How to Transform Your Life With the 12 Laws Of Karma

Are you familiar with the 12 laws of karma and how they are at work in your life?

Karma is an inescapable fact of life. Not everyone believes in it, but we all experience the consequences of our attitudes and actions every day of our lives.

This is both a terrifying and wonderful thought, because it means that we are more or less fully responsible for our own reality. If your current reality reflects your dreams and desires, this is a great sign that you are working in congruence with the universe and its laws, including the laws of karma. 

If, on the other hand, your current life circumstances are not what you want them to be (they may, in fact, be very far from it), this can also seem like a slap in the face – like being stuck with the responsibility for situations that are seemingly beyond your control. 

But if you are able to look past your negative reaction to the idea of total personal responsibility for creating your reality, you will start to feel hopeful and excited instead. Why? Because if you have attracted and created your current life circumstances, it means that you also have the power to attract and create something different.

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The answer is generating good karma. And in order to do that, you have to know how the 12 laws of karma work.

The 12 laws of karma and how they work

Many Westerners mistakenly think of the concept of karma as being similar to the Christian concept of sins and the resulting judgement and punishment. However, that’s a very narrow view of what harma is and how its treads are woven into your day-to-day life. The concept of Karma stems from Buddhist belief systems and is more closely associated with natural and spiritual laws than with moral judgement.

Understanding the 12 laws of karma means understanding how you are an active creator of your own reality. This knowledge gives yo utthe power to create good karma and a better life.

1) The great law, also known as the law of cause and effect, means that every action has an equal and opposite reaction

The first and primary law of karma is often refferd to as the Great Law. It is often the only karmic law most people are aware of or remember, and in many ways, this law encapsulates all of the others.

The Great Law is very similar to Newton’s law of cause and effect. This law states that every action has an equal or opposite reaction. In other words, every action has significance and effect. 

If everything we do, say or otherwise express has consequences, the implications are that we are constantly interacting with and affecting the world around us in countless major and minor ways. We are not neutral, we are not seperate from, we are not passengers. Things happen all of the time because of our presence and influence.

It is easy to see how the law of cause and effect plays into the concept of karma. Whenever you do something, it creates a response or a reaction from the universe. This is not judgement, but it makes sense that if you put out positive karma in the form of good and noble actions, this has positive consequences for you, whereas if you put out negative karma, it is likely to create negative consequences as a direct result.

Let us look at a few real life examples of the Great Law in action. 

One example of generating good karma would be teaching your children to be friendly, kind and considerate. This has immediate positive consequences by making your own daily life more tolerable, but it also starts a positive chain reaction by making your children more well-liked by their playmates and teachers. This, in turn, means that your children are more likely to be invited to play games with their peers and to receive attention when learning. 

An example of putting out negative energy would be burgling someone else’s house. Of course, there is the possibility that you may escape scot free in the first instance, but if you regularly break into people’s houses, you are going to get caught. This has obious negative consequences in the form of prison time and a criminal record, not to mention all of the problems both of these could cause for you socially and professionally. But there are other consequences too, and these might be less obvious. If you enter other people’s houses and steal their possessions, you become the kind of person who disrespects and damages other people’s lives and privacy. Most likely, this is not the kind of person you want to be.

2) The law of creation means that you must be an active co-creator in the world

The second karmic law is the law of creation. This law states that you are an active co-creator of your reality, rater than a passive observer or a passenger.

Sure, sometimes things happen in life that you cannot control in the moment. But for the most part, you happen to life, rater than the other way around. There are countless examples of people who rise up out of poverty and out of the most unimaginable conditions and create amazing lives for themselves. What makes these people different? They take the reigns and decide to actively take a different course than the people around them.

You create the conditions and the quality of the reality you inhabits. You create your thoughts, actions, decisions and trajectory. Much of this might be happening unconsciously, but it is happening nevertheless.

If you don’t like the way your life is now or where it is going, it is up to you to create life differently. You have that power, and that responsibility. 

3) The law of humility means that an overinflated ego gets in the way of true growth and connection

The law of humility is a reminder that if you become too full of yourself, you become too good and too wise to keep learning, or to connect with anyone new.

No matter how accomplished or educated you become, there are perspectives, opportunities and experiences that you know nothing of. Don’t become too stuffy to learn from a twenty year-old when you’re forty, or fall into the trap of thinking that success makes you a better person.

Remaining humble means remaining nimble, open, and willing and able to learn.

4) The law of growth means that growth is never-ending

The law of growth means that the desire for growth and expansion is an important aspect of human nature. Never stop growing, climbing, learning and discovering. The moment you decide to stop learning, growing and becoming, is the moment you start withering.

Another aspect of the karmic law of growth means that the correct place to focus your desire for development and improvement is your own life. You are not responsible (or, spiritually speaking, allowed to) fix someone else’s life, only your own.

5) The law of responsibility means that everything you do in the physical has a spiritual equivalent

The law of responsibility means that you are fully responsible for you. This sounds like a simple concept, but in reality most people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions and attitudes.

If you have hated your job but nevertheless held on to it for a decade, you are responsible. If your marriage is struggling, you are responsible. If your bank account is empty, you are responsible. If you don’t have the time to make it to your child’s birthday, you are also responsible.

6) The law of connection means that you are connected to all things

Most of the time, we tend to think of ourselves as seperate from each other and from the world around us. But the law of connection means that we are all interconnected – we affect not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well, not to mention our environments.

The law of connection means that you are not a passive observer of the vibe at your workplace – you are c0-creating it, and therefore responsible, along with the other people at the office. Your connection to the animal kingdom and the natural world means that you are also responsible for how you treat Nature. These things are not merely here for your sustenance, or as natural resources to exploited or harvested. We, the human race, are the custodians of the gifts of nature.

7) The law of focus means that what you focus on grows

The law of focus dictates that what you focus on grows and expands. This is why positive thinking is so powerful – it’s a deliberate way of focusing on the blessings and opportunities in your life, rather than the various forms of lack.

If you look at your own life, it is very easy to find proof of the law of focus. Your focus is where you spend your time, so if you spend your time watching dance videos on TikTok, this might manifest as unfinished homework or a fragmented attention span. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time practicing the piano, the law of focus means that, given time and perseverance, you are or will become a competent piano player.

Choosing to focus on something that doesn’t lead to an immediate dopamine payoff isn’t easy, but it always pays off, thanks to the law of focus.

8) The law of giving and hospitality means that you must share your gifts with others

The law of giving and hospitality dictates that you must create the world you wish to inhabit through your own actions and generosity.

You must give, not to your own detriment and not in hopes of receiving anything in return. Being a generous person is a reward in itself; it builds your character and fosters an abundance mindset.

9) The law of here and now means that this is where you are living

The Law of here and now means that the present moment is where you should be focusing most of your attention. The future can only be controlled and shaped by taking charge of the present moment and what you do with it.

Pleasure and joy can also only be experienced in the here and now. So, be here, now.

10) The law of change means that you cannot hold onto things or people that are moving on

The law of change means that everything in the universe is in flux – including you, your life, everything you know.

If you try to stop change, you are working against the laws of karma. This will never work in the long term. Focus on how you can co-create change for the better, rater than on how you can stop change from happening.

11) The law of patience and reward means that good things come to those who plant the seeds and patiently care for them

The law of patience and reward means that persistence is the key to success. 

Just as surely as planting seeds, watering and tending them will make flowers grow, any form of worthwhile achievement takes time to get to. There is no shortcut or hack that can replace effort and patience.

12) The law of inspiration means that you have unlimited access to inspiration at all times

The law of inspiration means that you are always plugged into the universal source.

Sure, now and then you are going to have life block getting in the way of the flow of creativity, but ultimately you cannot ever be uninspired or ‘cut off’ from the source. You are part of the universe and it is part of you, and both contain an unlimited fountain of creativity, ideas and inspiration.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the law of karma?

The first and most important law of karma is the law of cause and effct. You have probably heard the expression ‘what comes around goes around,’ and this is precisely what this law dictates.

Does law of karma exist?

Absolutely. The law of karma is in fact twelve laws, which describe how you shape your own reality though your actions – for bette and for worse.

If you are willing to take an honest look at your life, you’ll see the evidence of karma everywhere you look.

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