and sweet love, but the Lilith person doesn’t want to let themselves go and be vulnerable.

In this kind of synastry, the Lilith person inspires the Venus human to develop sexual and lustful impulses, and they usually get captive in a world of sensual indulgence. The attraction between these two individuals is hot and intense, resulting in a love that reveals a deep karmic bond that is dark and powerful.

These two persons are probably obsessed with each other and experience an intense attraction that could trigger possession and jealously.

The relationship of a Lilith person and Venus person

The kind of sexual attraction between these individuals is out of this world. Still, it could also be forbidden for some reason, whether because of age, class, race differences, or anything else that could make this relationship a secret.

However, that will not be enough to keep them apart. This aspect will make a person want to do crazy things like longing to be next to the wrong person.

When they are close, the person will realize that they don’t suit them, but at the same time, they can’t stop searching for them and craving their company.

This synastry aspect is highly challenging because it forces us to face our darker side through relationships. However, this person brings us an opportunity to heal old wounds and delve into the depths of our psyche.

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