Sun Square Mars Synastry

What kind of dynamic characterises a Sun square Mars synastry aspect?

Well, the synastry chart offers a lot of information about the dynamics of your relationships. In this chart, aspects are just as essential as the placements of the planets as they show how you relate to others and what kind of problems you might encounter.

Mars Sun aspects talk about your motivation towards the relationship as well as physical and sexual attraction. These synastry aspects dictate how connected you are with each other’s skin, how compatible you are with each other’s individuality and your sexual preferences.

The Mars Sun synastry aspect will shed some light on your relationship dynamics; however, you must remember that other astrological aspects also contribute to your sexual compatibility. You have an entire natal chart to analyze for understanding your relationships, so take these descriptions as just one side of the spectrum.

Sun – Basic Traits

The Sun is the center of our galaxy, the giver of life on Earth, and the most important star of the solar system. This celestial body is composed of helium and hydrogen, and it is supposed to be over 4 million years old.

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Many cultures around the world worship the mighty Sun and consider it a deity. In Astrology, this star represents willpower, consciousness, vitality, creativity, identity, and life force.

When a person’s natal chart has a prominently placed Sun, their personality is probably determined, creative, and confident. They know precisely what they want from life and are eager to use their skills to get it.

These individuals tend to be egotistical or self-centered but also have a huge, honest heart and generous approach to their relationships.

The Sun talks about how we influence the world around us and our life purpose. This star takes one month to go through one zodiac sign, being Leo its ruling sign.

The Sun in astrology rules success, ambition, action, fame, confidence, authority, ambition, ego, advancement, famous people, and much more. The Sun in a natal chart reveals the activities and pursuits that motivate a person. It shows how brave and decisive they are and what unique mark they want to leave in the world.

When analyzing the person’s Sun, as well as any other planet, it is key to consider the sign, house placement, and the aspects it makes.

Mars – Basic Traits

Mars is the planet of power and energy. It has iron dioxide covering its surface, which gives its characteristic red tone.

The planet Mars is the name of the Roman god of war, which is why this planet is related to aggressiveness and courage. It rules wars, anger, conflicts, destruction, violence, etc. However, it also governs intensity, drive, and passionate affairs. This planet activates all actions where courage and energy are required, like sports, military, or competitions.

Those with a prominent Mars on their natal chart tend to have a violent and impulsive nature, prone to sudden outbursts of anger and to get into fights. They have a dominant personality that constantly wants to impose their will onto others.

They are confident, adventurous, and energetic. Mars gives courage and security to people to overcome their obstacles and reach the first place at any cost. These individuals don’t let other people repress their impulses, becoming aggressive and intolerant when this happens.

Mars people are loud, blunt, and reckless. They act and then reflect on what they did, leading to unnecessary problems. However, they don’t like to admit their mistakes. Mars people have a problem accepting other people’s opinions as they think they are always right.

The house where Mars is placed in your birth chart is the area where you will likely experience passion, enthusiasm, and aggressiveness.

Sun Mars aspects in Synastry

No matter what the astrological aspect is, the relationship is stimulating and dynamic. The level of intensity in this relationship can best be described as strong passion. 

However, Sun Mars alone does not make for the ecstatic type of romantic excitement that would occur if the Moon, Venus, or Pluto were also involved in the synastry chart. 

Sparks can certainly fly with challenging aspects, such as the square, opposition, and conjunction. 

What may start out as an intense sexual and physical attraction can fade away over time, turning into arguments and disturbances with each other.

There is a certain element of competition between each other, but it must be adequately channeled if they don’t want it to become a problem. 

They challenge one another, and there is a fine line between finding this exciting and feeling completely exhausted as a result. 

During arguments, the Sun person tends to be self-righteous, and the Mars person is usually very defensive and combative.

Sun Square Mars Synastry

The Sun and Mars have masculine energy. When a person’s Sun touches another person’s Mars, no matter if it forms harmonious aspects or challenging ones, it usually creates physical attraction between them. They feel passionately drawn to each other and can’t get enough of their presence.

This synastry aspect makes the relationship work through passion and energy. When we encounter a challenging aspect, like a square, between these two planets, the couple experiences a strong attraction. Still, the intensity of this bond can be overwhelming, beginning with a high level of interest on both sides.

But as the initial infatuation naturally fades, they start noticing each other’s flaws, and arguments between them begin to be more visible. This aspect symbolizes anger, disagreements, disputes, conflicts, and other similar situations.

At first, both partners begin to argue over trivial issues, but then the tension between them starts growing until they compete with one another, and neither of them wants to give in. The contact between these two individuals can be exhausting as they won’t listen to their partner’s point of view or admit when they are wrong.

The Sun square Mars aspects strongly indicate ego clashes and intolerance, and sometimes the couple doesn’t last long. 

Both partners are easily triggered and inspired to argue over everything they do. This is why a relationship with challenging aspects between each other’s Sun and Mars are hard to sustain. It takes a lot of patience and self-control to make it work, qualities both partners lack.

While physical attraction and passionate sex life are important, it’s not enough to compensate for the missing understanding and commitment to the relationship. What seemed like the ideal love affair at first might end up being a massive disappointment for everyone.

In other cases, the Sun square Mars aspect might result in a fight for dominance. Both individuals expect to call the shots and be the main force in the relationship, leading to endless conflicts and disagreements, as well as hurt egos.

A passionate relationship can manifest in two people who can’t stand to be in each other’s presence. This intolerance is so intense that it could lead to violence or physical aggression. Misunderstandings, frustration, tension are likely to accompany this relationship.

In some cases, this synastry aspect prevents the relationship from settling because one of the partners dislikes the other’s behavior or both partners dislike each other without any particular reason whatsoever. They just find something annoying or disturbing about the other person without fully understanding why they react that way.

There is always a tension or a certain level of intensity between them that threatens to turn into a conflict and power struggles. Sometimes, these people are better when they stay away from each other’s path.

The future of this relationship usually depends on each partner’s maturity and personal development. The Mars person often tries to control or dominate the Sun person, which is problematic since the Sun person is trying to do the same.

Such a dynamic is very frustrating for the couple. If neither of the partners is willing to be more tolerant, they might end up fighting all the time and eventually breaking up.

Suppose they learn to control their intense energy and restrain from dominating each other and being the leader. In that case, they can use their powerful drive for a constructive purpose and build a solid future together. This way, their relationship might have a chance to succeed.

So learning to tolerate each other’s differences and being supportive instead of competing all the time will be essential. But keep in mind that both partners have a strong ego, and it’s better not to provoke one another.

However, it’s not an easy aspect to overcome. It creates differences between the partners, so they must rely on others’ strengths and positive aspects found in their synastry chart.

The Sun person is less hot heated than the Mars person and might ignore their attacks, making the Mars person even more aggressive. So this relationship is only viable with strong control of their impulses.

These two individuals quickly get on each other’s nerves, fighting and arguing for every detail, not just important aspects of the relationship. The Mars person never admits when they are wrong, and the Sun person usually thinks they are better or more intelligent than their partner.

Both individuals fight for domination and try to decide and organize their joint activities. The Sun person gets offended by the Mars person’s intolerant and blunt nature, while the Mars person considers the Sun person too conceited and bossy. The square Mars Synastry doesn’t allow these planets to express their positive qualities, displaying them only in a troublesome way.

This aspect releases the negative traits of both planets and brings them to the surface, making the couple unavailable to control their negative urges voluntarily. This is why the physical tension between these partners is strong, even when they are not interested in a romantic relationship. This could be positive if both partners put effort into creating something meaningful instead of fighting since it is a potent combination.

If they engage in this energy negatively, there can still be an inspiration to create something together. Still, the constant disagreements and unwillingness to compromise will probably prevent the partners from successfully finishing the projects they have started.

Their lack of mutual tolerance and agreement hinders the potential for creating something beneficial for others. The main problem of this union is that both individuals only stick to their side of the story and are not willing to listen to the other person’s perspective.

This partnership needs more flexibility and tolerance to the other person’s desires. And when this doesn’t happen, the relationship is doomed to end.

One of the main challenge of this couple is putting their egos first, as this aspect makes both individuals feel like the other person threatens their ego somehow.

This fear makes them constantly defend themselves by arguing, making sarcastic remarks, attaching each other, etc., all to protect their egos.

Sun Square Mars in Friendship

The Sun square Mars is not as problematic in a friendship as in a romantic love affair. Without sexual attraction or any other aspects that indicate compatibility, the friendship might not even develop at all, though.

If they become friends, both people must learn to get around the conflicting areas between them. Otherwise, the friendship will inevitably fade away, or they might even become enemies.


The Sun square Mars synastry is so intense that it barely allows the partners to enjoy peaceful and happy times in each other’s company. Their energy levels are always at their peak, which is why this relationship might not stand the test of time.

Only mature individuals who can control the urge to prove themselves better than the other and put their ego aside have the potential to overcome the effects of the negative aspects of this position.

But those who aren’t as enlightened will probably succumb to their most problematic urges and ruin their relationship.

If there are a lot of positive aspects between the synastry chart of this couple, it might be possible to neutralize the effect of the Sun square Mars aspect, and the relationship could be a lasting one.

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